Why the Liberal Democrats HATE Marriage and Family…

California SB 18 – the legislation to take children away from heterosexual parents and put them into the hands of homosexual run Common Sense Media Has Failed…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


California parents, up-in-arms, angrier than a disturbed bees nest, swarmed on the California State Capitol, Sacramento, over SB 18, calling it out for what it really is, and was….

Was?  Yup.

California’s SB 18, for all practical purposes, has been defeated.

There is a last minute attempt to convert it to a “Resolution,” creating some nonsense eighteen member Standing committee.

California Senator Richard Pan (sponsor of SB18), also a pediatrician, is questioned and mocked everywhere.

But, the bill’s author, Hillary Clinton’s suitcase-carrier California Senator Richard Pan has been scalded so often now, publicly, that he’s close to being an untouchable.  Good.

One of the ways Pan has been called to task is the public questioning of SB 18’s Sponsor – Common Sense Media.

Boy, was THAT informative.

Our writer Karri Lewis was banned from a Canary Party (CP) FaceBook group (CA Children’s Bill of Rights Takedown” )  when she put forth two questions about Common Sense Media to one of their representatives discussing the wonderfulness of their proposal on the CP FaceBook Page.

Karri’s questions?

(1)  Common Sense Media makes no secret that a significant number of its leadership are male homosexuals.  What is THE Common Sense Media male homosexual interest in having control over our children?

Common Sense media head Jim Steyer and what’s-her-name.

(2)  Common Sense Media promotes the idea that ALL children should have unrestricted access to the internet, and they recommend certain sites for children like one called Kidzworld, that many parents have identified as a pedophile meet-up site.  What’s THAT all about?

Karri didn’t get any answers. The Canary Party people banned her from the group for asking.  But, we DID pass our questions along to actually functioning groups attending the Town Hall Meetings set up to promote SB 18 by Common Sense Media.

Hundreds of parents went to those meetings and made their similar concerns VERY clear  – LOUDLY.  At one of the last of the pro-SB18 “Town Halls” the organizers turned off the lights, I suspect, to be able to escape out the back door, THE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE IN THE AUDIENCE WERE SCREAMING AT THEM SO LOUDLY.


Karri wrote about these Common Sense Media concerns here on the BolenReport.  You can find the details here.  You can find ALL of her articles on SB 18 here.

Karri is NOT shy.

The fight, in California, over SB 18, has brought out THE REAL argument between liberal Democrats and average Americans.

Liberal Democrats demonstrate EVERY DAY that they HATE heterosexuals…

To a progressive liberal Democrat men are supposed to have sex with other men.  Women are supposed to have sex with other women. And the thirty-four gender meet-ups, I guess, are to resemble what happens when California Newts form a Newt Ball

To a progressive liberal Democrat, the idea that men and women would be sexually attracted to each other, and act on that attraction, is repulsive.  You can see their abhorrence of heterosexual activity in every one of their expressions – marches, media, websites, social media, etc.  The idea dominates.  If it isn’t “Feminism,” it’s “Gay Pride…”

Everything they do is to force LGBTPQ on the public as the norm – in fact, as the REQUIREMENT.  And THAT, of course, is what SB 18 was all about.

America is MORE than a little tired of that crap.  The line has been drawn.  Even in California – the land of fruits and nuts.

The liberal media, to me, is hilarious in their clearly vicariously lascivious pursuit of the sexual activities surrounding Conservative Alpha Males…

I just have to laugh sometimes.  I followed the liberal Democrat’s stories about Trump’s so-called “pussy” activities, and thought:  “Are these people really this childish in their thinking?  Or is this a big joke?”  It turned out to be something else entirely – pink “pussy hats” and all.

I hate to be the one to break the news to liberal Democrats that women are attracted to men, and vice-versa.  More, I hate to tell you, they (we) DO SOMETHING about it (some Democrats will have to go see their therapists after reading this).

And, liberals, I know you don’t want to hear this, but all those CHILDREN you see running around ARE THE RESULT of that frenetic, FREQUENT, and VERY enjoyable, activity.

Some of you liberals may want to take a couple Xanax before you read the next few paragraphs…

You are about to get a hard lesson.  Here it comes.

Women are sexually attracted to men, and vice-versa, for easily determined reasons.  There is almost a menu…

For those of you liberal Democrats that don’t actually live in the experience there are serious books written about how it all works.  There is no phenomena.  It has been happening in exactly the same way since before cave days.  Women like men, and men like women – and they are not all 2017 Republicans and Libertarians.  There are even some Democrats – although they probably don’t hold hands in public, or at a Democratic Party meeting (where they could be stoned)…

If the liberal Democrats would try to find something to read other than what they find wrinkled up and sticky on the toilet tank lids at gay and lesbian bars, or the Democratic National Committee headquarters, they MIGHT actually discover reality.  Maybe…

I am of the opinion that Viagra and Cialis marketing is aimed at Republicans and Libertarians over eighty-five, and most Democrats…

Let me introduce you to Faith Falise from FITS News…

Faith Falise – FITS news.

Faith is a Libertarian Activist and Author who Home Schools her kids. Her article on why she home schools is a classic – well worth reading.  But today, I am going to let her explain to you the DIFFERENCE between the LGBTPQ/Feminist run Democratic Party and Trump-type Populist Republicans.

From her FITS News article – Here is what she says:


|| By FAITH FALISE  || Feminists are an angry lot.  Hell bent on being strong and domineering they want emasculated kitchen bitches – men who are extensions of their vaginas.

They want their cuckolds to use the gender neutral bathroom and get mani pedis while quoting Gloria Steinem.  Feminists prefer to be governed by groveling sissy men like Barack Obama, Tim Kaine and Lindsey Graham – men who would happily tuck their cocks between their legs and step into a pair of panties if told to do so.

Post-modern feminism has tried to convince Americans to see masculinity as the enemy.  But genetically women and men alike are hard wired to follow alpha males who display dominance and leadership – it’s in our DNA.  American women want our men to act like men.  And American men long for the machismo of yesterday.  Both are fed up with limp handed politicians and accompanying outrage over anything remotely masculine.

In walks Donald Trump: An ambitious, successful, crass talking, non-apologetic alpha male running for the most coveted power seat on the planet.  A feminist’s worst nightmare.  Yet, conservative women are swooning.  Donald Trump is the new American cowboy, the epitome of in your face masculinity.  His female supporters believe him when he says he loves women. They don’t care about his crass comments or his X-rated words or descriptions of his sexual conquests.  After all, women have been throwing their panties at rock stars like Trump for generations.

Men shake their head and fist pump in agreement when he talks about America being No. 1 again.  They’ve been craving to hear sentiments of confidence, bravado, bold and action after eight years of kowtowing and submissiveness.

Conservative American men relish the idea of an alpha male not taking orders from ankle grabbing European altruists.

While feminist scholars have posited that masculinity should not be conflated with leadership, others would point to feminist ideologies failing in Europe as proof that those ideals lack the strength to stand up to enemies intent on total capitulation.  While modern feminism may be America’s cross to bear, Trump has become the standard bearer of a society who has become estranged from the idea of masculinity itself: crass comments and all. – Faith Falise.

Was THAT clear enough?

Notes from another Alpha Male…

America needs to be fixed – right now.  The liberal “progressive” left and its Agenda 21 program has taken its toll.  Not only do we need to reverse all that crap but we need to prosecute the Agenda 21 conspirators.  So, let’s get started.

The photo of the couple at the top of the page depicts the sort of thing progressive liberal Democrats absolutely HATE –  a heterosexual couple comfortably bonded into a relationship that is the basis for the structure that made America great.  They are friends and lovers.

I know exactly what that is, for I have lived that for fifty-one years with my wife Jan.

Neither I, nor any of my friends, are interested in being dominated, or even slightly frightened by, “THE HATERS.”  And we’ve drawn a line.

There is NO question that California was supposed to be the place to revive “Hillaryism.”

I suspect that, in the minds of the liberal Democrats, California was going to lead the way back towards the, elite run, “Socialist Collective.”  After all, SB 277 (Mandatory Vaccines) passed with ease – with Democratic Party legislators barely able to waddle out to their cars at the end of the legislative day, their pockets were so stuffed with Big Pharma’s hundred dollar bills so-to-speak.

But SB 18 enraged Californians.  Already twenty-one (21) of California’s fifty-eight (58) counties wanted OUT of California to form the fifty-first State of Jefferson.  Californians have stopped NICELY asking their legislators to listen to them.  They are now SCREAMING at them.

The liberal Democrat run California legislature just passed a HUGE gas tax, and vehicle registration fee, increase to try to keep the State “Socialist Collective” afloat financially.  Now, these fools have made EVERYONE, not just parents, angry.  I love it – you don’t get dumber than this.  California will be a RED STATE (turn Republican), I think, within eighteen months.

The liberal Democrat’s violent protests in the streets have backfired.  Now, it is a different story.  The last time the mini-fems and the beta-boys, wearing their mom’s panties over their faces, came out to pepper spray, and stab-with-sticks, Trump supporters, they got the shit beat out of them, and chased down the street.

The 100 Day Democratic Party MELTDOWN is here…

President Trump, TODAY, celebrates his first hundred days in office, and its been a GRAND TIME.  It is almost ENJOYABLE to turn on some mainstream TV news channel and watch the squirming nastiness RAMP UP a little more every day as they get more and more used to the idea that all that liberal Agenda 21 bullshit has been soundly rejected by Americans.

I think the media is getting worried that we are thinking of …

I love it when a plan comes together…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen



10 thoughts on “Why the Liberal Democrats HATE Marriage and Family…”

  1. Absolutely loved this article! It shows that there are those of us out here with our heads screwed on straight! I’m all for everything that’s been spoken, especially loved Faith’s diatribe and support of Trump, men and family!! Keep putting these Posts out there! I’ll keep sharing them!

  2. Now for some science for all those alpha males… when the bluebirds need to expand their range of operation, the alpha blue males seem to be the future of the population… but not so… once the territory is established, the more daddy blues become the choice of the females….

    Similar things are seeable among our simian relatives, since the alphas eventually get so wrapped up in humping anything that moves, that they don’t seem to notice that the females have preferred the not so aggressive males…

    As for the last election, we will insist that the battle was so in need of an alpha that the Donald was made for this battle. How he performs now that he is in the Swamp has been rather dismal on the foreign front although some amazing discoveries were uncovered…. like WHO TOOK DOWN THE 24 TOMAHAWK MISSILES THAT DIDN’T MAKE IT TO SHORE..?? EH?

    Lots of women voted for the Donald as he was appropriate for the battles ahead even though we would have wanted Rand Paul… strong and agile and caring… but there was a need to battle the MSM… not his strong point… so you can wipe that slimy smarmy braindead female opinion along with your own collection of slime from public bath toilets and do with it whatever you do with smarm…

    And I await your answer on where the 24 Tomahawks went, a very very reliable missile…. and wonder what your revised opinion is of Putin and Assad will be when you figure it out…. ttyl, I’m off to buy some Russian Kale seeds and some Syrian Black Seed oil plants….. you might even benefit from a bit of checking on their own ideas of strength is…..

  3. MJ –

    Trump is doing VERY WELL with the Mainstream Media. He explains to them that are NOBODIES. We won the election without them, in fact, in spite of them. In fact we can do that again, and again. We don’t need them. Their time is past. They can get in their Bentley convertibles and drive around pretending that America gives a shit what they say.

    And, now, they are FUN to screw with.

    We have a lot to things to reverse after Obama beside the regulatory system, Agenda 21, and the assault on our chidren.

    Our first 100 days were EXCELLENT. Onwards…

    We live in interesting times.

    If you want to know what happened to the Tomahawks ask Obama and Hillary. Hillary probable sold them to ISIS.

    Trump however, can account for about fifty of them – he sent them to Syria where they exploded on contact….

    The fun has just begun.

    You can watch Trump on Fox News tonight addressing the crowd in Harrisburg at 7:30 PM PST. Then AFTER THAT you switch over to CNN, for amusement, and watch Nancy Pelosi call him “President Bush” and Maxine Waters shreik/scream/gurgle about how she is going to impeach him.

    Everyone needs a good laugh.

    Tim Bolen

  4. It is too bad he’s being hijacked by the neocons in the foreign policy arena, who are hell-bent to depose the regimes from the only countries without a central bank (Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba). So we need to get him back on course! Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  5. The democrats have gone so far off the deep end I feel bad for all the LGBTQ folks who just want to live their lives in peace without being dragged into a political firestorm every five minutes!

  6. Lady Godiva was a freedom rider,
    She didn’t care if the whole world looked.
    Joan of Arc, with the Lord to guide her,
    She was a sister who really cooked.
    Issadora was the first bra burner,
    Ain’t you glad she showed up.
    Oh, yeah!
    And when the country was fallin’ apart,
    Betsy Ross got it all sewed up.
    And then there’s Maude.
    And then there’s Maude.
    And then there’s Maude.
    And then there’s Maude.
    And then there’s Maude.
    And then there’s Maude.
    And then there’s….
    That uncompromising, enterprising, anything but tranquilizing,
    Right on Maude!

  7. great article…..loved all of it. from retired neuropsychologist who loves his glock. dr. rw

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