What’s Happening in California?  Third “No on SB277” Campaign Fails…

What’s Really Going On?  Are We Winning or Losing?

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


So far – some of both.  Three losses in a row, but the beginnings of a real counter campaign.

I don’t hesitate to point out the deficiencies of the so called Canary Party/Health Choice (CP/HC) band of self-congratulatory bird brains.  Their efforts to run any issue campaign are legendary.  They are just too exemplary of the “wrong” thing to do.   Why bother to explain wrongness when all you have to do is point your finger. They are arrogantly immersed in their own stupidity.

In health issue projects it’s simple – if CP/HC is there, on your side,  you are going to lose, but there will be important looking photos taken.

When I first noticed this group, and watched them have their photo taken with a Congressman, I actually thought that that photograph was taken, like REAL activist groups do, in relationship to some project they working on with that Congressman.  When  it was explained to me that “No, the photo was the end result…” I looked on the situation with a frown, and said “What? That’s silly. That can’t be true”

But it turned out to be very true.  The CP/HC group either doesn’t have a clue on how to run a campaign, or they don’t want to, or both.  For them, it is all about “appearance.”  The “appearance” of running a campaign – not actually succeeding at one.  Lots of drama, but never a victory.

More, whenever there is LOSS, like three-in-a-row now, there they stand, preening, congratulating themselves on their wonderfulness, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the “No on SB277” effort is in shambles.

But, despite those three losses…

Four IMPORTANT good things have happened in the “No on SB277” campaign.  (1)  Anyone who comes forward to lead is now questioned, and they better have appropriate responses.  There is no more automatic trust – and that is a very good thing.  (2)  A hardness is developing in the California campaigners.  Naïveté is disappearing – and about time.  The realization that this is a real war has set in, and that red flower petals strewn around the Capitol (that was ACTUALLY done) only impressed the janitorial staff.   (3)  Individual projects, not connected, in any way, to the bird-brains, are flourishing.  I’ll tell you about one of those excellent projects below – and show you how the Canary people spew hatred at those actually doing something.  (4)  The absolute nonsense mission statement the CP/HC bird-brains put forward during the legislative campaign “We know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff), but we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper)” has disappeared.  The majority of campaigners are now well aware that vaccines are totally, Made-in-China, crap.

And, by the way – Vaccines REALLY ARE now made in China – and there are no inspections of those vaccines by the State of California, or any US public agency.

The Investigatory Teams Have Formed – and They are NOT Going Away…

Something really healthy is happening in the California “No on SB277” teams.  They are asking questions of those who would pretend to lead the fight.  Like:  “Who are you?  Where is your money coming from?  What is your philosophy about vaccines?”  And, despite ANGRY efforts to shut them up, they are reporting their findings very publicly.  And people take note.  I approve.

In the first two campaigns; the Legislative fight, and the doomed Referendum, those controlling the campaigns ruthlessly eliminated anyone who raised questions, banning them from the organizing FaceBook pages.  ONLY ONE philosophy was allowed, and that was “do what we tell you right now…” 

Out of that, OTHER FaceBook pages emerged, basically asking the very questions banned in the organizing pages.  Those “questioning” FaceBook page groups got bigger, and BIGGER, and BIGGER.  Now THEY, pretty much, control the dialogue.  About time.    Awake California FaceBook page is a primary example.  You’ll find those questioners, and their findings, there.  And it is INTERESTING READING.

Just below is an example of what is happening.  It is an excerpt from one Discussion posted about about the third failed campaign (the Pan Recall).  This, below, is from Ron Foggia, a guy who is hated, by some, for his work.  Personally, I give him a medal.  And, Ron is one of many involved in this clean-up campaign.  Ron is right – It is time to be blunt.

“The Pan Recall will be officially closed on December 31st. After about 8 months the total signatures gathered? About 2,000 (they needed 33,000). It’s over people. Learn from this horrific failure along with the failures of SB277/792, AB2109 and the failed referendum.

Quick reference to why the recall failed like everything else in our California movement to fight medical tyranny.

1) Ginger Taylor (leader of Canary Party ((aka Health Choice)) who lives in Maine) started the Pan Recall group/page about 8 months ago. She did nothing more than start the group and fill it with her Canary Party/California Coalition for Health Choice buddies. What did she do since? NOTHING Surprised? She lives in Maine and answers to Mark Blaxill who has been proven to have direct ties to Pharma. Surprised? Are you angry yet?

2) Katherine O’Neal Duran filed the official recall of Pan with the Secretary of State about 8 months ago. What did she do since? NOTHING! She recently admitted in a speech that “her ultimate goal was NOT to recall!” Surprised? Are you angry yet?

3) Lauren Stephens set up a donations page for recalls and is still asking for money. What did she do for the recall of Pan since? NOTHING! Surprised? Are you angry yet?

4) Aaron Mills gathered just enough signatures (a little over 60) to officially start a recall of Pan. What did he do since? NOTHING! Surprised? Are you angry yet? He tried to blame the referendum which took less than three months of the time and has nothing to show for the time prior to and since the referendum except a huge amount of time on FB attempting constant damage control for his CP/CCHC buddies. Surprised? Are you angry yet?

5) Janine Kloss (Sacramento leader of Libertarian party) announced publicly she was taking charge of the recall of Pan two months ago with a couple of her Libertarian party buddies along with Aaron Mills and Amber Beasley. What has she done since? NOTHING! Surprised? Are you angry yet?

Conclusion—-The recall is a total fail. No intelligent person intent on recalling Pan sets up or becomes involved in a recall and does NOTHING. These people have all failed our movement in the most extreme way imaginable.

In a moment, they will announce another recall. These people all had more than enough time yet NONE of them have anything to show for all the time they’ve been involved. Are you angry yet?

It’s time to learn from our mistakes investing time, money and energy into the WRONG PEOPLE!”

One Group Is Asking For a District Attorney Investigation of the “Pan Recall”…

Yup, there really is a group of over 500 people who have signed a formal petition on Change.org, asking the Sacramento County District Attorney to investigate the “Pan Recall” effort – especially asking where all the contribution money went, when NOTHING was actually done.

Others are beginning to question where the mounds of contributions were spent during the Referendum that failed.

Things are getting interesting..

So where is the current “No on SB277” campaign? 

With a few very good independent exceptions – It is All talk – no action.  And, I don’t see any improvement on the horizon.

In fact it is about to get worse… before it gets better.  Because, what we still have, in grand amounts, is a…

Total Lack of Organization…

One would think that, after three MAJOR losses, it would finally dawn on even the densest of people, that something was missing.  Something that, perhaps, could result in winning a few battles, and even the whole war.  Like, maybe, an organizational meeting?  With a training agenda?

Don’t count on it.

A few weeks ago I received an “By Invitation Only” request to come to a meeting in Sacramento, January 22/25th, calling itself a summit.  I was asked to bring my network of people.  At first I was mildly interested.  Then I read what was offered – basically NOTHING.  Just another meeting, with no agenda, to get together and talk in a situation called “Open Space”, in a luxury hotel for three days, and then go visit my State legislators on a Monday.

I declined.

Why would I decline?  Five reasons –

(1) This campaign has had a lot of meetings, rallies, get-togethers.  We don’t need another unstructured confab.   We need agendized organizational meetings.

(2)  I am aware of, and involved in, a lot of SECRET things being worked on in regards to SB277  I would never share with CP/HC in the room.

(3)  I can meet with my legislators just around the corner, so-to-speak.  Why drive 465 miles each way?

(4)  CP/HC has been pretty much pushed out of the control of the California “No on SB277” projects.  I can’t support an obvious effort to reinstate them, or even include them..   They need to go away.

(5)  “Open Space” is not an organizational tool.  It is, at best, a “feel good” waste of time.  In this case, three days of drivel with no results, action plans, etc.  It is one of the easiest types of meetings to insert a Delphi Technique to control the outcome.   How does Open Space Work? Wikipedia says:

The approach is most distinctive for its initial lack of an agenda, which sets the stage for the meeting’s participants to create the agenda for themselves, in the first 30–90 minutes of the meeting or event. Typically, an “open space” meeting will begin with short introductions by the sponsor and usually a single facilitator. The sponsor introduces the purpose; the facilitator explains the “self-organizing” process called “open space.” Then the group creates the working agenda, as individuals post their issues in bulletin board style. Each individual “convener” of a breakout session takes responsibility for naming the issue, posting it on the bulletin board, assigning it a space and time to meet, and then later showing up at that space and time, kicking off the conversation, and taking notes. These notes are usually compiled into a proceedings document that is distributed physically or electronically to all participants. Sometimes one or more additional approaches are used to sort through the notes, assign priorities, and identify what actions should be taken next. Throughout the process, the ideal facilitator is described as being “fully present and totally invisible”,[5] “holding a space” for participants to self-organize, rather than managing or directing the conversations.”

Sounds good, right? Wrong. To control “Open Space,” inserting a Delphi Technique you just need to do three things: (1) Control who attends. Don’t allow anyone who suspects foul play, and might speak up, and (2) salt a few shills in the audience to jump in and take charge, setting out the subjects to be discussed, and (3) shut down the subjects to be discussed early, and send everyone off to be controlled in smaller discussion groups, which also has shills there to dissuade participants from straying from where the organizers want to end up.  Not familiar with the Delphi Technique?  Click on the blue words and watch the short, informative video.

Is any of this maybe happening? Yup.

We already know the Invitation List is controlled.

Now, here is where this could get really bad. Supposedly, the organizers are bringing in “outsiders” to help. Bullshit. The National Health Freedom Action Coalitions’ second largest funder, a few years ago, was (don’t be surprised) Canary Party/Health Choice. The Vice President of the NHFAC organization was a Canary Party/Health Choice Board member.

More – Questions about “who is funding this event” are not responded to. Draw your own conclusions.

I was at the NHFAC meeting in Saint Paul two years ago. I did not go back this last year. They did Open Space both years. I complained about it ahead of time, because of its ability to be controlled, and I complained about it afterwards because NO REPORTS were kept, made, or distributed either year. And certainly no ACTON PLANS came of it. To me it was all a giant time-wasting process which cost me $2,500 to attend.

So now they want to bring this FAILURE to California?

Open Space is NOT organizing our war team.

Why are we wasting time?

A REAL Project that IS Working…

Mike Adams over at Natural News did an interesting article, a while back, on ex-Merck employee Brandy Vaughn.

Brandy has created an interesting project which can be found at learntherisk.org.  In short, she is raising money for an anti-vaccine billboard campaign across California…

The Canary Party/Health Choice people, of course, attack her at every opportunity.

Brandy isn’t going to the Sacramento “summit” either.

She’s too busy getting stuff done to waste three days talking…

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate