Trump’s Health Care Plan – The One The Democrats And Their Liberal “Fake News” Media Can’t See…

Let’s Be Honest – Trump And His People Read The BolenReport.  So, They Know What’s Wrong With US Health Care And They Know How To Fix It…

We Told Them What To Do – And They Are Doing It…

Opinion By “Deplorable Super-Spreader” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Albert Einstein once said “Given one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and 5 minutes finding the solution.”

As we say here about US Health Care, in our “Call To Action:”

(1)  Health care is offered, by the system, not based on what is most effective, and/or best for the patient, but by what is most profitable for the provider.

(2)  The government agencies we have put in place to regulate health care have turned against us.

(3)  The worldwide pharmaceutical industry has WAY TOO MUCH influence over our elected, and appointed, officials.  

(4)  Health Insurers are a BIG problem

(5)  US Dentistry is upside down.

(6)  Public Health projects are making the population sicker.

(7) The PsyOps Networks – Ruthless, deadly, dishonest, destructive, morally depraved, attacks those trying to fix health care…

Here at the BolenReport we have been saying a lot about how“badly broken” our health care system actually is – and are talking about how to fix it. 

Click here for more information.  The November 29th, 2016 article just below pretty much explains the problem succinctly – please click on it and read it for the first time or read it once again…


Just below is an important excerpt from that article…

What Do We Really Know About “ObamaCare”?

The Good Parts – people who could not previously get access to health care actually got that access.

The Bad Parts – (1)  Mandatory purchase – Everyone had to buy a Health Care Plan.  (2)  What is offered (mandated) is basically expensive junk.

Yes, you read that right – “expensive junk.”

The REALLY BAD Parts – Costs started to rise exponentially.  Plan costs, already high, doubled.

Why is “ObamaCare” failing? 

Five reasons – (1) Increased costs, (2)  Increased costs, (3) Increased costs, (4) Increased costs, and (5) Increased costs.

With no end in sight.

Primarily the problem is greed.  Years ago, when individual States, like California, made auto insurance mandatory, auto insurance rates doubled overnight – and regulation of the industry had to come into place.

The REAL Problem…

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and what the Republicans are considering replacing it with, are propping up a badly broken US Health Care system – overpriced crap, pretending to be useful.  It is draining our society.

Health Care suppliers are in the “corruption and greed” mode, offering little for a lot.

In short This photo is the reality of US Health Care...
In short THIS photo is the reality of US Health Care, and it is a lot to swallow…

(1) Drugs, for instance, cost way more than they should and are offered as the answer for way more than they can actually do.

(2)  Hospital costs are ridiculous.

(3) Mainstream Dentistry is a pricey joke.  It isn’t even about health care – it is about appearance.  The unofficial US Dentistry slogan, I think, is “If your teeth are white, you’ll get laid tonight…”  They completely ignore infections surrounding your teeth (around root canals), not caring that your teeth are 1 and 1/2 inches from your brain.

(4) Some parts of the system actually CAUSE health problems on their own – like vaccines.

(5) Accepted paradigms for problems, like Cancer, and/or Heart Disease, are total worthless crap – and horribly expensive.

(6)  There are whole groups of health problems that are ignored because there is no drug for them – like Cerebral Palsy, ALS, etc.

(7)  There isn’t even the slightest interest in prevention of problems (vaccines are NOT prevention).

(8)  The whole US health Care System is structured wrong financially.  As the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) says:

“ObamaCare is a complicated net of provisions that pay off interlocking special interest groups. Despite Nancy Pelosi’s comment that we had to pass it to find out what is in it, Americans still aren’t aware of its many far-reaching tentacles.

It is not possible to get rid of kudzu by trimming a few branches. It is not possible to drain a swamp by diverting part of the water. It is not possible to save American medicine by relieving a little pressure while leaving the apparatus for crushing it intact.

Lesser-known provisions that need to go include the half a trillion dollars in tax hikes, the ban on the expansion of physician-owned hospitals (which often provide better and less expensive care), and the “antidiscrimination rule” that requires everyone to pay for and most facilities to provide costly “gender reassignment” procedures. More and more harmful effects are evident as taxes and regulations are phased in.

The major reason for shocking premium increases and plan cancellations is the federal mandates on coverage and pricing.”

(9)  Real life saving, and repairing, health systems are blocked, or suppressed intentionally, by US government agencies, so as to protect drug profits – like Adult Stem Cell therapies, oxygen therapies, electronic medicine.

(10)  There is a very real PsyOps running to keep the broken system in place for its benefactors.  The PsyOps Networks – Ruthless, deadly, dishonest, destructive, morally depraved, attacks those trying to fix health care..

Now ask yourself “Hasn’t Trump ALREADY been putting new policies in place to deal with most of these issues?”

Yup – he certainly has.  And there is much more coming…

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable Super-Spreader” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Health Care Plan – The One The Democrats And Their Liberal “Fake News” Media Can’t See…”

  1. Same as in Canada. It is realy a Deathcare elder extermination program. follow the money.

  2. Terry, same in the UK. The sickness system had at least three attempts on my mother’s life that I know of. The last one succeeded. I don’t think most of the people involved had the slightest idea what the system was driving them to do, but one or two of them may have had intent. One attempt I stopped by risking my own practice licence in threatening to go full whistleblower on the doctor, which threw the care home into a blind panic for a while. It would have been much, much easier to deal with it all had my own family not been so disbelieving about what was happening. So, my advice to anyone; listen to your own family, however crazy they sound; if you can’t trust them whom can you trust?

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