Vaccines and the Perfect Storm…

By Janet K. Kern, PhD

A “perfect storm” is defined as a detrimental or calamitous situation or event arising from the powerful combined effect of a unique set of circumstances.

A critical look at the current vaccine program in the United States suggests a possible Perfect Storm because there are a combination of factors surrounding the vaccine program which have the potential to lead to disastrous consequences. Below is a list of these potentially disastrous factors:

The “Disastrous Factors” List:

(1)  Currently medical doctors receive large bonuses for giving vaccines, and the more vaccines they give, the larger their bonuses[1]

(2)  Vaccines are hugely profitable, e.g., the worldwide pediatric vaccine market is projected to be valued at US$ 88.14 billion by the end of 2026[2]

(3)  No vaccine manufacturer or doctor can be held accountable for any vaccine injury[3]

(4)  The CDC, which is in charge of promoting vaccines, is reportedly corrupt according to CDC scientists[4], and receives millions of dollars each year from the pharmaceutical industry through the CDC Foundation[5]

(5)  The vaccine schedule has never been tested in a publicly available long-term study[6]

(6)  Vaccines contain ingredients which have not been adequately tested for safety, such as: mercury, aluminum, bovine cells, aborted human fetal cells, monkey lung tissue, etc[7]  

(7)  Many vaccines are made in China[8], a country known for toxic products, e.g., infant formulas made in China were recalled three times in the last decade for toxic contaminants

(8)  Vaccines are found to contain contaminants, such as glyphosate (Round Up)[9], stainless steel[10], and glass[11]

(9)  Doctors and scientists who speak out about vaccines are attacked and discredited[12]

(10)  Vaccine advisory committees have conflicts of interest, e.g., four out of eight CDC advisory committee members who voted to approve guidelines for the rotavirus vaccine in 1998 had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies that were developing the vaccine[13]

(11)  Mercury, a neurotoxicant, is still used in over half of the influenza-vaccine doses (>75 million], the meningococcal vaccine, and the tetanus-toxoid vaccine in the United States[14]

(12)  ChildhoodVaccines are now mandatory in California and there is a push to make them mandatory in other States[15]

Possibly the most egregious factor is that there is no liability no matter how contaminated or faulty a vaccine is. Imagine car or appliance manufacturers that had no liability. The fact that there is no liability may have been the underlying reason why recently when tiny pieces of glass where found in batches of a vaccine intended for babies there was no recall.[16]

With this combination of factors are we creating the Perfect Storm?

In my opinion it is a recipe for disaster.

By Janet K. Kern, PhD






[3] Supreme Court of the United States.  BRUESEWITZ ET AL. v. WYETH LLC, FKA WYETH, INC., ET AL. Published October 2010. Accessed 03142016.














4 thoughts on “Vaccines and the Perfect Storm…”

  1. You forgot one more: The FDA Food and Drug administration deem “Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe”.

  2. Gov. Jerry Browshirt and his cohorts in the CA legislature may believe that they have made vaccines “mandatory.” However, no state has legal authority to abrogate the universal right of Informed Consent. The CA state constitution guarantees each child a so-called free public education. Giving parents the “choice” between their child’s state constitutional right to an education and their conscientious objection to grant Informed Consent is called an “unconstitutional condition” and there is plenty of federal case law saying that is illegal.

    Nonetheless, even if all vaccines were banned as the “unavoidably unsafe” and uninsurable risk which they are, we are still facing about two generations of damaged children.

    Dr. Laibow says “Autism is not the new normal. Autistic children can be retrieved.”

    This is indeed the Perfect Storm.

    These millions of injured children will be the great health care challenge of the next decades. It is not enough to stop the toxic assault. The children must be cured and those who have forced this horror on us must be held to account.

  3. Kern understates the danger when she says our current polices have the potential for disastrous consequences. Our current policies have already had disastrous consequences. That’s why the vaccine hucksters don’t want the information in the Vaccine Safety Datalink to be available to the public.

  4. With no fear of punishment or liability, vaccines are now a dirty doctor’s license to kill.

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