Trump’s Pick For CDC Head – More Than Meets The Eye…

I Can See Why Our Friend Donald Is Looking HARD At Brenda Fitzgerald MD…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper published an article called “Sources:  Trump Set to tap Georgia health commissioner as CDC Head…”   last Friday, June 30th, 2017.

The article said, in part:

“Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald is said to be deep in discussions to lead the sprawling agency, according to sources who requested anonymity to discuss confidential details. They stressed the negotiations were not finalized and that several administrative hurdles remained before an official announcement is made.

Fitzgerald would succeed Dr. Anne Schuchat, who became the CDC’s acting director in January 2017 after Dr. Tom Frieden resigned. The role is one of the most prominent in public health and in metro Atlanta: The CDC has thousands of employees and several campuses across the city.

Trained as an obstetrician-gynecologist, Fitzgerald has served as the commissioner of Georgia’s public health department since her 2011 appointment by Gov. Nathan Deal and oversees a range of health programs, including the state’s emergency medical response and infectious disease and immunization initiatives.

Fitzgerald did not respond to requests for comment.

Big Pharma’s Skeptic” zealots fell all over themselves in glee, screaming across the internet how pro-vaccine Fitzgerald is/was…

Yup, on the Georgia Health Department website it sure appears that way.

But, as usual, the “skeptics” didn’t do their homework…

But I, Tim Bolen, did…  So, I am about to show you what those slithering  “Skeptics”  missed.

And, it was a lot.  

First I am going to show you a one minute video, just below, so you get your first glimpse of Brenda Fitzgerald MD.

The key words in this video are “the big picture, and “adaptability.”  THAT is exactly what Donald and Tom are looking for – what America is looking for…

Brenda Fitzgerald MD, if picked for the CDC slot, would answer directly to Tom Price MD, the head of the Department of Health and Humans Services (DHHS).  As everyone should remember, Tom Price wants America moved to a “patient-centered” system – and THAT is a huge departure from the current system.  It is the opposite of what we now have, which we could summarize as:

“Health care is offered, by the system, not based on what is most effective, and/or best for the patient, but by what is most profitable for the provider.”  

Right about now the hair on the back of your neck should be standing up.  Why?  Brenda Fitzgerald’s kind of thinking is EXACTLY what America needs at the CDC right now.

If you’re not fully engaged yet, you will be at the end of this next video I am about to show you.  Why?  Brenda is about to get the nation’s full attention.  Watch and listen to her talking about a baby’s first days, first weeks and months, first years, and how important the relationship with HIS/HER FAMILY is.

In the first 2:30 of this second video you will understand Brenda’s approach to child development – but watch the whole thing.  Vaccines were NOT even mentioned, but it is NOT hard to see what a negative role they would play in Brenda Fitzgerald’s, and her friends’,  brain-development scenarios.

This candidate for the CDC head, Brenda Fitzgerald MD, is a TOTAL, COMPLETE departure from the usual Big-Pharma-friendly appointments we are accustomed to seeing.  This person is WITHOUT DOUBT “Patient-Centered.”  

Just look at her attitude…

Listen to her words.  Watch her body language.  Can you envision this woman pushing a vaccine cart through a hospital looking for innocent children to jab full of brain-stopping crud?

No, neither can I.

So, let’s watch one more video.  Why?  Because this woman tells it like it is…

It has come to America’s attention, recently, that the CDC, and one of the health scenarios it promotes (vaccines) is completely bogus, not really good for people, and that the CDC knows this and continues to cover up the facts of the situation.

Fake studies, supposedly proving no relationship between vaccines and autism abound.  CDC employees cover this up.

The largest ongoing study, the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), in place since January of 1991 has been completely HIDDEN from independent scientists right from the start.  The data, I am told, has been shipped out-of-the-country so as to prevent attorneys representing vaccine-injured clients from subpoenaing it.

Until now, CDC management has been hand-picked by those representing Big Pharma.  Until now…

Big Pharma put all of its 2016 presidential election campaign money eggs in the Hillary Clinton basket…  Oops!  

And THAT didn’t work out all that well…  Did it?

Let me Give You a Mind-Picture…

Just suppose that on her very first day at the CDC, Brenda calls in ALL of the CDC Division heads and says “This fellow sitting here next to me is the Inspector General of the DHHS.  He works DIRECTLY for my boss Tom Price MD and he is going to help me unravel some issues here at the CDC.  You are hereby ORDERED to cooperate with him, and his employees, involving our ongoing investigation of malfeasance, misfeasance, and it’s cover-up. “

And then“This other fellow here is Bobby Kennedy Jr.  As you know President Trump has asked Bobby to form a Vaccine Safety Commission, which he has done.  YOU are ORDERED to cooperate COMPLETELY with him and his Commission members.  I want COMPLETE access, IMMEDIATELY, to the VSD information. Any questions?”

Finally“As you know, the American Public has asked for a five-year moratorium on vaccines, etc…  It is up to us, here at the CDC,  to satisfy their concerns as fast as possible.  Anyone who wants to resign, and move out of the country, will NOT be allowed to do so UNTIL you have been THOROUGHLY questioned by the Inspector General…  There are those out there that say that vaccines are damaging a huge segment of our American population – Let’s see if they are right.”

I think this woman would get along VERY WELL with our Anti-Vaccine movement.  So…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


22 thoughts on “Trump’s Pick For CDC Head – More Than Meets The Eye…”

  1. I sure hope this happens. This could buck up the living hell out of a lot of Trump haters!

  2. Dr. Fitzgerald seems genuinely interested in children and the development of children, particularly brain development. I like the fact that she said our IMR keeps her awake at night, but she will need to recognize the role vaccines play in the IMR, as she currently believes vaccines and antibiotics ate two of the factors responsible for extending human life. All in all, I get the sense that she genuinely cares and wants to help people not an agenda.

    Thanks for sharing this information!

  3. As much as I hope you are right, Tim, I think you are kidding yourself.

    Her track record speaks for itself. She pushed the useless and dangerous flu shot. She removed exemption rights.

    As for “patient-centered medicine,” that means the government will be deciding what is best for the patient. Not the doctor , not the patient. The government. In the name of public health and what’s best for children.

    That means they’ll start mandating blood tests to determine what medication THEY think you should be on.

  4. She is not connecting the brain development with vaccination. The end of the video, she is TOTALLY pro-vaccine and states that life expectancy is 88 now, BECAUSE of clean water and sewer systems, antibiotics and VACCINES. This IS scary, Tim, did you watch it to the end?

  5. In 2014 she still mentioned vaccination as achievement for reduced children mortality. Of cause after mentioning clean water and sewage system. But, you know, very few doctors can turn around and admit they were wrong. I just keep my fingers cross and pray…….Centuries later we now know for sure Galenus was right and Paracelsus was wrong. We learnt it hard way.

  6. I enjoyed listening to the information. I feel she is in the ballpark and see how it goes,

  7. She needs to understand that vaccines are damaging the brains of our children. Children’s whose brains are damaged by vaccines have a small chance of learning language. She needs to do more research on adverse effects of vaccines.

  8. She credits vaccines for modern life-expectancy. She is loudly pro-vaxx elsewhere. I see no hope.

  9. Georgia citizen here! Unless she has recently changed, this woman is very pro-vaccine. She just created a new religious exemption form which is hideous – forcing us to wrongly admit that vaccines prevent disease and that if an outbreak occurs, our children will be required to receive shots. Her mantra: “Babies need their vaccines!” Thinking Trump has caved once again to profiteering influences. Bad choice!

  10. I have read the Georgia Department of Public Health resume on her and I am copying paragraphs that concerns me quite bit: Infectious Disease and Immunization, Environmental Health

    Why? You are presuming that because of her work in child brain development, pre and after birth that she does not accepts that child cocktail vaccination is in the best health interest of our children.
    The absence of any indication from her on how she stands on this issue, to me is of great concern.

    We need to be sure of that. W e can not presume that her work recognizes and accepts our stand on this vital issue.

    Her work in pre and after birth child development does not take in account damage to the unborn due the mother been vaccinated pre and after conception .

    The absence of any vaccination reference leads again, by inference placing the blame on the mother for her lack of education – due to lack of opportunity- poverty – and therefore her limited vocabulary to teach the child. Much more digging into her background is needed for me to feel comfortable with her,

  11. Georgia has one of the highest vaccination rates. She is quite pro-vaxx. Tom, are you now representing Big Pharma and trying to get people to believe you so this shill gets a free pass?

  12. The elected President of the United States has four thousand (4,000) appointments to make. These are people WHO AGREE TO CARRY OUT the elected President’s policies.

    Trump would only be looking for three things at the CDC: (1) An agreement to carry out HIS policies, (2) the ability to run a large Federal agency, and (3) a general adherence to the Judeo/Christian ethic that built this country.

    There is no question that the CDC is in turmoil. It is inhabited by hand-picked pharma trolls, doing the bidding of the drug-lords. A complete, and VERY PUBLIC, clean-up is necessary.

    The CDC needs to start working for “We the People.”

    We need to make Big Pharma into Little Pharma.

    If Brenda Fitzgerald wants the job she is going to have to go along with Trump’s thinking… This is not a negotiation.

    Tim Bolen

  13. But near the end of the 3rd video, she speaks about vaccines being a reason for today’s longer lifespans—compared to early centuries–in additon to cleaner water, better sewers, and antibiotics.

  14. According to NVIC this woman is totally pro-vaccine. I depend on The Bolen Report for a lot of health and political info, but I think Tim is wrong on this woman…she is Pro-vaccine

  15. I am encouraged by your readers. These are very smart individuals and cannot be fooled by word play. They have done the research and can see through the rhetoric. Doctors including ob/gyn’s themselves are not educated to see the connections. Ms. Fitzgerald’s speech leaves gaping holes and assumptions based on what she is told. Sad day for us if she gets in.

  16. Tim, I think you may be placing your trust in the wrong person.
    I am so sorry that you think she knows what she is doing, but you may need to do more research on this lady. And with the postings, I am not alone in my misgivings apparently.

  17. Tim Bolen once again gets it wrong. He posts a video, CLAIMING IT SHOWS THIS WOMAN ON OUR SIDE REGARDING VACCINES, and doesn’t even watch what she says. This woman clearly says she believes vaccinations are why we have a long life. She is so concerned about brain development, but says NOTHING ABOUT THE BRAIN DAMAGE FROM VACCINES. That Tim, IS DEPLORABLE of you. It is also Deplorable that your hero would appoint this woman to head the CDC. It IS, also deplorable that he appointed a mann to head the FDA who tells folks to “Get Over It” vaccine work. Time you sir need some work around facing reality.

  18. Corrected Comment as there is no correction link on the comment section… ============ Tim Bolen once again gets it wrong. He posts a video, CLAIMING IT SHOWS THIS WOMAN ON OUR SIDE REGARDING VACCINES, and doesn’t even watch what she says. This woman clearly says she believes vaccinations are why we have a long life. She is so concerned about brain development, but says NOTHING ABOUT THE BRAIN DAMAGE FROM VACCINES. That Tim, IS DEPLORABLE of you. It is also Deplorable that your hero, Trump, would appoint this woman to head the CDC. It IS, also deplorable, that he appointed a man to head the FDA who tells folks to “Get Over It” vaccines work. Tim you sir need some work around facing reality.

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