LAUGH OUT LOUD: Pro-Vaxxers RUNNING, Hiding, Cringing, Whimpering, Surrounding Themselves With Gunmen…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate – Tim Bolen


It has begun…

The VACCINE HOLOCAUST DENIALISTS never, ever, imagined that there would be an anti-vax uprising of this magnitude.  To them, all Americans are sheep.

Paul Offit actually thought he was SO WONDERFUL that no one would ever question his “10,000 vaccines at once” nonsense.  Now he’s a laughing-stock avoiding “opportunities” to get those 10,000 vaccines jabbed into his ass at one sitting.

But, Richard Pan, the nitwit that thought his efforts might make him President of the US, carried in on drug lord money, after he got a mandatory vaccine bill (SB277) passed in California takes the laughing-stock cake now.  Far surpassing Offit.

Yesterday, in the California State capitol, the excellent movie “Vaxxed” was screened.  Coming with the movie was, of course, Andy Wakefield, Del Bigtree, and a few hundred others.


But Del Bigtree had an other idea.  he thought he’d stop by and chat for a moment with Senator Richard Pan…

Here is the result.

This, I think, is a portent of things to come…


Consumer Advocate – Tim Bolen


18 thoughts on “LAUGH OUT LOUD: Pro-Vaxxers RUNNING, Hiding, Cringing, Whimpering, Surrounding Themselves With Gunmen…”

  1. While Dr. Sen. Pan is doing his best to hide, the one public official who should have known better, and is therefore most directly responsible is California Governor Jerry Brownshirt. Gov. Brownshirt over the half century or so he’s been a public figure always pretended to be a pro-personal liberty progressive. Yet by signing SB277 and its companion bill, 792, that criminalizes hiring unvaxxed workers in child day care, Gov. Brownshirt created a conundrum for the CA legal system. The state constitution guarantees a (so-called) free public education to all children, however, Gov. Brownshirt now requires that all children, to receive this public benefit, must surrender their internationally recognized right to Informed Consent, a right the CA legislature and governor have no power to abolish. What Gov. Brownshirt wants is called an “unconstitutional condition” and will be overturned by the Federal Courts. Tell decision makers here:

  2. Why such fear of discussion of the issues?….makes me fear the medical people who are forced to be a part of this INDUSTRY…I now fear for my granddaughter…what a mess…

  3. Parents of victims remain sheeple. None can grasp the fact that the people stand above the government as the authorities in our country. None can understand that we have the power to fire the whole damn government.
    While lying lawyers want us to play “legal” games, we have more useful options, just fire our servants, no lawyers invited.

  4. Ralph Fucetola, Why should any owner of the USA put themselves in a subservient position to our servants by signing a petition? We should be issuing orders to them.

  5. Lawyers in our government are enemy combatants waging a war of subversion against us. We don’t have to take any of their crap. We have the authority to remove all of them, or shoot them as infiltrators. The people stand far above lawyers and their frivolous claims about what our “law” is.

  6. They are getting so bold in their criminality that they are making bigger and bigger mistakes. We the people have started with documenting it. Now we need to unite and approach them together to have enough power to overcome the motion they have begun. This is an excellent site to keep referring people to to gather together in and “speak with one voice”. We need to be effective now and this is the place to do just that. Keep referring people here.

  7. Next time, interview his staff–that is, if they will actually talk as they are between a rock and a hard place working for this JERK…

  8. Interesting that you would write a post about those who disagree with you as running and hiding, when you’ve deliberately censored well constructed comments on this same blog that address your concerns. To quote the above comment, “Why such fear of discussion of the issues?”

    Those standing with science behind them have discussed the issues time and time again, anti-vaxxers just seem astoundingly stubborn when it comes to pretending not to hear.

  9. @ Dave Sawyer: Pretending not to hear??? We’ve had 70 years of listening to the medical industry preach about how great vaccines are (even when most of us with a titch of common sense knew better than to let someone stick a needle full of who-knew-what into our bodies) and now those in the medical camp are the ones who don’t want to talk. Unless I misunderstood your comment, I think it is the pro-vaxxers and the drug companies and the FDUH and the CDC who are “pretending not to hear”. That’s because those doods have done gone and stuck a fork in the toaster here.

    Truth will out.

  10. Dave, we have a standing offer: if you believe there is non-crony corporate science that backs the safety and efficacy of vaccination, despite clear court decisions that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” we would love to debate that issue with you.

    Yes, the “science is settled” — vaccination “science” is voodoo.

    You are invited to appear on The Dr Rima Truth Reports internet live stream and discuss the science with Rima Laibow MD and myself. We’d love to see any science you can produce.

    If vaccines are so good for you, why force us to take them? You do believe in the right of Informed Consent?

  11. Please Steve, his name is not Jerry Brown. Nor is it Gov. Moonbeam as it was in his previous incarnation as the Gov; no, now he’s earned his new name, Jerry Brownshirt. They’re taking the velvet gloves off their iron fists and we must all obey or be punished.

  12. “…we would love to debate that issue with you.”

    In all honesty I’m not at all practiced in formal debate, and doubt I would give an adequate representation of my position in such a setting. In blogs and their comments sections there is more time and better accountability when it comes to representing facts and their sources.

    As far as “non-crony corporate science” goes, you can quite easily put the terms “vaccination safety” into pubmed, Google scholar or any journal indexing tool and read results from institutions across the globe. From a Russian paper on PPV23, for example, we see “generally safe, well tolerated, and highly immunogenic when given as a single dose to Russian individuals 50 y of age and older, as well as Russian individuals 2 to 49 y of age who are at high risk for PD”. Such research is performed independently across the globe..

    I’d be interested to read a peer reviewed paper from your perspective (other than Wakefield’s, please) that concludes with a consideration of vaccination as dangerous. Particularly, I’d be interested to see how they present a danger, what negative effects are expected and what proportion of people are effected.

    “If vaccines are so good for you, why force us to take them? You do believe in the right of Informed Consent?”

    Here I’d draw a comparison with laws against texting while driving, and drink driving for that matter. It’s universally agreed that such actions are dangerous as much to others as those committing them, in the same way that not vaccinating can allow a resurgence in otherwise smothered diseases that could harm those who unable to be inoculated for various reasons. Sometimes people need to be protected from their own foolishness.

    It’s interesting, as an aside, for you and Ms. Laibow to be arguing against corporate interests in medicine when you are completely financially tied to the “alternative” industry.

  13. Dave, you provide a typical vax-proponent counter-attack, including the obligatory “industry interests” jibe, where the real financial power rests squarely with the Big Pharma crime syndicate. If you won’t debate, I’m not interested in chit chatting.

    Since numerous courts have determined vaccination to be “unavoidably unsafe” I strongly question all the so-called “safe and effective” corporate science published by the heavily conflicted science journal “industry.”

    And finally, since you seek to make excuses for violations of the right to Informed Consent, you are simply beyond the pale of civilized discussion. Frankly, Informed Consent is non-negotiable.

  14. Dave: You are wasting my reader’s time. There is no evidence, at all, that vaccines are safe and effective, except in Big Pharma PR tanks, where ludicrous claims are born.

    In regard to Wakefield, it has been clearly shown that his concerns were valid, and that his research was first rate. The use of a whiney homosexual, Brian Deer, to attack Wakefield is, in retrospect, indicative of the weakness of the Big Pharma argument. NO REAL SCIENTISTS, COULD BE FOUND to validate Deer’s queer blatherings. All of the false claims against Andy Wakefield have been countered. Andy has moved on.

    Vaccines are now Made-in-China – literally. And, there are NO INSPECTIONS of the outcome before injection into American children. And that says it all.

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