The Nature of the Beast…

When Donald Trump promised to take down the pharmaceutical cartel…

From Germany By Karma Singh


…he already had a pretty good idea of what he was up against. As President Trump, he has studied the nature of the beast and how to conquer it.

This isn’t a David and Goliath contest, it much more akin to the many headed Hydra or Shiva’s battle against the many headed demons.

Large parts of Congress, on both sides of the House, were deep in the pockets of the pharma-cartel. Yet it is precisely these people that he needs to enact the legislation which, amongst other things, cuts off a lot of their income.

You may remember that some months ago the bank accounts of some of the worst offenders were frozen:

A first step, a shot across the bows showing all other Congress members that he means business; Still not enough – he has to be sure of being able to get bills through both houses. So he squeezed a couple of little, innocuous sounding ones through but which cut billions from the cartel’s income. A step in the right direction – as any general will tell you; the first thing you need to neutralize is your opponent’s ability to fight. The cartel’s main weapon is vast sums of money so it is logical for this general to find ways of reducing it. He has made some significant steps in this direction but there’s a long way to go yet.

One of the very many other problems…

…is that three generations of not just Americans but most of the “Western” world have been indoctrinated into believing that pharmaceutical medicine is the savior of humanity and everything else is useless, worthless and has no effect. How many of you remember “Dr. Kildare” and other examples of pharma-financed propaganda?

How do you re-educate hundreds of millions of people in a few months?

Rockefeller began purchasing the Press many decades ago with the precise intent of preventing the truth reaching the public. With the overwhelming majority of the Main Stream Press owned or controlled by the pharmaceutical cartel, getting the truth out is a very difficult task. Until very large numbers of Americans recognise that pharmaceutical medicine is an almost 100% fraud, any move to eliminate it will bring a public outcry “he is depriving us of health care”.

It is not enough that many thousands of parents with vaccine damaged children demand that these toxins be banned; until the American public as a whole realize that vaccines are not only useless but also deadly, it is very difficult to make any headway.

Here is where you, the readers of the BolenReport have a big job to do.

Over the last months, several excellent books and a film in this area have been showcased on the BolenReport; you need only to browse the archive to find them. I would suggest reading all of them: The better informed you are, the easier it will be for you to guide friends and family to the truth.

It is, however, not sufficient to merely catalogue what is wrong and why…

…it is vitally necessary to be able to say where we should be going to attain real health care. It is for this reason that my own book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” which has been described as the clearest, most comprehensive and concise work on this topic is in two parts:

Part one demolishes the entire pharmaceutical facade by removing its whole foundation – it is in industry which grew out of the lies of egomaniacs and has been pursuing a course of sickness for profit ever since.

Part two shows where the basis of true health is to be found and how to enhance it. Following the example of the man who proof-read the German edition who said, “Give me ten copies so that I can hand them around and say, “read that and then we can discuss matters”” many have purchased multiple copies of the book to do just that.

What are you doing?

So what is Our Donald doing to tackle this big hurdle?

Well, even if I knew, I wouldn’t make it public until President Trump has attained his objective. I would, however, suggest that you take a look at what Facebook, Twitter and Google have been “allowed” to get away with over the last months. Then, remember this old adage, “give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself.”

What Google, Facebook and Twitter have been doing over a few months is no different to what the main stream, i.e. pharma-controlled, press has been doing for decades. The difference is that users of Twitter, Facebook and Google notice it because it is new whereas those buying newspapers or watching television do not notice because it’s been going on for decades, i.e. it’s a part of “normal” life.

The pharma-cartel has three major sources of income:

Preventing people being healed of cancer:-

Cancer is not a disease but a natural emergency solution for a completely different problem. Instead of tackling the true problem, the pharma industry simply attacks the natural solution resulting in a 98+% death rate. The pharmaceutical cancer industry kills around one million Americans per year for a typical fee of $50,000 per cadaver.


Based upon nothing other than a 19th century hypothesis for which, to date, no supporting evidence has been found and, more recently, a growing body of evidence indicates most strongly that the virus hypothesis is, very probably, “fatally flawed” (that’s scientist speak for Total Bullshit), second only to banking, this has been the most successful fraud ever perpetrated upon humanity.

If you know how the human immune system actually functions (which, unfortunately, most people do not) then you would expect vaccination to spread disease. All studies show that this is exactly what happens which is why the pharma cartel denies the existence of such studies and refuses to carry out any of its own.

Please go to for more on this topic and to for much, much more.

The BIG one – poisoning for profit:

Not only the more than 100 years old practice of putting the nerve poison, mercury, into your teeth (amalgam tooth fillings) but then adding it and other poisons to other “medications” and, especially, to the so-called vaccines has given the pharma-cartel an enormous pool of lifetime customers buying their wares to counteract the effects of the poisons. To further increase this customer base, they have been very active in adulterating foodstuffs for this very same reason – to make people buy their “medicines” to counteract the poisons (called “preservatives” to make them sound less toxic).

What President Trump has done with his new rules…

…is to take an enormous bite out of pharma-profits type three – drastically reducing the funds available and their ability to wage war on humanity.

Whichever way the mid-terms go (and an increased Republican majority in both houses would greatly facilitate President Trump’s further plans in this field) I am sure that we shall see something interesting before the year’s end.

Up next:

Just why is the pharma-cartel so very afraid of homoeopathy?

From Germany By Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

5 thoughts on “The Nature of the Beast…”

  1. Well said Karma Singh! It took me some time to think carefully about what would happen if Donald Trump suddenly announced the truth about vaccines (which he must surely know). First, I strongly believe that were the “cabal” still in significant power it would have provoked such a reaction from the “deep state” as to rip apart the country. Of course, Trump had to work against upper level criminality in the FBI, DOJ and etc. before tackling the vaccine establishment! Then you have MILLIONS of Americans who still believe the lies. Even many whose job it is to administer them. I think a lot of “health care workers” will need help themselves when forced to acknowledge what they’ve been doing.

    BTW, in reference to an exchange I saw between you and someone on the previous post, I don’t think any right-thinking American would sit around remaining upset with the vaccine industry while there was an opportunity to heal their child. I would think that if there is any reluctance to try your healing methods it would be due to their newness or to questions about them rather than (I hope anyway!) a preference keeping their child miserable so that they can continue to be angry with the pharmaceutical industry!

    Thanks for your excellent post!

    Alexis Keiser

  2. “a growing body of evidence indicates most strongly that the virus hypothesis is, very probably, “fatally flawed”. Some 150 years ago the genius French scientist Antoine Bechamp thoroughly proved that germs don’t cause disease, but disease causes germs. Not only viruses are “fatally flawed science”, the same goes for bacteria.
    That automatically means that vaccines can never be more than 0% effective.


    CDC’s handling of polio-like illness criticized by its own advisers
    By Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s own medical advisers are criticizing the federal health agency for being slow to respond to a polio-like disease that’s struck hundreds of children over the past six years.

    “Frustrated and disappointed — I think that’s exactly how most of us feel,” said Dr. Keith Van Haren, one of the CDC advisers on AFM and an assistant professor of neurology at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

    Van Haren and other doctors who care for these children say the agency has been slow to gather data and to guide pediatricians and emergency room physicians on how to diagnose and treat the children struck with the disease, acute flaccid myelitis.

    “This is the CDC’s job. This is what they’re supposed to do well. And it’s a source of frustration to many of us that they’re apparently not doing these things,” said Dr. Kenneth Tyler, a professor and chair of the department of neurology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and another adviser to the CDC on AFM.

    At a press briefing this month, a CDC doctor said the agency was working hard to find the cause of the outbreaks.

    “We continue to investigate to better understand the clinical picture of AFM cases, risk factors and possible causes of the increase in cases,” said Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

    She said the agency could do a better job getting the message out about the signs of AFM.

    “We’re obviously not doing a good enough job because it’s not getting to every place that we want it to, so we need to work harder,” she told CNN in an interview.

    According to the CDC, since 2014, there have been 396 confirmed cases of acute flaccid myelitis, which resembles polio and causes paralysis in children.

    This year, there have been 72 confirmed cases of AFM, and another 119 possible cases are being investigated, according to the agency.

    ‘They need to get busy’

    The doctors aren’t the only ones who are critical of the CDC’s handling of the devastating disease.

    On Saturday, five families whose children have AFM gathered at the home of 10-year-old McKenzie Andersen in Albany, Oregon, to celebrate an early Halloween. On the actual holiday, McKenzie will be having surgery related to a complication of the disease.

    McKenzie was a happy, healthy, hip-hop-dancing first-grader when she developed pneumonia in 2014. Within four days, she was paralyzed below the neck.

    Today, she can move only her left hand and her feet and toes. She spends nearly all her time in bed, a ventilator breathing for her.

    As the families munched on Halloween treats at McKenzie’s home, they talked about their disappointment in the CDC. The mothers say the federal agency should be doing a better job letting emergency rooms know about the signs of AFM.

  4. Hi Alexis,
    I just don’t understand it at all.
    I know two families with disabled children. Both do everything they can to help them and to find solutions.
    When a revolutionary technology which may well enable the repair of the brain damage is offered to them free of charge and they do absolutely nothing; they don’t even make the effort to send me an email asking for more details. This is what I just don’t understand.

    Hi Rixta,
    yes, Prof. Pierre Antoine Bechamp has more than one “honourable mention ” in Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P. What is not mentioned in that book is that his work and more lately the work of certain quantum biophysicists indicate most strongly that bacteria play no role in the creation of human illness. This is just too big a bite for most people because there appears to be so much evidence supporting the bacteria hypothesis.
    This surprise is in volume II (currently work in progress), a book which still lacks a name. Any suggestions?

    Epidemiological evidence shows the effectiveness of vaccines to be well into the minus area, i.e. they SPREAD disease.

    Blessed be


  5. Good morning all and especially to Hans,
    I had not previously heard of acute flaccid myelitis so I went to that noble source of medico-pharmaceutical information, Wikipedia.
    Here is stated that Guillain–Barré syndrome is an alternative name for this malady! Given that we know that Guillain–Barré is caused by the heavy metals and other toxins in vaccines and that these are quite capable of producing the AFM symptoms, we come to an interesting suspicion.
    When we look at the incidence chart from the CDC so kindly offered to us on the Wikipedia page, we find that September shows a massive increase in incidence each year.
    Year for year, it is precisely in this period that vaccinations for schools are demanded and flu vaccines pushed.
    Correlation but is it causation?
    The likelihood is quite high but more information is needed such as where the affected children live; what quantities of which pesticides are used in their area?
    We see epidemiologically, that polio is an effect of the use of DDT and so they are very pertinent questions as to what pesticides these children have been in contact with and what so-called vaccines had been injected just prior to the disease and then, how do we get rid of them. This we know already and you can see at

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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