Germany’s Merkel Sidelined – It’s All About Trump and Putin…

From Merkel To Helsinki.  The Game has Changed…

Despite Main Stream Media’s (MSM) Efforts – “Globalism” is On The Run…

By Karma Singh – from Germany...

Big Pharma’s Angela Merkel sidelined…

Although the Bilderberg Group had already decided to ditch Big Pharma’s Angela Merkel, they pulled out all the stops to save her present government.

Why? Whether the Merkel regime collapses this week, or next, shouldn’t be all that important, should it? With a life-expectancy to be measured in weeks, why make such an enormous effort?


China is the answer  – and Trumps determination to achieve a trade balance between the USA and China.

Immediately after her government was shored up one more time, Merkel flew to China with instructions to put a spoke in Trump’s works. She went there with the intent of changing trade negotiations into a trade war against the USA.

So, how did we get here?

In previous decades, America has been saying to China, “Open your borders, let us in, stop dumping your manufactured goods into America, pretty please.” And China has said, “Yeah, yeah. Someday. When we get around to it.”

Trump gave them a warning. They ignored it. He gave them a second warning. They ignored that as well. Why not; previous US administrations had done the same and then not followed through. China “knew” that “nothing would happen if they ignored the warnings from Trump as well.”

But Trump isn’t a coward like his predecessors were. He did what he warned China he would do. He began imposing tariffs on Chinese goods to bring China to the negotiating table. In this he has succeeded.

The Globalists’ Plan…

Part of the globalist banker’s plan to destroy America was to use the dumping of Chinese manufactured products to destroy the American industrial base; to turn America back into a pre-industrial society.

We’ve seen a long line of presidents co-operate with this but now we have Trump and he is working on a very different agenda (hint: MAGA).

There is the other side of this equation to take into consideration as well: Continuing as before would have split China from top to bottom as rampant inflation due to the trade imbalances makes The Party richer and moves the poor into starvation possibly engendering another civil war in China.

It Gets Even Better…

Trump has also imposed some sanctions on the European Union.

They don’t mean very much to we the people; they only inconvenience the unbearably rich. MAGA actually helps small and medium businesses here in Europe because a richer American people buy more of the things that we produce.

I’ve seen a steady increase in sales to American in both of the businesses I’m involved in. The only American produce that we the people are determined to keep out are GMOs and beef produced with BGH because we know that they are poisonous, not only to humans but also to the land that they’re grown in.

Shoring Up Merkel…

So “the Merkel” had to be shored up so that “her” appointment in Beijing could be kept.

Her instructions? to use the sanctions imposed on China and Europe to offer an alliance to attack America economically.

And what came out of it? Some blah-blah to keep the main stream media happy but nothing substantial and it seems likely that the Chinese leadership are much too canny to consider a trade war.

Just what were the globalist bankers thinking of?

Do they seriously hope that the Chinese leadership wouldn’t notice that Merkel is on her last legs?

One other good thing came out the Bilderberg action:

The polls in Germany now show that the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) is NOW the second largest party, i.e. were an election to be held today, they would have more seats in the Bundestag than the SPD.  Just a few weeks ago they were in third place.

This is certain to strengthen the question within the SPD whether the coalition with the Union to enable “the Merkel” regime to continue really is a good idea. Would they not be better co-operating with the AfD? How many SPD members are now going to move to the AfD.

Things are moving fast over here, now.

What we all want to know is what is going to happen in Helsinki with Trump and Putin. The aftermath.

Would that I were there and could shake hands with both presidents and wish them God speed.

Blessed be..

By Karma Singh – from Germany...


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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

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  1. Despite what the presstitutes and congressional whores are saying, I think Putin and Trump had a very fruitful meeting. Everything they said about Ukraine has been a lie!

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