Pro-Vaxxers Admit The Truth About the Function of Vaccines in America – “We’ll Just Get Rid Of All the Whites…”

Anti-Vaxxers Discover SECRET Video Tapes…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

If you didn’t own a gun before you read this article, and watch a short video, you’ll go get one, and learn how to use it, damn quick, to defend yourself and your family from the likes of Paul Offitt, Allison Singer, Dorit Rubenstein Reiss and the entire “forced vaccination” world.

What they are really up to has been revealed.  In their own words, in the video, their Baylor University Spokesperson makes it clear that, with the vaccine program, they intend to kill everyone in the United States but immigrants. Listen to the exact words of  Baylor University’s Baylor College of Medicine – Texas Children’s Hospital, Pediatrician Carol J. Baker MD when she looked right into the camera and said:

“I have the solution…  We’ll just get rid of all the WHITES in the United States…”

In the background, and through the rest of her presentation, you can see the other “panelists” nodding their heads in agreement.

Well, well….

The cat is out of the bag.  Genocide is the vaccine plan.  And they want to start with white people.


Watch the video…

Let’s take this VERY seriously…

I think everyone with a brain recognizes that these pro-vaxxers are a bag of whack-jobs.  Their BIG STAR Paul Offit is pro-vaxxers worst enemy when he just talks normally (don’t tell the vacine industry) when he says stuff like “A child can take 10,000 vaccines at once…”  And he says stuff like this ALL of the time.

Their so-called legal expert Dorit (not an attorney) Rubenstein Reiss is a hoot.  I think her real job at the University is to get coffee for the male professors, empty the wastebaskets, wipe down the conference tables, pick up her boss’s dry cleaning, and make sure the pencils are sharp for meetings where she can sit by the door in case anyone needs water or something.

But, we cannot discount what this Carol Baker MD said.  These people are parrotts..

These people are the faces we see.  Who is in the background pulling the puppet strings?

And putting words in their mouths.  We need to find out.  Real soon.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

13 thoughts on “Pro-Vaxxers Admit The Truth About the Function of Vaccines in America – “We’ll Just Get Rid Of All the Whites…””

  1. Questions
    Is this woman a criminal doctor?
    Is this woman a psycho?
    Is this woman White?

    Her words do not make any sense, when we ask if she is white. By her own words then she should b killed as a white. She has pronounced her death sentence and that of her whole family. Or does she belong to the chosen whites communists who will be at the helm of the NGO?


  2. If you think this woman and this group’s thinking was skewed about THIS issue you would really enjoy having them tell us all what “herd immunity” is. (insert laughter here).

    The anti-vaxxer movement has these people so upset they have no idea what is coming out of their own mouths.

    As usual, here at the BolenReport, we will continue to shove reality at the pro-vaxxer community.

    Tim Bolen

  3. It is fascinating watching the authoritarian streak come out in these people, but sickening- sort of like obsessively re-watching a film clip of a train wreck.

    There is no place for this sort of arrogance in the Medical Profession. It is our job to serve our patients needs, with their consent.

    The independence of medical professionals has long been a thorn in the side of the establishment, and something they have sought to wipe out. It looks like the establishment is winning the race.

  4. Slightly off topic but I just found out that Target stores offer free flu shots to their employees plus they get a $5 gift certificate. I suppose the medical establishment convinces corporations that they will have less sick days if they vaccinate and bribe their employees so it’s worth the expense. Clever marketing and it just goes to show how much work needs to be done to better inform the public of not only the dangers but the ineffectiveness of the flu shot.

  5. This makes me want to vomit. I’ve been an RN for 20 years. A
    large percentage of the physicians and nurses I know, especially the better ones, the emergency physicians and many others refuse vaccines and don’t push them on others although we’re not allowed to say we are against many of them at this time (inoculation against dangerous virulent viruses can be beneficial but that’s not what’ we have going on here). For instance, why does a newborn need a hep b vaccine before even leaving the hospital? Last time I checked, newborns weren’t having sex and using dirty needles. If they’re worried about mom, have her screened! Most of the vaccines are more dangerous than the illness, often don’t protect you anyway, and offer no lifetime immunity. If you catch influenza and fight it off, you have antibodies that last. Having them for one strain still offers some protection (lessens the severity) against new ones, AND the antibodies are passed on through breastmilk. Lifesaving IVIG treatments are made from the blood of people who have antibodies for certain viruses. This really makes me sick. Theses people have lost all common sense, all natural human instinct, and want to drive it out of others as well. But you all know this-I don’t have to tell you.

  6. There are many times that a person says something idiotic, or they post an idiotic statement to social media, or write something idiotic for the press, and the consequence of their idiocy is their being fired by their employer, even though the comment may not necessarily warrant that kind of severe outcome. That does not apply here. I cannot wrap my head around how this woman, Dr. Carol “KILL ALL WHITES” Baker could possibly still be employed in her teaching capacity after making such an outrageous and unacceptable comment. I also cannot fathom how no one in her audience (including “alleged bioethicist” Art Caplan, who apparently believes that killing off a race is somehow ethical, and that Baker and the entire audience didn’t need to hear some kind of response from him to her statement, i.e. mass murder is not justified for any reason as it goes against the concept of BIOETHICS entirely) was heard groaning, or protesting, or saying anything at all opposing what she said to them. Someone at her medical center should give this woman a pink slip, if she thinks any demographic should be “killed off” if they don’t think the same idiotic thoughts about vaccinations that she does. I guess her statement to “kill all whites” includes the killing of white children, which I would think conflicts, just a tad, with her sole purpose as a medical doctor and professor of pediatrics. Just, “Wow!” Who would dare to take their precious child to someone trained by her, or to some medical center that employs people who believe as she does, no matter what their race? Where is Dr. Carol “KILL ALL WHITES” Baker’s formal retraction? Did she ever bother to issue one?

  7. I’m always amazed when I run across MDs who still support vaccines. There is usually an economic or political/professional reason for such a position. Or, horror of horrors….just plain stupidity. In case you want to know the detailed medical reasons against vaccines from an MD’s point of view, one who gave up big bucks and big prestige to learn and speak truth, here’s testimony before the West Virginia Legislature.

    And then there is what Cuba is doing to study and officially promote the use of homeopathy instead of vaccines.

    Baylor U. will have to give up its vaccine research money before its associated MDs, like Dr. Baker, dare to think for themselves.

  8. She is Rabbi Rabinovich wanna be. Her handlers can’t be too happy w/ her big mouth. Wikipedia says his papers are false b/c that’s what they want you to believe. This is a Panel of evil.

  9. If she did get fired she is probably working for Dr. Giggles (Bill Gates) by now. My hope is that the immigrants and others who were unfortunate enough to get vaccinated, mutate into a new zombie army to wreak their revenge on the scientistic sadistics like this misfit of science! Then let’s work to enact a general recall of ALL vaccines for good measure.

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