CANCELLING The Obama-Nation and Its State Religion (Secular Humanism)…

Back in 2008 very few people suspected that what Barack Hussein Obama was promising as “CHANGE” in America was not what we expected.

Little did we know that Obama would double the National Debt with his “Give America Away” programs.  Basically, he ran a Cloward-Piven scam against the entire country attempting to bring down America entirely.

He set about the destruction of the American middle class.

According to him Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development) needed to be implemented (fake climate-change), trying to turn America into a third world country.

He created, and fomented, a HATRED for white people.

He made a HUGELY EXPENSIVE vaccine-oriented-one-size-fits-all-budget-smashing TOTALLY WORTHLESS health care system (ObamaCare).   Another Cloward-Piven scam.

He would issue MORE Executive Orders than any other president in history.  Another Cloward-Piven scam.

He would authorize MORE Federal Regulations than ANY other president in history.  Another Cloward-Piven scam.

He EAGERLY set about sending American jobs to foreign countries.

He completely ENSLAVED American college students with unpayable, and non-dischargeable-by-bankruptcy, Student Loan Debt – which they could NEVER pay because there are NO JOBS.

He would declare that there are thirty-six “variable-by-the-hour” gender choices, and that they all needed special bathroom presence with our children.

He wanted that everyone should have free abortions and sex-change operations.

And then Obama created, and attempted to enforce, a State Religion called “Secular Humanism.”

In essence Barack Hussein Obama was a student of Saul Alinsky who wrote “The Plan” to destroy America’s capitist society.  See the chart below:

But NOW we know…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


Thank God, after less than a year in office, our president Trump has virtually destroyed every bit of whack-job Obama’s craziness – returning America to its roots.

And there is much more to come…

What is a “Cloward-Piven Scam?”

Elissa Meininger wrote, last May 6th, 2017, an article called “Hillary is the Resistance?”  – Hillary and Obama Declare War on America…”.  

She said:

Both Hillary and Obama share even more tools to create their American socialist Utopia –  Cloward and Piven.

Who, and what, are Cloward and Piven?

In 1966, two sociologists from Columbia University, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven published an article in The Nation, that rocked the socialist world.

Cloward and Piven at Clinton Whitehouse…

In it, the pair laid out a strategy to literally break down the capitalistic system of government by overwhelming it with so many welfare cases that social services and the U.S. treasury couldn’t handle the load.

As it turned out, thanks to the 1964 War on Poverty programs, total recipients on welfare rocketed from 4.3 million to 10.8 million by 1975.  Just two years ago our welfare budget amounted to $1 billion annually given to 107 million Americans not counting those on Social Security, Medicare or unemployment.

From 2007, when Obama took office, there were 26 million people on food stamps and now there are 47 million.  From 2008 food-stamp spending went from $40 billion to $89 billion in 2015.

But let’s make an important point here.  “Welfare” in the US was INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED to break up family units – and in the American “Black” community it worked VERY WELL.  First, Black men were FORCED out of the labor market by shipping jobs overseas (NAFTA). Black Women could NOT get child support (welfare) money if there was a man living in the house.

But, Elissa wrote about TWO other important Obama “Destroy America” tactics:

She said:

Video below – How the immigrations Crisis Was Used By Obama to overload the system…

Detailed Cloward-Piven Chart showing events and Obama’s interlocking socialist relationships

Click here.

A State Religion?  Secular Humanism?

Yup.  The ONE thing you can ALWAYS count on from so-called “Secular Humanists” is the fact that they HATE religion of any kind – NOT because of any dis-belief in a God, but because EVERY organized religion centers around, and makes rules for, the behavior of societies and communities.

When Americans speak of being a “Christian Nation” they are referring to the simple fact that our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and subsequent laws, and rules, we follow rules set up over thousands of years during Christianity.

“Secular Humanists” believe that RULES, and LAWS, do not apply to them, that THEY will decide which rules they may or may not follow – kind of like a whole GROUP of Hillary Clintons.

Wikipedia says:

“Fundamental to the concept of secular humanism is the strongly held viewpoint that ideology—be it religious or political—must be thoroughly examined by each individual and not simply accepted or rejected on faith. Along with this, an essential part of secular humanism is a continually adapting search for truth, primarily through science and philosophy.”

In other words “Secular Humanists” believe that THEY ALONE get to decide which laws and rules they are to follow, and that they, as a group, or individually, DO NOT have to adhere to ANY rules or laws.  They, in fact, attempt to change existing laws to de-criminalize their common activites – like pedophilia..

Several years ago the “Secular Humanists” tried to legalize pedophilia, claiming “it was good for children.”  Their efforts failed.  But, apparently, they had a very sympathetic ear in Barack Hussein Obama – who opened children’s bathrooms to whomever wanted to be there that day.

Watch this six minute video which includes a DETAILED report of how the “Secular Humanists” are defining sexual contact between adults and children.  They are saying that “the negative potential of adult sex with children was overstated…”

More they show us all the article where the New York Times wrote an editorial promoting the legalization of pedophilia.

We avoided the bullet that was going to destroy America when we rejected Hillary Clinton.  

Now, we just need to back track and fix ALL of the Obama-Nation issues.  We are well on our way.

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen




14 thoughts on “CANCELLING The Obama-Nation and Its State Religion (Secular Humanism)…”

  1. There are just two ways that anyone could claim that the damage to small children forced to have sex with adults is „much overstated“.

    1) They have zero experience with the act and the consequences.
    2) They are so emotionally retarded and immature that they are incapable of conceptualising the damage done (Hilary Clinton is a prime example).

    I, regrettably, have a very great deal of experience with adults who were sexually abused as children. There have been times when I have been glad to have had something else to deal with!

    In more recent years, I have had increasingly to deal with not just simple family abuse but more and more with ritual abuse and torture.
    It takes YEARS before such people can sufficiently release the trauma and begin to lead normal lives – those who survive, that is! Many of the children and young adults seek escape from the pain by suicide.

    My large experience leads me to state that the damage is “much UNDERstated”!

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  2. Interesting 1st time I tried to open this email I got shut down with the dreaded blue screen and had to shut down and reboot. How is that done

  3. Vaccine injury and environmental toxicity are on track to trigger a Cloward-Piven collapse.

    Aluminum in vaccines and immune activation from vaccination are known to cause autism, other brain damage, and long-term autoimmune illness. Our kids are sick. Autism rates continue to double every 6 years and show no signs of slowing down. This is obviously not sustainable.

    In parallel, damage from environmental poisons, particularly glyphosate, continues to mount.

    We need to fix both of these asap, before we reach the point of no return (if indeed we are not there already).

  4. We object to the arbitrary designation of these self-promoting pedophiles as ‘secular humanists’… Just like with civil disobedience, when you decide that the law being imposed is illegal, unconstitutional or immoral, the obvious idea is that you are willing to subject yourself to the consequences in the hope that the rest of the judging world will recognize and support your decision. That is noble and would be classified in your deranged defining as despicable ‘secular humanism’.

    Consequently we suspect a different agenda is afoot from the stated one, since the last time we heard that diatribe charge against ‘secular humanists’ was when a local catholic/christian only homeschooling group chose to exclude homeschooling families because of the group’s religious prejudice.

    Ditto that religious prejudice was implemented by a christian group that freaked out at the idea that we presented evidence supporting re-incarnation. Clearly this Bolen-diatribe above is not making America great again with its simple-minded error on name calling……. perhaps Bolen should try again.

  5. I believe…..
    1.God the creator is real but all religions are man made fakes.

    2. Cutting most of the deciduous trees on the planet will lead to its destruction (15 billion deciduous trees are cut down every year and over half of all trees have been cut down during the last 12,000 years of modern civilisations). Just 12,000 years ago all of the Middle East, North Africa and Saudi Arabia were covered in lush forests until they decided to cut down most of the trees and rear sheep and goats.

    3. Deciduous trees provide oxygen by converting carbon dioxide as well as the main method of creating soil. With the high levels of carbon dioxide we have the perfect chance to plant and maintain 100 billion deciduous trees every year and move to a wood economy (bridges, buildings etc) where possible.

    4. Growing, grains and cereals and the rearing of cows, chicken, sheep and goats are some of the worst polluters of the land, seas and air. These will not keep the planet safe but planting deciduous trees may.

    5. Soil-less cultivation can be used winter and summer to provide all foods in all countries rather than ship foods around the world.

    6. Intelligence is the ability to understand cause and effect and use this understanding to perpetuate our genes via our descendants.

    7. Maybe the Internet is the tool of communication that bypasses all of the media owned by crazy individuals and corporations and gives those individuals that understand cause and effect the power to come together.

  6. On Robert Redfern’s No4, we would argue that the problem with those activities is the methods being used. There is no escaping the reality of nature’s need for carnivores such as all cats being needed as well as needing strictly meat. Hence go study the ways that RFK Jr’s enviro group put forward as the method for cattle ranchers…
    We’re refraining on the soil-less ag for later…

  7. MJ Raichyk – Facts are facts. Perhaps there was a time (maybe) when the term “Secular Humanist” could ALMOST claim credibility in Western Civilization. But that time is LONG past.

    “Secular Humanism” has, in reality, become synonomous with “liberal Democrat, a combination of social outlooks which have to be hidden behind fake descriptions. The term “Actions speak louder than words…” defines the reality. The “Secular Humanists” (liberal democrats) attempts to legalize pedophilia, as shown in the article, speaks LOUDLY.

    Obama, and has cronies’. attempts to damage the Judeo/Christian background of America, says it all about Saul Alinsky’s “students” Barack and Hillary.

    Thank God Obama put all of those spy cameras all over the US – now WE can track the “Secular Humanists” from Gay Bars to pedophile meetings, to ANTIFA riots, their favorite Starbucks, Communist Party gatherings, Jihad planning events, etc…

  8. Tim Bolen, the group attempting to legalize pedophilia are the pedophiles and their fraudulent scientists called psychiatrists of the AMA approved standard. Not the orthomolecular psychiatrists, nor their patients. There’s more fakery in ‘medicine’ going on than just vaccines and oncology. The idea that some group of politicians is involved has to do with the system study that shows that psychopaths will eventually dominate those hierarchies that give the members the powers to inflict suffering without consequences. Hence the political scene at this point. No need for religious anything.

    The whole religious agenda in your mixed up mind needs to stick to facts that are relevant to the group being dragged into your spotlight and validly start from their defined selves.
    There was not a single source in the whole diatribe that validly identified ‘secular humanist’ with ‘liberal’ anything, much less pedophilia… instead the identification was thrust on the reader without justifying either term. You just scapegoated them. Why are you attacking people whose definition says that “Secular humanism is a comprehensive, nonreligious lifestance incorporating: A naturalistic philosophy. A cosmic outlook rooted in science. A consequentialist ethical system.”

    That is the antithesis of pedophilia. It has nothing inherently built to destroy America, its economic system, its student financial future. You are totally sounding like a bigot.
    Instead the rant was totally aimed at ‘our’ enemies being anti-christian, as if everyone else fit the blasphemous label. Reread it and recognize the religious bigotry being set up.

    Compounded by worshiping of rules, which in itself is anti-American as can be seen in the traditional American expected ability of the human to ‘judge the law as well as the act’ that is memorialized in the organized Fully Informed Jury Association.

    You stand accused. And while we’re at it, the vaunted welfare system was the creation of earlier misbegotten presidents, as well as their complicit RACIST POLITICIANS to destroy our families in the service of the corporate ‘human resources’ agendas.

    What a strange idea, to rally support for anti-vaxxing by setting up religious bigotry, on which scapegoat you can hang all the sins of your enemies, past present and missed-future ones, who had nothing to do with the scapegoated people.

    Merry holidays to you as well. Like an overworked celebrant in his fevered overly spiked wassail dream.

  9. MJ Raichyk – It is all very simple.

    America has been broken down into two groups – Good and Evil. For a while Evil triumphed, and we saw the likes of Barack Hussein Obama, the Clintons, and the rest of the “Secular Humanists,” dominating the scene tearing America to pieces trying to destroy an entire society built and based on a system of laws – converting it inexorably to a place where a Hillary Clinton (anything goes) “Secular Humanist” approach dominated.

    However, America has awakened and our “nice guy” days of tolerance were strained beyond what we were willing to accept. Now, we are hunting down the problem(s), and there is going to be a Nuremberg.

    The US Democratic Party is DOMINATED by the “Secular Humanists,” who, in turn, are DOMINATED by the LGBTPQ-RSVP-LSMFT hedonists. And THAT fact is going to be the clear political issue for the future. The days when our seven-year-old-boys come home from school to say “Mom, Dad, I want to be a homosexual/transexual when I grow up. Can I wear a dress to school tomorrow?” are OVER…

    “Secular Humanism” is OVER…

    Except, of course, for the Nuremberg part.

  10. Simple minded AND WRONG HEADED… You seem to ignore the FACT that YOU twisted the definition of Secular Humanism to access the religious bigotry of the Catholics of the 1950s…

    You further ignore the reality of the total massive fraud existing in the MEDICAL FIELD of PSYCHIATRY. That’s the hotbed of the diseased minds that are pedophile/opioid-brained… their latest strategy, since their OPIOID scam has been openly challenged by the courts and attorney generals and all stripes of county commissioners now AWAKE to the greed-for-dead-bodies they see in their jurisdictions, is the psychiatrists rehabbed HUBRISTIC PLOY:


    WAKE UP BOLEN… drop the religious bigotry and join forces with those working to take down the real threat of standard of practice ‘medicine’…. aka the drug industry, their brain-washed pushers and their CIA directors……. see ya later……

  11. MJ Raichyk – Oh, I’m on the job to fix US health care. It is just that the problem is so much larger and involves some very basic tenets of our society.

    One of those tenets is the “Secular Humanist” (Obama/Clinton/liberal/progressive/marxist) complete lack of morality/ethics that ALLOWS, condones, and expands the lack of caring that completely characterizes the “Secular Humanists,” leading, of course, to a complete breakdown of social mores – as we saw under Obama., and, of course, the liberal media, as we saw the New York Times promoting the idea of legalizing pedophelia.

    The largest of the “Secular Humanists” sub-groups are the so-called “Skeptics.” I have diagrammed their activities, history, funding, and social connections.

  12. Show me where the Secular Humanists subscribe to any of the wrongdoing you accuse them of. Nada. You made that all up. Show me any secular humanist ethical debate that justifies the Clinton/Obama/pedophiles/corruption. You made that up as well.

    If you want to point to Obama/Clinton as acolytes of some communist professor in Chicago, fine. But that has nothing to do with Putin, Russians or secular humanists by their own ethical dogmas.

    And yeah I found originally your work against the vile Quackbusters but as i said these are the henchmen of the pharmaceutical criminals and nothing justifies them in secular humanism.. It’s not a religion and it has ethical arguing that would disavow those bought sicko trolls who are defended by the mkultra-cia directed frauds certified by the AMA medical schools as ‘psychiatry’ science opioid-drug-licensed doctors. When in fact their ‘science’ is merely their sicko opinions of what displeases them, cataloged in a periodic volume of flimsy descriptions, not the real science of nutrition like Dr Abram Hoffer’s gold research that cures schizophrenia and annoys the frauds to engage in denounce-able tactics to prevent patients from getting real health.

    Look again at the secular humanists own definition of what they stand for, and see that all the corruption that you despise and want to fight is nothing more than precisely the spinoff of the fraudulent branch of ‘medicine’ called standard of practice psychiatry.

    The only justifiers of the corrupt behaviors are the Alinsky communists and the massive fraudulent branch of the AMA calling themselves psychiatrists. Alinsky was a Jewish socialist organizer, but never had anything to do with secular humanism though he eventually claimed he was an agnostic Jew as his religion. Let’s get the identity of our ‘opponents’ properly identified. Why attack Nikola Tesla, Isaac Asimov, Walt Whitman and countless others who identified themselves as credible humanists just because some sicko Shermer calls himself a humanist. Notably not a secular humanists either. ttyl

  13. Very well and clearly enunciated.
    It also verifies my “mercury secret” exposure that mercury is the core source / catalyst of all medical conditions “treatable” but never preventable or curable. This fraud becomes the overwhelming source supporting the allopathic money machine supporting big pharma by controlling and manipulating all research since the 1923 presidential election. See my previous comment

  14. MJ Raichyk – Stay current. Why are you bringing up the OLD “Secular Humanist” movement? Like it or not, the “Secular Humanist” movement is NOW OWNED by the weirdos. They claim its tenets to JUSTIFY their behavior.

    The terms “Secular Humanist” and “Progressive Democrats” are synonyms. The largest component of both are the LGBTPQ-RSVP-LSMFT (and whatever new letters they add on this afternoon).

    You can find them at the boutiques trying on designer masks to match their leather pants they are wearing to the ANTIFA rally.

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