Did Barron Trump Suffer a Vaccine Injury?

In a March 26th, 2018  Youtube video Alex Jones, while interviewing Mike Cernovich said:

“It’s just that Trump is not going after the vaccines now, even though it hurt Barron.”

With that five second remark Alex Jones got my attention.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Yes, I am terrified of angering the President of the United States, the man who controls the greatest arsenal of death and destruction on the planet.

However, I fear the judgment of God more than I fear the judgment of any man.

If I am vaporized in the explosion of a Hellfire missile fired by a drone in the first casualty on American soil, I will meet my Maker with nothing but praise on my lips for Him as I have stood for the children who cannot speak on their own behalf because vaccines have robbed them of that ability.

Let what were once merely whispered conversations be shouted from the highest rooftops.  Judgment is coming soon for the nearly $60 billion dollar a year vaccine industry which today has COMPLETE IMMUNITY for INJURY OR DEATH CAUSED BY THEIR PRODUCTS.

In the past I have heard similar stories, but been unable to verify them.  Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich have opened the door.

Thanks to you both.

I think it’s likely that this information was given to them by Roger Stone, the long-time Trump confidante.  If so, I thank him.  Or was it somebody else?


Barron Trump was injured by a vaccination so badly it resembled something like cerebral palsy.  Thanks to the heroic efforts of Melania Trump in taking him to specialists in Europe he recovered.

During a private dinner at Mar A Lago, Trump reportedly said, “If you think I’m anti-vax, you should talk to Melania.”

Let’s put this in perspective. 

President Trump does not simply have friends whose children have suffered vaccine injury.  His own son suffered a vaccine injury.  The President and the First Lady, of the United States of America, are part of the vaccine-injured community.

According to Robert Kennedy, Jr., the pharmaceutical industry buys about 70% of the advertising on the nightly news shows.  The mainstream news media is overwhelmingly anti-Trump.


The real fear of the mainstream media is not because of Donald Trump, but because of Melania Trump, the mother of a vaccine-injured child.  She is one of the most admired women in America.

Melania Trump is the potential pharma-wrecking ball against which they will have NO DEFENSE.  I call upon our brave and beautiful First Lady to take up the cause of vaccine injury.

Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich have set loose the dogs of war on this issue.  I salute them and stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the fight.  I hope to be fighting alongside Donald and Melania Trump as well.

The media has a choice.  What has been asserted is either the truth or it is not.

I challenge the media to ask this question at a White House press availability.

I’m sure the rest of the country will already be talking about it.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback.  Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD.  It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com



13 thoughts on “Did Barron Trump Suffer a Vaccine Injury?”

  1. The greed to produce vaccine profits has caused untold pain and suffering for a growing community of horribly disabled patients whose disability has gone unrecognized for three decades.

    It is believed that a rush to create a Lyme disease vaccine led to the mishandling of the disease. Current antibody tests for Lyme disease were manipulated in 1994 at the Dearborn conference so as to facilitate vaccine development. The two most important indicators of infection were stripped out of serology tests so that the vaccinated would test seronegative. The vast majority of truly infected patients cannot obtain a timely diagnosis leading to a missed opportunity for successful short term treatment.

    The vaccine was supposed to expose the immune system to the outer surface protein A (OspA) of the spirochete responsible for causing Lyme disease but it caused the same crippling effects of the disease itself as reported in the class action lawsuit:


    Excerpt from the lawsuit:

    “The people who have contacted us were, prior to vaccination with LYMErix, healthy, active and energetic. Indeed, the very reason they sought the LYMErix vaccine was their desire to preserve their healthy, active lifestyle. However, what they experienced was a dramatic degradation of their health and quality of life. As will be described below, these previously healthy individuals are now afflicted with painful, at times debilitating arthritic symptoms, including joint pain and swelling, as well as extremely severe Lyme-disease-like symptoms which have persisted to this day.”

    There is evidence to suggest that the rush to create a vaccine for Lyme led to the mishandling of the disease. The Principle Investigators of the two previous Lyme vaccines: Allen C. Steere for SmithKline Beecham’s LymeRix and Gary Wormser for Connaught’s vaccine (which never made it to market) have conceptualized a disease that would enable vaccine development. The one-size-fits-all Lyme treatment guideline (lead author: Gary Wormser) matches the conceptualized disease. This is a flagrant conflict of interest. Post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome is simply a fabricated medical condition disguising treatment failure.

    Scientific misconduct to support one’s bias is fraud which has had an impact on public health and clinical treatment.

    This fraud has now been exposed through a recent racketeering lawsuit against the academics that have controlled the Lyme disease narrative for the past thirty years including Wormser and Steere.

    You can read the court document here: https://www.courthousenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/LymeDisease.pdf

    A chronic relapsing seronegative disease does not fit the vaccine model so chronic Lyme which is completely devastating to the patient is not recognized and there is no treatment. The disabled Lyme patient is left to fend for himself because treating this class of patient became too expensive as outlined in the racketeering lawsuit.

    Incidentally, newly appointed Robert Redfield MD as Director of the CDC is no stranger to scientific misconduct as he was accused of fudging results of the experimental AIDS vaccine.


    Carl Tuttle
    Independent Researcher
    Lyme Endemic Hudson, NH

  2. This all makes sense now. The anger of the press, digging up all kinds of dirt, the media foaming at the mouth. I just hope that this is truthfully real. Thanks, Kent. BTW: I am a Pharmacist, no longer behind the counter, and never vaccinated anyone.

  3. Barron Trump

    The truth if Barron Trump suffered vaccine injury should be verified by making addition of all quantities of aluminium in all vaccines he received before. The evaluation about possible adverse event should start from this point. Also formaldehyde and mercury can be significant.
    One professof within the Faculty of Pharmacy, a head of biochemistry department, told me recently extremely improtant information: ” Jagoda, you shoul know that when I was a student, a vaccines contains ONLY ANTIGEN AND PRESERVATIVE and nothing else. ”
    So, nowdays vaccine are different, because contains TOO MUCH CHEMICAL INGREDIENT. See a list below, for example, Hexaxim contains antigen and 21 chemical added ingredients, Tetravax antigen and 16 chemical added ingredients.

    1.) Tetanus vaccine
    aluminum phosphate (!!), sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydrogen carbonate
    sodium chloride, sodium phosphate dehydrate, monocalcium phosphate
    Ditevaxal T
    aluminum phosphate (!!), sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydrogencarbonate

    2.) vaccine against Hamophilus influenzae B.
    solvent sodium chloride, lactose
    sodium chloride, casein derivatives, ammonium sulphate, formalin

    3) vaccine against hepatitis B
    Engerix B
    aluminum hydroxide (!!) , sodium chloride, monobasic sodium phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate
    Euvax B
    sodium, aluminum hydroxide gel (!!), monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, sodium chloride

    4.) MMR or MRP vaccine
    amino acids, lactose, mannitol, neomycin sulfate, 9 mg of sorbitol, red phenol, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, calcium chloride, potassium phosphate, sodium hydrogen phosphate and neomycin.
    MMR II Merck Sharp & Dohme BV
    neomycin, sodium bicarbonate, phenol red, sorbitol, sodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, sucrose, porcine hydrolized gelatin, serum, sucrose, medium 199 with Hanks salts, medium Eagle, monosodium glutanate phosphate, L – glutanate and recombinant human albumin
    Priorix Tetra
    neomycin, sodium bicarbonate, phenol red, sorbitol, sodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, sucrose, porcine hydrolized gelatin, serum, sucrose, medium 199 with Hanks salts, medium Eagle, monosodium glutanate phosphate, – L -glutanate and recombinant human albumin.

    5.) vaccine against child paralysis
    Oral poliomyelitis vaccine
    proteins, magnesium chloride
    Polio Sabin
    magnesium chloride, L arginine, polysorbate 80, traces of neomycin, sulfate polymyxin B
    2-phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde (!), medium 199 with Hanks salts of red phenol, phenylalanine amino acids, mineral salts, glucose, polysorbate 80, acid chloride or sodium hydroxide
    Oral bivalent type 1 and 3
    buffer solution with herpes, magnesium chloride solution, polysorbate 80 and red phenol

    6.) Combined vaccine I
    Diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis and pertussis
    Infanrix IPV
    filamentous haemagglutinin FHA, sodium chloride, aluminum salts (!!) , medium 199, amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins, traces of neomycin and polymyxin, pertactin
    filamentous haemagglutinin, aluminum hydroxide (!!), phenol, Hanks medium without red phenol, acetic acid, sodium hydroxide, formaldehyde (!), 2-phenoxyethanol
    7.) Combined vaccine II
    filamentous haemagglutinin, aluminum hydroxide (!!), Hanks medium without red phenyl, acetic acid, sodium hydroxide, formaldehyde (!), phenoxetethanol, sucrose, trometamol
    Infanrix IPV + HIB
    aluminum hydroxide (!!), lactose, medium 199 with amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts, sodium chloride, traces of neomycin, polymyxin and 80 polysorbatol

    8.) combined vaccine III
    filamentous haemagglutinin, dibasic sodium phosphate, monobasic potassium phosphate, trometamol, sucrose, amino acids cystine, tyrosine, arginine hydrochloride, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, alkalies methionine hydrochlorides, phenylalanine, tryptophan, valine, traces of neomycin, streptomycin, polymyxin B, glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde
    Infanrix Hexa
    filamentous haemagglutinin, aluminum hydroxide (!!), aluminum phosphate (!!), sodium chloride, traces of formaldehyde (!), neomycin and polymyxin, pertactin, medium 199 with amino acids, minerals and vitamins

    9.) 1.) Vaccine against tuberculosis
    BCG Torlak
    sodium chloride, sucrose and water for injection

    10.). pertussis vaccine in combination with toxoid,
    aluminum phosphate (!!), sodium chloride, sodium hydrogen carbon

  4. The one thing I think the President is doing on vaccines is saying they won’t be mandatory. Many people would still get them even when and if they know they are dangerous. I have a whole family like that. None of them will listen to reason.

  5. None have been tested to make sure they do not contain ethyle mercury – 100,000 times more toxic than elemental mercury (hidden by the word preservative) Then there is Aluminum used for the phony test to prove immune system response.

  6. Supposedly CIA assassinated foremost expert in north america in reversing autism. See multiple mysterious deaths of multiple naturopaths lately.

  7. Ever since I came to the awareness of the vaccine debate I realized in no time that all those “secret ingredients” in vaccines under no circumstances can have any benefit to the living organism, other than induce the body’s immune-system to alarm of a dangerous insult to the body.Thus the antibody production to mobilize the defense system for action.No more.Will the body be able to deal with this insult or not is depends,for now at least. I named vaccines “a witch’s soup”. To me that what they are nothing more than a horrible mixture of toxic organic and inorganic matter, that no one in a right mind would drink, but why are they forcing this straight in our and our children’s blood stream? And in this argument I completely ignore the obvious consequences of this barbaric practice. Barbaric, because it’s origin is from barbaric societies of ancient times, introduced from far-east and re- invented by Jenner and westernized and accepted to be the most lucrative, Sacred-cash Cow.

  8. The wrecking ball first has to attack bigger problems than autism. God love the autism community, but it is not even the worst problem. Look into NXIVM, human/child trafficking, blackmail, depraved experiments by Bronfmans Ethical Health Foundation and you will begin to get the picture.

  9. See Ty Bollinger’s “The Truth About Vaccines” series to learn the facts. He is soon to come out with a series on pets, which includes vaccines. Furry family members also suffer. Our very healthy Yorkie was given a Bordetella vaccine (nasal version) without our knowledge or permission while being boarded at the vet. She was infected nasally which caused Stephens-Johnson Syndrome and which, despite treatment, eventually killed her.

    As for Barron, thank God Melania was able to help him. It would be helpful to know exactly what treatment cured him. It is unfortunate that she has made online bullying her cause du jour when she could turn Big Pharma on its head and save thousands by speaking out.

    Can anyone urge her to do so?

  10. I see the injury in Baron, plain as day, just as I understand the deepest inner workings and show. I don’t question this, for I was never trained to self-doubt and look the other way. I’m smart-so are you. What I am wondering is how good those behind the scenes really are at convincing certain presidents not to open certain things up (THAT ARE ALREADY OPEN!!) What I am hoping is that Trump will break this, smash it right up and open it from his end.

    The children should never have to be braver than the adults, and the adults who have been around this place long enough to know a little something about it raise it up and see it through. Never check out. Don’t falter, nor deny the world your gifts and Duty here.

    Speak up, loud, clear, human. Real. Authentic. Have faith, in this. Have faith in true health (before, through, and beyond all)-not the concoctions of man without God, complete with the poisons of a lazy greed.

    Just remember that the eyes are the window into the soul and that our nervous systems are a gift of processing all information and energy. Run certain rooted to physical things through it, and watch/see the change.

    The comments here are amazing….good information for everyone, as big pharma continues to use our schools, media, and government to secure more automatic payment only and to have people doing their (undesired but weakly complied with/agreed to) dirty work for them. They take payment for this and clearly, they should not. Find your own way people! Shape things, for yourselves, the kids and lasting, worthwhile longevity!

    Think about school nurses policing parents, and teachers covering autism rather than math and managing behavior rather than shaping a piece of a larger positive experience, in this world, for kids everywhere….finding a way, of the infinite opportunities, choices and abilities. Too many are acting like they just have a job to do now (like ‘oops, this thing happened and I just have to support it and do the best I can within the little box of it, or …..?’) Clearly, each person needs to remember who and what they are, and to get back in touch with, to tap into without falter, their true power.
    …imagine everyone just kind of working and getting through their days, in order to pay their bills, having lost their sense of strength, influence and purpose….schools that rank 44th (CA) but who went ahead and mandated the ‘catching up’ of children with the bloated, damning vaccine schedule and creating the sickest population of pre-schoolers that anyone has ever seen-in a nation that already has one of the poorest education systems out there.

    Question: do we know that the pre-schoolers are the sickest, since all on the front lines see and report it, or can we simply doubt them and fail to act on the reality, for ourselves, our children and our world, just because we aren’t seeing it for ourselves right now (and somehow find it easy or convenient to doubt)? That’s what so many are doing throughout the issues and honestly-I thought that as a group we were smarter than that, at this point in time. Many are….keep fighting and condemning the wrong that are only pointing their fingers at the good, to excuse the bad and even evil, in this world.

    People want to keep their jobs, so they are silent and dutiful-to all of the wrong people and for all of the wrong things….well, things will continue to change around the absolutely fundamental to life and Unchanging…real, the universal and enduring! God Bless…

  11. I see the injury in Baron, plain as day, just as I understand the deepest inner workings and show. I have his back and that of all children for whom he took a hit. He wouldn’t want to do this in the silence of the shadows. Neither would you.

    This isn’t a problem-seeing, it’s a gift. It is a strength to stand up for a child and honestly-nothing less will do, so before anyone attacks you (who would continue giving money to the wrong people or manage to celebrate the harming of an entire race) stand up.

  12. I am trying to figure out where to start. With the media literally controlled by Big Pharma’s advertising, any negativity will not be tolerated. Even asking what the ingredients are in a vaccine will result in the chant “AntiVaxxer”
    You Tube is removing any health videos or conservative leanings.
    So getting anything on media will be a problem until the sheeple I mean people learn of Reddit, Steemit, and some alternative sites. Meanwhile, would handbills plastered around spread any word? Just askin’, that’s all.

  13. Again and again squalene (MF59, and other names now) is noticeably left out of all vaccines. It has replaced aluminum in boosting immune response and a major cause of ‘Gulf War Syndrome (many more causes than vaccines and the combination of toxins/radiation as well). It is in many vaccines now and has not been ‘approved for use.’. To my knowledge. But when has that ever stopped big pharma.

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