How America Is Going To OBLITERATE ObamaCare in 2018…

ObamaCare Simply Isn’t Worth Saving…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


ObamaCare – a HUGELY EXPENSIVE, drug and vaccine oriented,  one-size-fits-all-budget-smashing TOTALLY WORTHLESS health care system.

It is about to die of its own weight.  Thank God…


We did an end-run around the Big Pharma owned Democratic Party and added to the “Tax Cut Bill” a provision to REMOVE the “Mandate” to either get hugely expensive health insurance or pay even huger fines in the form of taxes.

Americans can breathe a sigh of relief…


It was a trick.  By removing the “Mandate” we have removed all that money that HEALTHY PEOPLE, who DO NOT actually NEED a health care plan, especially an over-priced, poor service, corrupt one, would have had to pay – and that money was critical to holding up ObamaCare.

We Are Heading For a REAL Health Care System…

We all watched the drama unfolding over the FAILED so-called Repeal of ObamaCare by the Republican Party majority in Congress.  As our Donald pointed out to Republicans “You claimed for seven years to want to get rid of ObamaCare.  When you got the chance to do it, you blew it…”

Of course, the fact that “399 of 435 US Representatives, and 97 of 100 US Senators WALLOW in 2016 election cycle Big Pharma cash” ABSOLUTELY had something to do with that LACK OF PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITY.

“As president Trump says of Big Pharma: “They contribute massive amounts of money to political people,” Trump said during an impromptu news conference, turning to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was standing to his side. “I don’t know, Mitch, maybe even to you.

It is VERY clear to everyone in the United States that Big Pharma has to go in order to get a REAL health care system in the US.

The Current Health Care System “ObamaCare” is All About GOUGING  Americans…

It is NOT about providing real health care.

When the media talks about “The rising costs of health care…”  what they really mean is “the latest GOUGING of Americans by out-of-control health care providers…”

The solution scheme being activated by the “Deplorables” is simple – just start the process of pointing out the gouging, and start criminally prosecuting the Big Pharma offenders – as we are seeing in the “Opioid Crisis” and the “Generic Crisis.”

Even Liberal Democrats are aware of problems – like the “Opioid Crisis…”

Although, of course, during the Obama-Nation, they DID NOTHING about it…

A Mar 29, 2017 article in Vox, with an excerpt shown below, explains the issue.

How the opioid epidemic became America’s worst drug crisis ever, in 15 maps and charts

So why do Americans consume so many opioids? In short, it’s because doctors have prescribed a lot of them. Starting in the 1980s and ’90s, doctors were under pressure to take pain more seriously. There was some good reason for that: About 100 million US adults suffer from chronic pain, according to a 2011 report from the Institute of Medicine. So doctors — under pressure from drug companies, medical organizations, government agencies, and pain patient advocates — resorted to opioids.

The result: In 2012, US physicians wrote 259 million prescriptions for opioid painkillers — enough to give a bottle of pills to every adult in the country. And these pills didn’t just end up in patients’ hands; they also proliferated to black markets, were shared among friends and family, landed in the hands of teens who rummaged through parents’ medicine cabinets, and so on.

One of the undeniable contributors to the opioid epidemic is drug companies. Seeing the demand for doctors to take pain more seriously, drug companies pitched newer products like OxyContin as the big medical solution. The marketing was extremely misleading, often presenting these drugs as safer and more effective than other painkillers and opioids on the market — when these drugs were in fact extremely addictive and dangerous.

The American Health Care System (ObamaCare), created during the Obama-Nation, is expected to pick up the tab for all these “Opioid Crisis” costs – before, during, and after….

But, there’s another facet to this problem…

In the same article posted in Vox quoted above a VERY INTERESTING effect of curbing the distribution of opioids becomes evident.

As governments and regulators cracked down on painkillers, however, many people addicted to the drugs didn’t just stop using. Many instead resorted to another opioid to fill their habit: heroin. A 2014 study in JAMA Psychiatry found many painkiller users were moving on to heroin, and a 2015 CDC analysis found people who are addicted to prescription painkillers are 40 times more likely to be addicted to heroin. Not all painkiller users went this way, and not all heroin users started with painkillers, but painkiller use played a big role in leading more people to heroin.

The main reason for this: Heroin is extremely cheap in the black market, despite law enforcement efforts for decades to push up the price of drugs by cracking down on the illicit supply. In fact, over the past few decades, the price of heroin in the US has dramatically dropped — to the point that it’s not only cheaper than opioid painkillers sold in the black market, but frequently even candy bars.

But heroin is also more potent and, therefore, deadlier than opioid painkillers. So even though not every painkiller user went to heroin, just enough did to cause the big spike in heroin overdose deaths that America has seen over the past few years. So now more people die of overdoses linked to heroin than die of overdoses linked to commonly prescribed painkillers.

That doesn’t mean cracking down on painkillers was a mistake. It appeared to slow the rising number of painkiller deaths, and may have prevented doctors from prescribing the drugs — or letting them proliferate — to new generations of people who’d develop drug use disorders. So the crackdown did lead to more heroin deaths, but it will hopefully prevent future populations of drug users, who could have suffered even more overdose deaths.

Different Approaches to Handling the Opioid Issue…

The Obama-Nation – simply dithered – for eight years letting the problem get worse and worse.  What did you expect?  After all, in the minds of the Saul Alinsky “Destroy America” brigades, like Obama and Hillary, this inaction was simply one more Cloward-Piven scam. designed to overload the American capitalist system to destroy it.

The Trump Administration – declared the Opioid Crisis to be a Public Health Emergency and began to work on solving the issue by looking at its parts, and solving those parts.  Trump dealt with the conversion from opioids to heroin by agressively cutting off the heroin supply by stopping the flow across our southern borders.

The Democrats – responded to Trump’s cutting off the heroin supply by creating “Sanctuary Cities” to protect Drug Cartel operatives so they could keep the price of illegal drugs down for Democrat illegal drug users.

California Democrats – went one step further.  They legalized childhood prostitution, obviously so that their own children could have higher paying after school jobs to keep up with the increased cost of illegal drugs under Trump.

ObamaCare Is Just a Cash Generator For BIG Pharma…

And it has a HUGE cost to society…

We are slowly, but inexorably, unraveling it….

Here’s a Novel Idea…

There are a LOT of ways to deal with pain that are NOT addictive drug oriented.  First, of course, is the idea that maybe we should FIX the problem that is causing the pain?

ObamaCare ONLY deals with symptoms of health problems, and/or repairs AFTER a major event has happened (like Cancer, Heart Disease, vaccine-damage, etc.).  We need a system that deals with Cause and Prevention.

What are we waiting for?

In short, America is going to have to abandon ObamaCare – the existing “Official” system (Five Minute Medicine) and bring in one that actually works…

Let’s look at it…

There are two kinds of health care available in the United States – (a)  Conventional – the one insurance pays for, and except for Emergency Room Services, isn’t worth the powder to blow it to hell, and (b) Underground Medicine – that which smart and rich people pay for – and it actually works.

What America is going to do is DUMP the “Conventional” system and make the “Underground Medicine” system “Official.

How do I know that? 

America is already in the process.


Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

3 thoughts on “How America Is Going To OBLITERATE ObamaCare in 2018…”

  1. Now you got it! Except for the reason the medical profession took notice of all the pain complaints in the 80s… the real motive is that people were noticing that they were not being cured of anything so the medical criminals realized that covering up the natural signal that something ain’t cured was pain, hence the surge in interest in pain-relieving which then prompted the surge in opening the flood gates on development of opioids…….. go for their jugular, Bolen… we’re behind you all the way… and are looking some of the sprouting alternate underground efforts like greensurance co-op out of HI…

    There must be others… that are going to be aimed at younger and also the already savvy users of alt-med, since the Trump/Paul Executive Order that opened up the access of the public — small employers AND self-employed somehow people — to ‘Association Health Plans’ that could theoretically also serve a hypothetical National Association of Dogwalkers with reduced incomes (unlike…

    So what’s keeping everybody from poking around for ‘association’ forming and getting something established that qualifies as self-employment (even a sideline that supports a new clean economy, free of the corrupt regulators as well)….. use your creativity….. we can do it!! Thanks Bolen… ttyl

  2. A covert and widespread cause of chronic musculo-skeletal pain is excessive fluoride intake and the American populations together with those in the Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand have been overdosed for several decades. Notably, arthritic pain, joint replacements, together with thyroid suppression, obesity and diabetes have all become major health problems. All have been associated with fluoride accumulation but bio-monitoring has been virtually non-existent. This paper goes someway to address the evidence.

  3. Things are also beginning to shape up over here in Germany.
    Merkel can’t get a functioning government together so that has secerly appliedthe brakes bu, still, there was an attempt to slide compulsory vaccination in under the carpet las week.
    There has been an enormous and growing backlash to this, some of which you can see here:

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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