Going SCORCHED EARTH against Barnes and Noble…

Something unusual happens when you write a New York Times bestselling book like PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

A lot of people come out of the woodwork, wanting to congratulate you, and to your complete surprise, many have been your long-time heroes.

But there’s another group who introduces themselves, the super-predators, the alphas, the warriors, the winter soldiers, the sharks, who come up to you and say, “You know, Kent, I have a very special set of skills.  And you’re probably going to need me at some point in the near future.  Don’t hesitate to call.  We get shit done.”

That’s the background to me receiving this email…

…from a reader who tried to order our new book, THE CASE AGAINST MASKS from Barnes & Noble.

“I actually made a phone call to the local Barnes & Nobles to order the book which is found at their web site.
I wanted to order the book to ship to the same STORE for pickup, INSTEAD of shipping direct to my home (which is boring in my opinion).
I was advised they could not locate the book by looking up the title and authors. It’s not in the database. Then they asked me to provide ISBN number and they found the book as listed, but then advised me they CANNOT order the book to ship to the store (any store). They advised that if it were to be ordered to ship to the store for pickup, the order WILL BE cancelled.
I advise the authors to investigate by following the similar steps as mine to document the censorship and suppression tactics by the upper management of Barnes & Nobles which operates on liberal ideology that censors the free flow of information by DENYING the order for pickup unless shipped direct to the home.
I have ordered books to be shipped to the same store in the past, but never this ridiculous blockage as suppressive tactic.
I wanted to buy the book at pickup for my sister as a belated birthday gift (a few months after her b-day on May 25). She is a protestor of face mask mandate and refuses to wear face covering anywhere. Provo Utah city council just overrode the mayor’s veto to force the face mask mandate until November 15 unless extended. Provo City council face mask mandate as ordinance led by BYU professor of humanities George Handley (leftist).”

I didn’t even have to think about it for a minute.

I called in the super-predators.
Now, do I know for certain what’s going on with Barnes & Noble?  Maybe it’s just a coding error somewhere in the computer system.  That’s certainly a possibility.
But let me tell you what I suspect.  I suspect SOMETHING BIG is behind this, maybe Media Matters, George Soros, or even Bill Gates.
Of course, I don’t know the truth.  But I’m going to find out.
And suddenly I understood why the super-predators rushed in to befriend me.
They know the bad guys avoid them.  They know the bad guys will look to pick off the rising stars, the ones who show real promise, the ones who might one day join the pack of super-predators.

Let me say this: If I was one the other side of this group of super-predators, I’d be shitting my pants. 

But in offering to help the super-predators aren’t just protecting a future member of the pack.  They understand guys like me also function as scouts, drawing out the foul creatures, not realizing I just have to give a whistle and the super-predators will come charging over a nearby hill like the cavalry.
The super-predators hope I’ll be smart enough to call on them when I catch the scent of the foul creatures stalking me and not fight alone.
Well, I’ve activated the Bat-Signal and the super-predators are on their way.  I’m just going to sit back, watch, and learn.  I’m very curious to observe the trade-craft of my super-predator friends.
I’m expecting my super-predators to chase these foul creatures back to their fortress in Barnes & Noble, then watch the super-predators blast open the front gate, and drag out into the light those who are protecting them.

I’ve instructed the super-predators to go SCORCHED EARTH against Barnes & Noble…

Then again, it might just be a coding error.
We’ll find out soon . . .

Opinion by Kent Heckenlively, JD

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7 thoughts on “Going SCORCHED EARTH against Barnes and Noble…”

  1. Current CDC data now shows that only 6% of the 161,000 Americans who died “of Covid-9”, actually died of Covid-19 alone. That’s only 9,600 deaths—HARDLY AN EPIDEMIC!

    Everyone else died of at least 2.6 more serious co-factors, like obesity, heart and respiratory ailments, and diabetes. But they tested positive for Covid-19—so they were listed as Covid-19 deaths, mostly for financial reasons. (Hospitals ‘earned’ $39,000 vs. $13,000 if a patient was diagnosed with Covid-19.)

    Look it up yourself! Click on “Table 3” at this link: https://www.CDC.GOV/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm

    The entire “pandemic” was based on statistical manipulation to create the justification for the un-Constitutional lockdown and forced masking.


  2. I’m very interested in how this will turn out. These traitors must be dragged out into the light and dealt with.

  3. @Walter Kryshak
    Yes, only 6% of counted Covid-19 deaths had Covid-19 as the sole diagnosis.
    That does not mean they were deaths FROM Covid-19; it could well include a large proportion of deaths caused by damaging medical treatment.
    For example, it is known that patients were dying from incorrect use of respirators, and that other died from overdoses of the useful drug HCQ. Not to mention those who died unnecessarily after zinc supplementation was withheld (HCQ only helps zinc do its work – without zinc, it is useless, but Pharma does not like any kind of curative nutritional medicine).
    And there could well have been a percentage of misdiagnoses of covid-19, given how inaccurate the tests are known to be.

    I doubt we’ll know the correct numbers after all the cover-ups and incompetence. And the scare campaign.. But it is even less than the 6% mentioned.

  4. It’s not only lock downs and masking but the new hoops you have to go through just to go to the doctors and dentists, etc.

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