As If I Wasn’t Hated Enough Already . . .

Maybe it’s just a defect in my character…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

One would think after publishing PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION, in which I go after vaccines as hard as anybody ever has in history, and enduring an unprecedented media blackout, even though the book is the runaway science bestseller of 2020, I’d sit back a little and take it easy.

Maybe it was the spectacle of Chuck Todd on Meet the Press (May 17, 2020), when he talked all around my book with Dr. Judy Mikovits, without mentioning the book or our names, that I decided I simply don’t care.

With that in mind…

it’s probably not a surprise that in May when our publisher, Tony Lyons called and asked, “Hey, Kent, what do you think about you and Judy putting together a book on masks?” 

Sounds like another New York Times bestseller,” I said.

I got to work on it right away.

Our new book, THE CASE AGAINST MASKS: Ten Reasons Mask Use Should Be Limited,” comes out on August 11, 2020.

Let’s see, how can I be any more hated? 

I’m a lawyer.  I’m against vaccines.  And now I’m against masks.  Maybe next I’ll start selling Amway products and life insurance!

Don’t get me wrong.  I want to be liked.  It’s just that I’m curiously indifferent to being disliked.

When I was a kid my parents taught me to stand up for what you believe in, even if everybody is against you. 

It seemed like a simple, clear lesson, and I’m sure many of my friends received similar instruction.

But I’ve seen an interesting pattern among many of my formerly conservative friends when they work in environments surrounded by liberal thinking.  They change. 

Previously rational people become unhinged in ways that are genuinely puzzling, and it extends into many realms.  I don’t mind people changing their thinking. But I expect them to detail their thoughts in a logical way that doesn’t simply degenerate into foaming at the mouth and screaming, “Orange man, bad!”

We used to be able to talk about anything, up to and including the question of whether God exists.  If as a person of faith I’m able to have those discussions, isn’t it a lesser question to ask whether the scientific community is corrupted, leaderless, or just plain stupid?

I work in public education…

…and I’m surrounded by perhaps the greatest concentration of liberals in America today.  And yet, I’m curiously unaffected by it.  I’m friendly, I keep my mouth shut about politics, (Yes, I genuinely fear what might happen if I did come out of the conservative closet), and it doesn’t change my opinion a single bit.

I’m open to discussion, but none is offered.  If there is silence, do you expect me to just go away?  Think again.  I’ll write ANOTHER book!

After Tony pitched me the idea I spent a few weeks gathering information, getting ideas from Dr. Mikovits, and put it together.  I held my breath when Judy did her first pass, but the changes were relatively minor.  I think I made all of them in about an hour and a half.

After nearly ten years of working together…

…Judy and I understand each other pretty well.  One of the ironic things is that she has an excellent sense of grammar, and I’m really good at pushing scientific ideas and understanding to its logical conclusion.

We got Ben Garrison to design the cover and when I showed it on Facebook I got more than three hundred comments. 

The subject itself is really striking a nerve.

Are Judy and I ready to dive back into controversy?  Yes, we are.  Are we going to receive our fair share of hate?  You bet.

And yet, I really don’t care.  PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION has more than a 1,200 Amazon reviews, a 4.7 star average rating, and more than a 100,000 hardcover copies in print, and the order for even more is ready to go when the movie PLANDEMIC II gets released. (Probably in a week or two.)

And did I mention that original PLANDEMIC (for which I wrote the opening narration) has more than 1 billion views?

Yes, people may focus on the hate, but when I consider the book sales and more than a billion views of PLANDEMIC, I’d say we’re generating a lot more love.

Maybe this should become a series?



What do you think?

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Opinion by Kent Heckenlively, JD

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11 thoughts on “As If I Wasn’t Hated Enough Already . . .”

  1. I LOVED this article. I LOVED what your parents taught you! Personal Integrity means: knowing what you know and having the courage to say what you know is true….and you have it! Go on witcha bad self and keep writing best sellers!

  2. I like you, Kent! Yes, books on all the stupidity! Our city council here just tightened the screws on mask wearing, requiring all outdoor workers to wear them (in the 100+ degree heat) if they are working around others. They don’t do science here, and with one exception, our council members are really dumb. Fortunately, we have a neighboring city close by run by folks with sufficient functioning brain cells, so we can shop to our heart’s content. Somebody, probably in China, is making a fortune from mask sales.

  3. 1. Viruses have never been proven to exist. They are nothing but a fanciful fantasy.
    2. If viruses would exist they aren’t alive and can’t cause disease.
    3. If disease causing viruses would exist, the “novel coronavirus” has never been isolated or otherwise proven to exist.
    4. If there would be a novel coronavirus it wouldn’t be able to cause anything worse than a mild cold.

    That’s the science. It’s all very clearly a hoax. But why? That’s the question. I have thought a lot about that and I have come to the conclusion that there are so many layers to this scam that it’s just not possible for an ordinary person to figure it all out.

  4. The book is available right now on Amazon Kindle. No need to wait for the printing 🙂

  5. Thank goodness for Tony; for a publisher who is not afraid of the truth. I applaud you for standing up. The mask thing is defacing. That in itself should alert Christians of the underlying agenda. I was in a Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago, and a family had their sweet toddler boy in a stroller. I think he may have been three, at the most. They told him gently, “You must wear the mask or we’ll go to the car.” I saw him huffing through the mask and he looked at me with twinkly blue eyes and blonde hair, smiling and waving at me. I almost starting crying. It broke my heart. I prayed for the family, especially the little boy as I walked away.

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