Australia – Have You Sold Your Soul To The (Pharma) Devil?…

Opinion by Meryl Dorey – Former President – Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN)…


In 1992, Carl Scully was the Member for Smithfield in NEW South Wales Australian Parliament. That year (1992), he spent his entire annual budget preparing and printing a report critical of vaccination. Entitled, Immunisation: Is it Worth the Risk?

Carl Scully, in 2017, being interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald  about his new book – a “tell-all” about PM Malcolm Turnbull, and the current Australian government.  The article has a video quoting former Prime Minster Tony Abbott saying “The truth is that people aren’t happy – they are more disillusioned than ever…”  Australia, he says, “Is on a Road to Ruin…”

Mr Scully showed himself to be a person who questioned the government and the medical mantra regarding vaccination.

This could not be allowed!

According to the story related to me by a journalist at the time (who is now working for the ABC and who has also been silenced despite a serious reaction leading to death in a family member), Mr Scully was visited by members of his own party who passed on a message to him:

“Shut up about vaccination and you will get a position on the front bench at the next election. Keep talking about this subject and you will never again be pre-selected for a seat in Parliament.”

Whether he gave in to the bribe of a position on the front bench or something else was held over his head, Mr Scully never again spoke publicly about vaccination and sure enough, he became a Minister at the next election – a position he held until he was unceremoniously dumped by Premiere Morris Iemma.

Corruption at the highest levels

In recent weeks, the AVN has assisted delegations, and attended meetings, with politicians in several states regarding proposed changes to legislation that would remove a child’s right to attend preschool or childcare if they are not fully vaccinated.

Many of these politicians are very well aware of the problems caused by vaccinations.

A large number of them have even had family members killed or permanently injured by vaccines.

One person we met with said he ‘didn’t agree with the policy. His sister had suffered seizures after vaccination and was never the same again.’ He was very happy to have 30 people in his office to attend a round table discussion on the issues and was very receptive to hearing what we had to say. The next day, we got a call from his secretary stating: [The Politician] will go with whatever party policy is and if we were to repeat what he had told us, he would deny it.

Another politician said that a relative of his was blocked from kindergarten because they were not vaccinated and he felt that wasn’t right.

Still another, who is very high up in his party, stated that he is very much pro-choice, yet he will not speak out against the position of the party.

One has to wonder how these politicians – who have families of their own – can possibly sleep at night knowing that they traded the lives and health of thousands of Australians for money and power.

In Australia, All voices have been silenced…

Has the Australian government completely failed? With Gun Control “Crime” is up, and “Citizen’s Rights” are OVER…  Is anyone surprised?

Doctors can no longer advise people honestly about vaccination; they have been threatened with deregistration if they do. Dr John Piesse is being held up as an example of what will happen to them – just like Dr Andrew Wakefield has been for the last 20 years.

School teachers and others who work with children are also not allowed to speak about this issue because they will be fired.

Politicians aren’t allowed to speak about vaccination because, just as Carl Scully and these other MP s and Senators found, being honest about this issue will get you out of office – never to return again.

Journalists have been fired for daring to report the other side of the vaccination debate. Some of them have been blacklisted and were never again able to work in Australia (Megan James from Quantum is one such journalist).

In fact, the only voices one can hear speaking about vaccine risks are the voices of the parents – many of whom have compelling stories to tell. Nobody in power will listen to them however, due to fear, conflicts of interest and fear that representing the truth may be a really bad career move.

Bullying to achieve compliance

Let’s face it, if vaccines were as safe and effective as we’ve been told, parents would be beating a path to their doctor’s surgeries demanding every shot under the sun be administered.

But they’re not. Vaccines are not working. Vaccines are killing and injuring tens of thousands of Australians every single year. And the only way the unholy trinity of government, media and medical community can ensure compliance is with censorship, threats, financial penalties, hate speech and bullying.

It isn’t working

Parents are finally waking up. They realise that they have been lied to; that their families have been harmed and that it is up to them – and them alone – to protect themselves and their children from further damage.

No matter what the government does, we will ensure that our voices are heard. For the sake of our children and our freedom, we will prevail.

Please view the video below of AVN President, Tasha David, mother of 6 vaccine-injured and 2 completely healthy unvaccinated children, as she speaks at the rally today in support of Dr John Piesse.

Opinion by Meryl Dorey – Former President – Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN)…




7 thoughts on “Australia – Have You Sold Your Soul To The (Pharma) Devil?…”

  1. We here in the USA, with our tradition of First Amendment Truth Speaking to Power, salute those brave Aussie parents who are standing up against the corrupt political establishment “down under.”

    Remember the wise words of a former English barrister, M. Gandhi,

    “Vaccination is a barbarous practice, and it is one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time, not to be found even among the so-called savage races of the world. […] Those who are conscientious objectors to vaccination should, of course, have the courage to face all penalties or persecutions to which they may be subjected by law, and stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defence of their conviction.”

    The AVN ought to join us in calling for a Five Year Childhood Vaccine Moratorium — let’s raise the issue, move the debate.

  2. What the hell can we do to find decent politicians who will be honest and stop this murder and maiming of our children ? We have Greg Hunt and Jill Hennessey who are both for forcing vaccine and Fluoridating our water. No amount of discussion will they listen to. Neither of them have medical qualifications! Where is Democracy ?

  3. My research began 30 years ago following our daughters very high fever and utterly ‘wiped out’ following a school based vaccination. Two and a half days of racing heart rate and high fever followed by so far a lifetime of allergies and sensitivities. But she and we were ‘lucky’ as there does not seem to be to much more visible damage. Now she is being coerced financially and by family and peers into playing the game of Russian roulette with her own two boys. I can see the damage being done, but the ‘Doctors’ say there is nothing wrong, just normal kids with bowel and behavior (mild luckily) and are happy to continue to force vaccines upon them so they can attend daycare and eventually school, even a job in the future. I have written many letters and re-posted many things that raise serious questions about the current vaccine mantra and the fake science being used to push the money train on behalf of Pharma, medicine, governments and the bought Mainstream Media but almost no one is willing to talk or enter a discussion about the pros and CONS of vaccination. Why are so many so unthinking?

  4. Q. How can any Mother, thank the AVN & Associates…enough?
    Mothers who put their life on the line (women are still dying in childbirth in Australia) to give birth to her children, and try to keep them safe and well…., and then, these Mothers are bullied:
    … since 2015 they are expected to get vaccinated EVEN during pregnancy and then, AS USUAL keep on injecting their new born Babies again and again till death do us part…with an ever increasing number of:
    neurologically damaging and potentially
    Adding insult to injury:
    DAMAGE or DEATH caused by vaccines to Babies/Children, is IGNORED by Coroners in our Courts of injustice!
    In Nursing Homes the elderly are dying after vaccination, rarely do we hear that ‘news’ in the Media….and even then, it is ‘masked’ as -death by flu complications! Vicious lie!
    To-day’s Weekend Australian News, The Nation page 3: a Ph.D. study at Adelaide University …”confirms SIDS chemical link” …., but! No reference to toxic etc. vaccines, in the evil schedule from Conception till death do us part!

    The NSW Parliament Hansard (September 2017) reveals a heart-breaking litany of parliamentarians promoting VACCINES with unspeakable misinformation (to say the least)!
    Q. have they sold their soul to the Evil One? Or is it the powerful god of the mighty $ that keeps them worshiping at its VAX ALTAR
    Or is it the fear of being sacked?
    As happened to CARL Scully IN THE PAST & ..
    to Dr. John Piesse M.D. in Melbourne to-da!

  5. I find it astounding that this can be happening in my country Australia. How did this happen? How can these men and women who appear to be quite “normal” become cowards, liars, wimps, slaves to Big Pharma and the medical mafia when they enter parliament?. They do have children and grandchildren, and still they put their jobs before the truth. Do they really think that in the end they will be rewarded for such ignorance, and dereliction of their duty to study and research the truth of vaccines, before they vote on these laws prepared in the dark corners by those who benefit by the continuation and expansion of this evil ritual. Pregnant women and healthy babies are poisoned, not one jab at a time, but multiple times on one day. If the first one does not get you, there are many more to come from the vaccine schedule that now reads like the devil’s handbook to hell.

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