Who Among Us Has The Power To Routinely Plant “Fake Health-Science News” Reports?

Heart Disease is the number one killer in the United States – 800,000 Americans Die Needlessly EVERY Year…

Not because science has failed, but because of a deliberate campaign to misinform and mislead the public.

By Owen Fonorow – President – Vitamin C Foundation


Fake News is not just political…

Fake health-science “news” reports are now appearing so often in the Press that ordinary people take notice.

Planted stories resembling a professional CIA- or KGB-style propaganda campaign are responsible for the death of at least 1,000 Americans every day.  The campaign has been in operation since 1984, and its roots may date back to 1970 [1]. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects these perpetrators. Save defamation and libel, the American Press can print misinformation.

Propaganda masquerading as health-science news is not hard to spot, especially for those with knowledge of the science behind the success of alternative medicine.

The drumbeat that ‘cholesterol is bad, causes heart disease, and every effort should be made to lower it’ has droned on for more than a decade. This BIG LIE is reinforced daily even though the leaders of the American Medical Association cautioned that our fears are misplaced and there is not sufficient evidence to fear elevated cholesterol [2]. We are conditioned to fear fats, favor carbohydrates, and lately fear “antioxidants.”  Most insidious of all, we are being conditioned to fear the most important life giving substance known: ascorbic acid, or vitamin C!

Propaganda artists understand that the bigger, more widely distributed and more bold-faced the lie…

…the more people will believe it.

Few substances in the world are safer than vitamin C, but this well established fact has not stopped not-recent worldwide health-science “news” scare stories, which imply that vitamin C may cause heart disease and cancer!  Not a single one of these reports has been substantiated [3].  However, the truth does not appear to matter. “Vitamin C consumption is down 19% year-over-year,” according to Nutrition researcher and journalist Bill Sardi.  The “terror” campaign works.  The public are now frightened about taking vitamin C!

The Media can and does not act alone. 

The “propaganda as news” campaign could not succeed without the tacit support of medical professionals and scientists who know better, and who profit from the ill health of Americans.

There is circumstantial evidence of a conspiracy. Medicine and pharmaceutical companies profit from illness. Doctors generally look the other way, or else routinely cite these articles to questioning patients.  Social security programs are facing bankruptcy from servicing the elderly. Recently, funeral homes in Israel complained after doctors went on strike and the death rate dropped dramatically [4].

We have been examining false health-science “news” stories for years.

One objective seems to be to promote dietary behavior that leads to chronic, rather than acute, medical conditions. These conditions are normally treated long-term with prescription drugs.  Another objective is to undermine confidence in cheap, effective alternatives to prescription drugs. Usually this means ridiculing vitamins, but sometimes the campaign attacks how vitamins and herbal products are made, or cite a “lack of regulation.”

Another hint towards who might be behind the false health-science “news” is the obvious secondary objective: confusion and obfuscation. If one is able to keep the public confused, then the public will have no choice but to rely on their doctors. Health care costs amount to more than 7% of GDP.  No reason to rock that boat.

The real science is clear…

These propaganda stories, to the extent they reduce vitamin C and other anti-oxidant consumption, will increase the incidence of heart and other chronic diseases; creating an economic advantage for medicine. Not all who die are old.  Many heart attack and stroke victims are in their 30s and 40s.  According to the American Heart Association, in spite of the decline in heart disease mortality since the 1970s (741,000 in 1970 to less than 500,000 in the year 2000), more than 1,000 people die every day in the USA of some form of heart disease [5].

When you profit from sickness…

…your marketing department will sooner or later figure out how to make people sick.

Those who market hospitals or cardiac drugs may view the steep decline in heart disease mortality rate since 1970 [6] as a revenue and profit disaster.  The revenue hemorrhage for heart surgeons, cardiologists, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies (especially those who make high-profit cholesterol lowering prescription drugs) is staggering. From 250,000 to 650,000 more people would have been expected to perish last year. The (lost) profits had the expected heart disease mortality rate continued to rise after 1970 per the 60-year trend, is in the billions!

Think of the great marketing problem if a cure had been invented that does not require either a prescription drug or a doctor!

Fortunately, the cause and cure for heart disease is simple.  The true nature of heart disease, a simple vitamin C deficiency, was recognized in the late 1940s and early 1950s [7].  Linus Pauling claims to have written his first book on vitamin C to counter misinformation in the media in the late 1960s [8]. Pauling invented his putative cure for heart disease in 1993 [9].

The BIG LIE campaign to discredit Pauling, and reduce the daily consumption of vitamin C, will inevitably lead to higher rates of heart disease and mortality.

The only reason that the public is not aware of this is because individuals in positions of trust, hiding behind the First Amendment freedoms afforded to our press, promulgate false information. 

The Press, whom we rely on to ferret out corruption, has become the greatest malfeasant of all.

We suspect, economics being what they are, that the motivation behind the BIG LIE campaign is self-preservation.  For an industry that feeds on illness, the realization that Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath are right, that there is no longer any reason for the million annual heart operations, or for taking billions of dollars of dangerous cholesterol lowering medications, was a transformation that had to be resisted at all costs.  This realization is the only logical reason that human beings would dare risk causing such massive suffering among their fellow men and women.

While we cannot pinpoint specific individuals behind the genocide…

recent events provide clues to the morals and ethics of the CEOs of large combined pharmaceutical and vitamin companies. In 2004, the US Justice Department and the Governments of many Western Nations levied multi-billion dollar fines against those companies that illegally entered into the so-called “Vitamin Cartel” and admitted fixing vitamin prices.

The pharmaceutical multinational corporations…

…Hoffmann-La Roche, BASF, Rhône-Poulenc and other multinational pharmaceutical companies have now admitted to criminal price fixing for vitamin raw materials. These international companies have divisions that manufacture synthetic vitamins as well as pharmaceuticals.

The US-justice department declared that this Vitamin-Cartel was the largest cartel ever discovered…

…and named it an economic “conspiracy.“ Roche, BASF and the others cartel members agreed to pay almost a billion dollars in fines for committing these crimes. One of the smaller companies provided “states evidence” about the price fixing in return for leniency [10].

According to the Matthias Rath website, this cartel formed after Dr. Rath briefed the heads of these pharmaceutical/vitamin manufactures about the true nature and cause of heart disease.”

Rath maintains that after he provided them with proof that CVD is essentially a vitamin C deficiency disease, these companies began to organize the now infamous “Vitamin Cartel.”

Hoffmann-La Roche is the largest producer of vitamin C in the world. According to Dr. Rath, he originally approached the presidents of these companies to encourage them to increase vitamin C production and to help him inform the public of this new use of vitamin C.

Rath was shocked to discover that they did the opposite of what he intended.

In order to preserve the higher profit margins of other divisions, e.g. the cholesterol lowering drug divisions, the heads of these major companies conspired to raise the prices of vitamins. According to Rath, this price fixing was to discourage the use of vitamins in favor of cholesterol lowering medications, and to increase profits should the truth about heart disease become widely known [10].

Now that this conspiracy is out in the open, we have insight into the thinking, morals and ethics of the leadership of the largest pharmaceutical/vitamin companies in the world.

Fortunately for humanity, but unfortunately for these huge companies, the cure for heart disease is cheap and plentiful.  As this becomes generally well known via the Internet, it may be of benefit to unload pharmaceutical stocks or mutual funds.

It is also worth noting that the CIA was strongly influenced at its inception by intelligence experts recruited from NAZI Germany [11].

Much has been written about how the CIA and other intelligence communities routinely use media campaigns…

…to shape public opinion against foreign governments, or to protect clandestine operations.  This propaganda is disguised as news. We know that the intelligence communities have media contacts. The media has been conditioned, most likely flattered by the attention and “inside” sources, and has not resisted.

We would not be surprised to learn that former intelligence operatives, after leaving the CIA, have found lucrative work at pharmaceutical companies.  The campaign from a technical standpoint has been outstanding, however these are not well-intentioned people. Perhaps some day one will come forward and blow the whistle?

The Media cannot escape responsibility.

Whether Media moguls are orchestrating the grand deception, or are unwitting accomplices being manipulated, or are relying on expert sources and opinions, the end result is the same; a massive loss of life and untold suffering.

A school child could check the accuracy of many of these planted health-science stories.

A cub reporter could balance these negative reports with hundreds to the contrary. No, reporters cannot simply hide behind their laziness or ignorance. According to author and former journalist Arline Brecher, tremendous advertising revenues can and do influence Editors to look the other way [12].

Bribery cannot be ruled out.

The great problem facing humanity is how to stop or counter this long running BIG LIE campaign. This is not a simple undertaking.

The coffers of huge companies that profit from human suffering and death is enormous, thanks in large part to the campaign itself which effectively promotes and protects their products.  As long as the media is unable or not willing to tell the truth, millions of their fellow citizens will continue to suffer and die prematurely.  Mediacide has cost the USA trillions of dollars in unnecessary health care expenditures.

Recently, the campaign has become bolder.

Perhaps those behind the campaign have gained confidence that these lies will go unchallenged; or they have become stupid.  As the planted stories become more shrill, appear too often and are harder to believe, we can hope the public will finally wake up and become the force that vanquishes these fake-news campaigns from the face of the Earth.

By Owen Fonorow – President – Vitamin C Foundation



Published by

Owen Fonorow

Owen Fonorow is a United States Air Force Academy graduate class of 1976. He worked and retired from AT&T Bell Laboratories in 2001. His interests include orthomolecular nutrition and computer science. His primary research interest in the field of nutrition has been the therapeutic properties of vitamin C. In 1996, Owen founded the nonprofit Vitamin C Foundation, along with his brother Michael S. Till, Sr. Owen has since written more than thirty articles and these papers have been published in assorted alternative medical journals including the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Nexus New Times, Life Extension Foundation magazine, American Naturopathic Medical Association Monitor, Florida ECO Report, International Council for Health Freedom Newsletter and Media By-Pass. Many of the themes in these articles have been incorporated in his book, Practicing Medicine Without A License? The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease.

6 thoughts on “Who Among Us Has The Power To Routinely Plant “Fake Health-Science News” Reports?”

  1. The Corruption of Evidence Based Medicine — Killing for Profit

    Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor in chief of NEJM wrote in 2009 that,
    “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor”

    This has huge implications. Evidence based medicine is completely worthless if the evidence base is false or corrupted. It’s like building a wooden house knowing the wood is termite infested. What caused this sorry state of affairs? Well, Dr. Relman another former editor in chief of the NEJM said this in 2002…
    “The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful”
    The people in charge of the system — the editors of the most important medical journals in the world, gradually learn over a few decades that their life’s work is being slowly and steadily corrupted. Physicians and universities have allowed themselves to be bribed.


  2. When, many decades ago, Rockefeller began purchasing “the media” and now, through a screen of dummy corporation, controlsabout 93% of the Main Stream Media it was precisely with this in mind.

    The pharma cartel deliberately uses the media which they own to spread propaganda about non-existent illnesses and to denigrate all non-pharmaceutical options. This is, if I remeber it correctly, contrary to anti-trust law. Perhaps Ralph Fucetola could advise us on this?

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  3. I’ve been working my way through Hickey & Roberts excellent book [[ Tarnished Gold]] and see that their solution — after thoroughly bashing ‘evidence based medicine’ as only beneficial to pharmaceutical corporations, never to patients– is for doctors to do ‘clinical trials’ comparing a favored pair of approved therapies and then develop the BAYSIAN data on each so that doctors have solid data for their own use with patients as well as share such results with other doctors for comparisons etc…

    Now suppose one of those treatments was an ‘alternative’ involving vitamins in therapeutic doses, for example. To put such ‘alternative’ therapy into practice without the ‘protection’ of having offered the ‘standard of practice’ or for doing clinical trials would risk a MD’s license. But to present the data from such clinical trials TO PATIENTS would open truth and informed consent into the hands of patients without risking their lucrative livelihood, should ‘somehow’ patients begin choosing the therapeutic vitamins, rotfl…

    Hickey and Roberts maintain that today’s computer tech with spreadsheet capability would enable these sorts of comparisons to be made in intelligible form, though without actual demonstrated steps, so i’ve been checking this out and it is possible to do some decent presentations from a pair of treatments’ result sequences, likely not even getting to anything like large trials, basically under 20 patients in each… in fact, i’d wager that for comparisons of a drug with therapeutic vitamin doses THAT THE PATTERN OF CLEAR BENEFIT DIFFERENCE WOULD APPEAR BY THE TIME THE TRIALS REACH A DOZEN IN EACH CATEGORY and the doctor could already then decently ethically begin approaching patients with the results and letting them choose.

    I’m seeing the appearance of more doctors getting revolutionary after the debacle of ovamacare. Even in our area there are already doctors who offer contract coverage to patients to provide all the office needs of their patients for $80/month/patient. Basically underbidding medicare part B even. Even a whole professional category of ‘functional medicine’ is taking shape, so Owen, don’t lose heart. Partly due to doctors like Tennant and Wahls who had to cure their own diseases, and partly due to successful patients who discovered dr-google and organize podcasts, write books, set up facebook pages for fellow sufferers, like Cavin Balaster [wanting decent feeding tube choices] and Chris Wark [cancer alternatives] and autism refugees and hyperbaric users…

    So thank you Owen for this information packed article and especially the results on Rath’s work [amazingly naive, lol] yet crucially important in its logic-trusting… bravo Rath!! ttyl

  4. People who get scared of taking vitamin C are totally ridiculous. I believe in it, take mega doses daily and would be more scared of taking prescription medicines and vaccines.

  5. @ Karma Singh:
    I recorded your comment.:
    When, many decades ago, Rockefeller began purchasing “the media” and now, through a screen of dummy corporation, controlsabout 93% of the Main Stream Media it was precisely with this in mind.

    Your totally right about Rockefeller. But try 10 decades. The current allopathic medical system was set up by Rockefeller over 100 years ago. But the Supreme question about this is: Where has the U.S. Government been on this issue for the past 100 years of medical butchery ? The government has actually been aiding and abetting the Rockefeller system instead of fighting it ! And the American People: Why has it taken them 100 years to wake up ???
    We’ve gone from the greatest country in the World, ( in the 1950s ) to
    Banana Republic status today and the sickest country in the World.
    And Owen Fonorow, take note.

  6. Start of all SicknessPlusWiFi Step by step from mercury to all chronic diseases, cancers and disabilities
    All chronic conditions start with mercury , mercury buildup and saturation in ones soft tissues. All health problems can be traced to mercury accumulating in your soft tissues as you age because the two modes it operates. First it binds and slowly disables your selenium nerve ending connections and secondly during detox it depletes magnesium (essential for immune system and pancreatic function) in your body. Glyphosate(roundup) also depletes magnesium etc. Keep it simple and understandable and let your curiosity carry you on to cavitations (such as root canal , gum , jawbone infection- see Dr. Levy HIDDEN EPIDEMIC ) This book links to heart disease and breast cancer most in not all chronic Meaning supposedly incurable) health conditions. Right now I have Ataxia and resistant hypertension.
    Terry Harnden
    WiFi exposure

    Unfortunately, Wi-Fi exposure of 2.4 GHz for 20 minutes significantly increased (approximately doubled) the amount of mercury released from dental amalgams into the body of the Wi-Fi exposed group compared to the non-exposed group. Other research showed exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) such as mobile phones and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and x-rays significantly accelerates the release of mercury in dental fillings. The blood and urine mercury load of a person with amalgam fillings is often five times that of a similar person without. Studies have consistently found that the modern, high copper, non-gamma-two amalgams have a high negative current and even a much greater release of mercury vapor than conventional silver amalgams and are more cytotoxic. Recent studies have concluded that, because the high mercury release levels of modern amalgams, mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings is widespread throughout the population. There is also an increased exposure from seafood/fish intake, air in modern society. Further, metals are also passed down through the placenta, so mercury is still involved with autism as well despite its lowered use in vaccines. Many of the earlier studies that suggested mercury as the cause just may not realize its still present and contributing just from these other sources now.

    Terry Harnden
    Thank you for the info . It confirms some IAOMT info I have saved.
    Could you give me the the source reference to add to my research database. the tentacles keep expanding. I now have a 2 to 10 gigahertz meter.
    Canadian Medicare (CMA, CDA) will not acknowledge endemic mercury poisoning. Lawyers cite “conflict of interest”. The cavitations aresilent(painless) infections and can only be detected by 3D CT scan. Dentist use these scans internally to deny treatment and avoid the legal liability (billions of early deaths and sickness if not treated) of those who may die during treatment without IV vit C and Hibot.
    This happened to me when I tried to have a root canal removed and a insert done. I was denied access to the 3D scan. I later got one and found 2 massive infections under a root canal with mercury filler and a dead tooth. So far I am unable to find anyone Canada to even recognize or treat my condition.


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