“Anti-Vaxxers” Are Taking On The “Globalists…”

And Plan To Win…

Yup, I said that twice…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Activist Tim Bolen

If I were to try to assemble a list of Planet Earth’s top “Anti-Vaxxers” for the purpose of giving awards I’d have to first get a Grant from some trillionaire Foundation just to get the trophies made up.

The Awards Ceremony, with speeches, would go on longer than the combined Democratic and Republican Conventions.  The “Anti-Vaxxer” movement is THAT big, and within its ranks you will find the world’s finest people.

Of course here at the BolenReport we have our own Kent Heckenlively JD, who we have labeled, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, “The World’s #1 Anti-Vaxxer.”   We did that to bait the opposition and lure them into strange positions – and the fools walked right into our minefields.  Australia (grin here) publicly banned his book tour.

Activism can be fun when you can get your opposition to look, and act, like the original “Keystone Cops…”

I’d give a Top “Anti-Vaxxer” Award (Special Circumstances) to California Senator Richard Pan…

Why?  Because Dicky Pan did MORE to focus the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement than anyone else – he SO ANGERED concerned citizens when he forced through California Senate Bill #277 (SB277).  His arrogance was unmatched.  His absolute uncaring attitude about children was a GIFT to the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement.  For…

He evoked a community rage…

Pan, single-handedly, increased the “Anti-Vaxxer” ranks a thousand-fold almost overnight.  His continued activities, including his treatment of others, was probably the biggest growth factor of the now completely global “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement.

Then it got even better…

California “Anti-Vaccine” activists, in an attempt to convince California legislators NOT to side with Richard Pan got the shock of their lives – they found out what the Democratic Party in the United States REALLY is, and really represents – and it is NOT what they thought.

Gone is the Democratic Party of JFK.

What the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement found out is that ALL current Democratic Party elected officials want “globalism”with complete government control over the population in EVERY aspect of their lives.

Just look at what happened in the Democratic Party controlled States after Covid-19 happened. 

EVERY Democratic Party Governor declared themselves, in one version or another, as a “Dictator For Life” in their own State, and their intent was to destroy capitalism and put everyone under the financial thumb of the state.

They shut down churches but kept Planned Parenthood open so they could continue to murder nine hundred (900) black babies each and every day.

They were introducing what they saw as “The New Normal,” meaning the new version of complete One-World Communism espoused by the “globalists.”

“Globalists” don’t care a bit about the safety of children…

They ONLY care about “Fake Climate Change” funding, completion of Agenda 21” goals and objectives,  massive “Mandatory Vaccination” scams, LGBTPQ/ thirty-seven-gender promotions – things designed to turn Planet Earth’s population into an Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

The United Nation’s “Agenda 21”  administrators pointed out long ago (in writing)  that in order to create a ”One World” government under the management of a United Nations bureaucracy (Huxley’s “Betas”) that America itself would have to be completely destroyed from within, by using any means possible.


Because Americans were taught to be “independent thinkers,” a philosophy that just doesn’t jive with “collective thinking” – the “hive mentality” necessary to create the New-World-Order.

“Anti-Vaxxers” are anathema to collectivist “hive mentality” thinking.

“Anti-Vaxxers” are not quiet – they are not mild mannered people anymore.

They have found that full-on aggression works VERY well.  They defeated, with ease, Big Pharma’s plans to make every State in America require “Mandatory Vaccines.”   They won in forty-seven of the fifty States, losing only in those completely controlled by Democrats.  And, they are making plans to take those States back.

Success brings even more success…

Long gone are the days when earlier versions of the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement bought a new purse, new shoes, and a new dress and went to Sacramento in opposition to California Richard Pan’s Senate Bill #277 (Mandatory Vaccines) with the ultra-weak messaging used to combat SB 277 – “We know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff), we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper)…”

Now, you feel the ground shake when “Anti-Vaxxers” head for their State Capitals, except, of course, California where the legislature could care less about protecting children.

Here, in California, Democratic legislators, headed by San Francisco homosexual Senator Scott Weiner, are trying, right now, to pass a bill (SB 145) making it legal for the LGBTPQ community to lure into, and to have sex with, children within ten years of their own age – I kid you not.

More, when opposition surfaced in the form of a Q-Anon concern almost every liberal publication on Planet Earth attacked Q-Anon.

As the article in the Federalist says:

“The problem is that it isn’t about teenagers having sex. It’s about adults exploiting minors sexually and being legally protected in doing so. What possible justification would there be for a 24-year-old to have sex with a 15-year-old of either sex? The rational answer, of course, is there is none. Rather than addressing this reasonable concern, however, left-wing and LGBT sites decided opposition was homophobic and hateful.”

California Democratic Senator Scott Weiner (third from the left) and Friends…

Before this attempt they actually had SB 18 – a bill that would remove children from parental control COMPLETELY and turn over that control to a group of homosexuals. It failed.  The “Anti-Vaxxers” stopped it dead.  You can read about that here:

Why the Liberal Democrats HATE Marriage and Family…

So, The Democratic Party in the US is not real popular with parents of young children…

Or grandparents either…

Which translates into one simple thing right now – Election 2020.  No “Anti-Vaxxer” in their right mind is going to back, or vote for, any Democratic Party candidate in any State, or Federal election in 2020…

While on the subject of children, let’s take a look at the Democratic Party’s pick for their Presidential candidate…

The “Clover Chronicle” just came out August 26th, 2020, with a collection of forty (40) videos of Joe Biden groping children.  You can watch the whole collection just below…

VIDEO COLLECTION: Here Are 40 Reasons Why Joe Biden, The Open Sexual Predator, Should NEVER Become President

I think the HUGE, and very angry, “Anti-Vaxxer” community is going to decide the future of America, and hence the world…

They are going to do it in election 2020.

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Activist Tim Bolen


8 thoughts on ““Anti-Vaxxers” Are Taking On The “Globalists…””

  1. Your enthusiasm is wonderful. I am part of the army of anti-vaxxers. I am puzzled, though, at how we win with either candidate. President Trump has announced that he will direct the US Military to “deliver” the miracle vaccine to the American people. I would have thought that UPS, or FedEx, or USPS would be a better choice at delivery. I always thought of our military as FORCE, bristling with guns and not too interested in delivering packages and letters. You don’t think that they would encourage us to partake of the miracle cure vaccine with their guns, do you? Nah. They are OUR military.

  2. Brad – there is a simple mechanism at work here. Our Public Health system is itself a military one. But, as everyone has figured out that very same Public Health system failed America big time during this Covid-19 enterprise. They had absolutely NO TOOLS to deal with the problem available, nor any idea how to perform.

    Why? Because Public Health has ONLY ONE TOOL for everything – Vaccines.

    The regular military, on the other hand is used to, and is trained in how to, fight things like pandemics.

    Several years ago Public Health DID have plans for a pandemic. Their plans scared the shit out of average Americans – for these ass-wipes were going to re-route vehicle off of streets into parking lots, surround them with uniformed Special Officers, and drag them out of cars to be force-vaccinated. These clowns were giddy with their possible powers. They would have caused a full-scale insurrection. All of those plans got put on the shelf.

    Our military has been actually trained for these sort of contingencies. They have staff, supplies, competent people and training. They have already done all this before.

    What is happening here is that a force-in-place is being activated just like we have trained Emergency Response Teams for hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes.

    Trump is simply replacing the Big Pharma influenced, absolutely incompetent, totally useless, vaccine promoting, Public Health system.

  3. Trump expressed some opposition to vaccines in the 2016 campaign. He was going to form a vaccine safety commission with RFK, Jr at the head. After a visit with Bill Gates the whole thing was dropped. I smell a mandated vaccine in the works, and military smells like force also. I hope you are right, but it looks bad to me. I will not be taking it, mandatory or not. I may be living in a cave but I will not take it. Thanks for your good work, Tim.

  4. The Bible describes Last Days America as Mystery Babylon the Great, and Rev. 16, 17 and 18 describes total destruction coming to the USA in ‘ONE HOUR’ — and the Bible says the merchants will view the ‘smoke of her burning’ from afar in their merchant ships.

    The Bible tells us, “Flee out of Babylon, lest you partake of her sins and her plagues.”

    There needs to be an Exodus, to some remote place on the Earth, where people can live simply in the last few years before Jesus comes back.

    We have a sign, fulfilled on 9/23/17, and described in Rev. 12, which when that star sign is punched into a sky canopy computer program comes out to be fulfilled once in 7000 years. Once we get the first date, the other two dates are easy to compute, since we know the Tribulation lasts 7 years.

    9/23/17 — Beginning of 7-year-Tribulation.
    3/23/21 — Mid-trib. No more USA. World rule by antichrist from Jerusalem, Mark of the Beast, no more ability to buy or sell without the Mark.
    9/23/24 — Second Coming of Christ. Bible says Jesus will come back sooner than this date ‘or no flesh would be alive’ — but the Bible says when we get close to this date we are to ‘look up, you redemption draws nigh.’

    The Bible also tells us thatthere will be many multitudes of martyrs who ‘will not so much as shrink from death rather than take the mark.’ The Bible warns us strongly that we will lose our minds, the delusion that will result will be impossible to come back from. So we are only here for a test for our eternity. And there is nothing good about trading in our souls for a few years under Artificial Intelligence when people may actually think they are smarter than God and joined up into ‘one mind’ with each other and Satan —

    So the best thing is to ‘flee out of Babylon lest you partake of her sins and her plagues’ — but if not that, then prepare to choose martyrdom rather than to take the Mark of the Beast, which is all this vaccine is going to really be in the end.

  5. I would love to this this world wake up before my time is up. I would love to see these vaccine people get theirs. This news pumps me up a bit, knowing there are plenty anti-vaxxers out there.

  6. Pres Trump has repeatedly stated there will not be a forced vaccination. It is only for those who want it and most don’t want it. There’s also a lot going on behind the scenes. I personally expect we’ll soon see the truth revealed about evil pharma and also the end of them. Forced vaccination or any other type of medical tyranny is unlawful and unconstitutional. It’s also crimes against humanity and the animal kingdom.

  7. Our population is too ill from medical scams. They are scared and –for lack of alternatives–they are still listening to mainstream doctors. We need new solutions. Here is one. Homeopathy could solve a lot of problems if it were accepted by everyone. But first, we need to explain how it works:

    Homeopathy is likely an artificially created magnetic field which is stored within sugar and/or water/alcohol. It is known from gouy balance experiments that all matter has at least a tiny amount of magnetism surrounding it: ferromagnetism, paramagnetism, diamagnetism, or anti-ferromagnetism. When lining up identical magnetic domains—no matter the substance—a field gets stronger. Magnetic domains get lined up by placing them into another magnetic field (the Earth’s magnetic field), while shaking them up, so that the domains all have a chance to reorient themselves. The amount of shaking, hitting or vibrating needed to help align magnetic entities depends on the material. In the case of homeopathy, a drop of mother tincture in water is the typical starting point for succussion. As water has structure, and molecules are not necessarily free-floating, potency is determined by the amount of shaking. The final step in the homeopathic manufacturing process includes pouring the succussed and diluted solution onto sugar pills (lactose or sucrose), thereby transferring the magnetic field from the remedy solution onto sugar. Sugar pills are the perfect dry storage medium for magnetic information, as no additional succussion can occur outside of the original solution.

    Please let me know what you think. There is more, and I would like to initiate a discussion.

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