Richard Pan Wants To Take Away The Medical Licenses of 130 California Doctors for Writing Vaccine Medical Exemptions….

Things are VERY BAD in California.  All of the stories you have heard about large segments of  the population leaving the State are absolutely true…

In California “Corruption” is all there is…

Part One of the BolenReport’s “California is Ground Zero” series…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Yes, California has the worst homeless problem in the history of America.  Yes, there are human feces and needles all over the streets of San Francisco.  Yes, California has the highest taxes of any State in the Union. Yes, gasoline costs at least twice as much as any other State.  Yes, vehicle and license fees are, in some instances, ten times that of neighboring States.

Yes, the crazies block fresh water from the Sierra snow melt from flowing to farmers and inland small towns, forcing the water to flow into the Pacific Ocean.  Yes, Los Angeles County showed that 139% of their actually registered voters voted in election 2016.  Yes, the enviro-crazies mis-managed California’s forests causing RAGING INFERNO fires during fire season.

Yes, California created its own eight year drought by criss-crossing California’s skies with chemtrails creating CONSTANT high pressure areas so that it would not rain – so as to destroy California’s farm produce industry.

I could write ten paragraphs describing the California Liberal Democratic Party’s abuse of the California citizenry.  I wonder sometimes if the entire California legislature has simply been over-vaccinated – and THAT would explain their inability to think, and act, in a logical manner.

But the issue that REALLY stands out is the California government’s absolute abuse of children.

Everyone in the State can remember how close we came to having whack-job Senator Richard Pan ALMOST getting a bill passed (SB 18) to take California’s children away from their parents (SB 18, Falsely Billed as a “Children’s Bill of Rights,” and turn them over to a homosexual run non-profit group called “Common Sense Media”.

California legalized childhood prostitution…

Then, of course, the California legislature legalized childhood prostitution.

But then Richard Pan’s  “horror of horrors,” SB 277 passed Mandating Vaccines for children according to whatever whim the State Health Department wanted.

Reeling from criticism, Richard Pan then started a bill (SB 1424) trying to force anyone criticizing him on the internet to go through his personally selected “fact checker” before they could publish.  The (over-vaccinated?) liberal California legislature happily passed the bill – but the governor vetoed it.

SB 277 – The beginning of the complete destruction of America’s children…

On June 30, 2015 California’s then governor Jerry Brown (Governor Moonbeam) signed one of America’s most controversial laws into existence – SB 277, mandating that all California children be seized from their healthy existence, thrown to the ground and force-vaccinated so-to-speak with as many (Made-in-China?) pus tubes as the California Department of Health wanted to jab into them at any time.  That Department gets CASH rewards for increasing the percentages of vaccinated children.

Since that time other States have seen the attempts to force -vaccinate America’s children.  But, so far, only two other States, those dominated politically by the “wild-eyed liberals” have fallen to Big Pharma’s cash offerings for legislation.  Forty-seven States, all actually protective of children, have rejected such craven nonsense.

94% of the American States have said not only “no” but “HELL NO…” to the idea of “Mandatory Vaccines” for children…

All over the US Americans have become aware of California’s organized misfeasance and malfeasanceAll across California the “homeless” issue rages, and California throws hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars at the problem to no avail.  Yes, there are issues of unavailability of affordable housing, but the California government itself, has CREATED these problems – there are 2.4 million illegals aliens living in California, and 2.9 million H-1B green card recipients living sometimes thirty-to-forty people to a house – so, OF COURSE there is no housing, and what there is a terrifically expensive.

According to the  San Jose Mercury News 75% of the Silicon Valley employees in the social media are foreign born and taking jobs from Americans.  And, it isn’t just that way in the Silicon Valley.  It is everywhere the liberal elites dominate local politics.  That same article shows that over 50% of ALL of the tech world/social media jobs available on “the Left Coast” are taken by H-1B holders.

This is simply the way “wild-eyed liberals” think…

California – the Totalitarian State…

When you realize what has happened in California, and accept the fact that, nationally, this is what the “progressives”  want for ALL of America…

So, let’s get back to Mrs Pan’s little boy “Dickie…”

My resources tell me that over 130 doctors in California are under investigation by the California Medial Board for issuing “Medical Exemptions” counter to the wishes of State Senator Richard Pan…

So, how did THAT happen?  Guess…

In a special BolenReport series we will be telling you a whole lot of things about the California Democrat’s efforts to destroy as many children as they can, as fast as they can…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

9 thoughts on “Richard Pan Wants To Take Away The Medical Licenses of 130 California Doctors for Writing Vaccine Medical Exemptions….”

  1. I’d like to see some real documentation about the “facts” that you state about CA e.g. 134% of LA registered voters voted? prove it. Mismanagement did not cause the fires; after so many years of drought trees dies and it cost money to clear millions of acres. I didnt see Trump volunteering to “rake” the forest 🙂 . Gas prices double? Ludicrous!

  2. I believe that the California Disease (extreme govrnmentitis) may have immunized the rest of the country (except NY) from its excesses.

    Perhaps the “High Tide” of Forced Vaxx (Vaccination Mandates), initiated by Dr. Mengele Pan, has been reached, with New Jersey not joining Big Blue States of New York and California in abrogating long-standing religious conscientious objections to vaccination.

    The NJ Forced Vaxx Bill failed to pass the State Senate on Monday, January 13th by one vote; the Bill previously was “pulled” from the Senate floor on 16 December 2019 as there were not enough votes then to adopt it.  However, after the failure to pass on January 13th a new version of the Bill has been introduced for the new Session of the Legislature.

    In about two months voters in Maine will have the opportunity to stop that State’s Forced Vaxx Law. 

    Already in California and possibly NY people are beginning to assert, on Social Media, the devastating uptick in vaccine adverse reactions such as SIDS and Autism.

  3. Times will change, and Pan will be crucified. He is a pawn, and a very, very stupid one.

  4. Roger – you are not keeping up on what’s actually happening in California. You need to quit relying on Rachel Maddow for facts.

    We went to Santa Fe NM recently. Paid $4.499 per gallon in California to drive to airport. Filled up rental car a few days later for $2.249 in Santa Fe.. Do the math.

    Shit-for-brains wanna-be environmentalists in California had completely stopped forestation projects designed to keep the forest healthy – for all of the Obama gender-challenge years. There are hundreds of articles about this atrocity.

    There are also hundreds of articles about California’s election fraud activities including those about the lawsuits trying to stop it.

    California is probably already a Red State – if we could just get rid of the illegal voters.

  5. To leo Regehr, please keep us posted on the progress of this lawsuite.
    To all, one good that may come of the assault on California doctors who tried to take care of their patients FIRST , is that the other doctors of California, who have been asleep on the vaccine issue, may realize that something is not right

  6. Tim~Cannot imagine why you would pay so much for gas in SoCal and where you would find that price–some airport ripoff? Definitely not double. We paid $3.15 from Amoco in the valley yesterday and no, we don’t go to Maddow for info. We live here. You’re a good person. Gross exaggeration hurts your cause. RFK, Jr.’s playbook is the successful way to get rid of Pan. Please engage him to go after Pan.

  7. Hoping the 130 accused file a class action lawsuit against Dick. Under SB277, these doctors followed the law stating family history illnesses/disease/vaccine reactions were an acceptable reason to write a Medical Exemption.
    Pan is simply trying to intimidate these Doctors out of CA to eliminate the alternative 2nd opinion that falls outside the corporate Hospitals. He is a tool. A wannabe Elitist. If it costs lives to mandate needlessly. then the sacrifices were well worth it for him and needed to fuel whatever evil entity is running CA.

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