Globalism, Germany, and Angela Merkel…

“Globalism” and the planned DEATH OF NATIONS under Agenda 21 implementation…

By Karma Singh – from Germany...

To make what follows more readily understandable for the BolenReport’s  North American, British and Antipodean readers, I must first briefly explain how the German government system works.  It is quite different to most of those in the English speaking world.

Yes, the BolenReport is a health care newsletter.  The issues discussed here, are important to health care because…

How the German government works…

Firstly, although there is a president, he has very little authority and his principle task is to rubber stamp the decisions of the German parliament, called the Bundestag.

The most powerful figure is the Chancellor (Kanzler in German) who is, notionally, the leader of the party having a majority of the seats in the Bundestag. Since the formation of the Bundes Republic Deutschland, no one party has ever managed to gain an overall majority. All current German governments are, therefore, formed by coalitions.

For the last several decades, governments have been formed either by a coalition lead by the socialist party (the SPD) or the “The Union” (a partnership between the CDU and the CSU). Currently, it is the Union which holds power and Merkel, leader of the larger CDU in The Union is Kanzler. The banking cartel owns the CDU lock, stock and barrel.

In Germany it is actually illegal to mention the historical origin of the CDU (Christian Democrat Union). This was the party of Adolf Hitler and friends which just changed its name after the war. This may explain why so many Hitler and Gestapo laws have been re-enacted by Merkel over the last 3 – 4 years. There is also a persistent rumour that she is actually related to Hitler.

Not only the German people but also many politicians have reacted to this. A new party has come into existence called the AfD (Alternative for Deutschland). The members are, to a large extent, those who could no longer stomach the exploitation of the German people and have left the other parties to join the AfD.

In the last German General election in September 2017…

Hillary and Angela plot to destroy the world?

Merkel, who just like Hillary, was supposed to be a shoe-in, completely lost her majority. The AfD almost toppled the SPD from its second place and Merkel was left in a very difficult position.

The reaction in the EU…

Here, I feel that I must add the comment from the young, banker appointed, French president Macron on the day following the Merkel debacle. He said that,

“in view of the loss of her majority, “it would no longer be possible to carry out the dissolution of the member nations of the European Union and the creation of a super state planned for November 2017 (behind everyone’s backs, of course).”

This was planned as a way out of the growing resentment of the European peoples to being arbitrarily ruled by un-elected bureaucrats appointed by the bankers and working for the benefit of the cartels.

This resentment had already resulted in the UK people voting to leave the EU and major forces were and are underway in Italy, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands and Germany to do the same.

Merkel then tried to form a coalition with two of the smaller parties in the Bundestag; the FDP which, mostly, represents big business and The Greens – an extreme right-wing party pushing for the implementation of Agenda 21. (The leadership of this party has been, for some time, under police investigation for alleged involvement in the child sex-trade. The evidence against them which I have seen is very convincing but, just as in America before “our Donald” took over, the whole “industry” is protected from “above”.)

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the FDP withdrew from the negotiations stating that “Merkel was just too unreliable and dishonest for them to work with her.”

Merkel’s desperation…

Desperate for some way to hold onto power, she then approached her party’s “mortal enemy”, the SPD. After weeks of haggling an agreement was reached – not for love of each other but because the leaders of both parties knew that if fresh elections were called, there would almost certainly be an AfD government which would immediately begin draining the Berlin swamp.

So, what has recently upset the apple cart?

For some weeks the German press has been in uproar in about thousands of migrants being given asylum status with little or no investigation, including 80 known terrorists.

Anti-Gay rights lesbian mother Alice Weidel challenges Angela Merkel. Germany’s political fights make the US intrigue look like kindergarten games.

What is new is the discovery that Merkel knew all about it and condoned it. This was, perhaps, the last straw and many members of the Bundestag demanded a formal investigation which could lead to criminal charges being brought against Merkel to which must be added the list of other illegal actions which Merkel had carried out – this list was read to the Bundestag in November 2017 by Alice Weidel, the leader of the AfD. She is, incidentally, along with presidents Trump and Putin one of the very few political figures with whom I would gladly shake hands.

Last Friday, the 15th of June and the day before Merkel planned to let another wave of migrants into the country whilst “everyone else” was diverted by the World Cup football matches, the leader of the CSU, her decades’ long partner in The Union, threatened to break up the partnership unless she closed the borders.

Under strict orders from the bankers who want ultra-cheap labor,to open the migrant flood gates, Merkel could neither refuse the order nor carry it out without losing her position and causing fresh elections.

This Monday, 18th June was the crunch day and then Merkel’s bosses joined in and ordered that the European Union step in to find a solution to the quandary without, of course, giving the German people an opportunity to elect an AfD government.

The Bundestag has given the EU until the end of next week, 29th June to find a solution. It will be interesting to see what they seek to command.

In any event, the Merkel story is almost at an end as all else around it crumbles.

Merkel – Europe’s biggest globalism promoter is heading for the abyss…

Stay tuned…

By Karma Singh…

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

17 thoughts on “Globalism, Germany, and Angela Merkel…”

  1. The CDU wasn’t the party of Adolph Hitler ‘and friends’, but it did enable the National Socialist Party led by Adolph Hitler to rule by entering into a coalition with the Nazis. Needless to say, most of us know how that ended.

    When making sweeping claims it is important to get one’s facts straight.

  2. This article is more than a bit confusing. First, the Green Party would definitely be considered left-wing. Second, “anti-gay rights lesbian mother” (Alice Weidel) — I guess politics does seem to boggle the mind at times. Finally, I think Tim should do an article about the immigrant children who are being forcibly injected with psychotropic drugs. Natural Blaze has covered this. Seems like America has become a full-fledged police state for the “chemunists” or chemical companies, so we need to do everything possible to curb its tyrannical powers. Couldn’t we all agree on that?

  3. Such buyer’s remorse for the EU membership. NGO’s and smugglers profiteering off transferring migrants and all with no vetting. Even worse, though, it has become painfully obvious that many of them have zero desire to assimilate. If they commit a serious crime, most are not penalized much. Say anything against this and of course you must be racist. But then we are getting used to the name calling if we question anything. The sheeple are awakening though.
    I also have to say it doesn’t surprise me that a Green Party leader is involved in the child sex trade. The UN’s directive for CSE (comprehensive sexuality education) is doing its damnedest to undermine the family. The latest attempt to normalize pedophilia, at a TED talk has been defeated.
    You want to see something really horrific? Google up Tony Podesta’s art collection. You will begin to see a real problem. No to globalism. Yes to responsible, functional governments that represent the people.

  4. I knew for a long time that Merkel was rotten. A great German country over run with low life Muslims can only drag it down. The BS story about cheap labor is a joke. It is costing the public more to take care of the refugees than they could ever produce. The NWO globalists want open borders around the world to help escalate their one world government – with them at the top, of course. Not if I have anything to say about it!

  5. Firstly, to Kevin:-
    I will re-check with my source on this and get back to you.

    Where on Earth do you get the idea that The Greens could be left wing??? They are the most reactionary of all the political parties in Germany.
    I didn’t know that Alice is lesbian but, then, I’m not interested in her that way anyway; this is something that Tim dug up from somewhere.
    Knowing next to nothing about children to whom you refer, I have no basis for such an article.

    Hi Zoe:-
    just, YES.

    Blessed be


  6. What everyone has to remember, and must now pay close attention to, is the Agenda 21 overlay.

    We must not ignore the fact that the Agenda 21 planners, starting back in the 1970s, had set a target date of 2021 to reduce Planet Earth’s projected population back from nine billion to 500 million BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    The Obama-Nation had called this “Sustainable Development.”

    They had planned on moving the remains of the population out of the rural areas into high-rise apartments where the survivors could ride their bicycles to work mowing the lawns, and washing the cars and the dishes, of the Elite.

    This is all VERY REAL. As Hillary put it before election 2016 “we’ve had to move our Agenda 21 target date to 2030…”

    The questions I always ask are: If you are going to kill off 8.5 billion people (1) Who lives, and who dies? (2) Who PICKS who lives, and who dies? (3) What are you going to do with 8.5 billion dead bodies?

    What stands between the insanity of Agenda 21 and its completion? Western Civilization (Europe, America, and the English speaking world) – a society based on the rules of Judeo-Christian ethic.

    So, therefor, the globalists have a plan to destroy that Western civilization entity – by creating chaos in their home countries by so-called “refugees,” massive unemployment, the creation of fake racial tensions, the disarming of citizens, etc.

    Those “refugees,” themselves, were also created by so-called “revolutions…”

    Is it just coincidence that California’s planned FEMA camps are ALL along the “Bullet Train” route in Central California?

    We need to begin hunting down, and mark for future action, the Agenda 21 monsters…

  7. Visionaerie, you cannot assume party names mean the same thing ideologically in other countries.

  8. That’s interesting William.
    This means that, as he’s left the USA, he’s no longer protected by the Eli Lilly Act and can be arrested on a European warrant for his crimes.

    Who’s going to do it?

    Blessed be


  9. Karma! Congrats on joining the Bolen Report, it’s always been intriguing to read your commentary and I’m excited to learn more about German politics from the inside. A dear friend of mine is Austrian and she always says she loves Americans because they only seem to remember Arnold Schwarzenegger is from Austria and never mention Hitler 🙂

    Folks, we only have one question to answer: do we want to be ruled by psychopaths and pedophiles and Satan worshipers, or not?

    Molon Labe

  10. So Kevin,
    I’ve had this checked by the chappy who knows about these things.

    As you, yourself, can check online, the CDU first came into existence in 1945 and was not a national power until 1949. Your assertion that they supported the National Sozialistische Deutsch Arbeiter Partei – NSDAP for short – during the Hitler years is, therefore, shown by the historical record to be groundless.

    After giving their “de-nazification” oath (and we all know much value to place upon a policitian’s oath) a very large proportion of the NSDAP party activists joined the newly formed CDU.

    So much for history.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  11. Hi Erin,
    Arnold Schwarzenegger is someone I prefer NOT to remember.

    There are, however, interesting things happening in Austria but I don’t have sufficient detail.
    Perhaps your friend would write to me?

    Blessed be



    La radiation du cancérologue montpelliérain Henri Joyeux annulée en appel
    mardi 26 juin 2018 à 17:14
    Par Sébastien Garnier, France Bleu Hérault et France Bleu

    L’Ordre des médecins avait lancé une procédure disciplinaire contre le professeur à l’origine de pétitions controversées sur les dangers de la vaccination.La chambre disciplinaire nationale de l’Ordre des médecins parle de “liberté d’expression” et rejette la plainte.

    La radiation du controversé Pr Henri Joyeux pour des pétitions anti-vaccin a été annulée en appel ce mardi. La chambre disciplinaire nationale de l’Ordre des médecins, organe indépendant du Conseil national de l’Ordre, a estimé que la radiation prononcée en première instance le 8 juillet 2016 contre le cancérologue montpelliérain de 72 ans n’était “pas suffisamment motivée”. Selon la décision d’appel, les propos du Pr Joyeux “n’excédaient pas le principe de la liberté d’expression”. De ce fait, la plainte du Conseil national de l’Ordre des médecins contre lui a été rejetée.

    En cause, deux pétitions publiées sur internet en septembre 2014 et mai 2015

    La première s’élevait contre une recommandation du Haut conseil de la santé publique, jamais suivie par le gouvernement, préconisant d’abaisser de 11 à 9 ans l’âge de la vaccination contre le papillomavirus pour les filles.

    La seconde fustigeait le remplacement du vaccin DT Polio trivalent (c’est-à-dire protégeant contre trois maladies, la diphtérie, le tétanos et la polio) par un vaccin hexavalent (protégeant contre six affections). Cette pétition pointait la présence d’aluminium comme adjuvant dans le vaccin en estimant que cela représentait un danger, ce qui n’est corroboré par aucune étude.

    La première pétition “participe de la liberté laissée à tout individu dans un état démocratique d’exprimer son opinion sur un sujet qui le concerne”, a jugé l’instance d’appel. En ce qui concerne la deuxième pétition, “la toxicité de l’aluminium comme adjuvant et la dangerosité du vaccin contre l’hépatite B font l’objet depuis plusieurs années de controverses nourries”, a relevé la chambre disciplinaire nationale.

  13. Can anyone translate that?
    English or German, I don’t mind.
    My French, however, is limited to ordering a coffee and a bun.

    Blessed be


  14. As an ex European, seeing what is happening there is much more than shocking. In my youth growing up there we had full confidence that the people will be willing and be able to organize themselves to make sure that those horrors, that took place among the nations of the sub-continent, never be repeated again. Little we knew that it is not the people but other evil, destructive, self serving powers are at work, that is in command of the whole system, that is having no interest in the well being of the population but rather keep profiting from the miseries that are so cunningly orchestrating from behind the scenes. And by the signs, that corrupting power is un-challengable by people’s power.This is sad and depressing. Yet,I do believe that there must come change for the better not by the hands of a man but by the Divine intervention,when the time will be ripe and ready. Seeing the reader’s comments above, it is encouraging that people are waking up to the great deceptions and this is a very good sign for the beginning. Pity though, that it took such a long time being wasted for the awakening from the slumber state.

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