We All Worked Together to Protect “Conscience Rights” in US Health Care…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

The public comments section has now closed on the proposed federal regulations entitled “Protecting Statutory Conscience Rights in Health Care; Delegations of Authority.”

As far as I know, we, here at the BolenReport were the FIRST to call for public comments to make sure that vaccines were EXPLICITLY COVERED in these regulations.  I am pleased that many organizations joined us in this call, including the World Mercury Project, Age of Autism, and The National Vaccine Information Center.  Most of the major players in the autism world stepped up to the challenge.

The final number of comments can now be revealed:


Good job, everybody.

I know there were some doubters along the way.  I often have doubts as well.  Is President Trump truly committed to our community?  I have no definitive answer.  The President has not yet called me or tweeted out any message of support.

All I can do is read the tea leaves and try to guess what the plan is, if any plan actually exists.  I move forward in faith and hope.

If it is any consolation, I believe that behind the scenes much is in motion.  I point out the recent article by Roger Stone, former head of the Trump campaign, that Robert Kennedy, Jr. should be officially seated as head of the Vaccine Safety Commission.  I also draw attention to the proposed federal regulations dealing with conscience and religious freedom as giving us a vehicle to attack childhood vaccine mandates.

I also do not think it was an accident that Alex Jones of Infowars confirmed in a recent broadcast what many of us have heard rumored for years: that Barron Trump suffered a vaccine injury and Melania Trump took the lead in helping him recover.

Let me assert what appears to be a controversial position among many people in the autism community.



Given the current reality that the vaccine industry controls our media, our politicians, and has COMPLETE LEGAL IMMUNITY FOR INJURY OR DEATH CAUSED BY THEIR PRODUCTS, I believe it is a public obligation for those who are aware of vaccine injuries to speak up.

I believe this obligation exists if you are a movie star, an anchor on Fox News, a captain of industry, a regular citizen, or the President of the United States.

We are right to celebrate the courage of those in the past who stood up to injustice, even at the risk of their own lives.  I am a Catholic and during this Easter season I celebrate the Son of Man who came to Earth to show us the meaning of courage and sacrifice.

Perhaps there are different examples of bravery which mean more to you, but I believe we all find inspiration in those who overcame their fear and stood for what is right.

Let us move forward together in truth and with the hope to help not just our own children, but all those who suffer with chronic diseases.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback.  Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD.  It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com



8 thoughts on “We All Worked Together to Protect “Conscience Rights” in US Health Care…”

  1. Here’s to the heroes of this planet. It is you who change the course of history in the making. Happy Easter everyone – may we all overcome death!

  2. We hope, a persecuted group of vaccine issues observers and monitors, that by now you learned that our group, here in Australia are being shut down by the order of the bullying government.This all came as an overnight surprise to us all. Indeed an Easter present to mourn a death of freedom of speech.By the signs it is the machination of the Prime Minister an iron fist Communistic Dictator and his pal Greg Hunt the current Federal Health Minister.We are utterly disgusted and ashamed of living in such a dictatorial country. We are transmitting our SOS signals to the world or our plight.Help us, please, we only want truth and justice and wont budge for anything less.

  3. Elijah,

    Sounds like you are being pushed into a corner. What happens when you corner a lion? It fights harder than ever. The Australians have no one to blame but themselves. You gave up your guns and now they can force vaccinate you because you have no way to defend yourselves. Now only the “good guys” have the guns and they’ve decided that health comes at the end of a needle and from a pill.

    I suggest you stop whining and start fighting. I suggest you start using the power of the people to attack this issue from every angle. I suggest you re-assert your god given right to defend your life, liberty, and property and get your guns back.

    Good luck and God speed!!!

  4. Now that the comments were submitted, let’s focus on each of us sending a complaint to HHS taking advantage of their Conscience and Religious Freedom Rights Division (we don’t need to wait for them to formally approve that they already had a right and obligation to investigate such vaccine religious violations), by joining the Vaccine Religious Freedom Class Action Complaint using the templates and instructions in the US Health Consortium’s website, at https://www.ushealthconsortium.org/group-religious-conscience-freedom.

    A video will explain the whole process, and all necessary forms and templates are provided. No expense other than postage.

    This VRF Complaint has been sent to new HHS CRF Division, the Dept. of Justice’s Civil Rights Division’s Educational Opportunities Section, and the Dept. of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. THIS IS WHERE THE FIGHT WILL BE!

    Please share this important information with your followers.


  5. Erin, thank for replying. Australian constitution is different from the US. The Australian spirit is an easygoing one.The slogan of the locals is “She’ll be all-right mate” (BTW I’m a migrant, runaway from my country and my kin ,not wanting to face Communism any more. Now those elements are here too) Yes, you are right we deserve what we got.But… let me remind you this is not the end yet, only the beginning.I do have a tremendous issues with local authorities and wont budge.Am I a whinger? I try to speak, most of locals are mute as mutton’s. I think I said enough already to infuriate, many. In the US the $ORO$ activities are quiet obvious and dangerous,can spark out civil war.What then? No more bloodshed, no more bloodbath.Truth what people need to be reviled, to them, they are all asleep, until the unthinkable happens.This is my take away.I might be wrong, my apology in that case.

  6. I will not comply. I will not submit. Whatever the price to be paid, I will defend my children and myself against these attacks on our bodies and minds. To speak the truth to power really burns them up and they respond with their iron fist. The Romans had a saying: Veritas odium parit—-Truth begets hatred. There is nothing new under the sun. Elijah, I admire you for whatever efforts you put forth to flee tyranny. I am not sure where it would be that you could flee to now. The time has come to stand and fight.

  7. Thank you Brad for at least hear what’s up in these crucial times. I lived my life and seen enough over there and here too to realize what’s cooking in a big cauldron for all of us. No more place left on earth to flee to, we are cornered in like wild beasts and fighting to our last breath to defend the defenseless minors who have no voice in the matter of their future.May we pray and God help us all.

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