What Has Happened to the Democratic Party in California?

“Nearly 30 years ago, an essay in Mother Jones magazine asked: “Would JFK Be a Hero Now?” If the answer wasn’t obvious then, it certainly is now. In today’s political environment, a candidate like JFK — a conservative champion of economic growth, tax cuts, limited government, peace through strength — plainly would be a hero. Whether he would be a Democrat is a different matter altogether.” -Boston Globe

Opinion By Karri Lewis AWAKE California

The California and National Democratic Party are no longer the Kennedy-Loving, Blue-Collar, Working Man’s Party of the People.

The Democratic Party used to be the Working Man’s Party of the People.

According to the Boston Globe,

“He (JFK) was anything but a big-spending, welfare-state liberal. “I do not believe that Washington should do for the people what they can do for themselves through local and private effort,” Kennedy bluntly avowed during the 1960 campaign. One of his first acts as president was to institute a pay cut for top White House staffers, and that was only the start of his budgetary austerity. “To the surprise of many of his appointees,” longtime aide Ted Sorensen would later write, he “personally scrutinized every agency request with a cold eye and encouraged his budget director to say ‘no.’

On the other hand, he was a Cold War anticommunist who aggressively increased military spending. He faulted his Republican predecessor for tailoring the nation’s military strategy to fit the budget, rather than the other way around. “We must refuse to accept a cheap, second-best defense,” JFK said during his run for the White House. He made good on that pledge, pushing defense spending to 50 percent of federal expenditures and 9 percent of GDP, both far higher than today’s levels. Speaking in Texas just hours before his death, he proudly took credit for building the US military into “a defense system second to none.”

It really is time to face Reality. The communist wing and welfare state of the Democratic Party is NOT working.

The Rise of Bernie Sanders proves it. People can relate to Bernie Sanders precisely because he is against the mass corporate takeover of the American People.

Bernie Sanders had the election stolen from him by the communist wing of the Democratic Party.

I have many liberal friends that were very disappointed and upset that Hillary Clinton stole the election from Bernie.

“Earlier this year, WikiLeaks exposed that the Democrat primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. Leaked DNC emails revealed top DNC officials were supportive of Mrs. Clinton and made sure it was difficult, if not impossible for Senator Bernie Sanders to ever win his party’s nomination.”

Read more here.

The California Democratic Party has become an Agenda 21 Loving, Communist enemy of the people and the state.

Read more about Agenda 21 here.

The REAL California Democrats need to boot these Communist-Loving, Agenda 21 seeking people out of the party.

There is already a Democratic group that is working on just that.

Find out more about this here.

This communist wing inside the Democratic Party needs to be dropped like a “hot potato,” in favor of the real working man.

I know personally, great humanitarians, like Robert Kennedy Jr., that self-identify as Democrats.

However, these same Democratically-aligned folks HATE what is happening to individual rights and freedoms in California and the country.

Most of these Democrats were against Senate Bill 277 that stole their children’s educations in exchange for injecting their children with the Pharmaceutical Companies’ Vaccine Injection du jour of the day.

And many people that self-identify as Democrats in California are against Democratic Senator Richard Pan’s Senate Bill 18.

Now why is that?

Massive Government overreach…corporate takeover of the children

No Liberal, Straight, Gay, Atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Conservative parent is for the government takeover of their parental rights!

REAL Democrats, please take back YOUR PARTY and save us from the communist wing that seems to have taken over!!!

Opinion By Karri Lewis AWAKE California

One thought on “What Has Happened to the Democratic Party in California?”

  1. Maybe it’s time for a new party. The two party system is soooooooo last millennium. Perhaps with some proper leadership and a relevant marketing strategy the Libertarians could actually gain some real power?

    Personally, I think the Millenials would dig being Libertarians but they need a proper Constitutional education coupled with a “keep-it-real” multigenerational leadership structure to show them how to really make an impact. The Revolutionary Baby Boomers have the wisdom. The Innovative Gen Xers are about to take the reigns. I’m a member of what I’ve dubbed the “Bicentennial Generation”, a smaller population born in the mid 70’s – mid 80’s. We’re a unique bunch of practical, tough, hard-working, well-educated communicators, the younger siblings of Gen X and the older siblings of the Millenials. We can tolerate our parents, we admire our older siblings, and we speak Millenial. A great example from this Bicentennial generation is Simon Sinek, I’ve included a link to his commentary that beautifully summarizes what needs to be done to properly mobilize the large, passionate-yet-aimless Millenial Snowflakes:


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