I Am Mad At You Donald. You Are Being WAY TOO NICE To The Liberal Media…

The liberal media has, as a unit, contrived a fake story about the so-called “CoronaVirus Pandemic.”

This story has the effect of terrifying Americans needlessly, consequently damaging massive parts of America’s economy.  Of course they are doing it to stop us from re-electing you, but the reality is FAR WORSE than that.

You need to appoint a “Special Prosecutor” RIGHT NOW to openly investigate this “Fake News” situation.  We are looking at the organized destruction of America.

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Of course the liberal media lies.  EVERYONE knows that.  Of course the liberal media is working against your re-election.  That’s what they do.  THAT is nothing new.  We are talking basics here.

EVERYONE on Planet Earth has figured out that the liberal media, as a whole, cannot stand the idea that a heterosexual male, steeped in Judeo-Christian ethics, could, and would, lead the free world.  And YOU do that with gusto…

These people have a totally different agenda in mind for America.

My guess is that the simple act of you walking somewhere on camera with you and Melania holding hands sends the liberals nearly into cardiac arrest.

You have MY full approval – with ONE exception.  You are TOO DAMN NICE to the liberal media.

Donald, I think that every one of your supporters would completely approve of a federal raid on one, or more, of the liberal news channels.  Pick one.  They are all the same.  Hit them right at the prime news hour – dragging their announcers out of their chairs WHILE they are broadcasting.

This would be far more effective than Twitter.

America would stand and applaud.

The “CoronaVirus Pandemic” has been a series of “Fake News” stories…

The latest contrivance is that the virus is re-surging, especially in those States that re-opened their economies, like Florida.  Everyone knows that the test itself, is crap – and basically says nothing.  It certainly does not show the presence of CoronaVirus.  At best it shows that maybe there is an RNA protein that kinda, shoulda, coulda, under some circumstances, MIGHT, with backup information, kinda, shoulda, coulda indicate SOMETHING, although no one, in any position of authority will stand up and claim it is accurate.

Except, of course, the liberal media.  I guess the act of CNN’s Don Lemon spraying himself with cooking oil just before going on camera somehow gives “Oily Don” some sort of special knowledge and insight – laugh here.

It has all gone too far Donald…

Please give us some relief – appoint a “Special Prosecutor.”  One who can make news releases every few days…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

10 thoughts on “I Am Mad At You Donald. You Are Being WAY TOO NICE To The Liberal Media…”

  1. Excellent article, Tim. What are Trump’s lawyers doing? Is anyone investigating the crimes of Bill Gates and his relationship with Dr. Fauci? We’ve seen a complete lack of prosecutions against government criminals since Trump took office. I don’t trust Trump in matters of health. He is going along with the Moderna mRNA vaccine named after the company Moderna Therapeutics in Cambridge, MA in my neck of the woods. I don’t think Trump understands how dangerous vaccines are or anything about their history. He has no honest, knowledgeable health professionals around him. He’s playing with fire.
    Jamie Murphy, Author, What Every Parent Should Know about Childhood Immunization

  2. Tim
    Good morning, I enjoy and benefit from your wellness research. My question is why you think the television, radio and print media is liberal. The large corporations that control large media are a conservative group of business interests. Even the New York Times, a liberal newspaper, has largely sided with large corporations and against the idea that organically grown foods are safer / better for people, (organically grown foods have more food value according to
    European Union scientists), or that mercury, aluminum, or formaldehyde are unsafe additives in Vaccines. All the major news outlets treat any question about Vaccine safety as if we are simply ( at best) misguided or at worst ignorant and anti-science. Some Senators and Congress people of both parties support non toxic approaches to health care but the vast majority of both major parties just buy into the Big Pharma medical model. President Trump has not promoted Organically grown foods, he has not restricted pesticide use, he has not questioned Vaccine effectiveness or safety records. The wellness ideas you write about in your column do not seem to be embraced by either party. As I see it, the ” Anti-Vaxxers ” and those who question the overuse of pesticides and other dangerous widely used chemicals receive little congressional support. Neither party has worked to discuss these important questions or to control or stop the dangerous over / misuse of insecticides/ herbicides. Keep up the good reporting.

  3. I’m afraid DT is going to have problems securing the health freedom vote this time around, on several fronts. People have short memories. They no longer care what he may have hinted about vaccines five years ago. They care what he’s DOING about them now. Unless there is some plan behind the plan behind the plan (is there?), we need to see some action. Or at least a signal. A teeny tiny hint of a sign please Mr Pres?

    Fact is Tim I think DT is out of his depth in matters of healthcare. This is one reason the globalists have chosen health and disease as its Trojan Horse to overthrow every nation state on the planet: the self-appointed experts claim total intellectual supremacy AND get to rubber stamp the hegemony that bestows. This is a Maoist/Kafkaesque situation that should never have been allowed to construct itself the way it has.

    Yes we need the media hauled over the coals, and we need to see the likes of Fauxi etc held to account urgently; their form goes back decades. And we need it not after this is over, because that will be too late. NOW!

  4. I agree with you Tim, unless the objective is to so awaken, via social trauma, the mass of sleeping people. As a Christian and “anti-vaxxer” to some extent I was slow to anger over the wanton destruction of our families and children. However, the masks were totally 100% the last straw for me. If the military went in grabbed these “foreign agents” where they sat and had instant military tribunals followed by GITMO or the graveyard, I’d be fine with that. This is life or death for us and the people perpetrating the crimes don’t seem to have any intention of stopping unless they are forced to.

  5. Not everyone, Mr. Bolen, the sheeple believe every word these commie fascists say…
    Examples, only need 1, they are wearing masks, some in their cars alone, that couldn’t stop anything from penetrating it, making themselves sick from re-breathing the CO2 that their body is trying to exhale….These sheeple lack the interest to even try and think about what the hell is going on. Thinking gives them an headache, better to follow along being lead to slaughter then actually using that thing inside their head.
    Picture Einstein, “God gave you a brain. You don’t have to be me!”

  6. I agree with you Tim. I also want him to excoriate Gates, Fauci and Birx loudly while they are cuffed and brought to the rest of their days in prison. The others like HRC and Company too.

  7. Hey Tim… I want to be with you, per “stay tuned” – may I ask with what veracity you express that? What is giving you hopeful indication and genuine anticipation? i.e., is there something? Or, are you (like me and others) simply wishful thinking?

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