California…Keep your Children Vaccine Injury Free…Get a Medical Exemption

Opinion by Karri Lewis AWAKE California

While we are all anxiously awaiting for the preliminary federal court ruling for a Preliminary Injunction order against totalitarian and oppressive SB277, time marches on and the schools are back in session.

During this time period between the SB277 Injunction ruling and school enrollment, there are those that are willing and able to wait it out.

But for everyone else that cannot homeschool or has to return to the normal work schedule, a medical exemption to protect your children should be in the cards.

The expense of a medical exemption is WELL WORTH PROTECTING your CHILD.

But wait, you’ve heard it’s HARD to obtain a medical exemption.

That unlike the UNFOUNDED CLAIMS of the California Health Department, that doctors will be scamming, conning the public and giving-away medical exemptions, like Pez Candy out of a Pez Dispenser; you’re hearing confirmed stories from other families, about formerly pro-vaccine choice doctors that are now SCARED to WRITE MEDICAL EXEMPTIONS…


…and furthermore, even though the SB277 law gave doctors full latitude to make family history medical exemption decisions, many are now so FEARFUL of LOSING their MEDICAL LICENSES that many have now taken up CDC Pinkbook Contraindication guidelines for vaccines!

You can see how strict the CDC Pinkbook Vaccine Contraindications are here.

So WHAT in the WORLD is an INFORMED, AWAKE parent supposed to do to protect their child from VACCINE INJURY and DEATH, so that they can attend school?

Well don’t panic, keep calm and find a REAL DOCTOR.

What EXACTLY do I mean by a REAL DOCTOR, you ask?

Well, first of all no REAL DOCTOR will give a medical exemption over the phone.

HOWEVER, there are some key interview questions to ask a doctor.

THESE are THE QUESTIONS to ASK  the doctor *BEFORE* you set-up that appointment for a medical exemption:

(1)  What percentage of your practice is dedicated to vaccine administration?

(2)  Do you get paid bonuses or compensation by the insurance/Pharmacuetical companies for vaccinating patients?

(3)  Do you take a FULL FAMILY HISTORY of your patients *BEFORE* you recommend ANY Vaccines to them?

(4)  Are you familiar with vaccine induced adverse reactions and how to treat them?

(5)  Do you know about VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) and how to report an adverse reaction to a vaccine?

(6)  Are you willing to help with my child or any children in your practice that may have an adverse reaction to their vaccines?

(7)  Would you testify in the special government court that is set-up to shield vaccine manufacturers from any liability, if something should go wrong with my child’s response to vaccines?

(8)  Would you be willing to write a medical exemption for all vaccines for my child, based on my family’s medical history?

Asking these 8 questions, should help you weed through doctors that are beholden to Pharma and find the REAL DOCTORS, the GEMS, that truly care about your child’s health.

Generally, if you seek out cash-only, (those not beholden to the insurance companies) Doctors, D.O.’s (Doctor’s of Osteopathy), Integrative Doctors and Holistic M.D.’s, you should be able to find your GEM…the REAL DOCTOR that will go over your family’s medical history and give a REAL and LEGITIMATE medical exemption, so you can breathe easy, while protecting your child from vaccine injury.

As we await the Preliminary Injunction decision for SB277, let’s make sure our kids are SAFE from vaccine injury.

Opinion by Karri Lewis AWAKE California

23 thoughts on “California…Keep your Children Vaccine Injury Free…Get a Medical Exemption”

  1. I love your suggestions to ask a doctor. However, in the real world would people really feel comfortable asking all these questions? I don’t think people that I know personally would do this? How can we condense it down?

  2. Hi Elaine. Thank you for the comment. We have to remember that we are the consumer. No one is responsible financially, emotionally and physically for our children, except for the parent. If we won’t go to bat for our children, who will? I have no problem interviewing doctors to make sure they are a match for my family. If I’m treated rudely for asking relevant questions, then that Doctor can be checked right off of my list, as a potential care giver. We are the customer, NOT Big PHARMA or the insurance companies.

  3. I totally agree with what you are saying but not everyone is “in the same place.” Many people feel intimidated by their doctors and follow exactly what they suggest. Once these people have moved farther-on-down-the-track, they will have a different mindset and at that point, might be fine asking these many questions. BUT…what do we do for the people that aren’t quite there yet? That’s my concern because I talk to these people all the time. These are people that are having a difficult time even believing their doctors would recommend anything that could be detrimental – they trust explicably.

  4. I wouldn’t have a problem asking these questions, but sadly I think I would have to call hundreds if not maybe a thousand doctors before I found on to say yes to all of the above. I doubt that doctor would be close enough to be our primary doctor. I talked to my doc about getting a ME, he didn’t really even understand what I was asking for. He made a comment that he felt the vaccines didn’t pose a danger to my children even though I had a reaction myself. He also has no idea about MTHFR. I’m lucky that my children are able to go to school, if not I would be on the phone till I found such a doctor. Also some doctors that are not beholden to the insurance companies charge more money than I can afford after I’ve gone broke paying for govt mandated health insurance. Thanks for your great article & the reminder that when there is a will there is a away & we do not need to submit to govt tyranny

  5. Karri, thanks for a great post. Great info. We need to think like consumers regarding health care anyway. My mom shopped around when she needed a knee replacement and we should all think of ourselves as health care consumers! The average person does more research on what kind of TV to buy than which doctor should operate in their heart. It’s absurd.

    Another great tip is to completely ignore the idea that you need a pediatrician. Why even call them? Cross them off your list. Like oncology, these doctors belong to a club specialty tailored by the AMA to push drugs. Fire your pediatrician and find a reasonable Family Practice or a General Practitioner. Do people really think that a healthy baby needs a pediatric specialist??

  6. Actually most doctors no longer view us as “consumers” who must be catered to. We are simply commodities. IMHO, even your so-called GEMs, would love it if non-vaxxing parents would just go away. We need to fight to bring back philosophical and religious exemptions. The basis of medical exemptions lies in a family member being sacrificed to save another.

  7. Check the find an educated doctor list at for a head start and check under the PBE tab for a physicians warrantee to help doctors think through this issue.

  8. Juli M is right — pediatricians must push vaccines, without them they don’t have a viable business. So cross them off your list, go to a Family Practice or a General Practitioner.

  9. I volunteered at our middle school’s orientation this past week. At the first stop was a volunteer with a list of 25 or so names, people who would not be allowed to proceed through the process due to lack of vaccination (presumably incoming 7th graders and those transferring from other districts). When one arrived, they were sent to the nurse’s office. The nurse then informed them that they could not register or come to school until they got the shots, and went so far as to send them to the local drugstore where they could get them. No mention was made about getting medical exemptions. I can only imagine that once the reality of this law starts to sink in to the people who don’t pay close attention to things, there are going to be a lot more plaintiffs up in arms about it. I couldn’t help wondering if SB277 is struck down or amended, if we should aim for a requirement that schools MUST advise of the option for medical exemptions, in the same way that pregnancy clinics are required to inform people about abortion option.

    I’m so glad that we were lucky enough to be grandfathered in; our youngest was in 7th last year so we can coast on our PBE as long as we don’t switch districts.

  10. My kids dr falls under the category of deferring to the CDC pink book. Even with the info about sb277 leaving it up to dr’s and family history being included in that decision. She also said “if an immunocomprimised kid gets sick because I gave you a medical exemption then that would be my fault”. She then gave me an exemption for my son only and only for hepB because he had an adverse reaction to that shot (I know it was hepB because that’s the only vaccine he’s ever been given) however she wouldn’t extend the exemption to my daughter who is 3 yrs younger. We have valid reasons for medical exemption including reactions of first cousins, multiple food/environmental allergies, autoimmune disease throughout the family etc.

  11. What if you don’t know your family history: or if the history isn’t enough to get an exemption?

  12. You mean getting State sanction is the BEST way to preserve freedom? That strikes me as a “controlled opposition” thing to do. What has us believe that the State has any intention of honoring said “exemptions” or that outing/labeling/trusting mercy is the best thing to do?

  13. Carson:
    As long as consumers DON’T recognize and assert their role as the consumer, they WON’T be treated like the consumer. The fact that consumers are not currently treated as such is all the more reason to very quickly have a large group of patients start acting like consumers again. And not just to doctors, but to insurance companies also. Back during the Clinton administration, insurance companies with new service ideas convinced consumers and the gov’t that they would rescue us consumers by representing us like “unions” to make sure everyone got a fair shake at a fair price. Now, we are no longer treated as the consumer by the insurance companies either, it gives the doctors incentive not to treat us as the consumer or act on our behalf, gives people an incentive to not act like customers and instead abdicates our power, and permits the insurance companies to view the lawmakers as the ultimate dollar provider instead of the customers. We can’t hope to be treated fairly if we are too lazy to be involved in our own health. It starts with us. We should also start interviewing insurance companies and boycotting them if they cover the cost of vaccines without covering the cost of treating vaccine injuries, or initiating call campaigns to them urging them rescue their customers from failed vaccine court efforts.

  14. Terrible news though I can’t say entirely unexpected: the judge sounded very predisposed against the plaintiffs in the hearing transcript.

    Also, the pharma shills are in full force in the comment section for that LA Times article.

  15. “Also, the pharma shills are in full force in the comment section for that LA Times article.”

    Expect nothing less. There are already state AND federal bills in the works, to be submitted next year, mandating vaccines for adults and/or restricting the use medical exemptions. The push by BP for vaccine mandates for all of us is going full throttle.

  16. Fyi You can switch districts within the state, according to the CA Dept of Health website, as long as your PBE is valid. Ie, until the next “checkpoint”.
    So an 8th grader or above can change schools, as there is no checkpoint or paperwork at this point, between 7th and 12th grade. Of course, schools may be implementing their own requirements, in misapplication of the law, at least according to CA Dept of Health website. The law itself wasn’t very clear on this point, as I read it.

  17. Does anyone have good suggestions for resources (websites, articles, etc) about vaccine concerns (lack of safety, lack of efficacy, lack of liability, testing, informed consent, etc) targeted at the uninitiated?

    The topic of vaccines is massive. What I’m looking for is resources that strike a good balance between hitting the major, difficult-to-dispute points without being too cursory. Ideally well-cited and sufficiently “credible.” Hard-hitting enough to jostle enough doubt and curiosity to inquire further in the minds of those who aren’t hopelessly and arrogantly close-minded.

    Obviously one must adjust to the target audience, but I’m mostly interested in things that could be given to well-educated individuals who have never had reason to doubt vaccine mantra and CDC/WHO/etc credibility and have spent a lifetime passively absorbing the consensus narrative.

    Thank you in advance!

  18. I should add: I’m looking for resources that are not overwhelmingly long or complex, at least at first take. Hence something like a single article or series or a website structured in such a way as to provide a solid high-level case but allow drilldown into more specific areas.

  19. Family history is included for consideration for a medical exemption, according to SB277 law. Family history that contraindicates vaccination, includes, but is not limited to; eczema, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, seizures, cancer, food allergies, etc. We are working to restore health freedom rights in California, but unfortunately it takes time.

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