Anti-SB 277 Momentum. Picking Up Speed…

Vaccines Under Attack Everywhere.  Hooray!

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

I spoke to attorneys Jim Turner and Bob Moxley a few days ago about the fact that I keep getting inquiries from people wanting to be a Plaintiff in the new, revised, SB 277 lawsuit dismissed August 31st, 2016.  I, obviously, cannot help those potential Plaintiffs.  So, Jim and Bob set up a contact email for potential Plaintiffs to contact them directly.  It is:

That new lawsuit should be filed in the first week in October, 2016.  if you want to be a Plaintiff, and think you qualify, send them an email with details.  To get an idea what they are looking for in a Plaintiff, go to this article, and scroll about a quarter page down down until you find a section called “The Plaintiffs, the Individuals.”  Read that.  If your situation looks anything like any of those, or is even close, send your email.  

But, do it soon.

Why There is a New Case…

If you are a regular reader of the BolenReport you will remember that the original case was dismissed when two different groups within the case wanted to go in different directions.  I sided with the Turner/Moxley contingency.

In essence, one group wanted to stay with the weaker, to me, namby-pamby “The right of education” approach, and the other (Turner/Moxley) wanted to revise the case, filing another Amended Complaint focusing on “the dangers of vaccines.”

The two sides decided to just Dismiss the original case and go their separate ways.   What I said then was:

I’ll keep you posted as it develops.  But, for now I have two short interviews for you to watch.  The first is Robert Scott Bell interviewing Jim Turner.  The second is Robert interviewing Bob Moxley.  Both are about where the litigation needs to go. Video interview with Jim Turner Video interview with Robert Moxley

This revised lawsuit is where we should have gone in the first place.  Yes, the idea of litigating the idea of “The right of education” is a good one, but it just, as we saw, wasn’t strong enough to convince a Federal Court Judge to issue an Injunction.

The attorney that was originally contracted to research, and deliver, a legal concept had written a  one hundred sixty-six (166) page Draft using the the dangers of vaccines as the primary reason why Mandates could not happen, with the right of education” as a secondary approach.  THIS is the proper direction.

I predict we will see the new filing in the first week of October, 2016.

The New Case Will Open a Lot of Doors…

What doors?  Many people think that the CDC whistle blower William Thompson has to be subpoenaed by Congress to tell his story.

The reality is that Federal employees, by virtue of their employment, are restricted in what they can publicly say about the agency and its activities. But a subpoena is a subpoena, and trumps that Federal employment rule.  And video is video.

A Federal Court Deposition is seven hours long and can be videotaped.  

I want each of you to get a mind-picture of a combined video made from the Depositions of CDC’s William Thompson, State Senator Dicky Pan, Santa Barbara County Health Officer Charity Dean, and goofball “skeptic” David Gorski MD (Orac, the Nipple Ripper).

Del Bigtree could edit it into an hour and run it with “Vaxxed” as a double-feature.  It would run as a comedy…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

8 thoughts on “Anti-SB 277 Momentum. Picking Up Speed…”

  1. What do yo think of the proposed CDC-2016-0068-0001? Will that nullified all efforts to have SB277 illegal? This document among other things, declares that if the CDC decides to declare a national epidemic on any regional or state event of a small outbreak a la “Disneyland” is in effect declaring a National Health Marshall Law

  2. I consider the Bolen Report to be a vital source of information on how to fight SB 277 and other issues involving medical tyranny. Keep those reports coming!

  3. Love your idea for a video created from depositions of Thompson, Good Son Pan, Dear Charity Dean, and Orac! But shoot, could Offit be gotten in there, too? I’d be so sorry to see him left out.

  4. Just like to add a couple of thoughts. The first is that it would be great to try and involve as many vaccine injured (rather than the term vaccine ‘damaged’) children in any effort that is made to keep vaccine use a personal decision rather than one of forced injections. These kids that have suffered these injuries from vaccines I feel would be great spokespeople for choice, they could really lead the way (with help) and I feel it would be hard to turn a blind (public) eye to their cries for change especially when some sold out clown like Pan is in the cameras eye and confronting one or more of them. Too, these kids have the right, and it also might be good for them, giving them some recourse and an outlet for what has been inflicted on them and I am sure they would be a great source of inspiration for many many others to follow. Food for thought.

  5. We need to run a heartwrenching informative commercial on the vaccine damaged children…air it in calif. .we can raise funds for it..we have to show the public the damage cdc is allowing as collateral damage.

  6. So can the attorneys subpoena and depose William S. Thompson? How about DeStefano and Boyle? The CMA predators. Pan’s email trail. Henry Perea, Jr. Do plaintiff’s attorneys have subpoena power? So looking forward to the new and improved bolt of lightning for justice. Will we have the same judge?

  7. What about CDC “rule change” cdc volume 81 issue 157 overriding all state laws google it. Can pick up hold medically examine and treat,inoculate any person or group deemed to be “pre communicable.”..presenting yourself at airport to travel between states is your consent and “cannot be revoked by walking away”. You are not entitled to a lawyer and guidelines are 72 hour hold..but there is no defined limit. You must submit to treatment,innoculations and will be electronically monitored for follow up if given conditional release.This is scary stuff. Pls read and respond. Does not sound like the America I want to live in!

  8. Linda: I hope you’ve made a comment (the link to the Federal Register and an excellent commentary are at; the comment period closes on October 15th. This is about the most unconstitutional, unAmerican bit of medical fascism I’ve seen yet. Obama’s parting shot; a going-away gift for the oligarchs. I’ll never again vote for an idiot for president, or dog-catcher, or anything else. Politician=crooked.

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