The Right to Make Mistakes and Still Belong…

Let’s All Stand Back and Look at The Big Picture…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

A recent issue arose which I believe highlights a weakness in our “health care activist” community.  We are attempting to create a MASSIVE POPULAR CHANGE in health care and too many people are letting BAD PRACTICES get in the way of victory.

A long-time activist made a mistake about a news story and expressed his opinion in strong terms.  He apologized for his mistake.

What seemed to follow was first an attempt to cut off that activist, then when that backfired, the website decided not to cover the vaccine issue at all.

Everybody seems to be mad at each other.

I’d like to suggest a simple rule which I believe will help all of us.  If somebody makes a mistake, then apologizes, the apology is accepted and we move on.

I think far too many people are living in mental prisons which make them believe if they do not agree with a person’s opinion, or that person makes a mistake, that individual must be banished.

Revolutions are not won by decimating your own side.

Revolutions are won by gathering your strongest fighters.  (Hint – The strongest fighters are usually the ones who have what might be called “dragon energy.”  I understand that may scare some people on our side.  Dragons can be scary.  However, the objective is to TERRIFY the other side.  Dragons are REALLY GOOD FOR THAT.)

I have had such experience with being banished.

Let’s just say there was Group A that I worked with for many years, and was instrumental in founding.

I’ve always believed the key to winning is getting as many people on the same side and moving in the same direction.  I will declare before you and Almighty God I don’t know the best way to defeat pharma.  Which is why I listen to people.

I have always been an independent writer, willing to write articles about issues which interest me, for people who are willing to publish them.

I was approached by somebody from Group B, who asked if I would write some articles for his web-site.  I said sure.  It’s what I do.  (And nobody is paying me.  Get it?  I’m working for FREE for both Group A and Group B.)

I got an email from the leader of Group A, saying I couldn’t continue to write articles for Group A, if I also wrote articles for Group B.

“Why not?” I asked.

“He said mean things about the way we were fighting.”

“Have we won the fight?” I asked.


“Then maybe we should listen.  We might learn something.”

“But he’s really nasty,” said the leader of Group A.

“And he thinks the way we’ve been doing some things are stupid.  I think we can make much better progress if I act as a bridge, and see what might happen if we work together.”

I love those stories, like Lord of the Rings, or the Avengers movies, where many different groups come together to fight a common enemy.  I’m a sucker for any story with even a hint of coming together for a common good.  For me, it is nothing less than a test of whether our species deserves the right to exist in the future.

“I forbid it,” said the leader of Group A.  “You must write for us, or for him.  There can be no sharing.”

“The leader of Group B isn’t putting any conditions on me,” I replied.  “He’s fine with me writing for you and him.”

“Too bad.  It’s us or them,” said the leader of Group A.

I tried to continue the discussion, pointing out that even though Captain America and Iron Man had different points of views, I still considered them both to be Avengers.  Why couldn’t we do things in a similar vein?

The leader of Group A would have none of it.

And so I was banished from Group A, which I had helped found and for whom I had written more than 150 articles.

Do you think I am causing more controversy by bringing up this story at this time?  Am I weakening the community?

I say I am doing exactly the opposite.  There is rarely a bad time to tell the truth, or to encourage people to escape from their mental prisons.

I am encouraging those of you who like Group A, to continue to like Group A.  There are many fine people associated with Group A, even the person who banished me.  If Group A asked me to write an article tomorrow, I would happily do it.

However, I will not be told which people I must avoid in order to be on the team.  That’s just a non-starter with me.

What I hope is that from several different groups there will emerge a new team which welcomes the greatest warriors.  If you are fighting pharma and trying to bring about a new world of health freedom and truth, I will fight alongside you.  I welcome you as a friend.

I don’t even mind if you tell me everything I am doing is wrong.

Just don’t get offended if I make criticisms of you as well.

Warriors figure out the best way to fight.  Not the best way to keep their feelings from being hurt.

Then those warriors go out and WIN!

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback.  Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD.  It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&



9 thoughts on “The Right to Make Mistakes and Still Belong…”

  1. Hey Kent…love the call for soladarity!

    Each of us in one way or another is doing all we can to bring to light the horrific truths of what is happening to the health of the entire world population. To say it is evil is the truth! I do however, take exception to the use of the dragon analogy, because for me the biggest dragon is the one referred to in scripture at Revelation 12:9, the “great dragon” being identified as mankind’s true enemy, the Devil who is also called Satan.

    I get what you are trying to accomplish with this reference and I am so VERY grateful for every single thing you are doing, from your pointed articles to the sharing of links so we can participate at the most engaged level we are able to muster. This comment is in NO way intended to detract from the good you are accomplishing. The fact is I have both of your books and immensely appreciate them and often I share your information into my Facebook stream. I just had to say that the analogy of the dragon just doesn’t work for me because to me it feels like aligning with the very one who is truly behind all of this, “misleading the entire inhabited earth” even as this verse in Revelation instructs us.

    I hope you will not find in this comment anything more than my concern for something that runs against my grain but mostly deep gratitude for ALL that you do.

  2. Kent, I have had the exact same experiences. Group A leader realized that if he co-operated or shared a resource with group B, he would lose membership in his own groups. People would ask, why are we – and our membership fees – needed if another group can do the same thing as we do?

    Memberships and donations come first for any group’s leadership. You threatened that. Tsk, tsk!!

  3. I am with you 110% . When you are up against a multi trillion$ yearly scam effecting every ones health, long livety, and fortune that has infiltrated compromised every aspect of humanity you need every point of view. I am referring to the Pharmamafia (financing the deep state).

  4. Can u explain this statement?
    I’ve always believed the key to winning is getting as many people on the same side and moving in the same direction

    You also stated: , the objective is to TERRIFY the other side.

    I personally believe using terror and working to get people on your side is the main,problem with the world today.
    We need to be able to accept another’s opinion and find a middle ground. And still move forward. Not force someone to believe differently thru terror.

    This is why the country is so divided. Everyoen wants to be right. Instead of everyone being valuable and listened to from their perspective.

  5. Its called controlled opposition.
    People are in position amongst us to stop us growing and succeeding

  6. Yes, in my opinion group A guy screwed things up in the last autism/vaccine meeting in Washington, he wasted time by running his mouth and not even bringing up vaccines.

  7. Hi Kent , I read your book – very tough reading for me a punter but excellent. I love Judy too.

    Now to your point on Group A , i stopped writing on a Group A site sometime ago. I had a couple of experiences where I was hauled back into line and I too consider myself a dragon, although a mere punter dragon i.e. no real credentials but entirely committed to the cause.

    I once a few years ago did a rough tally of all the internet/Farcebook groups I could find and came up with a huge number of activists. I wrote to Group a and said have you seen what the original March Against Monsanto movement did. They took all small groups , joined them together and they were a global unit and they had real power. Group a suggested it was maddness to talk like that. They didnt believe in marching on the streets, not their way at all. I made other apparently mad suggestions about bringing together a single global group and they said point blank no. I am afraid William above got it right – controlled opposition. Doesnt take a genius to work it out.

    Despite the antics of Group a the tipping point continues to draw nearer as the refusal rate of vaccines continue to grow.

    Another key indicator for me is the fact that most people with an injured child are unlikely to be scientists – why so many highly complex scientific articles. Write to the masses as they are the population we need to address, explain in plain language what happened to our children. Is that too much power among the masses if we all understand what happened and can easily articulate it ? If you overwhelm your average punter like me with hugely complicated scientific articles surely you lock me out of really understanding what the heck is going on ?

    Group a are infiltrated and that is that. There are more and more brave people who will continue to fight – you are one of them. Thank you Kent.

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