Dr. Saul Pressman

Saul Pressman grew up on a family farm and after graduation studied electronics at college, and played in rock bands until 1975. He returned to the family farm and worked with his brother until 1988, when he was unable to work any longer, due to being poisoned by farm chemicals.The family farm was sold and everyone moved to the west coast. Saul and his brother built a recording studio and Saul began the long journey back to health under the care of a local naturopath.

In 1993, Saul was introduced to a retired biochemist, who had worked in the VA hospital in San Francisco. He was privately treating patients with ozone, using a generator that he had built, based on a Tesla design he had seen in an antique shop. The biochemist asked Saul and his then-partner if they could improve upon the design. Since both had a background in electronics, a new design based on Tesla’s idea was invented in a few weeks. This design formed the basis of a company the three formed in March 1993. The biochemist began a series of intensive lectures to his new partners, teaching the fundamentals of biochemistry and practical applications – the bottom line as he saw it from his lifetime of experience.

Saul and his partner built and sold ozone generators to the biochemist’s patients and others who heard of it by word of mouth. In 1993, Ed McCabe was brought in to speak to the public, but doctors were not interested in listening to a layman. For a year, little progress was made, because the objection was constantly raised that if ozone therapy was so good, why were the doctors not using it?

Saul determined to change that, and the method he chose was to sponsor a world symposium on ozone therapy, and to fly in doctors with experience in ozone from the US and Germany. All local doctors were invited, and the symposium was held in June 1994. Turnout was spectacular, with 164 attendees. The presentations were made over two days, and many hundreds of questions were answered by the guest speakers, who had a vast experience over many decades. Many of the doctors went on to add ozone therapy to their tool kit.

Saul wrote his first book, The Story of Ozone, based upon the information he gleaned from the literature. Faced with resistance to the protocols that existed at that time, specifically rectal insufflation, Saul revived the old protocol of Dr. Harvey Kellogg, inventor of the ozone steam sauna before 1880. By 1996, Saul was alone in the company, and manufacturing ozone generators and fiberglass steam saunas for ozone application.

In the years following, Saul bought and read all the published literature on medical ozone therapy, and began a clinic where he treated patients. He wrote his second book, The Owner’s Manual for the Human Body in 1997, where he covered the nutritional aspect of naturopathy, following up on the information that Dr. Freibott had imparted. Eventually Saul took online naturopathic courses as well, and became a doctor.

He was invited to teach doctors in England and in 1999, he taught a seminar to 300 doctors in Dubai. Following that, he wrote a third book, The Ozone Hyperthermic Technician’s Training Manual, and taught seminars in many cities, training laymen in the knowledge required to run ozone hyperthermic clinics. Since that time over 120 clinics have been established around the world treating patients with Saul’s equipment and protocols.

In 1998, Saul started an online email list at yahoogroups, where he freely dispenses information to over 3500 list members around the world, over 150 of which are doctors and dentists. To date, over 6000 questions have been asked and answered and archived. In actuality, more than twice this number have been answered, since about half of the people writing in, ask that their case not be sent to the general list. Saul continues to update his books as new information becomes available, and sends them free of charge by email to whomever requests them.

Saul also continues to manufacture ozone generators and steam saunas. http://www.plasmafire.com