“This is The Dawning of The Age of Hilarious.”

BIG PHARMA Now Completely Controls The Democrats…

From JFK to Hillary – The Downhill Slope

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen

If you watched the so-called 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Debates one thing became patently obvious – EVERY candidate was playing NOT for the people but for the MONEY MEN who would decide which of them would go on to the next debate.

It was all about which of them could please their potential funding source, Big Pharma, more.  And, virtually every one of them came through for their potential paymaster – declaring their support for Big Pharma’s one-size-fits-all drugs and vaccines based 2019 version of “ObamaCare.”

The once venerable Democratic Party is in the pits, completely owned by the SAME people who ran Adolph Hitler 80 years ago…

Truly, Presidential Election 2020 is “Big Pharma Vs Trump…”

In 1969 The 5th Dimension Band came out with their hit song “The Age of Aquarias.”  I remember it well, for I thought at the time How optimistic…” 

In a way the song symbolized the feeling of the 1960s.  We felt then, that, together, we could solve ANY problem.  Contrast that now with the 2019 Democratic Party which screams out hatred and division with outright attacks on America and its values.  They want billions to fund Iran’s nuclear bomb program, billions for illegal alien health care, the complete shutdown of America’s power and transportation systems, complete disarmament of all Americans, all white people put in concentration camps, all black people on welfare and confined to the inner cities, and all children vaccinated with 3,112 mandatory vaccines with mandatory vaccinations for adults right behind…

Let me show you that 1969 song –

Yup, 1969 liberals smiled, dressed funny, wiggled a lot, and were buoyantly hopeful.  Contrast that with 2019 ANTIFA. or the average liberal University professor.

1969 conservatives smiled too. But THEY still do…

Clear Choices…

Planet Earth’s “Anti-Vaxxer” movement has found out that, in every instance, the official Democratic Party machine embraces Big Pharma.  Indeed, the entire Democratic Party machine has cast aside Americans, and America in general, in favor of a hybrid Cultural Marxism.  In 2016 they ALMOST elected their first World Empress, Hillary Clinton.

Election 2020 will be very interesting.  Why?  Because Donald Trump isn’t one bit afraid of Big Pharma.  In fact he has done something most people wish had been done years ago.  He is taking on Big Pharma nose-to-nose.  In fact election 2020 isn’t really going to be “Big Pharma vs Trump,” at all.  It is going to be…

Presidential Election 2020 – “Trump Vs Big Pharma…”

Were already seeing the start of that. Once we destroy Big Pharma we can start a whole new world…

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen

15 thoughts on ““This is The Dawning of The Age of Hilarious.””

  1. I really hope you’re right. It’s so easy to become disillusioned with the world but I have to remain hopeful that we’re on the verge of a breakthrough. Thanks for keeping my hope alive with your work. Do you follow Q Anon? Can’t wait until JFK jnr comes to the aid of his uncle and exposes the cabal, pharma and all.

  2. Alas, for once, Tim, I have to say I disagree 100%. The Right Knight narrative is dead.

    Agent Orange in the White House has signally stabbed the anti-vax population in the back. The whole Q-tard thing basically corralled the right exactly where they wouldn’t have gone had the left proposed it. Trump’s main plus was not being Hillary, his second plus was the vague vaccine sceptic hook. Well, she was only put there to give him a chance. He’s done zip-diddly squat about vaccines – zero; zilch; nada; nothing – and right now if he touches the pharma mafia he’s Epstein toast. Geddit?

    If he plays ball they’ll chuck Andy under the bus, Epstein will get five years and nothing will change in the world.

    So, guess what: the organised criminals running the whole puppet show do not need your votes anymore. Ever. The whole left-right thing is pure theatre, always was. It remains the people against the monopolies, the crime syndicates, the secret societies, the banksters, and, who knows who else. What are the good people of America going to do about it? Do they even know who or what the enemy of their freedom really is? I doubt it. I don’t know what to suggest, except to say however bad you think it is, it is far worse.

  3. Cupid thanks for your opinion, I can’t see how some people see hope in Trump on vaccines. He pushed us right under the bus, in fact he was promoting the measles vaccine. He lied and is doing absolutely nothing for us. The thing that gets me is when people say “but who will you vote for”. The answer should be obvious. Why people think Trump will do something about vaccines ‘if he wins’ in 2020 is beyond me. What’s stopping him now? RFK Jr. Is attacking Pharma full force, not back tracking like Trump.

  4. Yup Joe, totally agree. And complaining about how awful the left are doesn’t change the actual problem, which is that government is not working for the people, it is working for the very monopolies and oligarchs and globalists it should be fighting against.

    The people are on their own now. I don’t know what will galvanise them into awareness, let alone action.

    RFK is a true hero as far as I am concerned, but he can only speak. The government has a monopoly on legitimised (not legitimate) violence and is quite prepared to use it on a huge scale. However, it doesn’t, because obvious mass government murder is the one thing historically that will wake up a population.

    Instead it is creating a situation where it doesn’t need to. People will walk into the ‘gas chambers’ thinking it is paradise awaiting them. Or zap themselves with 5G, drugs, vaccines, or simply hypnotise themselves into an ineffectual stupor with hand-held devices.

    I really hope there is another way besides violence, but the longer people wait to switch on and drop out, the harder it will be to find a peaceful solution to what is happening. This has gone WAY beyond left and right now. That’s what people need to realise.

    Meanwhile if there is one last-ditch thing I would like to try and impress o the politicians in this world, it is that globalism is a threat to the nation state. It is the primary thing they are sworn to fight against, coming under the guise of peace, prosperity and progress.

  5. Tim, I agree with Cupid and Joe. Big Pharma is sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom no matter who is in the White-House. Time to get yourself a yellow vest and forget party.

  6. Somehow, i disagree or agree with all of this. But that doesn’t change who we should vote for. Hillary has just been replaced with carbon copies adapted to Sanders insanity, none of which would consider for a minute mandatory vaxxing. i find it amazing that y’all think that the job of POTUS is just to sit and check off supporters names and attach a magic EO that ingeniusly solves their problem. Never mind warmongers running State and the military, never mind the obamanation economy, never mind the rest of our opponents in NK, Iran, the Chinese and Russians, never mind that we are AT WAR WITH THE MOB RUNNING DRUGS AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING ROBBING THE TREASURY AND COMMITTING FELONY MAYHEM ON THE STREET, not just the border.

    None of those is a simple challenge at all, and MEANWHILE, HE SEES THAT RFK,Jr IS ROUTING THE PHARMA ENEMY, so what does a good general do. Surely no sane tactician would do what y’all seem to think should have been done, as if we were not making progress. And as for his ONE comment on the measles vaccine, you even didn’t listen well and missed the significance of his comment, and did the MSM GENUFLECT AND SWALLOWED THEIR SPIN that he supported the mandatory vaxxers. Heck with all the outcrying and hoopla and MSM spin and lies about outbreaks and dire warnings and politicians getting on board, Trump stayed out of the way, which benefited us in not triggering the insane TDS contingent except for that one carefully targeted comment. Do you seriously think that his jumping on your bandwagon would have improved RFK,jr’s results.. not a chance, not. a. chance.

    Of course i don’t live in California, but we in Ohio have been thoroughly busy with NVIC’s battle crew there, and have stopped the onslaught, repeatedly and still have vax freedom, philosophic, medical and religious, with what seems like an endless bunch of CDC-bought slitherins popping up occasionally, but so far we’re winning.

    So clearly this battle is going well, but not what we’d magically like. Our real target next should be the freedom of speech and publishing online, going after BIG TECH. We manage to get around them and get organized so PHARMA and the Shiff Democrats WANT US CENSORED. But we can fight that by claiming the constitutional high ground and joining the masses of those upset with the horrible control that BIGTECH and their 5G [which has alarmed even the vaxxers to see how massive things can get through bureaucratic barriers WITHOUT REAL TESTING] are sleepwalking the public into. And all because the Communications Decency Act gave them immunity from challengers, again mimicking the situation in 1986, giving us more credibility in our complaints.

    On the medical scene, BIG PHARMA is taking hit after hit OVER OPIOIDS [think that doesn’t help us, think again], and that has awakened more MDs. So the MDs are getting more free over CHEMO [oncologists are so embarrassed they now accede to research-based demands for vitamin C infusions to make treatment ‘safer and more effective’, admitting that the standard of care was NOT…familiar ring?] and on Obamacare, the MDs are initiating their own counter offer. And Trump did come up with the EO idea of cutting BIGPHARMA’s ability to jackup prices here more than what they are stopped elsewhere.

    So cheer up AND START FOCUSING ON CONTROL OF THE VOTE COUNT. Judicial Watch did get millions of phony voters off the California records which should cut the cheating potential somewhat. However the Democrats are surely scheming other methods of rigging the count, SO USE YOUR YELLOW VESTS AT THE BALLOT BOX CONTROL.. TTYL

  7. MJ, I wish I believed you, I wished I could trust the pres, really I do. Then I slap myself and say ‘what idiot trusts a politician?’. You treat them with utmost cynicism, until they are done. Right? You hold their feet to the fire, not give them unconditional trust and a free pass. Otherwise they just work for the mob. They have to fear the people MORE.

    I started off sincerely expecting his defeat of Hiliary was the turning of the tide. Then he started making those odd appointments. Bolton… wtf? etc. Everybody said ‘trust him, he knows what he’s doing’.

    The blatancy of his support for Israel came more and more clear, and when the Q thing put out painful Netanyahu propaganda, for me that was it, no way. Since then his deference to Israel has been blatant, he is pushing FOR 5G like, so hard, and has severed ties with RFKs foundation. Whatever you hope his true allegiances are, actions do speak louder than words. He’s going to have to pull a whopper of a rabbit out of the hat to convince me this is the work of a 3D chess genius. Haven’t you noticed? He’s spent most of his term fighting for his political survival.

    I think this is a case of much easier to fool people than to make them see that they have been fooled. Nah, he’s been sent to keep us entertained while the kill-grid gets deployed and then he’s finished. He’s been given a lot of slack by his voters, and if he doesn’t deliver something soon on vaccines he is finished, I guarantee it. If you think I’m wrong, you could go speak one by one to all the vaccine-injury families fighting for their own survival and have this debate with them. I hope you can convince them.

  8. I see people are still in the fantasy stage of Trump, ‘Dream On’, just keep dreaming. I don’t care one bit what happens in California and their votes, in-fact I hope Trump loses for not doing anything about the autism epidemic since under his watch as President the vaccine mandates have expanded, even forced in a few states or fined. Anyone that thinks Trump is going to stop forced vaccination needs to reevaluate their mental state. So he went after drug prices (Big Deal) what has it done for our children? Nothingggg! How ridiculous it is to hear such nonsense about how he’s working behind the scenes but first he has to take on BIG PHARMA on other fronts, yeah right!

  9. Joe. You are the one who needs to reevaluate your mental state. Anyone who wishes for evil to win [as you are doing since Trump losing in 2020 means one of the PHARMA-BOUGHT democrats walks through the door]… for heavens sake, have you forgotten what democrats did on forced vaxxing in california [does the name PAN ring a bell]… so check in your medicine cabinet and see if you can find something to calm that self-destructive attitude because it won’t fly well for you or for anyone.

    The responsibilities of POTUS is not to defeat his best warrior, namely Robert F Kennedy jr… Trump’s specialty is FIRING THOSE WHO FAIL.. Get busy, and do your part. You seem to think the POTUS is your personal tooth fairy and he didn’t bring you a dime for the tooth you put under your pillow IN 2016… Trump said he’d be expecting his followers to act like patriots and fight like hell for what we see needs change while he does what he knows to do. ttyl

  10. This polarising into left and right the ‘you libtard’ vs ‘you fascist’ dichotomy is exactly what I am talking about. It’s awesome what good people of any political persuasion have undertaken lately. There is, however, a meta awakening. Defeating Hillary or the next Alinsky-ite is not enough. Left and right are two hands on the same body.

    If you find yourself cheering the wall, the draining of the swamp etc, good. But don’t get blindsided by the 5G slave grid/kill grid.

    You have to realise how slippery and malleable the deep state really is. It will exploit any change, and development and turn it to its own advantage. No wonder some people think the world is run by shapeshifting reptilians. Figuratively speaking at least, it is certainly true.

    Wonder why the chemtrails have gone and blue sky has reappeared? It’s not because Potus has foiled them, it’s because they are now frikkin obsolete technology. If you think there is light at the end of this tunnel, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    1) 5G, which is a monstrous technology – effectively a variable power and frequency microwave laser pointing directly at you wherever you are with your device, talking about you to an AI mind-control system of unimaginable capability.
    2) war against Iran on the pretence of being the administration that stopped waging war. Obvious false flags in the gulf. The fall of the last three states that don’t have a Rothschild’s central bank is coming. ‘Grab popcorn’, it’s a horror movie.
    3) oh look, the USA fighting Google’s corner in Europe. Google are the ENEMY of the USA and the free world. Vive la France, I say.
    etc etc etc

    Meanwhile, they are still injecting kids. Those families are still utterly on their own, hung out to dry, and you suggest expecting at least a signal from Potus that this is somewhere on his radar is being demanding and unreasonable? Sheesh…

    Iran isn’t an emergency. Paediatric mandates overtly or by stealth are getting worse, adult mandates are on their way. THIS is still an emergency.

    Be a patriot, yes, support your potus, yes. Trust him? But throw away those old red pills, they’re junk and don’t be a right wing sheep OR a left wing sheep. This goes deeper.

    The monopolies are taking over so fast the USA will not be a thing soon at this rate, just a geographical outline. The vacuums are being filled. You can’t drain the swamp, water just keeps running down hill. It will find a lower point somehow.

    Get a grip.

  11. MJ, Phd. What happened? Evil won and Trump did nothing for our vaccine injured children while he had the chance. All the clown did was push and support vaccines in his last days and please spare me on Biden we all know what he’s about $$$$$$$ from all special interests including Big Pharma. Trump took 1 million from Merck for his inauguration and never looked back at our vaccine injured children. I can’t believe you are still blinded by the man that conned us (#DonTheCon) about doing something about vaccines causing autism.

  12. Joe, with the benefit of hindsight we will undoubtedly see more. This isn’t over. I thought the same way as you until now, because I had no idea how monumentally huge this mission has been. Unless and until the deep state is got under control, a few laws here and there about vaccines will be rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. Put it this way, when you hire a gardener, do you want one who gets the lawn green and lush in a week, or one who does it in several years? There is an occasion for the former and an occasion for the latter. There is no shortage of politicians who will get turf in on a lorry and declare victory, but 100+ years of that approach has left the soil toxic, and the garden in a mess. And it may yet get messier still before we see a healthy environment again. What blows my mind is the way that Trump’s style of presidency has been the most holistic thing I have ever seen. But, let’s give it a few more days and things may seem a little more clear this time next week. Or a lot.

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