What Trump is Doing to Revise US Health Care – An Overview…

Taking Control of the “Administrative State” is the Key…


Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again – “The vaccine issue is a microcosm of what is wrong with US Health Care.  And, US Health Care is a microcosm of what is wrong with America…”

Finding the mechanism to solve the vaccine issue is the key to solving US Health Care, and that same mechanism will solve America…

The Trump Team knows exactly what to do, and is doing it – we are getting “America” back…

Richard Dreyfuss, the actor, points out, quite correctly that the teaching of “Civics” has been removed from the US Public School curriculum since about 1970.  Consequently, more than one generation of Americans has NO IDEA how their own government was designed, nor how it actually works.  So, they do NOT know how to fix problems with it.  This is preposterous.

How did this happen?  As Dreyfuss says:

“To teach our kids how to run our country, before they are called upon to run our country…if we don’t, someone else will run our country.” Richard Dreyfuss

The United States government system was designed to be a check and balance system, so that no one agency could assume ultimate control. The main three divisions were The Executive, Congress, and the Judiciary.

More, within each of those were protective devices to keep each of those divisions honest.

Keeping them honest?

Exactly.  Every federal, State, or local agency has some form of watchdog entity constantly examining what employees of that agency are up to.  Why?  Employee abuse of power happens every day.

In any agency that has police power (the power to arrest someone) that sub-agency is called “Internal Affairs.”  In agencies without police power they are usually called “Inspector Generals” or something similar.

Trump has control over “The Executive Branch” – EVERY Part of it…

What does that mean?  It means that the Trump Team has the power to appoint the heads of each of the Cabinet level agencies, and all of the heads of the sub-agencies, including the heads of Internal Affairs and Inspector Generals.  He has about 4000 appointments to make, only 1000 of which have to be approved by Congress.

The Washington Post has an interesting webpage with a complete chart, keeping track of appointments as they happen.  But, of course, you have to read their whiney liberal bias on what’s actually happening – just hold your nose and you’ll be OK.

Trump is intentionally going slow with appointments.  But not too slow.  Why?  There is a plan.  Critical appointments, where he needs people to run the daily government, add up to about 550.

A Plan?

As an example, of what kind of power Trump wields in this situation, let’s look a the US Department of Health and Humans Services (DHHS) now headed by Trump appointee Tom Price.

DHHS is where US health care policy decisions are made.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). is a sub-agency of the US Department of Health and Humans Services (DHHS).  DHHS has, besides the FDA, the CDC and NIH, eight (8) other agencies.  Trump gets to appoint every one of these agency heads AND their deputies. He can force ENORMOUS CHANGES at every place – and he intends to.

With complete control of each agency and sub-agency, including the heads of the “Internal Affairs” and “Inspector Generals it just will take a little time to weed out the enemy.  

Entrenched career employees who refuse to go along with the new changes can simply be permanently re-assigned to the new South Pole Fertilizer Assessment program.  

Why is it going to happen this way?

Because we cannot revise the US Health Care Program without addressing the REAL problems within it.  Just shifting how we pay for a broken system is going nowhere.

In short –

The North American Health Care System is BADLY broken…

(1)  Health care is offered, by the system, not based on what is most effective, and/or best for the patient , but by what is most profitable for the provider.  

(2)  The government agencies we have put in place to regulate health care have turned against us.  

(3)  The worldwide pharmaceutical industry has WAY TOO MUCH influence over our elected, and appointed, officials.  

(4)  Health Insurers are a BIG problem 

(5)  US Dentistry is upside down.

(6)  Public Health projects are making the population sicker.

(7) The PsyOps Networks – Ruthless, deadly, dishonest, destructive, morally depraved, attacks those trying to fix health  care.

But all of this is fixable.  We just have to control the agencies…

And we are on our way to doing just that.

Below is an interesting video of an interview with Political commentator Joe diGenova that pretty well outlines what the Washington Trump Team is up to, and how they are going about it.

We are unstoppable.  We are taking America back…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

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