“UN Endorsed” California Governor Jerry Brown Expected to Decriminalize HIV+ Blood Donors

According to Governor Brown’s website, “Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. was named Special Advisor for States and Regions ahead of this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23) by the Prime Minister of Fiji Frank Bainimarama – incoming president of COP 23 – today at a ceremony where Fiji became the latest government to join the Under2 Coalition.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Washington Governor Jay Inslee – members of the Under2 Coalition and U.S. Climate Alliance – also attended today’s ceremony and announced that they too will attend the COP 23 in Bonn, Germany to represent subnational jurisdictions committed to climate action.”

Opinion by Karri Lewis – AWAKE California

I’ve been trying to come up with a title for this article for a little while…

Let’s see.  How about:

“Governor Jerry Brown Expected to Authorize HIV to Enter the Donor Blood Supply…”

“HIV Drug Users Now have New Financial Avenue Through Donating Blood to Local Blood Banks…”

“Corrupt Agenda 21 Politicians go Completely Insane and are Expected to Order Genocide via Blood Donations…

“California’s SB-239, a Genocidal Maniac’s Best Friend…”

“California Senator Scott Wiener’s SB-239, Legalizing HIV Blood Donors, Expected to be Signed into Law by the Governor…”

I could go on and on.

California State Senator Scott Wiener is very popular with LGBTQ community, as seen in the above  San Francisco “transexual” photo above

California Senate Bill 239; introduced by Senator Scott Wiener and Principal co-author, Assembly Member Todd Gloria,  co-sponsored by Senators; Toni Atkins, Holly Mitchell and Nancy Skinner; and Assembly Members, David Chiu, Susan Eggman, and Mike Gipson is a DOOZY.

According to Senator Wiener’s bio on Wikipedia, “Wiener joined Assemblymember Todd Gloria to author a SB 239, which aims to change the laws that make it a felony to expose someone to HIV without their knowledge (and thus without their consent)[11]. Wiener (a homosexual himself) said that the laws unfairly single out HIV positive people.[12]

California Democratic Senator Scott Weiner (third from the left)  and Friends…

Wiener partnered with Senator Toni Atkins to author SB 179 to create a third, non-binary gender option on government documents.[13]

Wiener authored SB 219, which protects the rights of LGBT seniors living in long-term care facilities.[14] The bill, among other things proposed prison terms for care providers failing to address those under their care with gender appropriate language, and was opposed by right-wing groups due to issues of the legislation’s Constitutonality.”[15]

How else can one describe it? …Liberalism gone completely MAD!!!

This bill repeals all penalties for knowingly donating HIV tainted blood!!!

Have they gone completely INSANE???

How EXACTLY does one explain this to everyone?

This, my friends, is more than just Inept, goody-two-shoes-do-gooder liberalism…

This is Agenda 21 BOLD and in the FACE.

Just what is Agenda 21?

Well, I’m glad you asked. But first let me explain where Agenda 21 came from and why it is truly a Global Agenda that effects the whole planet.

“Agenda 21 is a 300-page, 40-chapter, *soft-law* policy document adopted by the delegates to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.”

Just WHO is the United Nations and Why should they Garner so much control over the World’s Environment and Development?

“The United Nations officially came into existence on October 24, 1945, when the Charter was ratified by the Republic of China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States as well as a majority of other signatories.”

Wikipedia goes on to explain:

“The United States of America is a charter member of the United Nations and one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

The United States is host to the headquarters of the United Nations, which includes the usual meeting place of the General Assembly in New York City, the seat of the Security Council and several bodies of the United Nations. The United States is the largest provider of financial contributions to the United Nations, providing 22 percent of the UN budget in 2015,[1] and 28 percent of the peacekeeping budget.[2] The United States had a pivotal role in establishing the UN and is one of 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

The UN is an outgrowth of the Atlantic Charter. It appeared in the Declaration by United Nations on January 1, 1942, in which 26 nations pledged to continue fighting the Axis powers.

Their main inspiration was the League of Nations; however, their goals were to rectify the League’s imperfections[3] in order to create an organization that would be “the primary vehicle for maintaining peace and stability.”[4] Roosevelt’s main role was to convince the different allies, especially Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom and Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, to join the new organization.[4] The negotiations mainly took place during the Dumbarton Oaks Conference and the Yalta Conference, where the three world leaders tried to reach a consensus concerning the United Nation’s structure, purposes and principles.[5] It is interesting to note that “Roosevelt saw the United Nations as the crowning achievement of his political career.”[6]

Wow! Sounds important doesn’t it?

Just What does the United Nations do?

According to Wikipedia, the United Nations (UN) is an “intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation.”

On the United Nations career webpage, the purpose of the UN is described further:

“The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 and committed to maintaining international peace and security; developing friendly relations among nations; promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.”

Sounds sort of innocuous, huh?

…Not quite.

How the United Nations has usurped the United States Constitution:

In Steve Farrell’s article published in 1999, “The UN-American United Nations,” Farrell, concedes;

“Truth 1: The UN is no friend to American ideals.

A. The UN’s Founders were known Communists

If it’s true that the personality, purpose, and accomplishments of an organization are highly affected by its leadership, then membership in the United Nations spelled trouble from the start. Of the 17 individuals identified by the US State Department as having helped shape US policy leading to the creation of the United Nations, all but one were later identified as secret members of the Communist Party USA (3).

Joining them at the UN’s founding conference were 43 members of the ultra influential, ultra pro-socialist, globalist think-tank the Council On Foreign Relations, (6 of the 43 CFR members having the additional distinction of membership in the Communist Party USA) (4). And, importantly, the UN’s first Secretary General and orchestrator of the San Francisco conference was the man later convicted as a Soviet agent – Alger Hiss (5).

Not a good start.”

You can read the rest of Steve Farrell’s eye-opening article here.

Communism at the heart of the United Nation’s Globalist Objectives?

…Oh Yeah.

And the United States is Heading up the Push for a Global and One World government!

…supposedly for the Benefit of all Humanity…

The United Nations does Not Benefit American Sovereignty and Personal Liberty…

So when the United Nations unveiled their Agenda 21, that should’ve been a Wake Up Call to Americans!

But sadly, the lack of mainstream media attention and coverage has brought a Gaping Intellectual and Awareness Breakdown…

…Not to mention the United Nations and its history are not even mentioned in the American “Free” Government schools…

Intentional and deliberate cover-up about how the American government is controlled by outside, un-friendly, communist interests?

…it’s certainly easier to make changes and govern when the American Public is mostly clueless…

Only a small handful of American people know how much control the United Nations holds over US policy…

But back to Agenda 21, the foundational framework and “action plan” for the United Nations Agenda…

Here is a great and informative 26 minute video about Agenda 21; featuring, Michael Shaw, President and Founder of Freedom Advocates and known Expert on Agenda 21.

Click on the Blue, “Watch on Vimeo” button below to watch.

This video is a MUST WATCH!

I know what you are thinking…great and scary information, especially for liberty lovers…

Agenda 21 is NOT just About Forced Human Urban Settlements, stealing of water rights and Massive Government Land Grabs from the ignorant American Population

There is so much more…

So where does the decriminalization of HIV positive individuals knowingly donating their contaminated blood to the donor blood supply come in?

In the 300 page, “Earth Summit Agenda 21 The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio,” the United Nations admit that HIV is a serious problem.

“6.1 1 With HIV infection levels estimated to increase to 30-40 million by the year 2000, the socio-economic impact of the pandemic is expected to be devastating for all countries, and increasingly for women and children. While direct health costs will be substantial, they will be dwarfed by the indirect costs of the pandemic – mainly costs associated with the loss of income and decreased productivity of the workforce. The pandemic will inhibit growth of the service and industrial sectors and significantly increase the costs of human capacity-building and retraining. The agricultural sector is particularly affected where production is labour-intensive.”

Wow! You’d think that the United Nations with their Agenda 21, would be pushing to PROTECT the public blood supply from HIV!

So why would there be such a huge push, in Agenda 21 inundated California, to decriminalize HIV positive people from donating their blood for it to become circulated into the donor blood supply?

Governor Jerry Brown, United Nations Special Advisor for States and Regions.

As a side note, California Governor Jerry Brown is a HUGE fan of Agenda 21 and sustainable development and often speaks at United Nations conferences, according to Michael Shaw in the above video.

Unfortunately, the United Nations and Agenda 21 detail a more sinister agenda…

When reading the 300 page, “Earth Summit Agenda 21 The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio,” you see a common theme come up for the United Nations endorsed Agenda 21 “Action Plan.”

“Population reduction (limiting the size of families), mandatory civilian national service for youth, the virtual elimination of private property ownership, government control of fishery and farm harvest, exclusion of humans from “wild areas”,the abolition of single family homes and fascist “public-private partnerships” are just a few of the worse.”

The United Nations intends to make every living human being a virtual slave to the Global Elite…

And with enforcement of mandatory, poisonous vaccines for any child that wants a public or private education, forced radiation at airport screening stations, aerial toxic chemical pesticide spraying for “bugs,” and a soon-to-be contaminated blood supply…it seems like the depopulation agenda is right on schedule…

So how is the United Nations funding these Agenda 21, Globalist United Nation Political candidates?

The United Nations has set up an “independent” nonprofit to help finance and communicate with local, county and state politicians about the broadening of its Agenda 21 “actions,” called ICLEI.

On the ICLEI webpage, they answer questions about the purpose of this nonprofit:

Who is ICLEI?

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is the leading global network of more than 1,500 cities, towns and regions committed to building a sustainable future.

What does ICLEI do?

ICLEI provides technical consulting, training and information services to build capacity, share knowledge and support local government in the implementation of sustainable development at the local level. Our basic premise is that locally designed and driven initiatives can provide an effective and cost-efficient way to achieve local, national and global sustainability objectives.

As a network, we promote local action for global sustainability and support cities in becoming sustainable, low-carbon, resilient, ecomobile, biodiverse, resource-efficient and productive, healthy and happy, with a green economy and smart infrastructure.

Who are ICLEI’s members?

ICLEI Members are cities, towns and regions of all sizes in more than 86 countries across the world.

What does “ICLEI” mean?

ICLEI originally stood for the “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives,” but in 2003 the organization dropped the full phrase and became “ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability” to reflect a broader focus on sustainability, not just environmental initiatives.

When was ICLEI founded?

ICLEI was founded by local governments. In 1990, the organization was established when more than 200 local governments from 43 countries convened at the World Congress of Local Governments for a Sustainable Future in New York.

Hmmm, interesting. That’s the same headquarters for the United Nations…

Do you see what we are up against, folks?

United Nations Headquarters in New York City, view from Roosevelt Island

These Communists have infiltrated our government at EVERY Level and the American Government Schools, or indoctrination camps, as I like to call them, are teaching their pro-communist agenda to your children…

“Your children’s children will live under COMMUNISM. You AMERICANS are so gullible. No, you won’t accept COMMUNISM outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of SOCIALISM until you will finally wake up & find that you already have COMMUNISM. We won’t ever have to fight you; we’ll weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” ~ Nikita Khrushschev, Premier of the Soviet Union, 1958 to 1964 in a recorded conversation with Ezra Taft Benson, President Eisenhower’s Secretary of Agriculture in 1959.

Liberty Lovers and Freedom activists.. .it’s well-past time that we get rid of these UN sponsored politicians, don’t you think?

…to be continued…

Opinion by Karri Lewis – AWAKE California

20 thoughts on ““UN Endorsed” California Governor Jerry Brown Expected to Decriminalize HIV+ Blood Donors”

  1. Maybe I am a cynic, but, do you suppose that perhaps some friend of “Governor Moonbeam” is developing an AIDS vaccine they want to make a fortune with?

    Tim Bolen

  2. You do realize that “Agenda 21” is a UN program to REDUCE Planet Earth’s population, by any means necessary, from nine billion to 500 million (a 95% reduction) by the year 2021 right? Now moved to 2030 because they were running behind?

    The so-called “Wildlands Project,” a sub-program of “Agenda 21” intends to move anyone left alive in 2030 into the inner cities to be the “workers” supplying house cleaning, etc. for “the elites.” Vaccines, chemtrails, AIDS – whatever the Obama-Nation can think of as the method? It is ALL easily found information.

    Tim Bolen

  3. I am deeply concerned about conflating Agenda 21 and homosexuality. First of all, the blood supply, every unit, is screened for HIV/Hep B&C/HTLV/Syphilis. Blood should be screened for a few other things like Borrelia (Lyme, which 50 million Americans are infected with), Babesia and even Bartonella just to name three, and it is a real crime that the blood supply is not screened for these infectious diseases but that is not the point I want to make here.

    Having a law on the books that makes it a felony for passing on an infection is a very bad law….for the tolerance for such a law could be used to target the children and their parents who pass on, for example, Chicken Pox or whatever disease “they” want to use as an excuse or scapegoat for sending in CPS to harass those who have chosen to be unvaxxed.

    Are there tyrannical, eugenic globalists out there? That is a sad fact I am afraid and you don’t want to give them any more tools to persecute the rest of us then they already have.

    It is important to decriminalize passing on infectious diseases because this power will be used against all of us. Picking on homosexuals is not only missing the point, playing into the globalist agenda, but also reveals a disturbing bias.

    Agenda 21 is real, homophobia is real too and a tool of the globalists. So, when on claims to be AWAKE, make sure one is awake to the whole agenda and do not let inappropriate fears color one’s perceptions.

    Want something to be outraged about? How about the fact that every vaccine is contaminated with retroviruses and the NIH, FDA, and CDC know it and ignore the risk because these viruses pose no risk to humans because “They Say So.”

    If the public knew every single vaccine was contaminated with retrovirus and they understood the risk those viruses pose then the vaccine program, which at this point is all about how much liability free money it can make for Big Pharma, would stop on a dime, and there would be no more dimes going to Big Pharma and those they control. And the vaccine program is very much part of Agenda 21.

  4. At last we are  naming  Humanity’ enemy! 

    This enemy is a monstrous communist entity  who until very recently was able to hide from us its  connections to various cadres and objectives.  All aimed at World depopulation:

    Rendering male and female infertile.

    Altering DNA to  increase the homosexual and lesbian population which can not procreate

    Baby killing in-womb 

    Creating neurological damages from birth through death

    At some point make euthanasia legal to order the elimination/death of those who will become a burden -$- to the the NWO.

    Poison:  food -GMO; air and water

    Dumbing down the population by prescribed addictive meds.

    By using movies to – brainwash the human mind to accept their goals

    Infiltration/using learning institutions- from kinder to college to politicized our younger generation

    They have been  for over 70 years  manipulating the world climate to destroy more people and convince others to institute Legal  policies/regulations to tie the hands of companies  and  eventually destroy capitalism because capitalism is an enemy of communism. 
    By doing so  they  eliminate  the   People’s source of financial independence.  I could go on  and on all the evil planned by this agenda 21. 

    But now as we are awaken  they no longer  are spending  their  effort and resources to hide  from us. They no longer care, because they  have  become arrogant believing they have become powerful.

    They have stepped up  their efforts to remove two enemies of their  ideology;

    Donald Trump,  A Nationalist and Constitutionalist

    Belief on a Creator.

    Abandon all moral barriers that makes us a civilized country.

    The have encouraged Moral  turpitude and spiritual suicide  to discourage people’s faith  in The  Creator and become themselves the God that people will obey.

    As long as people keep their faith in a Creator they will not serve Communism. 

    Organized  religion and its different churches have been infiltrated, one specifically who  selected their World leader a  well-known communist in his youth,  who has been quite critical and judgemental of our president Donald Trump, and who was quite sympathetic to  that Obama traitor. 
    This  powerful World Religion Organization hides behind Jesus  message but is the hive of pedophilia  and world corruption.  I hasten to say that I  was raised  in this World  church until I woke up.

    Many other   Protestant  churches have been infiltrated into USA.  All of this religious corporations are promoting Agenda 21 goals in one way or the other by open actions  or remain strangely silent about illegal immigrants, or  refugees and and the plight of Christians in the Middle East. Vaccination.

    Agenda 21 foments  Hate and violent conflicts/wars   among people of the world and then using members of the UN military forces,  under the ruses of bringing peace  actually create  more violence and hate…..                                                        

    Do I need to say more? I could go on on and.  My point is that we  we may have been winning  some battles on the apparent  different fields of this evil Agenda 21 (and 30)  but until we recognize and join in destroying the central source of these  attacks on humanity we will never win the WAR.

    So I rejoice that this site has finally completely and very clearly named our common Humanity’s enemy: UN Agenda 21 . 

    I am extremely concerned over  our president seemingly new  cooperation  with the UN. But I also know  he is crazy as fox. That is my hope!

    The task , now that we had named publicly our enemy:
    We need  to formulate the strategies of  a joint effort among the  defenders of our children and humanity to destroy the  objectives  of the communist agenda 21.
    In order to do that we need to train/connect with individuals who will ferret out our enemies’ weakest links. Maybe even among the military. And connect with Our President. Electing him as our President was just the first step to make America Great- the Democratic Republic of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

  5. Unfortunately, the homosexuals are being used by the UN to further their Agenda 21…the Skeptics are perfect examples.

    The biggest reason that they are using the gay agenda to push forth Agenda 21 is that they do not care about children’s or family issues. They seem to care only about themselves and their own personal agenda.

  6. Karri….. you are still missing the point I was making. The globalists want us to blame each other… There is no separation… you can not rail against Agenda 21 and in the same breath rail against homosexuals, who you say are being used by the very people you are upset with.

    The so-called gay agenda is not coming from those among us who are gay – it is coming from the globalists…. do not help them separate, isolate and scapegoat anyone of us.

    Stand back and look at what you are saying.

  7. The UN and Agenda 21 folks, don’t care WHO they use, everyone is dispensible in their eyes.

    If we were going to help further the Agenda 21 cause, they’d use us too.

    The point is that the homosexuals are being used as pawns to further the Agenda 21 action plan…and are going along with it!

    Gays are an easy target because many have been ostracized from their families and so they don’t like heterosexuals or children, easy to exploit these people and when push comes to shove, the Gays will be thrown under the bus too when it doesn’t suit the UN Globalist agenda.

  8. Karri…”so they don’t like heterosexuals or children”?????? Are you freaking serious.

    That is what I am talking about…. you have bought into the lie. You have become part of the problem.

  9. Then why do groups like the Skeptics, exist?

    I’m not saying EVERY homosexual is anti-family and children…what I’m saying is that there are homosexuals in our government and agencies that are extremely anti-family and children. These same homosexuals seem to be very pro-depopulation and Agenda 21.

    I’m not even sure many of them even understand exactly what kind of agenda that they are actually pushing…just that they are being rewarded greatly for their efforts…

  10. The Skeptics is a small collection of mentally ill perverts, but they certainly don’t represent homosexuals nor are they representative of Gay people. Gay people are just people. They want to live their lives in peace and have the freedom to love other Gay people. Nothing says “I hate Gay people” quite like using the term “Gay agenda.”

  11. There is a HUGE Gay caucus in Sacramento that has massive influence over Democratic Politicians in this state, to ignore that is to ignore what is going on.

    I have nothing against Gay people and as a Libertarian, I am personally very live and let live.

    However, when a large group of politically active homosexuals attack children and their personal rights, I have a problem.

    These people that are involved in pushing Agenda 21, whether Gay, Straight, Bisexual or Transgender need to realize what cause they are furthering and if they are getting together in a group, organization or political party that is using them to further the Agenda 21 action plan then they are fair game…

    SB-18 was sponsored by a group of homosexual men that wanted to take parental rights away from parents and give their children over to the state! That is NOT ok…why would Gay men want to take control of California’s children?

    It does not matter that they are gay…this is unacceptable.

    The Gay people involved have been exploited by Agenda 21…the biggest problem that I see with the California Gay caucus is that they are supporting all Agenda 21 action plans and doing nothing to further the cause of liberty.

    If the California Gay caucus does not want us to call them out, then they need to stop supporting Agenda 21 actions and understand that liberty is actually what protects them.

  12. If you have issues with certain individuals because of their political agendas then name them, call them out as being minions of the globalist agenda, etc. but when you lump people together and imply that the reason they have said political views or agendas because they are or a certain religion, or ethnicity, or sexual orientation then you are being a bigot.

  13. Ken,

    The Gay caucus is a HUGE political organization that is Pushing Agenda 21 actions through the Democratic Party…it is very fair, in my opinion to call them out…I would call them out if they were blue, purple, straight, white, green…I treat collectivist groups equally, if that makes me a bigot, so be it.

    We will have to agree to disagree on this one.

  14. I have to agree with Karri that many in the LGBTQ…community have been sucked in to some strange agenda and do not speak out enough about concerns for the average family and child. Same goes for all these deranged third wave feminists. They believe in some moral relativism and stand for nothing resembling decency these days.

  15. KP Stoller when LGBTQ… noticibly stand against Sharia, sex change for the young and pederasty we will believe you.

  16. This article does some interesting back flips to connect decriminalizing infected blood donors to Agenda 21 depopulation schemes except it completely ignores the simple truth that all blood donations are screened for HIV. So how could the blood be used for depopulation if it is thrown out?

    I think it’s a terrible crime to purposely infect someone with HIV through shared needles or unprotected sex but since the blood donations are screened that would be impossible to do as a blood donor. And what if you don’t know you are infected when you go to give blood? It seems the law was useless to begin with.

  17. Erin,

    Wait until this happens in California:

    “BAD BLOOD What was the NHS blood contamination scandal, how many people died and why has an inquiry been ordered?
    The contaminated blood products came from high risk patients such as prostitutes and prisoners

    By Josie Grifftiths

    THE HIV and Hepatitis C blood contamination disaster has been described as possibly the biggest NHS scandal in history.

    But what exactly is it, how many people died because of it and why has Theresa May launched an official inquiry?

    The tainted blood scandal saw thousands of people infected with HIV and Hepatitis.

    What was the NHS HIV and Hepatitis C blood contamination disaster?

    Sometimes called the ‘tainted blood scandal’, around 4,670 British haemophiliacs were infected with Hepatitis C – and a further 1,243 co-infected with HIV.

    They were infected through contaminated clotting factor products, which were supplied by the National Health Service in the 1970s and 80s.

    Unlike regular blood donations, plasma products such as Factor VIII were often sourced from the United States and elsewhere.

    Robert Mackie was one of more than 1,000 patients infected with both HIV and Hepatitis

    The diseases came from high risk donors such as prostitutes and prisoners.

    As many as 60,000 paid donors were used for one batch of blood products.

    And it only took one infected donor to contaminate an entire batch and infect all the patients.

    It has been described as the biggest NHS scandal ever
    At the time, the NHS had stopped paying donors for whole blood donations.

    But they were still sourcing Factor VIII under these methods, because of we had failed to produce enough samples here in Britain.

    The government did not officially apologise for the scandal until 2015 – when David Cameron apologised for “the pain and the suffering experienced by people as a result of this tragedy”.

    Health officials believe a further 27,000 patients may have been infected with Hepatitis C without being identified – although this figure is not connected to the tainted blood scandal.

    More than 2,000 people have now died because of the tainted blood samples

    How many people have died from the NHS HIV and Hepatitis C blood contamination disaster?”


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