Quackpot Stephen Barrett “Mugged” Again – in Hometown Court…

Delicensed MD Stephen Barrett, author of the questionable website “quackwatch.com,” lost another Court case this last month.  Barrett is on a long Courtroom losing streak.

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Barrett’s bigoted comments about cutting-edge health care offerings have caused concerns among health industry leaders for years – and now those leaders are reacting..  Barrett has been embroiled in, seemingly, one Court action after another.  Those court actions included two separate actions where he was named as a participant in Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) charges.

The recent case though, wasn’t an assault against Barrett, it was a Pennsylvania Court’s rejection of a lawsuit filed by Barrett against one of his detractors.

Barrett claims to be a “retired Psychiatrist,” but Court records show he was never able to pass the testing requirements to be Board Certified in that specialty.  Barrett is not licensed to practice Medicine in any State, and has not been allowed to do so since 1993.  More importantly – Barrett is not licensed to practice Naturopathy in any State either – and by his own admission, has not completed even the basic requirements to be registered in that field.

A few years ago, Barrett sued leading US Chiropractor Tedd Koren for allegedly “defaming Barrett.”  The Court ruled against Barrett, tossing out the case.  The Judge in that case publicly remonstrated Barrett, “I’m saying this to the parties, and particularly to you Dr.Barrett.  I notice you are talking to your lawyer while I’m talking.  And I would suggest to you that you would be better off if you listen to me, for afterwards you will have plenty of time to talk.”

Who is this “Barrett?”

There has been a movement in North America, for some time, away from the conventional “drugs, drugs, and more drugs,” medical paradigm.  Barrett, and a small visible group self-styling themselves as “quackbusters”, have for years smeared those emerging paradigms, and their practitioners, with a vicious, hateful, snarling, almost daily assault.  But those practitioners, these days, are reacting, and Barrett and his minions have become targets, not only in the Courthouse, but in the media – and Barrett, apparently, doesn’t like his own medicine.

In this case, Barrett, clearly not liking the Pennsylvania Judge’s decision to throw out his claim, filed a Motion for a new Trial in the Barrett v. Koren case.  Dr. Koren, who IS LICENSED to practice in Pennsylvania, was represented by California litigator Carlos F. Negrete. The Judge’s response to Barrett‘s demand for a new trial was short, and to the point – “Denied.” 

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate