How YOU can Stand With Sears

Update by Alan Hysinger

As many of you already know, the California Attorney General has filed a complaint against Dr. Bob Sears with the California Medical Board, for writing a Medical Exemption for a vaccine injured child. This despite Senator Pan’s reassurances that the Medical Exemption would remain a viable option for children needing it.

This is the line in the sand. What’s at stake here is your Doctor’s freedom to be a Doctor and use their own skills and analysis to determine if a treatment is valid for a patient.

With Stefanie Duncan Fetzer, I have the privilege of participating in a Grass Roots effort, #StandWithSears, that is accepting Gifts (NOT donations) to aid Dr. Sears in defending himself against these scurrilous accusations. We have created a website to request Gifts for Dr. Sears. You can check Dr. Sears’ Facebook Page here to confirm this site is legit.

All proceeds are sent to Dr. Sears personally. There are some ins and outs of sending a Gift to someone, and helping them legally avoid tax liability for the Gift. All the details are on the site at:

Additionally, Dr. Sears has retained Rick Jaffe, JD as his counsel. The press release can be found here. Rick should be no stranger to Bolen Report readers. You can check his byline here.

5 thoughts on “How YOU can Stand With Sears”

  1. Thank you, the assault from the medical community on our rights seem never ending 🙁 Eventually it will blow up in their faces

  2. Great news! It will be a pleasure to see him hammer the slimy bastards. After my lengthy and well-documented complaint against Pan was ignored, guess who I’m not voting for in the Senate race.

  3. I would like to know who is personally behind this witch hunt of Dr. Sears. People need to wake up and pay attention to what is going in in this country. Thank you for this important information on how to support Dr. Bob Sears.

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