Trump Forces Down US Prescription Drug Prices By 80%…

I Told All Of You This Was Coming…

It is a brand new health care day in the United States of America.  The balance of power has been shifted away from Big Pharma.  It was done by President Donald Trump, and he made it look easy…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Big Pharma makes so much money that it can not only control the evening mainstream news, but it can afford five lobbyists for every federal legislator.

It can completely control State legislators – like it did with the Democratic Party controlled California legislature that passed Mandatory Vaccine bill SB 277 jamming seventy-four (74) vaccines into California’s suffering children as a requirement to go to Public School.

Big Pharma, until now, has been able to control EVERY appointment to EVERY federal agency that regulates health care.

“Until now” are the key words…

I am about to show you a fourteen minute video produced by Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services , with our President explaining the strategy and tactics, in detail, of how we have broken Big Pharma’s hold on US health care.

Put on earphones and listen to every word, because, within it, you get an outline of how our system has been working against us, and how Trump’s picks to head key federal agencies have unraveled Big Pharma’s choke hold creating a new day for US health care.

In earlier Bolen Report articles I explained the reasons why I like Trump’s federal picks – now you can see for yourself where these people went, and what they did.

Trump has reduced Big Pharma’s overall income by 80%.   They are not going to be rolling in cash anymore.  It is a good day for America…

Watch this…

Let me explain what each of the points made in the video means to US health care…

Why is it important to encourage “generics?”  A “generic” drug is one that is an exact copy of an expensive prescription drug on the market.  “Generics” come about because the patent on the original drug runs out – so someone can now make a copy and sell it for ten cents on the dollar.  Why buy the expensive original when an exact copy will do.  Doing this alone saved Americans nine billion dollars last year.

The “Know the Lowest Price Act” and the “Patient Right to Know Act” together end the “Gag Order” imposed on Pharmacies not allowing them to suggest, or even mention, that there are far lower cost alternatives to your expensive prescription drug, you can use.

“Global Freeloading” is the idea that Americans have to pay seven to twelve times what foreign countries pay for the same drug made in the same place.  Americans have been subsidizing the cost of drugs on  Planet Earth.

“MediCare can negotiate prices.”  This is a huge cost saving move.  The ObamaNation refused to do this so that Big Pharma would use their HUGE PROFITS to fund Democratic Party candidates for public office. – like the 2018 midterms.

“Broken payment system” – manipulating the system to work FOR Americans.


Pay close attention to the last minute of the video.  President Trump  is promising MUCH more.  I’ve got a real good idea of what’s coming.  Big Pharma isn’t going to like it but WE will..

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

17 thoughts on “Trump Forces Down US Prescription Drug Prices By 80%…”

  1. As a senior this news has restored my faith in the acumen and persistence of our President. I understand his strategy now: going after drastically reducing Big Mafia Pharma profits is the way to reduce its ability ($) to buy politicians.. I have been a Kaiser member for years. The cost of my prescriptions keeps going up, paying for services that in the past I did not; office’visits have gone significantly. And the deduction for Medicare from our SSS went up 2-3 years ago. Will Medicare roll back the deductions? When? Will Kaiser roll back the prescriptions cost? I am lucky than most in this regard, for I received income from my retirement plans from the companies I worked for previous to retirement. I am not rich by any means. But
    Most seniors are not as lucky. I see how my friends struggle with this. I have seen them go to Tijuana to seek medical treatment and buy medicine. This news are welcome news…. but in honor of my functionally autístic son and gran daughter I must express my disappointment in the issue of forced vaccination of citizens from birth to death…I still see no major effective move against the forced vaccination of our children. I only see see Kennedy et all doing something about it.., yet the President has not mentioned this at all, I think since his presidential campaign. Would be wonderful if you and your organization could write an update on actual, concrete steps being taken to give back American parents’ rights to their children. We have heard enough from doctors and scientists proving the damage done to our children. But all that seems to stay as only rethoric not actual concrete steps initiated by our President. You have stop writing in any meaningful way about this. Why?

  2. Never interrupt your opponent when he is about to make a serious mistake.
    Napoleon Bonaparte

    In general, it is unfair to require another human being to fulfil your expectations. Politicians are an exception to this. They make promises seeking to get the reward of a highly paid job with lots and lots of perks. If I were paying their salary, I believe that it is right to insist that they keep their promises. A great many politicians disagree with this. They appear to believe that it’s OK to promise something which cannot be done in order to get the job and to, then, just shrug their shoulders when it’s time to act.

    I have expectations of President Trump. He made promises to get elected and I expect him to keep those promises. Let’s make no bones about this: Were I an American citizen, I would have voted Donald Trump in 2016. There were many reasons for this, not the least of which was that his erstwhile opponent was an obvious rolling catastrophe. There is more, however, much more. “Our” Donald is different, very different.

    Just as with most of us, Our Donald was totally p…… off with the abuse of power in government and decided to do something about it.

    Donald is a master strategist; Napoleon would have loved him and appointed him as a general. Along with most great poker players, you have no Idea what cards he is holding until he lays them on the table and scoops in his winnings. Behind the scenes he’s been working very hard and very precisely.

    You may have noticed that he has said very little about “health care for all” proposed by that silly girl in New York and others. He has refrained from making any great play about how much it would cost. He’s let them run wild with it and then……….

    He just calmly states that whilst others have been making wild promises about health care costs, we have been doing it. Affordable health care is becoming a reality in America!

    So, what’s next? Banning vaccination? Through contacts, Our Donald has been handed a copy of my book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” which gives him all the information he needs to justify banning vaccination by presidential decree. So why isn’t he doing it? It’s because he’s doing something much more comprehensive and, even if I knew precisely what, I wouldn’t jiggle his elbow by making it public.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  3. I appreciate you comment. I do understand and appreciate the “pocker strategies of our President. However, elections are around the corner and for the hundred of thousands of American parents who voted for him as the only hope for their children, his silence does not bode well for him. I am involved with several anti-vax .org and believe me their patience is running out. You allude he is planing a lot on this issue, that you gave him your book, so have others. Have any of you receive a coment, if any at all from him? A defeaning silence. A child that has been damaged by vaccine becomes the sole focus of his parentd of how the judge their political leaders.

  4. But Tim, doesn’t lowering prescription drug prices just make it easier for us to poison ourselves and thus help the NWO Cabal in it’s depopulation agenda:
    And Georgia Guidestones: 7.6 BILLION down to 500 million be 2030? What better way to accomplish this than to get us to pay for our own demise through prescriptions/vaccines/etc. ?
    Just wondering…. ? Hope this is fixed also before it is too late… Thanks for all you do! Love sharing your posts 🙂

  5. Isn’t iatrogenic disease the third highest cause of death in the United States? How is an eighty percent reduction in the price of medical drugs going to do anything other than to help prop up a medical system that is rotten to the core and unfit for purpose?

  6. Georgia – By cutting back their income it becomes harder for them to control Congress, and those TV ads are expensive…

  7. I have 30+ years wasting in a Medical Merry go round. It is nicknamed medicine but really it is anything but. It’s a band aid palliative procedure.Those chemical potions called Medicine is anything but to medicate the ill person. Whatever the price set is on them, the more expensive the more appreciated it is due to our false perceptions. ‘If it’s expensive it must be right’ – right? I say they ought to be investigated and most of them just banned, but such thing heaven forbid cannot happen. The ill person is convinced that it will heal him, this is a lolly for the calming of the psyche. Instead of concentrating on better life style and nourishment and all life-building and supporting elements that Nature has provided, mostly getting ignored and the focus is on the Pharmakia that is fake.

  8. Georgia: making medicine cheaper does not take away our ability to inform ourselves of the side effects of these meds. With all the information on the internet, you can find out exactly what each medication will do to your body, if your doctor will not take the time to get informed and give you a knowledgeable answer. I have done that: hot my info and gave it to my doctor. Never contested my findings! There are three areas where doctors lack education on: nutrition, medication and vaccines. The age where we trusted implicity – no questions asked , are gone for ever.

  9. You must realize this will decimate all pharma based investments (doctors and politicians pensions).

  10. The only thing that should delay Trump and his administration publicly coming out against vaccination would be something WORSE going on. I think Trump and his team are in a very real and at least partly “kinetic” war against parts of the ” deep state”. This is why I pay attention to “Q” and I follow Christian commenters on “Q”. I have found Mark Taylor to, so far, be an apparently accurate prophetic voice about Trump. If “Q” and prophetic voices such as Mark Taylor are accurate we may be very unaware of the enormity of the wickedness we are up against. People and entities that have abused, trafficked and even ritually murdered many people. Think of the bodies of nearly 800 babies and toddlers found in cisterns under a Catholic home in Ireland. Vaccines can literally be murder weapons but if you had to dismantle a system that intended to reduce humanity by over 90% you would probably tackle things like imminent nuclear attack prior to dealing with the domestic havoc that will result when millions of people fully realize what the vaccines are about. I wonder if Trump and “Q” may have left this part of the agenda alone for a sobering reason. The people who survive this will know that their lives depend on their Creator and their communities and NOT a satanically controlled central government.

  11. Just a quick note for Kevin;
    Iatrogen ist NOT the third biggest cause of unnatural death in the US.
    It is number ONE!
    Over 90% of cancer related deaths are actually caused by medical treatment but appear in the statistics as cancer being the cause of death – no-one has EVER died of cancer!!!
    Almost all birth complications are caused by medical intervention.
    Iatrogen, for those not versed in Ancient Greek, comes from Iatros, sometimes spelled Jatros, being the Ancient Greek name for a doctor of medicine. Iatrogen illness or death is, literally, killed by the doctor.

    Blessed be



    I’m appalled too. A lesson in proper protest for us ALL. FANTASTIC

    Lori Ciminelli is a retired nurse of 20 years. Four of those years were spent wearing a mask because Lori refused to take the flu shot.

    On October 25, 2018, Lori gave testimony before the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

    To say the least, her speech was explosive and intelligent.

    She claims that the local hospital she worked as a nurse at was generally against the flu shot, something that prompted flu shot mandates. She focuses on low efficacy numbers of the flu shot.

  13. If he was going to do something about autism, it would have been done by now. He would have had the vaccine commission in full swing, instead we have nothing. He doesn’t need to go after drug prices to bring them down on their knees. Pharma has billions stashed and won’t run out of money for years, even if they don’t make another penny for the next six years or longer. So the idea that they’ll cut down on advertising and hurt the networks is not so promising. There’s no reason to vote for republicans either, what have they done for us? As for me, I voted for Trump, but now, I don’t care if he gets impeached. He met with Wakefield, and received donations from our side and did nothing. We would have got the same thing from Hillary. I guess you can see that I’m not interested in economic growth or jobs, or any of the other great things that he has accomplished since it won’t help our vaccine injured children.

  14. Vic,
    before you do anything so drastic take a look at “The Nature of the Beast” which I trust Tim will put up here today or tomorrow.

    Then, I’ve been writing every now and then about a new technology we’ve developed here in Germany which will remove the crippling toxins and allow the brain to repair itself. Many times I’ve offered to let Bolen Report readers have one free of charge so that you can see how effective it is.

    It seems to me, however, that you’re all much more interested in revenge than in healing your children as not one single person has applied to get one from me.

    Now, what is your REAL objective?
    Blaming or healing? You can’t have both.

    Blessed be


  15. Trump needs to do smthg about the FDA ! they just don’t give a fook (as long as it isn’t their children). This is a holocaust the magnitude of which the world has never seen before.
    Nazis rule the western world and the resistance (although small) is obligated to stop them.

    Detection of latent viruses in cell substrates for vaccine safety. The urgent demand for vaccines against emerging diseases has necessitated the use of novel cell substrates. These include tumorigenic cells such as MDCK and CHO cells (for influenza virus vaccines), 293 and PER.C6 cells (for adenovirus-vectored HIV-1 and other vaccines), and tumor-derived cells such as HeLa cells (for HIV-1 vaccines).

    The use of tumorigenic and tumor-derived cells is a major safety concern due to the potential presence of viruses such as retroviruses and oncogenic DNA viruses that could be associated with tumorigencity, Therefore, detection of persistent, latent DNA viruses, and endogenous retroviruses in vaccine cell substrates is important for vaccine safety, particularly in the development of live viral vaccines, where there are no or minimal virus inactivation and removal steps during vaccine manufacturing.

    Chemical induction is a rigorous method for evaluating the presence of endogenous retroviruses as well as some latent DNA viruses that have the potential to become active and produce infectious virus. This approach has been extensively used for mouse cells. We have optimized virus induction conditions in mouse cells using a standardized, highly sensitive, single-tube fluorescent PCR enhanced reverse transcriptase (STF-PERT) assay. We have further determined optimum conditions for activating latent DNA virus from a human cell line. We have extended the assay to develop a stepwise approach to induce and detect endogenous retroviruses and latent DNA viruses during evaluation of cell substrates for vaccine safety.

  16. Karma,
    I’m definitely interested in curing my son, so please don’t hold back on the cure, let us in on it. I am also interested for those that caused this damage to get punished, and I don’t understand what you see wrong with that.

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