TROLL WARNING! “Freedom Watch” and Larry Klayman have Joined Team Mikovits…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Like a classic hero I feel obligated to provide fair warning to my enemies of what awaits them if they continue on their present course.

Godzilla (in the form of Larry Klayman and Freedom Watch) has joined the Mikovits team.

Don’t know who Larry Klayman is?   Here’s his bio:

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is known for his strong public interest advocacy in furtherance of ethics in government and individual freedoms and liberties. During his tenure at Judicial Watch, he obtained a court ruling that Bill Clinton committed a crime, the first lawyer ever to have done so against an American president. Larry became so famous for fighting corruption in the government and the legal profession that the NBC hit drama series “West Wing” created a character after him: Harry Klaypool.

Yes, the guy who nailed “Slick Willy” is now working for Dr. Judy Mikovits.  Oh, and if I need him for anything, he said to just give him a call.  I told him I was interested in going after Chuck Todd of Meet the Press for saying that our book, PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION was “self-published”.

FACT CHECK, Chuck Todd!  PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION was published by Skyhorse Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster.  I’m thinking that initial demand letter will be for two million in lost sales and ten million in punitive damages.

But let’s get to some serious thoughts…

Many people have asked why Judy Mikovits hasn’t simply been able to bring a legal case and get restitution.  The simple answer is that powerful people have been able to block her at every turn.

99.9% of attorneys have never even come up against something as remotely corrupt as this.  It’s not their fault.  They are good and competent advocates when the game is even remotely fair.

The Judy Mikovits case has the potential to bring down the entire corrupt pharma empire along with the public health criminals. 

It’s that simple.  Survival of a robust human race or our species might end with a whimper.  I could see the outlines of this fight, but I couldn’t wage it in a legal forum.  I don’t have that experience.

That didn’t mean I was powerless.  In my own realm I could be as dangerous as a Velociraptor, searching for vulnerabilities (like the fact that NONE of the popular books on viruses were written by actual scientists), and conquer in that area, hoping to attract the attention of more powerful players.

The conversations with Klayman have been going on for several weeks, as I wanted to be sure of him.  Judy has been interviewed by Klayman on his radio show twice, and I have made one appearance.  One thing that made me trust him was when he asked whether Judy and I had been successful in getting on Fox News.

I told him, “No,” even though our publicist had been able to get several of his other clients on the network.

“I’m not surprised,” said Klayman. “Fox is getting so watered down these days that any time somebody is somewhat successful in going up against the Deep State they stop booking them.”

That jibed with what several other sources were telling me, mentioning that many formerly conservative outlets were becoming in essence “Conservative, Inc.”, losing that traditional journalistic ethos to go wherever the story took them. In many ways, Fox News now resembles CNN, CBS and MSNBC, with the exception of a few lonely remaining opinion hosts.

I was also fortunate to get a look behind the curtain…

…and realize there was an army of digital soldiers helping us out in ways I’d never imagined.  It’s almost like we have our own mini-NSA helping us out.  I felt a great sense of relief, knowing I’d done enough to keep the Mikovits story alive until reinforcements could arrive.

Besides successfully taking on President Clinton, Klayman has sued the NSA, ANTIFA, and is currently suing China for their role in the Covid-19 outbreak.

Larry Klayman is Godzilla, and now he’s working for us. Villains beware!

Opinion by Kent Heckenlively, JD

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  1. Reading now plage of Corruption, and im not afraid to say the name, instead you should know its my birthday present! I read all your email news, ( this corrupt pharma caused my wife to be incapacitated for nearly 20 years) thanks for all the emails.

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