Rife With Possibilities…

If you’ve never been to a “Rife” Convention, a future of health care seminar featuring the work, and the spin-offs, of 1930s inventive genius Royal Raymond Rife, then you’re not prepared to accept the Star Trek approach to health care.

For you’ve no comparison, and no background, to comprehend the diagnostic and treatment methods used on the Starship Enterprise.

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

But, I do, for I’ve seen, and been to two “Rife” conventions now,  and one “Electro-Medicine” conference put on by the United Stated Air Force.  One of those“Rife” conventions, the most recent,  was in Seattle October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2004.

Sell your pharmaceutical company stock.  The health future is upon us, and it won’t be “by prescription.”

Oh, no doubt there’ll  be delays in implementation.  Big Pharma currently controls the thinking, and the enforcement actions, of the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), period, so Big Pharma will be exerting their influence to slow the change.  But, it will happen.  It’s inevitable.

Everybody in the industrialized world wonders why the United States, officially, is so far behind the rest of the world in health care offerings.  The last time I saw some printed figures, I think health care in the USA was comfortably rated, not near Europe or Asia, but somewhere in the top echelon of the better undeveloped third world countries.  In other words, officially, almost everybody has better health care than North America.

Why is that?

Well, notice in the paragraph above, I kept using the word “officially.”  There is, of course, a different standard – “reality.”  In North America, only the “official”:system is monitored, for the system, itself, jealously protects what it thinks is its turf.  One of the things the US system does, is to officially pretend that it doesn’t have competition.  It does that because it doesn’t want to be openly, and officially, compared with that competition.  In North America, the “official” system is called“medicine.”  The “reality” is called “health.”  It is the “official” system that gets compared worldwide.

For the most part, “Rife” technologies, and comparable offerings, fall solidly into the “health” category.  Although there are quite a few electro-medicine devices available – devices that have made the bridge between “health” and “medicine,” the system is leery and tends to protect itself from what it sees as competition. We only have to observe what happened to the CAVITAT device, an electro-sonographic device, used in dentistry, that sees things in the mouth about 5000 times better than an x-ray – and has no side effects of radiation, for there IS NO radiation used – only a sound wave.

CAVITAT was brutally attacked by the infamous “quackbuster” operation after their device had been approved by the FDA.  CAVITAT has filed a Federal RICO (Racketeering) action against Aetna Insurance, naming key “quackbuster”  leadership as co-conspirators in the action.

Update on ICIM/IOMA Atlanta Conference…

A major Television News show showed up for the event – at my request.

A good sized group of North America’s cutting-edge health practitioners gathered in Atlanta, Georgia October 6th through the 10th, 2004, for a meeting of the minds.  On Sunday, October 10th, a spirited discussion ensued between key International College of Integrative Medicine/ International Oxidative Medicine Association (ICIM/IOMA) leadership and a serious representative of a major Television Network News (Expose’) Show.  I had invited the News Show to the conference, and they came to hear what our people had to say.  Our subject?  Why, the “quackbuster”  conspiracy to suppress cutting-edge health care in favor of Big Pharma, of course.

We’ll see what comes of it…  If it works out the way I hope it will, I’ll invite them to accompany me to the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) conference in San Diego in November.

With the big media you just never know…

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate