The White House Social Media Mess…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Let me begin by observing that some lowly twenty-something White House staffer has ALREADY BEEN YELLED AT, or WILL BE CHEWED OUT IN THE NEXT FEW HOURS, for such a colossal screw-up.

Everything that follows in this article comes with the warning that we must NOT OVERREACT to the screw-up of this lowly White House staffer.  However, this is an ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITY to move things in a POSITIVE DIRECTION.

Those who have been paying attention know of the claims that the tech giants, Google, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Amazon are doing their best to squelch conservative commentary, as well as those allied with the health freedom movement.

President Trump has been talking publicly about these issues and decided to convene a Social Media Summit on Thursday, July 11, 2019 with many prominent figures who have been targeted by these media platforms.  Cartoonist, Ben Garrison was among those invited.

I’ve had personal experience with Ben, having him work on a cartoon depicting my banning from Australia because I wanted to talk about pharmaceutical corruption.  We hit it off immediately, as he shared with me how many of his cartoons had been altered to make them appear anti-Semitic.

Ben understood how the claim that individuals like me are “anti-science” was out of the same playbook.  It appears that the biggest purveyors of the lie that Ben Garrison is anti-Semitic is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which had a copy of one of his cartoons which was altered with Nazi-type propaganda.  Whether the ADL knew of these alterations to Ben’s original work is unclear.

Because some low-level White House staffer fell for these lies…

…Ben found himself uninvited from the White House meeting.  Here is Ben’s statement on the issue.

2 thoughts on “The White House Social Media Mess…”

  1. Ben Garrison was originally invited to the White House to discuss internet censorship. The alleged need to censor health freedom news is to alleviate “vaccine misinformation.” What a sick projection! The lies are in MSM, funded by Big Pharma and their sock puppets at HHS. “Vaccines are safe.” “There is no link between vaccines and autism.” “Every vaccine has a wonderful ratio of benefits to risk.” It is already a battle of Truth vs. Money. The primary purpose of exempting vaccine manufacturers from tort liability is to fund liars.

  2. From my perspective, this White House governs from mess to mess to mess ad infinitum. For anybody to think this is an ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITY to move things in a POSITIVE DIRECTION is not smelling the coffee.

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