Big Pharma, Germany, Angela Merkel, and the Kohl Legacy…

So now we come to the nitty-gritty of German politics and, specifically, what this has to do with human health.

Note – Health Care in the US, and worldwide, is at a crossroads.  It cannot, as it currently exists, be allowed to survive.  We need a new system based on health, not drugs.  Currently the system is based not on what is best for the patient, but what is most profitable for the provider.  To look at the existing system we need to look, first, at Germany… – Tim Bolen

By Karma Singh – from Germany...

As some of you may already know, Germany has a vast swathe of special laws to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Many dietary supplements, effective medicines etc., etc., etc. cannot be imported into Germany because they would hinder the sales of pharmaceuticals. These bans are not legal; under European Union law, all or most of these products can be legally imported into any EU country which includes, of course, Germany. To get them here from, say, America, we have to first import them into Holland or the United Kingdom and then have them sent on from there as normal EU internal mail.

So, how did this come about?

Students of European history over the last 120 years will be aware that IG Farbenindustrie was an industrial megalith which was the real power in Germany in the 1920’s to 1945. This company manufactured every sort of chemical and all pharmaceuticals.

Council of Gods

The board of directors of IG Farbenindustrie entitled themselves “The Council of Gods”. This was how they viewed themselves – lords of the Earth and everyone upon it. They financed Hitler and “arranged” for the “removal” of those opposed to his rise to power. They, of course, gave orders to Hitler, amongst other things, as to which countries should be invaded so as to permit IG Farbenindustrie to confiscate competitors. It was they and not the German government who built and ran Auschwitz for the purpose of “medical” experiments upon humans – something that they began shortly after the First World War and long before their promotion of Adolf Hitler. The results of their experiments form the basis of modern pharmaceutical medicine world-wide.

Following the 1945 defeat, IG Farbenindustrie was broken up into several companies – Bayer Chemie, BASF, Agfa and, following several mergers and buy-outs, that which is now called Sanofi.

This did not, however, mean that IG Farbenindustrie ceased to exist rather that it became the “underground” or shadow management of an effective cartel comprising these four companies as well as Rockefeller’s Standard Oil (now trading as Exxon). Although many of “The council of Gods” were sentenced for war crimes, under pressure (presumably) from Rockefeller, they were quickly released.

See Wikipedia for details:- (

I have it from a number of good sources, including those who have taken part at such meetings, that there is a conclave each year between the pharmaceutical manufacturers (IG Farbenindustrie reborn) and the German health ministry in which the ministry receives instructions as to what “health” laws and regulations are to be created.

Three years ago, for example, as more and more Germans became aware just how deadly the mercury in amalgam tooth fillings is, a new regulation appeared, forbidding state owned and semi-state owned insurance companies to pay for the removal of mercury-containing tooth fillings and mercury which had leached into the body.

As selling their nostra to suppress the various symptoms of mercuric poisoning is, together with the vaccine scam, and the suppression of effective treatments for cancer, one of the three major sources of income for the pharmaceutical cartel, “something had to be done” to protect this.

This state of affairs came about as part of a long-term plan by the reconstituted IG Farbenindustrie.

They had enjoyed such a privileged existence by promoting Adolf Hitler to be the Kanzler that they sought a candidate to repeat this.

Amongst their own personnel working as a pharmaceutical rep., they found one Helmut Kohl and made him an “offer he couldn’t refuse”. With IG Farbenindustrie’s backing and the permission of the Bilderberg Group, he was pushed rapidly up the political tree and spent sixteen years as Kanzler.

It was during his time as Kanzler that the special laws to prevent anything which might compete with pharmaceuticals were created and the annual conclaves mentioned above began.

As IG Farbenindustrie is, probably, the controlling force behind the entire pharmaceutical industry, it makes sense to tackle it at its’ source.

See the next article in this series: The Fall and Fall of Angela Merkel”

By Karma Singh – from Germany...

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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

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  1. The BolenReport is worldwide. We cannot solve individual nation’s health care issues without having an understanding of what is happening worldwide. And Germany, while currently under control of the globalists, is undergoing massive political turmoil – and, we believe, the Merkel government is about to be toppled.

    Which means that Big Pharma is about to lose its world political base.

  2. This is a VERY interesting article. I can’t wait to read the next installments.

  3. FYI: Merkel is the genetic daughter of Adolf Hitler… (one of the first artificial insemination experiments???)

    Post #928
    Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: b39b17 No.616618
    Mar 10 2018 16:35:34 (EST)
    Angela Dorothea Kasner.
    Daughter of a Pastor?
    Name of FATHER?
    History of FATHER?
    Hitler youth (member).
    Haircut today vs THEN (A).
    US Intelligence post war controlled who?
    The ‘Mission’
    Who is Angela Hitler?
    Relationship to Adolf?
    How were children named in Germany during this period?
    First or middle.
    Family tree.
    Risk of ‘conspiracy’ label the deeper we go.
    Truth will shock the WORLD.

  4. The article makes reference to a wikipedia article. Haven’t people learned yet NOT use wikipedia – especially not as source material?

    Some of the links included in the comment section are interesting, to say the least. To say the most, well, let’s just say I’m skeptical of some of it.

    I read the book called Hell’s Cartel (about IG Farben) last summer and it was great reading and it is very well sourced (with references listed).

  5. Did you all read what Bill Shine’s wife did — Darla Shine, the wife of Bill Shine, the recently appointed White House deputy chief of staff for communication, is under attack by the corporate media for her tweets expressing concern for the exponential growth rate of autism, especially among African-American boys, vaccine safety, and violent side effects of prescription psychoactive drugs, among other issues.
    This is not exactly what Tim is talking about on this email but it has a lot to do with nonsensical vaccines and drugs to “prevent” diseases like autism. What really works is an organic diet and organic, whole food supplements for ALL diseases. As a holistic nutrition coach, I wish more government officials and their wives would tell the truth on health and nutrition.

  6. The book to read is The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben by Joseph Borkin. It used to be a freebie online but not sells for about $3-5.oo on Amazon. Much more detail of the rise, fall and resurection of this cartel and the Rockefeller complicity with creating and maintaining it.

  7. “The Council of Gods”. So is Mitt Romney is a God now? LOL Monsatan is I guess!
    Good article. (Why is history forbodden?)
    I’ve said for years, “Put a cookie duster under Merkels’s nose, and who does she look like”? (My dads mom had brown eyes too)
    I concur with Georgia!
    Even Obama is suppose to be related to Washington!
    Maybe Willie will be able to give this a “Shine”?
    Nothing is a coincidencE!!
    Helmut was a water boy!!
    The same families make history, with lots erased! Fed. Reserve Act (the Night before Xmas 1913), 33 coup, JFK, Ron Reagan, 9/11, Deepwater, Fukishima……
    “Wars a Racket”
    Major General Smedley D. Butler USMC

  8. Is anyone able to verify the rumours of the fluoridation of water and the concentration camps ? Perkins ?

    Can those rumours be proven.

  9. The mercury secret. The main source globally of “disease ” and pharma profiteering for the last hundred years now has been enhanced by glyphosate etc.
    The treasonous sabotage of our food and medicine. The mercury secret enabling continuing sickness and shortened lifespan. Who benefits? Follow the money to Pharma and Farma.
    The destruction humanity via our health and our economic productivity.This includes everyone.
    To keep it simple: mercury alone can mimic or cause any illness currently known – or contribute to it.
    Magnesium depletion and manganese depletion links Glyphosate and the detox of your mercury over saturated fat cells (most often as get older).
    Why is nobody looking here ?
    Incremental assault, bankruptcy and murder via mercury and Roundup
    Allophathic medicine is a global fraud to keep everyone sick til bankrupt then off us.
    A one two economic hit leading to sickness and reduced lifespan A medline search Magnesium Depletion : gives ample proof that mercury detox and recirculation is the core cause of all allopathic “diseases” and cancers because of the way it decimates ones immune system. No prescription treatments necessary . No allophathic doctors needed.
    Magnesium depletion is also enhanced by the binding effect glyphosate has on the nutrients in the soil and food grown in such soil and its antibiotic effect that can destroy all your good biome.
    And then there is Fluoride and Bromine.
    Reference exposing glyphosate and political corruption
    Glyphosate mass poisoning India, the unpleasant truth
    Tony Mitra
    Canada and USA as well.

  10. Good morning Gentlefolk,
    I’ve been on tour again so couldn’t reply to everyone promptly.

    as I’ve stated in a previous article, there is a widespread rumour that Merkel is Hitler’s daughter but hard evidence is not available.
    This said, the real Adolf Hitler was by no means the out and out villein he was painted. There is a whole series on Hitler’s life now on which YouTube wouldn’t allow:-

    D. Smith,
    Wikipedia is (mostly) accurate on most things other than health issues. From other sources, I know that their precis of the IG Farben story is correct and so I used that rather than longerand more difficult to follow texts.

    it’s forbidden to ask to study the Holocaust. It is even a crime to ask why it is forbidden to study the Holocaust! The probable reason is the six million Jews. This number had been used ten times between 1915 and 1938 as a sympathy and fund raiser. Each time a different Aggressor was “about to” exterminate six millions. As nobody had ever previously questioned the number, it was just used again. Estimates based upon data available suggest that the real number was somewhere between 340,000 and 764,000. A serious number, of course, but a small proportion of the European Jewish population.

    I’m not quite sure to which concentration camps you’re referring but Stalin made widespread use of fluoridation in the Gulags because it robs prisoners of the will to escape and made the camps much cheaper to run.

    True Terry,
    see my new book for the complete expose on this. or .de if you’re a German speaker

    Thanks for your addenda and comments.

    Blessed be


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