“Vitamin C” Cures “Sepsis…”

The Standard of Emergency Room (ER) Medical Care Has Changed Overnight…

But will Big Pharma be able to stop it?


By Owen R. Fonorow – President – Vitamin C Foundation

Dr. Paul Marik, a critical care doctor at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), believes he has found the cure for sepsis, a common infection that gets into the blood and kills 1,000 people a day in the U.S. alone.

In a February 2018 article in “Health and Medicine” author Elizabeth Simpson, from the Virginia Pilot says:

When an EVMS doctor was faced with a patient on the brink of death, he decided to order a combination of Vitamin C infusions and steroids. By the next morning, her symptoms had turned around. He wants to spread the word to other doctors.”

Doctor Paul Marik, in his video says…

“More people die from sepsis than die from breast cancer, colon cancer and AIDS put together..”

“the sepsis deaths in this country are equivalent to 3 jumbo jets crashing every single day.. Every single day..”

“Its the most common cause of death in our hospitals and costs our country more than 20 Billion dollars..”

“Over a hundred randomized trials have been done with all kinds of pharmaceutical agents, and none have worked…”

“on top of 2000 studies looking at sepsis..”

“… we are vitamin C mutants..”

“Vitamin C is Completely devoid of side effects..”

” .. Nobody is going to make any money from this, but it has the potential of saving millions of lives..”

” ..Millions of patients will die waiting for these trials..”

“.. There is data to support using it right how…”


The New Standard of ER Care

The Vitamin C genie is now out of the bottle since the mainstream press inadvertently gave this publicity.  Any patient can demand Vitamin C now, or tell the doctor/hospital to face the legal consequences.
“It’s all a question of when critical mass is reached, and I think the TV report pushed the issue to that point…” – Dr. Thomas E. Levy. MD, JD

Earlier Research Ignored…

We applaud Dr. Paul Marik for putting is patients first and giving Vitamin C a try when  other medical doctors won’t.  

However, as he says, he didn’t “find” the cure, it was “found” in 1949 by Dr. Frederick Klenner, MD. 

Marik’s invention of adding cortisol (and then Thiamine, vitamin B1) is brilliant. The results speak for themselves.

Other medical doctors and researchers have been collectively brainwashed:  “Vitamin C is “only a vitamin, only useful for the deficiency disease. Suggesting otherwise, even by Linus Pauling, is quackery.”

Given the research papers cited  below, minus any other options, doctors that ignore Marik would rather see 1000-1500 people die every day, rather than even try vitamin C.  

June 2011 article in Science Daily…

Sepsis: Leaking blood vessels may be cause of infection-spreading condition, researchers suggest

“The repeated failure of clinical trials suggests that some fundamental knowledge is lacking in our current understanding of the pathogenesis of human sepsis.”

Sepsis kills about 1,400 people a day worldwide and is the second-leading cause of death in intensive care units in Canada. Despite intense research, the death rate remains high, between 30 and 50 per cent. Treatments largely consist of surgical removal or drainage of the infected site, antibiotics and supportive care.

“The lack of therapies is not for want of effort. On the basis of promising in vitro and animal studies, many drugs have entered clinical trials only to fail, resulting in the description of sepsis research as a ‘graveyard’ of discovery,” said Dr. Lee, a critical care physician and researcher in the hospital’s L Ka Shing Knowledge Institute

October 2011:  Vitamin C in Sepsis…

“The impact of ascorbate administered orally is moderate because of its limited bioavailability. However, intravenous injection of ascorbate raises plasma and tissue concentrations of the vitamin and may decrease morbidity. In animal models of polymicrobial sepsis, intravenous ascorbate injection restores microvascular function and increases survival.

Therefore, it may be possible to improve microvascular function in sepsis by using intravenous vitamin C as an adjunct therapy.

13 December 2010 (Paper Received): Intravenous ascorbic acid to prevent and treat cancer-associated sepsis?

“The history of ascorbic acid (AA) and cancer has been marked with controversy. Clinical studies evaluating AA in cancer outcome continue to the present day. However, the wealth of data suggesting that AA may be highly beneficial in addressing cancer-associated inflammation, particularly progression to systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and multi organ failure (MOF), has been largely overlooked. Patients with advanced cancer are generally deficient in AA. Once these patients develop septic symptoms, a further decrease in ascorbic acid levels occurs. Given the known role of ascorbate in: a) maintaining endothelial and suppression of inflammatory markers; b) protection from sepsis in animal models; and c) direct antineoplastic effects, we propose the use of ascorbate as an adjuvant to existing modalities in the treatment and prevention of cancer-associated sepsis.

Two Time Award Winning Linus Pauling said:

“Well, I don’t know that there is a need for a randomized prospective, double blind controlled trial when you get evidence of this sort, the value of large intakes of vitamin C ….. [name almost any] disease.”

Is medicine going to change under Donald Trump?

Stay tuned…

By Owen R. Fonorow – President – Vitamin C Foundation



Owen’s book “Practicing Medicine Without a License” is available by clicking on the book cover to the right.

Published by

Owen Fonorow

Owen Fonorow is a United States Air Force Academy graduate class of 1976. He worked and retired from AT&T Bell Laboratories in 2001. His interests include orthomolecular nutrition and computer science. His primary research interest in the field of nutrition has been the therapeutic properties of vitamin C. In 1996, Owen founded the nonprofit Vitamin C Foundation, along with his brother Michael S. Till, Sr. Owen has since written more than thirty articles and these papers have been published in assorted alternative medical journals including the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Nexus New Times, Life Extension Foundation magazine, American Naturopathic Medical Association Monitor, Florida ECO Report, International Council for Health Freedom Newsletter and Media By-Pass. Many of the themes in these articles have been incorporated in his book, Practicing Medicine Without A License? The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease.

9 thoughts on ““Vitamin C” Cures “Sepsis…””

  1. That’s another to add to the list! Linus Pauling had success with vitamin C for cancer and claimed that it could treat heart disease. The Linus Pauling heart disease protocol is well worth a look at if you have heart disease but don’t ask your physician because he probably won’t know anything about it.

  2. + What do you call alternative medicine that works?
    + (if it can’t be patented or stolen) = BANNED medicine.

    Incidentally, what heals leaking blood vessels? Cholesterol!

  3. Oh so very true and even more evidence that the pharma-cartel will try to suppress anything that they can’t patent and sell at 3000 to 6000% profit.

    All true healing modalities are cheap and simple in their application.

    The principle cause of sepsis and death is trauma. Trauma will cause natural immunity to be switched off. High dosage vitamin c will counteract the stress hormones and let the immunity work again. Adding 5 Flower Essence from http://www.healingherbs.co.uk (originally called “Rescue Remedy”) will significantly enhance this effect. Installing Harmony Technology products into the Emergency Room will not only reduce trauma and stress in a non-invasive way for everyone in the room but also, by purifying the water both in and around the patient switch the natural disinfectant properties of pure water back on.

    Much can be done at a cost way below that which is presently being done and save tens of thousands of lives.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  4. Thanks for this post. Dr. Klenner was a real pioneer on this. I take 4-6g/day of l-ascorbic acid powder mixed in a little mineral water, mainly for endothelial health, but IV use has tremendous therapeutic value in infectious diseases. For optimum health we need much higher amounts than the gubmint says we do!

  5. Vitamin D3 is as important as vitamin C, K2, selenium, magnesium, etc. However, don’t use the synthetic vitamin D3. Take cod liver oil in place of the Cholecalciferol.

  6. Suzanne: I would hesitate to recommend anyone take cod liver oil. Absent reliable third-party testing there is no way to know how much, if any, vitamin D is in it, or if what it has was acquired by the fish or put in at the factory. The greatest danger of CLO is in the fact that it is primarily composed of PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids), which are fragile and easily oxidized. Nobody should knowingly consume rancid fats, any more than spoiled foods. Vitamin D is readily available from the sun at least half of each year, with the additional bonus of NO (nitric oxide) production (which can occur year-round), which relaxes the smooth-muscle cells in the vasculature, thus reducing blood pressure. I am convinced the CLO I was taking damaged my health, and, in the three years since I quit cold turkey, much of that has been restored.

  7. Its truly heartbreaking that Sepsis remains the third leading cause of death when a cure was announced a year ago. The Marik Protocol represents a real breakthrough, offering safe, effective, affordable adjunct therapy for Sepsis with a remarkable reduction in Death rate. So why the widespread skepticism, reluctance to implement this therapy on a trial basis ? Besides the wide spread bias in the Medical Community favoring prescription drug therapy ( this therapy relies on natural metabolites ), there is the money involved in treating Sepsis. Sepsis patients represent a group that stays in the Hospitals longer, and with more repeat visits. Hospital administrators make more money off of Sepsis patients, and have little to gain by a therapy that sends patients home quickly, having attained a more robust recovery. Organizations like Sepsis Alliance, which has a critical view of the Marik Protocol likewise have everything to loose from an affordable cure. They never reveal their conflicts of interest when they offer their critical opinions. The upcoming 2nd World Sepsis Congress, which advertises it self as ” discuss all aspects of sepsis ” has not included Dr. Marik or any discussion of his protocol in the program.
    Meanwhile, patients are not offered a choice of treatments, and death by Septic Shock remains a leading killer, with 8 million deaths yearly world wide, a genocidal rate of mortality considering a cure is being ignored.
    Need Convincing ? Listen to what the ICU nurses who have witness the healing of the Marik Protocol have to say: ICU nurses discuss vitamin C therapy for sepsis

    See Cost of Sepsis: https://blogs.cdc.gov/safehealthcare/the-cost-of-sepsis, see Scepticaemia: The impact on the health system and patients of delaying new treatments with uncertain evidence; a case study of the sepsis bundle [version 1; referees: 1 approved] , https://f1000research.com/articles/7-500/v1,

    I have no conflicts of interest in this issue.

  8. @ Gary Ogden- Good comment on fish oils- They should only be taken thoughtfully. Most fish oils contain mercury and just a few, like Nordic Naturals claim to have removed a lot of the mercury.
    For the problem of rancidity- Here is an interesting piece of advice from an expert in fish oils: Any bottle of fish oil may have become rancid, depending on a variety of factors before it reaches your shelf. Open the new bottle, take out one capsule and puncture it with a needle. Squeeze out a little oil and smell it. If it smells rancid, it is rancid and you must throw all the contents out. Also, I always keep products like this in the fridge.
    While we are on the topic of good supplements- In my experience, 650 mg of Haritake per day will totally wipe out the candida in the gut. How do you know this? Because you will have some loose motions for a few days, while the candida dies and after that you will notice no side effects. Haritake also kills yeast infections in other locations- for example a 4 year old child was cured of thrush in 2 days by applying haritake inside her cheeks while she slept. Is this safe for kids? Probably is- In India, Haritake is given to almost new born children in the state of Bengal. My husband and I have taken 650 mg Haritake daily for more than 3 years. In that time- no flu, no colds, no pneumonia – no nothing – just the occasional food poisoning that is common in India , where we live. How did I get on to Haritake? NO- no practioner of ayurveda told me – It was a well known PhD, biochemistry of the United States.
    And if someone needs a cheaper form of Haritake- go to your local Indian grocery store and purchase Triphala. Harar is one of the three ingredients in Triphala, but I think it would contain less than 650 mg unless you eat a great deal of it (I have not done the calculation)

  9. I have read may comments from ER doctors on this subject since Marik published his study. Most want proof that it works in an RCT. They just won’t be convinced unless there is RCT evidence. I am a bit disappointed in them as I would hope that doctors could make a medical judgement based on expertise and be able to factor in the low cost and safety of the protocol and the logic of the mechanism of action. But no. All they know how to do is compare treatment to standard treatment, as if they had only basic stats training and o medical degrees.

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