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From Europe by Karma Singh

As some will already know, I have made many videos and given many interviews in Germany – in the German language, of course.

Many, but by no means all of these have had to do with the “iniquities” of pharmaceutical medicine and, MUCH more importantly, why it doesn’t, and can’t, work and what DOES work, and why. I have even written two books on this which you will find here.

Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.

The Flu Fairy Tale

I have long wanted to expand this into the English speaking world but have, to date, not been able to establish any connections with independent news services.

I have a long-term friend, named Brian, in the county of Dorset, on England’s southern coast who used to be a BBC camera man. I asked him if he would be willing to film an interview with me if I sent him the questions. To this, he readily agreed and even went to the trouble of borrowing two cameras from a friend so that we could record with 3 cameras (mine included).

Reviewing this whilst I was editing the raw video tracks, I was amazed both by the knowledge which my conversation partner has garnered and the skill with which he brought out the points which he wanted to make. My “script” became nothing more than a loose framework for him.

Why should this amaze me?

When I first got to know Brian, he was a motor mechanic who was about to lose his livelihood through arthritis…

– if you can’t hold a spanner or screwdriver, you’re not going to fix many cars! The Harmony Technology quickly fixed this problem for him (see how here) and, in the limited time now available to him, he still works on repairing and rebuilding cars and vans.

Why is his time limited?

Brian has two severely disabled sons who are very slowly dying of muscular dystrophy. Neither of them is now capable of moving “under his own steam” and it is to him that the task falls of turning them in bed every hour or so, hoisting them on and off the toilet, bathing and much else besides. The world around him is one which he sees through a constant haze of exhaustion.

Muscular Dystrophy is the state in which the immune system fails to recognise muscle tissues and destroys them as though they were invading parasites. Death usually comes when the heart muscles are destroyed. Clearly a perturbation in the information structures of their bodies but all of our attempts to reverse this have, so far, failed. Much more work is needed on this and neither Brian nor I have the needed resources. Conventional medicine tries to dismiss it as a genetic defect but, as the symptoms first appear at around six years of age, this, clearly, cannot be true; your genes do NOT change on your sixth birthday or at any other time in your life!

The pharmaceutical controlled medical industry has no interest whatsoever in resolving this problem because the solution is certainly to be found in Quantum Biophysics: Were medicine to adopt modern quantum physics as their base (as have done all other branches of science) instead of a 400 year old disproved model, it would then be made abundantly clear that pharmaceutical medicine does not and never could function, i.e. bye-bye pharmaceutical industry.

In years gone by, Brian was also a cameraman for the BBC but had to give this up so that he could stay at home to look after his sons.

Brian has also done his own research in the search for a solution for his sons. He has not found it but has made some interesting discoveries along the way – not only in the field of “energy medicine”, i.e. quantum biophysics, but also that polio vaccination is to be flagged as a potential strong additional causational factor in muscular dystrophy. This is something which I, myself, have experienced: From the time of my polio vaccination in the 1950’s, I have had problems with under-developed leg muscles.

It was only when I developed and used the Clearing Transmissions (more details here) to remove the nerve toxins from my spine and kidneys which are added to vaccines to “lengthen the shelf life” and the sickness which is deliberately injected as the core of the nonsensical vaccine hypothesis that things began to improve. Thanks to the help from a Thai Massage expert, I am beginning to walk normally.

The entire conversation is in three sections of around 20 minutes each and is to be found on Bitchute here. Although everyone is welcome to download and spread the videos elsewhere, there is not the slightest point in putting them onto YouTube as they will fall foul of their #TMT (Too Much Truth) app and be deleted: They could even get your account deleted!

Part 1   https://www.bitchute.com/video/zN6tQKuAlnvJ/

Part 2   https://www.bitchute.com/video/xZrMWF1DXfU9/

Part 3   https://www.bitchute.com/video/0bbA2XMf11YT/

Let me know how you enjoy them.

Blessed be

Karma Singh


Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

14 thoughts on “A Conversation in an English Country Garden…”

  1. Do not give up hope for those kids. After years of research I may finally have found cures for hubby’s severe Asthma and my Multiple Sclerosis, a supposed autoimmune disease. That whole premise is BS. Why would the human body attack itself? The real causes are morphing stealth bacteria like mycoplasma and chlamydia pneumonia that invade tissue that must be attacked by the immune system going after the bacteria. The cure is in long term (1 year or more) of a low pulsed dose of antibiotics. I cured RA with a similar protocol 20 years ago, so am quite hopeful it will work. Hubby has only been doing the protocol for a week, but already sees improvement in his breathing. Perhaps MD is also caused by these or similar pathogens? Worth checking out!

  2. Berlin protests against covid become massive
    in the millions Aug 29. Police remove helmets in support.
    Childrens Heath Defence Europe

    only 3,600 deaths out of 130,450 confirmed cases with a population of 82 million bringing the death rate in Germany to 0.0000439%. This by no means justifying the destruction of the world economy. This is a hidden agenda to redesign the economy GREEN which is destroying the German auto industry to achieve this Great Reset of the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates.

  3. This article hit home for me as I have a daughter who has duchenne muscular dystrophy. Due to my ignorance all my children were vaxxinated. I am now an anti vaxxer! I wish I could go back in time…. About a year ago I came to the conclusion that the vaxxines did this to her. I thought because they were neurotoxins and dmd is a neuro disease. But it makes sense that the polio vaxx did this to her. I am so upset that I could possible have caused this for her . She is 20 and completely dependent on me. I am so thankful she has made it this far and pray she makes it farther with me, she is my baby. I hate to see her slowly being trapped in her body like this. On top of having dmd she is also a girl which is very rare as well. 1 in 3500 births is a boy with dmd. 1 in 50,000 births is a girl. I pray there is a treatment or cure in her future soon.

  4. Good morning everyone,
    once again, the comments are not appearing in Europe so I’m replying to the copies that Tim sent me by email.

    Asthma is 100% an emotional problem: It is in the “judgement”, “I have no rightful place.”
    Most commonly, sufferers are born of an “unwanted” pregnancy.

    Because they have “no place of their own”, emotional stress blocks their ability to breath out.

    Athough it is now some 17 years since we discovered that wearing a Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant anywhere upon the upper chest will completely remove the problem within 3 – 5 months (dependent upon the severity at start), this still hasn’t caught on in a big way. You can order online from harmonyunited dot com.

    Multiple Sclerosis (in English, “many scars”) is caused 80% by mercury literally burning the nerves and causing the scars. The other 20% is a very problematical relationship with the mother. The mercury must be removed first and the cheapest (and safest) method known is the Clearing Transmissions which use the properties of Quantum Information Fields to selectively transform toxins back into free energy, i.e. to, literally, disintegrate into nothingness. Further details on the website clearingtransmissions dot com

    I have no idea what your acronym “RA” stands for so cannot comment here.

    The bacteria which may well have been found are not causational but a further symptom: Where degenerate or damaged tissues are present, this creates a millieu where they can thrive. Killing them may well reduce local heat and, thereby, alleviate the symptoms somewhat but do not affect the cause of the degeneration which must be tackled directly.

    I’m sorry to have to correct you, Terry,
    but the German death rate you quote is not correct.
    Those 3,000 died WITH and not OF covid-19, i.e. they died of cancer, diabetes, obestiy, heart disease, etc., etc., etc.
    As Dr. Andrew Kaufmann so clearly shows, the Covid-19 “tests” will show as “positive” if normal human DNA is present in the sample.
    The actual death rate from Covid-19 itself is ZERO! There is not one recorded case of anyone dying OF Covid-19. It is exactly the same “back home” in Merry Olde England, North America and everywhere else: Not one recorded case of anyone actually dying of Covid-19.

    This should not surprise anyone as, to date, no-one has ever found and isolated this “virus”. All that we have is a photoshopped computer model from a teaching hospital in Germany which was created shortly after a certain Mr. Gates gave a substantial “donation”!

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  5. Thank you for elaborating on your corrections.
    I have been following a number of vaccine damage sites daily for over four years and have acquired quite a large (500 gig +) database after having a stroke caused by Coversil. My soft tissues are saturated with mercury. Check my Disqus comments.

  6. Once again, comments are not appearing here in Europe.
    Does any computer genius know why this happens and how to cicumvent it?
    Fortunately, Tim sends me copies per email so, Terry,

    A stroke has two causes but to make this understandable, I must first explain two oriental words which are often misunderstood:-

    Yin – is the movement outwards, scattering, dissipating.
    Yang – is the movement inwards, gathering, firming, holding

    These two terms have no English equivalent but some of the American Indian languages do.

    In oriental health care, all foodstuffs are categorised as yin, yang or neutral. Health is to be maintained by a balance between yin and yang – it is very effective as anyone who lives macrobiotic or chinese 5 element diet will testify: I haven’t been to a doctor since the late 1960’s!

    When the diet is continuously too yin then tissues lose their elasticity and begin to tear. This is a the physical aspect of a stroke – the blood vessels in the brain burst.

    The other factor which determines that the brain rather than some other organ will be damaged is the “addiction” to the past, i.e. “everything used to be so much better and I want to go back there.”

    Mercury is extremely yin, so yin, in fact, that it is a liquid at room temperature even though it is a metal: All poisons are yin! All pharmaceuticals are extremely yin. Now do you understand why coversil brought about the collapse? It was the “last straw”.

    Getting rid of the mercury and other accumulated toxins is, thanks to the Clearing Tranmissions (link in the article above) now both easy and very cheap. This is, however, not even half of the problem – dietary changes are essential to avoid the repeat. Look for macrobiotic consultants or chinese 5 element in your favourite search engine. These will write for you your personal healing diet and teach you how to prepare it.

    Note what happens if you don’t make the necessary changes – medical statistics:-
    1st stroke – often full recovery over many months
    2nd stroke – partial crippling
    3rd stroke – funeral

    Resolving the addictions to the past is a more complex problem but there is one special application of the Harmony Technology which is relevant here. Go onto the harmonyunited dot com website and look under “products” for The Harmony Headphone.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  7. To Karma
    Mercury Yin Coversil
    Reply from Terry Harnden
    When the diet is continuously too yin then tissues lose their elasticity and begin to tear.

    This is a the physical aspect of a stroke – the blood vessels in the brain burst.

    Mercury is extremely yin, so yin, in fact, that it is a liquid at room temperature even though it is a metal: All poisons are yin! All pharmaceuticals are extremely yin. Now do you understand why coversil brought about the collapse? It was the “last straw”.

    Getting rid of the mercury and other accumulated toxins is, thanks to the Clearing Tranmissions (link in the article above) now both easy and very cheap. This is, however, not even half of the problem 

    I have found exactly how it relates as the initiating source of all chronic sickness. Dr Levys book Hidden Epidemic has the largest collection of irrefutable evidence tying everything together.
    None smoker no addictions never sick or in hospital for 74 years.
    Able to do roofing thru my seventies with out effort.

  8. Hi Terry,
    if there were no burst blood vessels, then you didn’t have a stroke!
    You have provided too little information for me to identify exactly what did happen.

    The inflammation around the roots of your teeth is,typically, caused by mercury in the teeth.
    You don’t say why your dentist refuses to remove this toxin.

    You refer to Dr. Levy and a statement that “it” is the source of all sickness but you don’t say what “it” is!

    Although this blog is,perhaps, not the ideal place to give a detailed, personal consultation, it seems to me that your most urgent need is to remove the mercury. I’ve already told you how this can be done.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  9. You refer to Dr. Levy and a statement that “it” is the source of all sickness but you don’t say what “it” is!
    The book is worth getting and the pdf is only U$ 19.95. Almost 500 pages
    The root main source Is the various types of mercury stored in the soft tissue of my body.

    The book predicts all the health problem I have had since the initial stroke in Jan 2016.
    I also suspect the ethyl mercury in a tetanus vaccination I got in Apr 2016.

  10. Karma, I am very interested in the three videos you’ve linked, above, but I’ve tried over a period of several days and they just will not run. Thanks for all the info you have shared–I always look forward to your articles.

  11. Interesting, no comments later than 31sst August are visible!

    I’m answering you from the email copy that Tim has kindly sent me.
    I’ve just tested all three videos and, from here, they all work perfectly. This, of course, brings us to the questions of where you are, geographically, and what browser you are using.

    Blessed be

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