Closing the Circle – Back to The Ukraine…

What Americans are NOT being told…

Note:  The war over globalizing (Agenda 21= massive population reduction)) is not just in the United States.  It is world-wide.

Obama, Clinton, Merkel and their Elite masters had created “Fake Wars” in the Muslim Countries to create millions of refugees, who they then inflicted on the European community (and were heading for America before we elected Donald Trump). 

Their so-called “refugee crisis ” obvious purpose was to de-stabilize NATIONS.  More, the Elites were really, actually, trying to provoke a Nuclear conflict between the United States and Russia over the Ukraine. 

Certain segments of Europe have been awakened – and DO NOT WANT globalism.  Donald Trump has figured out what Obama/Clintons were up to and has, this week, sent John Bolton to Russia to start talks to avoid nuclear holocaust.  Trump meets with Putin July 12th, 2018.

I think we are all about to find out why Hillary/Obama did NOT want Trump and Putin to meet.   – Tim Bolen

Obama/Hillary left us with a world-wide nightmare…

By Karma Singh – from Germany...

This article begins with the question, “Following large numbers of C-130 transport airplane flights, why are train loads of American soldiers now crossing Germany all heading East?  Is something really bad about to happen?”

Where are they going? We hear no outcry from Poland and so it is probably not there. What land comes next?

Taking a look at the map we see that there are four countries which may come into consideration:

Estonia up in the North and very close to St. Petersburg.  Despite a large proportion of the inhabitants being of Russian origin, the government and the people as a whole are determined to maintain their recently won independence from Russia. Large number of US troops here would be welcomed by some and viewed as a betrayal by many more. Such troops would, further, have an almost impossible supply chain.

Latvia is almost fiercely independent and would not welcome American soldiers on their territory.

Lithuania is the most westward leaning of the Baltic States but has, sitting between it and Poland, the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, a major naval base for the Russian Baltic Fleet.

None of these seem, therefore, militarily, at all likely.

Next South is Belarus. According to “Reporters without Borders” number 157 of the 180 most difficult countries for honest reporting. The general stance, however, appears to be almost fierce independence and, certainly, any American military presence would not go unprotested by Russia.

Which leaves just one candidate – Ukraine.

Ever since the bankers’ mafia, with the backing of Merkel’s government, took control of most of the country with the aim of ruining Russia’s economy by dumping, channelled through the previous government’s special relationship with Russia, Ukraine has been a close friend of the Obama CIA and the cartels.

Ukraine, with its’ long border with Russia and ease of supply from the European Union, it presents many opportunities for launching an invasion of Russia.

One must, of course, question why an invasion of Russia would even be contemplated. What purpose would it serve? Russia is no military threat to the USA. Its military spending is a very small proportion of that of NATO because it is primarily a defense military with little attack capability – the exact opposite of NATO. An attack military is vastly more expensive than a defensive one.

Economically, the sanctions imposed at the behest of the banking cartels have had the opposite effect of that desired in that they have protected the Russian indigenous businesses and made the country economically vastly stronger.

So what has Russia done to earn this wrath?

Well, we have the fairy tale of the annexation of the Crimea but what, actually, happened is that the people of Crimea, when they saw that a criminal mafia had gained control of their country, used their right under international law to vote by referendum to change their allegiance from Ukraine to Russia.

It was reported, at the time, that there were 20,000 Russian soldiers in the Crimea. This was almost true but what was not mentioned is that the Russian navy had leased the port of Sebastopol from the Ukraine as a base for the Black Sea Fleet. Under the terms of the lease, Russia was permitted up to 50,000 military personnel in the Crimea. Much less than half of this number and including, clerks, medical personnel, drivers, etc. and a small number of combat troops were widely and falsely reported in the western press as a Russian invasion.

In the territories of the Eastern Ukraine, the people there, following the example in the Crimea, attempted to hold their own referenda on the question of also changing allegiance from Ukraine to Russia. At this point, the Ukrainian army was given orders to “invade” those territories to prevent the public, democratic vote.

What happened next is most interesting but, first, we have to identify just what heinous crime Russia has committed which “justifies” it being militarily obliterated.

Under that drunken sot Yeltsin, the whole of Russia had been handed over to the cartels and had become a slave economy. This is the Russia that Putin took over – by democratic vote, mark you!

He then began a process which he completed earlier this year.

Russia now has no national debt and all of the bankers have been thrown out of the country or into jail where they belong.

THIS is the intolerable crime – freeing the Russian people from slavery to the bankers. This is why Russia “has” to be destroyed lest people in the West become infected with the same idea to rid themselves of the banker leeches.

Returning to Eastern Ukraine; when the army was ordered to attack their own people to stop the democratic votes, 51% of them deserted! The mafia in Kiev then had to import large numbers of American mercenaries to keep the civil war going.

There then followed a period of black propaganda one of the highlights of which was the shooting down of a civil airliner. From a military standpoint we cannot know who actually did it because we don’t have access to the data, only to statements issued by those under orders to say what the public is supposed to hear.

When, however, we turn to other evidence we can then see much more clearly. The first medical teams on the crash site all reported that the bodies had been dead for several days before the crash. They were quickly removed and silenced but not quickly enough, for this information shows incontrovertibly that the whole thing was a false flag black propaganda operation aimed at portraying Russia as the aggressor.

We now turn our attention to America at the end of the 1960’s. Just what did end the Viet Nam war? A very large proportion of the American soldiers mutinied! They laid down their arms and refused to participate in an unjust war. 51% of the Ukrainian army did the same.

Any military machine is only as powerful as the mind controlling it. If American soldiers refuse to participate in an unprovoked attack upon Russia just to please the bankers, then there will be no World War Three.

So, now, what is this circle which is being closed?

In a very unpopular thesis, rejected utterly by the “establishment” a British historian has presented a very different picture of European history.

One of her most interesting statements (backed by good evidence) is that, around 3500 years ago, there was a dramatic change in the way in which Europe was organized. Gone was the matriarchal rule by agreement and compromise to be replaced by “might is right”.

This revolution, based upon the development of techniques to make weapons based upon iron rather than the much softer copper had its origin in the region which we now call Eastern Ukraine.

Here is where “rule by conquest” began and here, natural resonance determines it will end – if you choose to do so.

Blessed be

By Karma Singh – from Germany...

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

12 thoughts on “Closing the Circle – Back to The Ukraine…”

  1. Excellent editing Tim and a beautiful picture.
    Why don’t we all colour our homes like that instead of spending our money on warfare?

    Blessed be


  2. Very interesting. Thanks.

    Also interesting, Estonia is now technocracy central, with attempts at full electronic integration of everything. A testing ground perhaps for the rest of the world? And also a natural point of resistance against global enslavement?

  3. Please consider that Germany is just a puppet used for the real criminals to hide behind. Sine the Second World War, Germany is controlled by the allies. Merkel, like all the other politicians, is just a mouth piece, a puppet on a string.
    NATO: Germany has no power to make any decisions. It is still under occupation and must follow orders.
    Unless people, acknowledge this fact, they allow the real mmonsters to hide by putting the blame on a country they have hijacked to use as a cover for their crimes.

  4. The North farma connection to agenda 21 Also ref to India
    The treasonous sabotage of our food and medicine
    The destruction humanity via our health and our economic productivity.This includes everyone.
    Magnesium depletion and manganese depletion links Glyphosate and the detox of your mercury over saturated fat cell (most often as get older).
    Roundup has help see below
    Why is nobody looking here
    Incremental assault, bankruptcy and murder via mercury and Roundup
    Allophathic medicine is a global fraud to keep everyone sick til bankrupt then off us.
    A one two economic hit leading to sickness and reduced lifespan A medline search Magnesium Depletion : gives ample proof that mercury detox and recirculation is the core cause of all allopathic “diseases” and cancers because of the way it decimates ones immune system. No prescription treatments necessary . No allophathic doctors needed.
    Magnesium depletion is also enhanced by the binding effect glyphosate has on the nutrients in the soil and food grown in such soil and its antibiotic effect that can destroy all your good biome.
    And then there is Fluoride and Bromine.
    Reference exposing glyphosate and political corruption
    Glyphosate mass poisoning India, the unpleasant truth
    Tony Mitra
    Canada and USA as well.

  5. Guten morgen Brigitte,
    fortunately, this is becoming known to daily more people here in Germany, This is what has lead to the formation and popularity of the AfD – a very useful step in the right direction. What is needful, however, is a radical reversal of the chains of power such as in the “Räte Republik” The Kingdom of Germany.
    English website:
    In the Kingdom of Germany, it is the local boroughs which have, co-operatively, the sole right of legislation and all citizens have the right to vote on new laws.

    Blessed be


  6. Hi Terry,
    this is a little difficult to follow. What is your native language? There are many ambiguities in your text which make it quite confusing.
    Further, although mercury poisoning is a major problem as you will see in my new book out this week under, it is by no means the cause of all ills.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  7. Hi Elijah,
    I haven’t been aware of that proverb up to date. Doesn’t the Talmud have something against the inclusion of slices of dead pig in sandwiches anyway?

    Blessed be


  8. They are moving the military as close to Russia as possible ahead of the summit. It’s an intimidation tactic for negotiation purposes.

    Bolton is being used as a PitBull.

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