There’s No Free Lunch and There is No Such Thing as Free Healthcare…

California’s Proposed “Single-Payer” Health Care System…

Opinion by Karri Lewis AWAKE California

I guess I’m not surprised that in this ultra-busy American society, people are so eager to get instant gratification when it comes to everything.

… And in their Minds, Why should their Health Care be ANY Different?

Our Smart Phones give us everything we need at our fingertips. People can contact each other at lightening speed, instead of having to wait for a return phone call or face to face meeting.

To many liberal democrats, “Single Payer” Healthcare seems like the instant gratification and easy solution that everyone craves and demands these days for “fast-food-type” and “one-size-fits-all” Health Care.

…as if Pharmaceutical Healthcare can be consolidated to be Instant, Omnipotent and Cheap…

This is the same crowd that believes in, “a pill for every ill” and the dubious Big Pharma marketing claim that a pill or a chemical injection is “the cure” for every sickness or ill known to man.

Instead of preventative programs; like eating well (and I’m NOT talking about the S.A.D. American Diet), exercise and emotional well-being, the Pharmaceutical companies have taken it upon themselves to dictate HOW diseases are allowed to be “treated.

Treated not Cured…

I use the word “treated” and NOT “cured,” intentionally.

Read this article and you can see how Big Pharma, along with the FDA, limit and sometimes ban inexpensive cures, in favor of dangerous, but profitable Pharmaceutical pills and concoctions.

“Single-Payer” healthcare (SB 562 The Healthy California Act) was introduced February 17, 2017 by California Senator Ricardo Lara (Bell Gardens) and is being heavily sponsored by the California Nurses Association.

Why would the California Nurses Association push so hard for single-payer?

Well I’m glad you asked.

According to Wikipedia;

RoseAnn DeMoro

RoseAnn DeMoro is the executive director of National Nurses United and of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee.

DeMoro also serves as national vice president and executive board member of the AFL-CIO.[1]

And we hit pay dirt… Both National Nurses United and the AFL-CIO are huge National Left-Leaning Trade Unions.

On Wikipedia, National Nurses United admits their leftist ideals:

“National health care reform

CNA/NNOC has drawn national attention for campaigns on behalf of patients denied medical treatment recommended by their physicians.

The CNA/NNOC is a primary national organizational advocate of the United States National Health Care Act (HR 676). The bill would establish a single-payer national public health care insurance plan, essentially an improved equal-treatment Medicare for all Americans.

On June 19, 2008, CNA/NNOC joined with other health care, labor, and community activists, and patients in sponsoring a day of protest against the insurance industry in 19 cities across the U.S. calling for enactment of HR 676.”

Did you get that?

One-Size-Fits-All, Drive-through Medicare for all Americans, whether you want it or not…

Checkout the Political Activities of the AFL-CIO:

“The AFL–CIO was a major component of the New Deal Coalition that dominated politics into the mid-1960s.[8] Although it has lost membership, finances, and political clout since 1970, it remains a major player on the liberal side of national politics, with a great deal of activity in lobbying, grassroots organizing, coordinating with other liberal organizations, fund-raising, and recruiting and supporting candidates around the country.[9]

In recent years the AFL–CIO has concentrated its political efforts on lobbying in Washington and the state capitals, and on “GOTV” (get-out-the-vote) campaigns in major elections. For example, in the 2010 midterm elections, it sent 28.6 million pieces of mail. Members received a “slate card” with a list of union endorsements matched to the member’s congressional district, along with a “personalized” letter from President Trumka emphasizing the importance of voting. In addition, 100,000 volunteers went door-to-door to promote endorsed candidates to 13 million union voters in 32 states.[10][11]

The AFL–CIO gave $6,123,437 to super PACs in 2012, including $5.95 million to the AFL–CIO’s own super PAC.[12]

In June 2016, it was reported that the AFL–CIO planned to endorse Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.[13]

In a CNN web article from March, details emerge from the globalist-progressive explanation for the targeting of California for single-payer healthcare:

“State Sen. Ricardo Lara, who co-authored and introduced the California bill in February, described it as a local necessity with the potential for creating a road map for other states. Hillary Clinton’s defeat last year has accelerated the process, he added.

There’s no doubt that Trump’s election and what Republicans are doing to dismantle health care has really given us an opportunity to have an honest dialogue about how we get to health for all,” Lara said. “I don’t think we would have had the same opportunity if Clinton would have won. Then again, we also wouldn’t be in a place where we’re going to lose billions of (Medicaid) dollars for California.”

Lara views the health care fight as one piece of a broader play to turn back the Trump agenda — first with grassroots resistance, then by actively shaping more attractive and inclusive policy.

People in my district are genuinely scared — scared that they are going to lose their health care, scared that their mom or dad might be deported,” he said. “We have transgender children who are scared now about who they are and questioning that. Democrats in general, now, it’s time for us not only to present alternatives, but be unequivocal and unapologetic about who we are. If we don’t do that now, when? This is a moment that will define us as a party and we need to fight.”

Makes Sense Doesn’t it?

I’m not really sure about where transgendered children fit into any of this, but I’m sure Senator Lara does… (Sarcasm Intended).

The last bastion of progressive hope is seen as California, where the Liberal Democrats enjoy complete control over the federal money that they receive, as well as Leftist Globalist Funding for their pet projects.

Take a look at some of the funding behind the push for single-payer healthcare in California in an article from CNN:

“Our Revolution, still better known as the storehouse for (Bernie) Sanders’s coveted email list, sees the California fight as a chance to lay down a historical marker.

“It’s a real test of whether we can be more than an email machine,” Cohen said.

“Not just people signing up for things online, but instead actually building a political organization. That’s what it’s always been about. I don’t spend this kind of time as a volunteer and board chair to generate more emails.”

“There’s not many places where you can say to people, ‘If we do this work, change can occur,’ rather than, ‘If we do this work, it will lead to change one day,'” Our Revolution board chair Larry Cohen told CNN, explaining why the organization, spun off from Sen. Bernie Sanders primary campaign, chose the Golden State for its most robust outlay since Election Day.”

You’d think that the registered liberal democrat voters would have figured it out by now. They keep getting caught up in the California Democratic Party’s bait and switch tactics.

The progressive push to overwhelm the welfare system is alive and well in California, where the liberal democrats rule the roost.
It really is easy to trap a liberal democrat. Just put up a sign like this and you can catch droves of them.

Unfortunately for them, their future will most likely look like this…

Healthcare rationing, price controls, death panels and mountains of bureaucratic red tape is what is in store for the citizens of the people’s republic of California.

We may as well call California a Communist State, considering they are trying to embrace communism and protect communist government employees.  Yes, the California legislature recently introduced a bill legalizing communism for State employees.

You can read all about that here. The Communist bill (AB22) was pulled for now.

Let’s take a look at how Single Payer will play out on the state citizens of California in this Forbes article detailing the perils of living under a Single-Payer, government “provided” health care system:

“Take the case of David Evans, a 69-year-old farmer living in Cornwall, in southwest England. About a year ago, he developed a hernia and needed an operation. Despite government requirements that he receive treatment within 18 weeks of diagnosis, he still hasn’t been treated.

Recently, he had to use his own ultrasound equipment — typically used to examine pregnant sheep — to check the hernia himself and determine if it was getting worse.

“I was in quite a lot of pain,” explained Evans. “There will be many more people like me who are suffering and are now being forced to wait quite a long time.

The law furnishes all Britons — Evans included — with health insurance. But he might as well not have coverage at all — because he’s certainly not getting any care.

A report released in October by Britain’s health regulator found that a stunning 20 percent of hospitals were failing to provide the minimum standard of care legally required for elderly patients.

As part of the study, inspectors dropped by dozens of hospitals unannounced. They found patients shouting or banging on bedrails desperately trying to get the attention of a nurse. At one hospital, inspectors identified bed-ridden patients that hadn’t been given water for over 10 hours.”

And this is just one example of many who are unlucky enough to live in a country with “free” healthcare.

…and the funniest part?

And according to this New York Times article, The California Democrats have no idea HOW they will PAY for ALL of this…

“The bill does not include any details of how the state would pay for the multibillion program, instead simply declaring “it is the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation that would establish a comprehensive universal single-payer health care coverage program and a health care cost control system for the benefit of all residents of the state.”

As if Taxpayers in California don’t already pay some the highest state taxes in the Nation…

Don’t worry though – you’ll always be able to get your required 92 adult vaccines…

…to be continued.

Opinion by Karri Lewis AWAKE California

7 thoughts on “There’s No Free Lunch and There is No Such Thing as Free Healthcare…”

  1. So how long did it take for the UK socialized medicine to deteriorate to the level described above?

    We lived in Canada from the 70s to the early 80s and saw very little of their medical services — other than birthing (very good vs US) and pediatrics…

    Nor do I recall any commenting by colleagues in the office or elsewhere on delays in service, and even our first nanny got instantly cared for even though she had just arrived from the UK weeks before.

    Humanly, we thought highly of Canada’s systems as we associated its performance with the theory that corporations could not abuse employees health or the corporations would pay the price for any abuse by their peers in the business scene, so they policed one another…

    One other novelty from memory is that Toronto had not been infested by the US mafia in those earlier periods but had made itself a foothold by the early 80s… no known connection, just something about racketeering in medicine began ringing that mafia bell…. No homeless people on the streets til the 80s… Very high taxes of course…. But humanly, a lot of novel attempts at baby care, even a city hall nursery where the mothers came on their breaks to nurse their infants…. what happened…? ttyl

  2. I am not sure what the best insurance alternative is, but the current one where insurance companies rake off 20-30% off the top for administration and are incentivized not to payout, doesnt work either. Medicare on the other hand has about 2% overhead (not including all the medicare fraud), but doctors cant afford to work for their payments. The whole system has to be rebuilt from the bottom up, to encourage health, and avoidance of our disease-management system which profits from disease. Surprise, surprise, we have a lot of sick people.

  3. When I applied for my social security last year, the lady I spoke with on the phone said that when I turn 65, the SS office will automatically enroll me in medicare.

    Is there any way I can stop that from happening? I DON’T WANT medicare or medicaid or any of that stuff. I don’t have personal insurance either, nor do I want it.

    I have plans for my future that don’t include the gubmint telling me what to do and what to think and what to “take” and where to live and which doctor I can or can’t see . . . Imagine that.

    I’m highly disappointed in Mr. Trump. I can see he will only have a 4 year stint in the WH so he better make the best of it by playing golf and visiting with foreign leaders just for the hell of it because he isn’t doing anything for us serfs. Jeff Sessions was one of the worst ideas he had, ditto Pompeo – and there are many more. He made some very unwise choices. Also, he better keep a close eye on his son in law. I hope his daughter doesn’t have much say in what goes on with the monstrously fake “global warming” crap. What twaddle.

    Forget draining the swamp as he’s now a swamp creature himself.

  4. In order to further the major goal of the Globalist Elite, the culling of the human herd (see: The Globalist Agenda Great Culling: ) their minion in CA, Gov. Jerry Brownshirt, first had to take away parental rights. That process began with SB277 and continues apace. Now, with CA socialized medicine the project can be brought to its logical conclusion. Truly, General Stubblebine’s final warning to us all before his passing early the year needs to be heeded: “The great culling has begun; the tipping point has been reached.” (see: )

  5. Karri:
    You did a great job explaining how leftists flock together. Let me send you my condolences for having to live in CA. Your article reminded me of the years leading up to Hillarycare. Here in Oklahoma, at the time mostly registered Democrats, I ended up in the front lines of a protest.

    Hillary’s gang were sending buses all around the country for photo ops to get folks fired up. What happened here was that they couldn’t find any Democrats to show up to listen to the VIPs who were going to fire up the troops. Sooo…they bused in several busloads of union people who were having a meeting in Texas to fill the hall.
    Somehow, I ended up inside the building so I could do some snooping. When the speeches were over and the folks were getting back on the buses, I reported to the fellow outside who was leading the protest what I had seen. He picked up the phone to Rush Limbaugh and reported the fact that no Okies were supporting the bill and that was when that bus propaganda effort got named “the phony express”. I gathered they were having trouble getting people to show support all over the country and we were the first to confirm the situation.

    Then, in the fall elections, only Republicans were elected to go to Congress a fact that hit the front page of the Wall Street Journal. It was our message to Congress. No federal health care.

    Obamacare had its problems here, also. Our lone Democrat in Congress, at the time, held a press conference to announce to the Democrats that they needn’t try to get him in the cloakroom to make a deal to get his vote. He was voting “no” because his constituents didn’t want it.

    Later, Oklahoma was involved with three lawsuits against Obamacare and did not cooperate in any way as a state. A local company, Hobby Lobby, sued because they didn’t want to offer the morning after pill as it was against their religion. They won that lawsuit, BTW.

    Trump got 67% of the Vote. Hillary got 27%, the Libertian got 6 % and nobody had ever heard of the Green Party.

    And, I don’t know about gun laws in CA but we’ve got concealed carry and the law actually says that since ladies are the weaker sex, they can shoot with no questions asked if they get scared. Oklahoma City is considered the buckle on the Bible Belt so I guess you can see, we never got politically correct, either. PC is a direct assault on Christian beliefs.


  6. D Smith:

    Your comments about Trump tell me you are a victim of the news blackout on all that he is doing. They refuse to report the news he hands out at official press conferences by the page. They refuse to allow him to purchase ads to talk about what he is doing. All that they report is the trash the Community Organizers tell them to say about him….

    Both Tim and I have written several articles that should tell you a great deal is being organized behind the scenes so when everything is in place, you will see amazing things happen. My Deconstructing the Administrative State being one and Tim’s detailed discussion about the new commissioner of the FDA being another.

    In addition, Tim, Kent Heckenlively and I are working behind the scenes with Trump people so we are privy to information not yet ready for prime time, so I can tell you once we get these media jerks who are running the dump trump campaign to shut up and act like real reporters again, you will be amazed at all that has already happened.

    As for his golf games….like every power player in the business world knows, it’s where you make your best deals. Too bad the media isn’t talking about who is on the golf course with him, either. Hmmmm.


  7. America(ns) would have a giant leap toward better health if we would simply stop subsidizing all the processed foods / crops that make us sick and addicted. Ditto for the drugs — still available but only by consumer demand and not automatically bankrolled. So we need to move toward an authentic free market where tax incentives are provided to grow healthy natural clean foods, and give Americans a lot more options. Get rid of the medical licensing laws, and simply hold providers fully accountable instead of giving a free pass to the vaccinationists! Also check out Dr. Elaina George and her perspective — she’s been a very astute critic of ObamaCare and points to a better way!

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