Throwing Gasoline on the Wikipedia Fire…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen 

I want to apologize to everyone that are submitting “Comments” to the BolenReport and not seeing them pop up instantly.

I was inundated with “skeptic” crap – and decided to “monitor” all of the Comments.  Since I have meetings, and other obligations, sometimes it is hours before I can get back to the Comment queue.  Please, don’t go away – just put them there.  They will appear.

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As you know the “skeptics” live in a different world than those of us brought up with a kindness, and caring, family oriented Judeo-Christian Ethic.  Their “Comments” are not something normal people would want to see, or hear.  I think that if someone were to do what they do in a Public Park on a Saturday, the police would come, and take them away.  Why is their behavior condoned on the internet?

As you know, Meryl Dorey, of the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) was threatened with rape, mutilation, and death by the “skeptics.”

They sent Meryl, in her site’s “Comments” section, homosexual pornography, a photo of a white-woman-being-ripped-in-half-while-being-raped-by-a-black-man, and more.  They also, of course, called her home and threatened her children with burning her house down in the middle of the night..  You can review that horror story here.

I have to protect my readers from that.

The “skeptic” that made those “burn your house down” threats was given the Australian Skeptics top award for his work…

I know it is uncomfortable for some of you to read about how horrible the “skeptics” are.  Worse, is to find out that this “skeptic” group is BEING HIRED to do what they do, BECAUSE OF who and what they are, and how they normally act.

But life is not Pollyanna.

Step Back For a Moment, and Look at What is Happening…

Big Pharma is clearly using tactics designed by psychologically deranged people against us.  Why?  Because they are desperate.  They see the handwriting on the wall.  They know that they have pushed kind and caring, family oriented, Judeo-Christian based people, a bit too far.  Kind and caring people have boundaries – and we have a system in place to deal with atrocity – and it is being activated as we speak.

Is the system really being activated?  Yes, it is.  Look around.  Never before in recent history has a population reacted so strongly to a government activity as it has to the vaccine issue.  Not since the Vietnam War.

A few years ago you could count true “Anti-Vaxxers” on your fingers and toes.  Now, there are millions.  Perhaps  tens of millions.  We are, without doubt, heading for the end of the US Childhood Vaccine Program.  It is about time…

But , we can’t stop there.  We need to shut down most of the pharmaceutical industry.   We need to make BIG PHARMA into LITTLE PHARMA.

Also, we need to reform our State Health Departments back into “health” departments, removing their current role as street-corner drug pushers.

Can we?  Yup…

Remember what I said, above, about ending the Vietnam War?  I remember all of that very well.  The protests got so heated that the US Army Division in Vietnam refused to fight – and President Nixon had to order the bombing of North Vietnam just to get the Vietnamese to the Peace Talk tables…

The vaccine issue is a skirmish compared to what the people of America accomplished to stop a Vietnam War extremely profitable for the Military/ Industrial Complex.

We are winning, people.  Step up the game…

And Stay Tuned…

Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

4 thoughts on “Throwing Gasoline on the Wikipedia Fire…”

  1. what drives these disturbed miscreants? What on earth do they have to contribute other than disruption of ethical health care? If it were 1933 Germany I’d say these people were Adolfs brown shirts, it seems eerily similar. It is also said that his early SA were radical homosexuals who thought the whole Nazi thing was an uber manly men’s club. could be they are just Nazi wannabes.

  2. Yes, they would burn Meryl Dorey’s house if they thought they could get away with it…

  3. Dtap use in Australia has led to 1 in 25 fully vaccinated kids aged 6-12 getting whooping cough……………………. has led to Dtap vaccinated siblings, no symptoms, infecting the newborn of the family…………. To hide this fact CDC recommend Dtap in pregnancy, ie prevaccinating a baby before birth, with a vaccine that kills them if given at birth……… Outcome 1 in 50 in usa, prevaccinated, now are born microcephalic, way more than the Brazil experiment

  4. Tim, I do love your informative stuff thank you! However…those of us in the fight to save the children are not just “Judeo Christian”. I am Wiccan. I fight just as long and hard and have had my child’s life threatened by pro vaxxers to the point I had to delete my entire FB account and come on withal a fake name to keep fighting . Reported the threats to FB. Crickets…. So keep on telling truths please but understand we are of all colors, faiths, and beliefs fighting this fight to save our children from greed and evil. Thank you Tim.

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