Why is Ozone Therapy Suppressed in the US?…

Because it works way better than drugs to kill bacteria and viruses…

A Note from Tim Bolen – There is a whole world of health care beyond, and far better than, drugs and vaccines.  We, here at the BolenReport, are going to tell you about them.  We will start with a category called Oxidative Therapies – and the first one of those you will read about is Ozone Therapy.

I have an interesting article, just below, from Saul Pressman, about Ozone Therapy.  Ozone Therapy is not common in the US – it is suppressed in most of the country.  California, however, has MANY practitioners using it for good reason – it works.

And, it is something that can be done at home.

One of my earliest Cutting-Edge Health Care Crisis Management clients, way back in the 1990s, was a nutritionist using Ozone Therapy in Laguna Beach, California.  He had about 1,500 affluent, well-educated, Southern California women who were aware that throughout the world, especially in Europe, the best treatment for a vaginal yeast infection was Ozone insufflation – ONE treatment and the yeast infection was gone.  Just below is an excerpt from an article I wrote back in 1998…

“In that early, educational case for me in California, Stephen Barrett and two slime-ball investigators from the California Medical Board, had convinced members of the Laguna Beach Police Department that a nutritionist using ozone therapy was “a sex criminal preying on women.”  Flak-jacketed thugs screwed a gun into Salvatore D’Onofrio’s ear, forced him to lie on the ground, and thus began a brutal, anything goes, persecution.

D’Onofrio’s attorney was a hiking partner of mine, and told me the story on a ridgeline, seven miles up from a trailhead.  I laugh now when I remember my naive response “This can’t be happening in America.”

Sal D’Onofrio, through his attorney, hired us, at day 43 in solitary confinement in the Orange County Jail.  He was in “solitary” because that’s what they do with sex criminals.  He was in jail because the judge had set bail at $500,000, an amount his supporters couldn’t raise.  Barrett’s minions were  ruining D’Onofrio’s life in the press.

We organized a bail hearing for day 48 of incarceration, put 62 of D’Onofrio’s supporters in the courtroom, LA network television in the jury box, got the front page of the LA Times, etc., etc., etc., – and the judge let D’Onofrio out on his own recognizance.  Seven weeks later the prosecutor dropped the charges.

Who are these people that would, so casually, inflict that kind of nightmare on an innocent man?

James Carter, MD’s authoritative book “Racketeering In Medicine,” published by Hampton Roads, carefully explains the “Quackbuster Conspiracy.”

Of course we won that case.  Ozone Therapy, just one of the many benficial oxygen therapies available, is used worldwide.  It wasn’t hard to get, literally, thousands of peer-reviewed studies into the hands of the prosecutor and the judge, countering Barrett’s claims.

It was this case that focused me on what was then called “The Quackbusters.”

Just so you know, the National Institute of Health has a scientific review of Ozone Therapy – click here.

What is it used for?  click here.

So, let me introduce you to Ozone expert Saul Pressman…


By Dr. Saul Pressman


Every year it seems we are inundated with another scare story in the media about an out-of-control virus. The flu scares are perennial and unending since the great swine flu hoax of the 1970s.

Last year it was Ebola and this year it is the ZIKA virus. In each article, the media shouts of horrendous consequences from the latest uncontrolled attacker, and never fail to mention that development of a vaccine is underway, but is still a few years off, if only government will lavishly endow the research teams.

These articles are full of relentless lies.

The History of Vaccinations…

The most thorough examination of the history of vaccination was done by Dr. Raymond Obomsawin, PhD, in 1992 at the behest of the Canadian government’s CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency). They were spending $150 million a year on vaccines and wanted to know if they were getting good value for their money. Dr. Obomsawin went around the world and studied all the relevant information in each country, with some records dating back to 1850.

What Obomsawin found was astonishing – not only did vaccines NOT prevent epidemics of viral diseases, they actually CAUSED them. In chart after chart he showed that the incidence of infection was declining right up until the time when a vaccine was introduced, and then there was a spike (sometimes huge) in the number of cases, after which the previous rate of decline was resumed.

Dr. Obomsawin presented his results to CIDA, but they refused to publish it, since it meant the elimination of their jobs. So he published it himself, in order that citizens could see for themselves that every word written in favor of vaccines was a lie.

The question now confronting us is what do we replace the discredited poison with?

The answer is ozone therapy. It was devised about 1870 in Germany, and since that time has become a huge success worldwide, with over 16,000 doctors in 30 countries giving tens of thousands of patients ozone therapy daily. It has proven to be the safest medical modality ever devised, and it has shown to be able to eliminate every bacterial and viral invader of man it has come up against.

Suppression of treatments that work…

Last year, several American doctors took ozone generators to Africa to treat people who had been infected with Ebola. They established a 100% cure rate, but their mission was cut short when local governments, under intense pressure from WHO, told them to leave. It seems that a proven cure is not what WHO and its pharmaceutical masters want, after all.

This was a graphic illustration of the political and economic power arrayed against the most potent medical tool. It is hard to believe in this day and age that opposition to a safe and cheap cure could still muster so much muscle.

In America, the nation most opposed to ozone therapy, people have taken to buying their own ozone generators and treating themselves at home. The market is growing every year, and a few cautious doctors are also incorporating the modality into their practices. Even more people, with only layman skills and coaching from experienced teachers, are opening their own ozone clinics, without bothering to jump through the hoops of a system that is opposed to the therapy.

What is Ozone Therapy…

Ozone is simply oxygen with added energy. It is made in an ozone generator, which has a power supply that supplies electricity to a tube through which oxygen is passed. In a miracle of nature, the oxygen O2 breaks down to O1, called singlet oxygen, and then rapidly recombines into O3, called ozone. O3 carries more oxidative energy than O2, but it doesn’t last long, and when it is introduced into the body in any one of two dozen approved protocols, it falls back to oxygen and releases its energy into the body. This energy is deadly to any virus or bacteria it encounters, and it oxidizes that particle. Good cells have enzymes that protect them from this energy and are unharmed; in fact they are powered up by it, and experience an increase in ATP output. ATP is the energy currency of the cells, so people doing ozone will end up with more energy, after the detoxification of the body passes a certain point.

Ozone therapy has proven to be the most powerful detoxifier in existence. There are over 2500 diseases listed by modern medicine that are successfully treated with ozone therapy. And no one dies from this therapy, it is so safe.

The safety aspect is related to the fact that the body itself makes ozone. It was discovered recently by the Scripps Institute that the body is manufacturing ozone continuously. For a long time, it was a puzzle as to why the brain used so much of the oxygen inhaled, up to 20% of the total. Yet, the brain has few mitochondria, which is where oxygen usage is greatest. Now it is known that in the brain, elegant mechanisms of enzymes split the O2 into two O1, which then combine into O3, which we call ozone. Then, the energized ozone falls back to O2, and in doing so, emits a near infrared photon of 762 nanometers wavelength. So, the brain has manufactured a photon from a molecule of oxygen. This is a miraculous process.

What happens with the infrared photons?

They are distributed amongst the cells of the body. The photons are held in what is called ‘entrainment’. They pulsate as a single wave field, all in resonance at 762 nm. And that wave field is how the brain controls the trillions of cells. It does not have to wait for chemical messages to be sent to and from the cells, which happens at electrical speeds. It has the infinitely faster master control system in the realm of self-created light.

“If thine eye be single, thy whole body will be filled with light” (Matthew 6:22) takes on new meaning….

Best of Health!
Dr. Saul Pressman

7 thoughts on “Why is Ozone Therapy Suppressed in the US?…”

  1. Perhaps a resources page or section, to direct people for home use of any alternative therapies discussed? Local and state regulators continue to restrict the use of many of these safe technologies in professional offices, as you know, but a sick population cannot wait for the Feds and big pharma to start playing nice. Thanks for your efforts towards a better world.

  2. There’s videos on YT about ozone therapies, including how to do some at home.

  3. Have asked cdc and ny department of health to consider ozone to treat corona 19. Putting it into hvac units could free up all buildings ….even outdoor stadiums. Needless to say no response.

  4. my daughter Mallu Moore took Covid vaccine, she was treating Lung Cancer naturally, she was High School counselor when school start after spring break, she trusted Gov’s vaccine , then 2 month ago, her condition went down so bad, dying, please where she can go for Ozone therapy, she cannot walk, cannot eat, but my Other 2 daughter took vaccine too after her, I have to show then what will need be done. they are not wake up yet, may give them fear, we are zip code 94561 north CA, please where I can bring her she has little time left, emergent, I found out this last Friday 10/16/21, ASAP

  5. Tim, not sure if you can comment, in terms of New Zealand, Ozone Therapy is allowed but there are restrictions in place which Ozone Therapy cannot be advertised publically via the media, also people who have gone through long covid are beginning to use Ozone Therapy because it is cheaper than Hyperbaric Oxygen when it comes to costs/price.

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