Why Are The Democrats So Eager To Damage America’s Children?

Millions of Parents Of Vaccine-Damaged Children Want To Know…

Opinion By “Deplorable, Smelly, WalMart Shopper” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

We live in interesting times…

The valiant “Anti-Vaxxer” community, operating across Planet Earth, dedicated to saving humanity from the clutches of the Big Pharma globalist conspiracy, smashing their way through Big Pharma’s propaganda machinations, have made, and proven, something very important…

Big Pharma OWNS the US Democratic Party outright…

Heroic “Anti-Vaxxers” throwing themselves against Big Pharma’s social and political barricades, have driven Pharma stooges to desperation – We have forced them to come out in the open, and the smell is/was as expected.

We forced them to play the cards we wanted them to play right here, and right now – Pharma tried the “Mandatory Vaccine” gambit, hoping against hope that by implementing “Mandatory Vaccines” where they completely control the dialogue (or where they THOUGHT they controlled it) they could reverse the massive “Anti-Vaxxer” worldwide gains.  But…

The “Blue Pill” failed to give them the political erection they needed…

There is no question that the now completely Socialist/Marxist, US Democratic Party is on the ropes.

They should be – for they offer NOTHING to the American public except HATRED for normal Americans.  The idea that we, the NORMAL Americans, would vote for, and install in office, a President (Donald Trump) that ACTUALLY LISTENS to our American needs, and ACTS on our concerns, drives these Socialist/Marxists right up the wall.  To them we are all supposed to be OBEDIENT…

Big Pharma, and their wholly owned US Democratic Party have been stopped TWICE now in their, what they thought, were their bastions of liberalism, in their efforts towards national “Mandatory Vaccines…”

Our victory against “Mandatory Vaccines,” in New Jersey, home of several of the biggest Big Pharma and their minionates, was over-the-top, and the battle there is just beginning.  But, and it is a very big “but…” it wasn’t the first total victory in “liberal land.”  Let’s not forget what happened in almost totally socialist Oregon, where alliances with local Republicans came to our rescue…

Oregonians SMASH Big Pharma – NO Vaccine Mandates For Oregon’s Children…

Americans Have Stopped Being “Nice” to Democrats…

And THAT action is working…  We are turning things around.

Look at what is happening in California, the HOME of “Mandatory Vaccines…”  Here, the entire Democratic Party machine is under fire – as well it should be, for virtually everything put forward by the “liberal Elites” is failing.  I predict that “Mandatory Vaccines” in California will be turned back within two years.

Why do I say that?  Keep reading…

The “Homeless issue…” itself, is going to destroy the California Democratic Party…

Let me explain.  “Homelessness” in California would be an easy problem to solve if it were not for the natural pitfalls in “liberal elite” thinking.  WE DO NOT HAVE SUCH PROBLEMS IN “RED STATES.”  Why?  Mostly, “Homelessness,” itself, is primarily a function of a shortage of affordable housing.

So why is there NO affordable housing in California?    Two reasons:  (1) 2.4 million Illegal immigrants, and (2)  2.9 million H1-B workers from India, Pakistan, and Bengladesh here to control Social Media.

According to the Public Policy Institute

California has more immigrants than any other state.  California is home to almost 11 million immigrants—about a quarter of the foreign-born population nationwide. In 2017, the most current year of data, 27% of California’s population was foreign born, more than double the percentage in the rest of the country. Foreign-born residents represented at least one-third of the population in five California counties: Santa Clara (39%), San Francisco (36%), San Mateo (35%), Los Angeles (34%), and Alameda (33%). Half of California children have at least one immigrant parent.”

More than half (52%) of California’s immigrants are naturalized US citizens, and another 25% have some other legal status (including green cards and visas). According to the Center for Migration Studies, only about 23% of immigrants in California are undocumented. From 2010 to 2017, the number of undocumented immigrants in the state declined from 2.9 million to 2.4 million.

Looking at the numbers reveals an interesting story – the simple fact that 48% of California’s immigrant population (5.5 million people) are here on some “liberal elite” H1-B program, or are here illegally – taking jobs and housing away from Americans, forcing many of them onto the streets.  That 48% represents 13.75% of California’s population.

Think about that – 13.5% of California’s population are NOT citizens and they are taking jobs and homes away from Americans…

We should be surprised that there are ONLY about 140,000 homeless in California.  Americans must be resourceful – for the 5.5 million illegal immigrants and H1-B workers are VERY willing to live four to six people in a room driving up the basic cost of housing.

It gets even worse…

Are California Democrats “force vaccinating” the homeless?…

No one should be surprised at that.  Have you seen the photos of literally thousands of California homeless laying in the streets nearly motionless in the middle of the day?

Here may be why that isThe vaccine has obvious side effects.

“Havrix pre-licensure clinical trials found the most common reactions to be injection site soreness (21-56 percent) and headache (9-14 percent) followed by loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue and fever in between one and 10 percent of injections. Less than one percent of injections were followed by upper respiratory infection, swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy), stiff muscles (hypertonia), joint, muscle or abdominal pain, itching, rash, or other adverse events.

Post marketing surveillance of Havrix included reports of anaphylaxis, syncope (fainting), convulsions, encephalopathy, Guillain Barre syndrome, neuropathy, vasculitis, thrombocytopenia and serum-sickness like syndrome and other adverse events.7

The Basic Philosophy of the “liberal elites” is being attacked in California…

And it is leading to their downfall…

Everyone knows that the “liberal elites” rely on Open Borders to be able to bring in millions of illegal aliens so as to, in a Cloward-Piven Scheme, overload America’s welfare system, leading to the collapse of the Capitalist society.  Destruction of the American system of government is paramount in the UN Agenda 21 scheme to destroy the tenets of Western Civilization.  We have explained this all before as in the article below…

Hillary Is “The Resistance?”

“Anti-Vaxxers” have learned, the hard way, that there are things embedded in the system that thwart their efforts to reverse the vaccine damage problem.  For one thing, the liberal media is their enemy – for 70% of the liberal media’s income comes from Big Pharma advertising.

“Anti-Vaxxers” have also learned that the entire Democratic Party in the US is wholly owned by that same Big Pharma.

So, neither of those two avenues are available to provide solution.  But, like President Trump, “Anti-Vaxxers” DO NOT QUIT.  They keep looking for avenues to use to solve their issues – and they FIND them..  Since there are so many “Anti-Vaxxers,” that fact alone drives Big Pharma into desperate tactics.

“Anti-Vaxxers” have learned that “vaccines, themselves are not the problem.  The problem is the scum/filth holding the vaccines in their hands ready to jam-inject them into our valued children. More, Vaccine Promoters, themselves, are coming under fire, as well they should be…”  As an example

Let’s look at the reality of those that ATTACK the “Anti-Vaxxer” community – as shown in the article below…

The REAL STORY About the “Skeptic” Attack on Del BigTree…

An excerpt from that article points out:

“For as long as I can remember there has been a version of the current “Skeptic” organization operating in North America.  Each time they appear, so to speak, they have been beaten, and shoved back into the septic tank with the lid closed tightly, right where they belong.

The earlier version of the current “Skeptic” organization was called the “Quackbusters.”  They were led by Stephen Barrett of the infamous quackwatch.com scenario.  It took a while to crush him and them, but, in fact, crush them we did – lawsuits, traps, media campaigns, you-name-it-we-did-it operations designed to rid the North American health care world of a cockroach infestation.

What is consistent in the “Skeptic” and the “Quackbuster”    worlds is the “quality” of the people that run them.

In my earlier article on the attack I showed you another important photograph, reprinted just below.  It shows some VERY important things about “skeptic leadership.”  Let’s look at it again:

Skeptic Leadership Orac (David Gorski) and James Randi at an “Amazing Meeting” TRAINING younger people…

I pointed out, in that article, just exactly who and what James Randi is with an audio tape of him recruiting sex from a young boy.  Here it is again:

After I ran this story, and it picked up all over the internet, the “Skeptics” tried to circulate a story claiming  (insert laughter here) that “the local Chief of Police asked him to make those kind of calls…”

Go ahead – take a moment to laugh…

In case you think that David Gorski (Orac) and James Randi represent an isolated incident – take a look at this below:

The Skeptics:  Who are they?  What are they?

It is all coming together…

And I think that the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement is at the forefront of the beginning of the end of the US Democratic Party as we know it.  Good riddance.

What Can the “Anti-Vaxxer” community Learn From the “Homeless?”

I brought up the “California Homeless” issue, in this article about “Vaccine Damage” for good reason.  Here it comes in the form of a question –

“Why does the homeless issue get so much media attention, when it, as a problem, pales in comparison to the “Vaccine damaged children” mega-issue?

Because the “homeless issue” epitomizes the entire failure of liberalism.  For the so-called “liberal solutions” to America’s problems CREATED the entire homeless issue.  No matter how much money they throw at it they cannot solve it.  And they never will…

Why?  We cannot, as a nation, pretend that Americans do not need jobs, and housing, to support their families.  Or, that families, like liberals claim, are not important.  We really do need to “Make America First…”

We need to focus our society on America’s problems FIRST.  Then we can begin to help others…

California was/is supposed to be liberalism’s “Flag Ship” for what should happen in America, and the “homeless” issue does just that – but not in the way the socialist/communists wanted.  America can see the reality, on the nightly news, or in the newspapers, just what is in store for them if they embrace the social crazy-isms of unrestricted immigration and H1-B programs.

Worse, parents of California’s damaged children can see just EXACTLY what is in store for THEIR vaccine-damaged children once the parents die.

What can “Anti-Vaxxers” learn from the “homeless” issue?  The simple fact that the more “in-their-face” we are, the faster we will solve the problems.  And what is the strategy?  Politically attack anyone, and everyone, holding a vaccine in their hands.  No more “Mr Nice Guy…”

Bottom Line – Why Are The Democrats So Eager To Damage America’s Children?

Because vaccines damage your brain, and the Democrats, in the future, need MORE Democrats (brain damaged people) that will, without question, believe, and promote, the snivel-drivel being doled out by the US Democratic Party – you know, “we’ve got twleve years until the world ends, blah, blah, blah…”

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable, Smelly, WalMart Shopper” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

10 thoughts on “Why Are The Democrats So Eager To Damage America’s Children?”

  1. Mandatory vaccines in the USA can very easily be removed, using the reverse religious argument. But for reasons I don’t understand nobody is doing it. I suppose it sounds too easy and people are used to doing things the difficult way. It’s totally bizarre. (Or maybe all the big names cannot accept that an ordinary, pretty anonymous woman knows how to solve a problem they haven’t been able to solve?)

  2. To stop the destruction of yet another generation of innocents, it is urgent that a true tally be made of the many ways vaccines injure. This is especially so because the new vaccine mandate laws in places like NY and CA, and now happily not NJ attack not only religious conscientious objectors, but also doctors’ medical excuses by limiting legal excuses to only adverse reactions specified by the CDC.

    However, another major Federal agency, the Institutes of Medicine (IOM) have been charged by Congress to explicate the scope of adverse reactions. And this they have done through a series of significant Vaccine Injury Reports issued over the past several decades.

    The horrific story of mass vaccine injury has been documented by the relevant Federal agency and the Media of Mass Deception is ignoring the evidence.

    Here is a journal article reviewing the IOM Reports. This is the evidence the Anti-Vaxx Movement needs to shout about:


  3. Tim, as you may know, our dear President has issued an EO that established a task force — combining HHS and DOD — in a GRAND QUEST for speed and effectiveness in FLU VAX DEVELOPMENT…. for ‘public health’ as well as ‘national security’……. whew……

    Curiously, in a video of his announcing this months ago, he specifically talked about ‘safety’ as a tested requirement….. [can’t find the video anymore]…… YET I HAVE SEEN THE TEXT OF THE EO and there is NOT ONE WORD about ‘safe’ anything… what he seems to have conflated in his BIG PLAN is the NEED TO BRING VAX MANUFACTURING HOME… with … NATIONAL SECURITY ala DOD….. not a word about damaging children with autism.

    Now as you know, we think he has a subterranean multi-dimensional chess strategy somewhere in this BIG PLAN FOR A RAPID DEVELOPMENT AND DEPLOYMENT OF FLU VACCINES IN PANDEMIC for ALL KINDS OF FLU, DONE IN OUR OWN HANDS..

    So i looked at the details, and was curious about this idea of entangling DOD with his distrust of Pharma… so i focused on what DOD was to be implementing… Curiously this item for the Secy of Defense OPENS A DOOR THE VACCINE INDUSTRY WANTS SHUT……

    “(iv) identify opportunities to use DOD’s vaccine research and development enterprise, in collaboration with HHS, to include both early discovery and design of influenza vaccines as well as later-stage evaluation of candidate influenza vaccines;”


    VAERS is their achilles heel… IF VAERS WAS ACTUALLY CAPTURING THE DAMAGE DONE [we’d include ineffectiveness as a failed event] the PHARMA LYING WOULD BE IN EVERYONE’s FACE…

    Now you may think that this would be objected to as ‘safety’ when ‘effectiveness’ was all that is talked about… BUT FOR **NATIONAL SECURITY** WE CAN’T HAVE THE TROOPS BECOMING VEGETABLES LIKE THE HOMELESS..


    But you’ll wonder just how PIE-IN-THE-SKY such a twist would be helpful NOW when urgently needed in the face of the mandation agenda…… well…….. at least some politicians can defend their ‘hesitancy’ to PHARMA as RECOGNIZED NEED FOR MODERNIZATION ALA DOD EVEN.. oy… but there’s a more massive rescue possible….



    That study’s system was PRECISELY to MODERNIZE VAERS and done by the techs in a HHS agency — Agency for Healthcare Research and QUALITY…. and TRUMP HAMMERS MODERNIZATION as wanted every chance he gets in the EO…..

    How do we get the Secy of Defense [Esper] to demand and push to ‘modernize’ VAERS…. under HIS direct commands… maybe with the VA troubles and history of troops as victims of bad vaxxes in Desert Storm, etc?

    Dr Esper is not medical, but a PhD IN PUBLIC POLICY…. would he be influence-able by the history of vitamin C in SUCCESSFUL WARFARE — Americans defeating Rommel in the Desert in WWii or the little LIMEY British navy wiping out the massive Spanish Armada …..

    How do WE GET IN AND GET THIS DONE…? I saw the IT genius that produced the automation of VAERS in the AHRQ study [above] that the CDC wanted stopped is/was working in Australia by now…. His final report showed his disappointment specifically with the CDC’s loss of ‘cooperation’ once the data was emerging and it was time to move forward.. which is on the last page here…..


    ..and Trump’s handiwork is here……


    There’s gotta be a way. to fit all the pieces together…… TTYL

  4. Ralph… that paper is genuine dynamite but at times it becomes alarmingly close to making the IOM look like an impotent staged-opposition when we see so many times the evidence of corrupted CDC/ACIP/WHO totally ignoring the faint cries of lack of decent research and yet that’s in spite of the intentional absence of decent work, plus fully demonstrated evidence of specific terrible harm…….

    1) IOM SHOULD BE MADE AWARE AND BE GIVEN ACCESS TO THE DATA FROM THE AUTOMATED ADVERSE EVENT DATA in my links above……. as it opens the door to studying what absent data should be DEMAND-ABLE

    2) IOM SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN TRUMP’s FLU EO as an independent oversight reporting to WE THE PEOPLE…..

    3) The same technology that was the basis of the cluster analyses — that showed nearly 3% of vaccines administered caused adverse events AND that showed that doctors should be reporting adverse events about ONE A MONTH — could be implemented in the VA databases…. could obviously be implemented in all HMOs and even insurance companies would stand up awake even though they are now able to raise premiums to cover adverse outcomes, THERE IS A FINANCIAL LIMIT

    4) Your IOM report — complete with that knockout list of the IOM STUDIES themselves — could be in the hands of the DOCTORS’ CAUCUS in Congress as well as evaluations done of the DATA FROM THE AHRQ SYSTEM TO REPLACE VAERS to see the consequent costs of vaccines in adverse event followup expenses.. maybe Trump’s and Rand Paul’s favored budget analysts too

    5) TRUMP HAS TO GET THAT AHRQ SYSTEM…. his coupling of FLU — the weakest link in PHARMA’s pantheon of vaxxes because adults are affected and because it is WIDELY KNOWN HOW UNLIKELY THE VAX IS TO BE EFFECTIVE AT ALL…. and how the faked swineflu pandemic exposed the UNSAFETY OF FLU-VAXXES… makes his choice opportune but, more, his tying it to NATIONAL DEFENSE is an interesting card game trick.. agreed?

    6) Spread widely is an understatement… ttyl

  5. Ralph… as far as getting the IOM into the catbird seat on Trump’s EO game, there’s Section 3 (e) The Task Force may consult with State, local, tribal, and territorial government officials and private sector representatives, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law.

    … would IOM be a ‘private sector representative, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law’… else we have to get IOM directly in TRUMP’s BACK POCKET……

  6. Google found this on ‘IOM study on flu vaccine issues’…

    Nice list but narrowing down to flu… it appears their only published report was in 2003 and dealt with the claims from that faked pandemic of 1976 and what it was claimed to have caused… http://www.nationalacademies.org/hmd/reports/2003/Immunization-Safety-Review-Influenza-Vaccines-and-Neurological-Complications.aspx

    Back to spreading….. ttys

  7. MJ – I thought about NOT allowing your Comment on the what Trump is doing with the flu vaccine, and contacting you personally about working with me to construct a series of articles about the Task Force and its functions.

    But then I thought “what the hell…” we might as well start right here. Hardly anyone knows what Donald is up to with his intended revision of health care. What we do know is that Presidential Election 2020 is “Big Pharma Vs Trump” – and I am putting my money on Trump.

    We, of course, are helping him. I want “Big Pharma” to end up “Little Pharma,” mewling and whimpering under Rising America’s Boot.

  8. Thank you Tim, and yeah, I’d be happy to help with this, as i always look for angles and opportunities to smash the druglords’ empire, and remove or re-educate their Igors..

    And Trump is clearly opening those paths as cleverly as he can figure.. this combo of vaccines and the DOD is amazing as an opportunity to insist on real science and decent decision making being doable with informed consent, as the country’s security depends on it,…. which uses the political muscle favoring ‘DEFENSE’ as an angle to counter the MEDICAL DRUG hold on the ‘high ground’ in legislative debate, as we also see in juries and courtrooms..

    But there’s another view of the connection between DOD and the druglords, that Trump may also be thinking about… LIKE THIS VIDEO FROM VAXXED [on tour]… shocking how our troops are treated…


    After Gulfwar Syndrome, veterans also know vaxxes are a danger and are awake whether they want to or not..

    As for the IOM, they may be a rather weak ally, if what i’ve seen on their handiwork in setting pathetic and flatout wrong RDAs is not rectified since the pharmacokinetic data [ala dynamic dosing] on therapeutic C is in their ‘in-basket’ … hopefully Ralph [with his institution-views there] will tell us that the vax-evaluating people are not the same as the RDA-setting group… in any case, their vax work so far is some ammunition, that we should use…

    The initial planning by the DOD/HHS task force is due in Trump’s in-basket some time in February 2020… sure wish i was the proverbial fly-on-the-wall in Esper’s office when he is working on vaxxing for the troops….

    My only access is that our Representative is an MD in the military with responsibility for VA and Intel [the time-and-brain-eating Pelosi/Schiff tangle].. but at least Wenstrup’s case worker is looking to get some work done on getting the AHRQ system data looked at [relative to my query on measles], and maybe i can find an angle further upchain now with the flu and troops. Let me know what you’d want to find out too……. TTYL

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