The Politics of Autism Awareness…  

Autism is an “ISM” like racism and sexism.

By Candyce Estave


When you see an “ISM,” you know that a group of people is going to be marginalized and that the persons in the group will be treated in a way that does not respect their value.

Nobody celebrates sexism. Nobody celebrates racism. Why should we celebrate autism, where children and adults are suffering, vulnerable, and are left begging for equal services and respect?

How are children with autism denied equal services and respect?

Here is an example:

Walk into a mainstream doctor’s office with a child with autism who has alternating diarrhea and painful, chronic constipation. Often, pain from GI distress like constipation and reflux may cause a person with autism to slap their own face, bite their own hand, or lash out at others – especially if the person is non-verbal and otherwise unable to express themselves.

But the mainstream doctor might just say about the painful constipation, “That’s just part of autism.” Really? If an average citizen walked into the doctor’s office with the same issues, that citizen would be offered a work-up to investigate the pathophysiology and remedy the pain.

Worse, the mainstream doctor might try the harmful and ineffective “band-aid” of psychotropic drugs, or they might restrain your child for the pain-induced behaviors, or they might say the parent has Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

When autism is relegated to the mainstream genetic, psychiatric, hard-wired broom closet, carte blanche is given to government, medicine, and education to ignore looking deeper. Or looking for root causes for the epidemic. Root causes caused by industry. Industry that has lobbyists on Capitol Hill. Industry that influences universities and other institutions. Industry that influences media.

Then the universities discourage researchers for looking into root causes.

Then mainstream medical journals don’t receive articles about root causes.

Then mainstream medical journals won’t accept controversial articles about root causes via peer-review.

Then television won’t let the public know the truth because their advertising revenue comes from industry.

And so it goes.

When the mainstream media perpetuates this misinformation, then relatives and other members of the public can become judgmental of parents who are trying to help their children with effective biomedical treatments based upon biologically plausible etiologies and sound science.

What else happens?

The economy buckles under the burden of so many children with autism in the education system. Social services, including medicine, buckle under the extra costs.

Professionals are discouraged from diagnosing autism earlier when it can be best helped because early diagnosis means government agencies would have to spend money earlier on a child. Children are left to flounder. Families are left to struggle.

Insurance companies won’t cover treatments, goods, and services because substantiation for those has been blocked from being accepted.

We should, however, celebrate the person with autism. To celebrate the person with autism, we must respect and acknowledge their legitimate physiological issues, responsibly and compassionately work to help them heal from the functional deficits and pain associated with the pathophysiology, and restore their body and cognitive abilities to a healthy state.

All the while, we do accept the person with the label of autism.

Just like we accept people of any gender. Just like we accept people of any race. But we would help a person of any gender if they had diabetes. And we would help a person of any race if they had cancer. Likewise, a person labeled with autism is a person first, and we should help them with their medical conditions, including where such medical conditions adversely impact other aspects of life such as progress in education, social interactions, and personal comfort and happiness.

The most important thing to be aware of during Autism Awareness Month…

is that children can and do recover from the autism diagnostic label. Acknowledging their legitimate, underlying physiological conditions and working with experienced medical oversight to restore the health of the body, which leads to the health of the brain, shows respect for the value of the person.

By Candyce Estave

9 thoughts on “The Politics of Autism Awareness…  ”

  1. Wow! The whole truth about autism. Thank you for being the voice of all parents like me with a child with autism and bringing conscious to our community. I’m so proud of you Candyce for all the wonderful job you do as an activist for autism but also as a wonderful mother.

  2. Autism another plague on the human society with it’s other physical symptoms is something we can not and must not overlook. In the past as is still in many societies those unfortunate individuals were and are conveniently put out of public’s eyes.Families are ashamed for an autistic family member.This is sad, like if those with it did cause this to themselves.I happened to come from a different background and know, experienced this first hand.For that matter my brother was one of them and the pain we all suffered as a family is deeply ingrained in my soul. Yet we all put up and tried to live as normally as possible with this tragedy, despite the mockery and fun some in a society caused to us. He was one of us.
    On the other hand just not all long time ago watching ABC program a mother of an autistic child was marched on the front of the cameras, declaring just so casually that “oh they are just different”. I found this rather disturbing, to accept such as oh just this how it is, instead of aching to search and identify what might has happened to her child. Is it vaccine related?Because now all fingers are pointing to that direction and we should not let them get away with the crimes and atrocities they are committing against the whole world’s population –What you think?

  3. The Alophathic Business Model is the suppression of root causes starting with mercury compounds because that would lead to prevention and cures. Its called planned obsolescence (assault then profit till dead) applied to humans.

  4. Elija,
    I watched with my own eyes. My child was poisoned by his childhood vaccines. There is a depopulation agenda by globalists. They are trying to sterilize our children and wipe out our first defense- our boys.
    People need to wake up and rise up. It’s incredibly hard to accept but it’s true. It’s evil. If we give up our guns, we’re done.

  5. @Terry Harnden. I see views like yours an awful lot, but suggest that they are incorrect. It’s not a ‘business model’, however tempting it might be to see it that way. Rather, the allopaths know no better and the medical profession is a highly conservative one that is resistant to change. I come from the UK and our socialised, not for profit medical system works in essentially the same way as in the US.

    Homoeopaths have been offering a radically different medical paradigm for over two centuries now, but sadly it remains of minority interest in much of the world. As you say, suppression is very harmful, as homoeopaths have been warning since homoeopathy’s inception. I’m not sure though that vaccination amounts to suppression in any case, because in mass vaccination, you are usually attempting to equip the immune system to fight an infection that hasn’t yet happened. The harm is not so much from suppression but essentially from poisoning that takes place, very often in infants whose bodies are simply incapable of coping with the onslaught that multiple vaccinations amount to.

  6. to Kevin Morris More regarding my “lab rat” research project. As an electrical control systems (ladder logic -Boolean Algebra) designer, builder, trouble shooter for forty years and diy health researcher – personal lab rat investigating core cause of 16 years resistant hypertension and stroke (one damaging after 40mg coversil, 2hrs restless legs via magnesium depletion 2nd one momentary with no apparent further damage)
    Here is my experience with what I call the allopathic quack doctor (5 of them) medical malpractice system. My one and only tet vax-April 2016 (more mercury) is missing from my E-chart as well as any GP info other than blood tests results and prescriptions.
    Hypertension is one of the bodies protective response to mercury which accumulates in ones soft tissues and seeps out and is excreted depending on how much magnesium etc. is available. A one ages and your tissue saturates and increased detox sets in it binds with and increasingly depletes magnesium. Search medline for multi hundreds of medical conditions and deaths associated with depleted magnesium.
    My research aim initially was to find the root cause of my Resistant Hypertension since 2000 (also note that for males over 60 75% of American blacks and African blacks and 25% of Caucasians suffer this ) upon which multiple prescription and non prescription “solutions” had zero effect. I dumped all BP meds in Jan 2012 and started 200mcg selenium yeast ( Ref: WWW dot ccma dot ca/ / / /soqg se scd1438.pdf . This resulted in the disappearance of minor allergies, winter flu’s, 30 pounds around waist and increased energy and stamina. After a minor stroke in Jan 2016 caused by 4mg Coversil and resultant magnesium depletion then a change in meds (up to 6 in increasing dosages) I had a momentary episode in May 2016. At the same time I receive a tox screen report indicating mercury poisoning. This connected me to allergies I had since birth (mothers milk) and after loss of photographic recall at 3-4yrs age(two years in Port Hope Ont nuclear refinery waste site), in teens (inability to memorize poems), adult (trouble with names, numbers, faces), old age 60’s BP, 70’s (numbness in feet and pain in legs)
    I discontinued all prescription meds(which had never had any effect on my daily BP measurements) in May 2016 and my GP (whose meds had caused 2 strokes) refused to see me anymore and refused to look at or consider the mercury link that my MAP tox screen indicated.
    I had one large exposed amalgam removed June 2016 – no effect on my daily wrist BP measurements
    I had 2nd amalgam under cap removed Oct 2016 – no effect on my daily wrist BP measurements
    After Nov 25 2016 my daily wrist BP measurements dropped to 80/130 or below
    Second GP found May 2017 and refused to take me when I refused to take his known stroke causing BP meds.
    No more stroke paralytics as of today March 2018 Faulty. Faulty ?Armband BP still always 200-230/100-120 . Mercury in legs still causing walking problems but I can still ride 2 wheel bike.
    Presently Dentists refusing to remove root canal and refusing to remove 2 more amalgams.
    There seems to be no biological dentists available in Manitoba. This is hard to understand.
    Contact cell text 204-981-3732 for email for my research files. I have in excess 200Gig.

  7. You are right,
    To heal Autism need to have a Holistic idea.
    Let me remember a story one of my seminar. Someone said, I knew you are very good at Dance/movement Therapy, but why you don’t keep yourself in the Dance/movement, but being into music therapy, painting therapy also? What a mass!
    Not give me chance to answer this question, one of the mother who has an autism boy stand up.
    Dear lay, does you have heard of whether the kinesthetic, auditory, visual, and tactile aspects of human beings work alone? Professor Wang studied this DaoYin Arts Therapy —multidimensional music dance, comprehensive diagnosis, and comprehensive help for children with autism, how good it is and is a great initiative.
    From one dimensional to another dimensional elements, all kinds of arts working together.

    So, Just like all of us mentioned, we need a way to help autism in Holistic way.

    That’s means we can follow and research this DaoYin Arts Therapy how it will working in Holistic way.

    Not only inherited the theory of DaoYin(Chinese guidance—Traditional Medicine method ), but also innovatively studied different art forms.
    The application of theory and technology to each other’s assessment, mutual control, and mutual transformation. Through the multidimensional interactive mode of art, it directly intervenes in the development of human organs and acts on the body, emotion, and consciousness. Comprehensive use of music, dance, painting and other arts to regulate and treat mental and physical problems, in order to achieve the reconciliation of body and mind development, and the restoration of physical and mental problems.

    So, all the behavioral of autism that we saw, it have the holistic reason from inner power of ZangFu(inner organs) & Xiang(Out side showing form).

    For example: If an autistic child walks on tiptoe, he shows that he has insufficient liver and spleen, poor cooperation between tendon and muscle, and it is difficult for muscles to deliver nutrients to tendons.
    If a child is often unable to concentrate, it shows that their heart and kidney function is not well-coordinated, and it is difficult to transport the nutrients in the blood to where they are needed, and the nerves that need nutrition cannot be nourished to transport a variety of complicated information.

    Here I copy the brief of my workshop in Expressive Therapy Summit on 2014 in NY, I am so thankful Andrea Gollub, MA, ATR-BC be with me :
    Chinese Medicine & Expressive Arts: Holistic
    Treatment for Developmental and Behavioral
    (Executive Conference Center – Sunday
    1601 Broadway (enter on 48th Street)
    Wang Chunhong
    Andrea Gollub, MA, ATR-BC)

    Zang Xiang is a theoretical system used in traditional
    Chinese medicine to organize the relationship between the
    human anatomy and its physical expressions. Through
    primarily experiential engagement, this half-day workshop
    will introduce the fundamental principles of Zang Xiang as it
    relates to the general practice of expressive therapies, and
    specifically to ASD. According to Zang Xiang, the human
    body is composed of Zang-organs and Fu-organs, which
    form an internal system that culminate into visible
    expressions. Furthermore, this biological system is
    connected to the external realm of sound, color and
    movement, creating a holistic experience for the human
    being. Case examples will illustrate how autism can be
    better understood and treated by using this trifocal model of
    relationships between physiology, pathology, and

    Just speak out some idea, thanks for reading,
    Chunhong Wang
    8, April, 2018

  8. Oh,I hope soo much with all my heart that there’s some hope left for autistic adults,like me,who suffer deeply from their autism.For the tendency amongst my fellow autistics within the adult autism community is just accepting your autism,learn to deal with it and even…yes,indeed,celebrate it as a form of neurodiversity.So,even within the mentioned adult autism community,people like me are mostly spit out…I am a 42 years old autistic and normally intelligent woman now,but by aging,the autism with all its complications is only getting worse.I am desperately looking for some relief,but almost no one here seems to care…I am just desperate and exhausted,but who cares?Those who want to help,can’t help-and those who should offer help,they don’t-they don’t even try,for they already gave me up.And I am giving up as well…

  9. Dear Lara Doornbosch,
    Yes, neurodiversity is the true. a fact.
    I think that all people need to face all kinds of changes and differences.
    It is a challenge for everyone living in this world. I think it’s great to have the courage to say out what you need. The world is very large, and constantly trying to find a solution is a lifelong pursuit.
    That’s not easy.
    We need Different Platforms, can make autism speak their minds and different people discuss solutions together.

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