Why Corretta Scott King went to a Mexican Clinic…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


There is no question that the extremely profitable US cancer industry provides absolutely ZERO hope, for US patients, against cancer.  I don’t think there is anybody in the US that believes the absolute drivel promoted by the American Cancer Society (ACS), a group that has come, not to represent “the fight against cancer,” but more as a “spokesperson for the rip-off cancer industry.”

A few months ago the American Cancer Society publicly whined that they had done a survey and found out that about half of the American public believed that there really were cancer cures available and that those cures were being suppressed by the industry because the non-cures were so profitable…

Well, I hate to be rude here, but, in street language, I’d have to say about this “no shit, Sherlock..”  What surprises me is that only about half of the US has figured that out.

US health care, rated seventy-second (72) in quality, worldwide, despite a massive public relations campaign, is losing ground with the American public.  I think it is just a matter of time before the American Cancer Society goes into full-security mode, concerned about drive-by shootings from gang members, and drug dealers, who became aware of the ACS’s role in withholding adequate cancer care from the mother that raised them…

It’s not fun watching your loved ones die from conventional cancer treatments.  The treatment is worse than the disease

So, what about Corretta Scott King?

The “quackbuster” operation in North America, run out of a New York ad agency,  took the opportunity, last week, to criticize the Mexican Cancer clinics, using the ruse that somehow, the clinic, Hospital Santa Monica, in Rosarita Beach, Baja, Mexico was responsible for King’s death because it offered “alternative” cancer therapies.  Although the victim of the quackbuster assault, semi-retired Chiropractor Kurt Donsbach, had sold his interest in the  hospital two years before, the “quackbusters”  who do little or no actual research about their intended victims, portrayed Donsbach as somehow responsible for King’s death.

The “spokesperson” for the “quackbuster” operation was the somewhat raggedy delicensed MD Stephen Barrett, who operates out of his basement in Allentown, Pennsylvania.   Barrett, we know, has been formally declared by the US court system, in a PUBLISHED decision, to be “biased, and unworthy of credibility.”

But Barrett’s lack of credibility didn’t stop Geraldo Rivera from featuring Barrett pompous-izing on national television.  Rivera, who’s usual offering is something like“tranvestite nuns who’s illegitimate children eat their own bodies in Al Capone’s vault…” found more of the same by featuring Stephen Barrett.

But, Corretta Scott King’s family is NOT happy with those broadcasts – and especially not happy with the racial overtones. – and the suggestion that they were stupid, or misled, black people who need to be protected from themselves.

This weekend, at the Long Beach Health Freedom Expo held  February 24-26, 2006 — Long Beach Convention Center, 300 Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach CA 90802, over a hundred of Hospital Santa Monica’s CURED cancer patients are holding a press conference.  They’ll be standing there, in anger, medical records in hand, daring anyone to call them “stupid, or misled…”  There won’t be a “quackbuster”  within miles. They’ll all be hiding under the bed somewhere.

I’ll be speaking Sunday, at 2:00 PM.

So why did Corretta Scott King’s family take her to a Mexican clinic – because they wanted her to live…

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Health Freedom Advocate