MORAL COURAGE – Are You Ready To Join the Vaccine Truth Movement?

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality of those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy Sr.

I wanted to start this article with a quote that stirs my spirit.  These words and sentiments were spoken on June 6, 1968, in a speech known as the “Day of Affirmation” by Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Sr., in Capetown, South Africa.  He was there to support efforts to end apartheid.   To put this moment into perspective, apartheid was repealed a quarter century later thanks to the moral courage of a few public figures willing to risk everything and the massive public support of the thousands and thousands of nameless individuals who were willing to stand up to be counted.

Sen. Kennedy’s words stir my spirit because we are living in turbulent times, at the moment, and I believe we will look back on these times and remember who stood up at great personal risk for what was right in regards to the vaccination issue.  We will also remember what we did or didn’t do to support them.

To us longtime Health Freedom Fighters,  the most pressing health issue of today is the deadly risk of vaccinations.  We have known for decades that the CDC is a corrupt government agency that is running out of control because it is basically run by Big Pharma for the industry’s financial benefit alone.

When Donald Trump ran for President, we could hardly believe he actually said out loud, “vaccines cause autism”.  We all know that, but for a public figure to actually say that out loud was a dream we had never dared to dream.

Then the next impossible dream came to life.  Trump, a Populist, met with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a member of the much revered and very liberal Kennedy dynasty, to forge an alliance.  It would be Kennedy’s job to get to the bottom of the cesspool of corruption at the Centers For Disease Control and “let the science speak”.  It was understood by both these unlikely allies that the science the CDC was using to promote vaccines was thoroughly corrupt.

Let us not forget that while there are many miracles that come from the science of the chemical/pharmaceutical  industry, this industry also produced the deadly gases used in WWI to kill and maim ordinary soldiers on the battlefield.  This same industry backed Hitler in WWII and produced the gas that was used to exterminate millions of people in death camps.

Sad to say, despite the IG Farben War Crimes Trial at Nuremberg after the War, many of these same chemical companies still exist, and others have come into being to be part of a global empire we loosely call Big Pharma, now one of the most powerful industries in the world.

Harsh Facts…

What we didn’t learn from the IG Farben “Crimes Against Humanity Trial” is that when private interests become partnered with public policy, it is not surprising that we end up with the level of appalling crookedness we now see in the vaccine industry.

Please do not minimize the personal risks both Kennedy and Trump are taking by going up against Big Pharma’s biggest cash cow: VACCINES. 

This market is quite literally out of control.  To dig deep into how this industry is run means Mr. Kennedy will end up finding massive corruption at every level intermingled with malfeasance  in every federal agency that is involved with vaccines.

As I provide a short inventory of Mr. Kennedy’s progress so far, please ask yourself, “how can I help?”.  Real change WILL NOT COME without millions of us standing up to be counted once the truth is laid bare.

After Kennedy accepted his assignment, he fired up his website and video-taped a pledge that he would pour all his efforts up to his last breath of life to make sure that the next generation of children would grow up healthy.   This video will tear your heart out.  He has the same courage of his father and his uncle in their gladiator commitment to work for things they believed in.  When Mr. Kennedy achieves truth and justice in regards vaccine policy and law, we may see his contribution to society eclipse those of his other family members.  His work is that important for the future health of all Americans!

With breathtaking speed, Kennedy has accomplished more to dig up the dirt to educate the public on the problems with vaccines than anyone has ever done before.

Meanwhile, President Trump is doing his part as well. 

He appointed Dr. Tom Price to be Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.  Dr. Price is a former board member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), a medical group that refuses to take money from Big Pharma and whose organization thinks vaccine mandates constitute human experimentation and violate the Nuremberg Code.

Dr. Price’s friend, fellow Georgia physician (and former head of GA’s health department), Brenda Fitzgerald, was appointed to head the CDC.  Dr. Fitzgerald, aside from being an Ob/Gyn, practiced anti-aging medicine, a specialty that promotes strategies like lifestyle changes and dietary supplements to stave off the ravages of old age rather than drug people to death.

Big Pharma and mainstream medicine people don’t like anti-aging medicine.  It cuts into their business.   We await with eagerness Trump’s appointment to the vaccine division of the CDC.

Some of the many things Mr. Kennedy has accomplished so far are the following:

He has broken the ten-year embargo in the media that banned any meaningful discussion about vaccines on TV, radio, internet or in print. Tucker Carlson of Fox News has offered an invitation to appear on his show any time Kennedy wants.  This is huge since Fox is a global network, so what Kennedy says is heard ’round the world.  Big Pharma’s advertising dollars have silenced most of the media for years.

In his latest appearance on Carlson’s show, Kennedy shared some of the dirty little secrets we all needed to know.  He told Carlson that at least four government hearings found the CDC to be a cesspool of corruption.  I happen to be privy to the findings from some of those hearings.  

In summary, the FDA, the CDC, HHS and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and their contractors, were believed to have committed crimes in an array of areas which included:

(1) criminal negligence in failure to regulate the safety and effectiveness of biological products;

(2) criminal negligence in failure to regulate and promote vaccines as provided for under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program;

(3) criminal negligence in not instituting a Class I recall of all vaccines administered to infants containing thimerosal in July 1999 and again in June of 2000 when the results of the Vaccine Safety Datalink were discussed at Simpsonwood.  In addition,

(4)  criminal conspiracy to defraud the government by deception or artifice and to obstruct the wholesome administration of the laws and affairs of the United States and criminal obstruction of justice.

Since then, nothing has been done to bring these criminals to justice.

Kennedy went on to explain the CDC is simply a subsidiary of the vaccine industry, selling 4.1 billion dollars worth of vaccines a year.  It spends another 4.6 billion dollars a year, almost half of its ENTIRE budget, promoting vaccines.  But it only spends twenty million dollars testing those same vaccines.  Kennedy then pointed out that there is very little safety testing of vaccines compared to normal drugs.

A report on his website entitled Hiding Vaccine-Related Deaths With Semantic Sleight-of-Hand  points out that less than 1% of all deaths and injuries from vaccines are reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  This means there is not even any effort to see if vaccines might be dangerous.  Even more interesting is the facts shown in the article: Unvaccinated Children Have Much Lower Rates of Chronic Illness  according to the first peer-reviewed study just published in the Journal of Translational Science.

Actually, it is worth your time to rummage around Kennedy’s website.  He is adding incredible documents all the time.  He has also highlighted the documentary, Trace Amounts: Autism, Mercury and the Hidden Truth, which provides a detailed chronology of how the CDC did everything it could to hide the truth.  It starts with the Simpsonwood CDC scandal of 2000 and covers the current MMR scandal – the subject of the VAXXED: Coverup to Catastrophe movie.  It also covers how an adult became seriously mercury poisoned by a vaccine and what he did to clean up his health.


No, you do not have to take to the streets and throw flaming Molotov cocktails to get attention.  You can use the internet, social media of all kinds, the U.S. mail and your phone to take action. YOU, a majority of one, can become a powerful agent of change and be part of an army of millions helping Mr. Kennedy to make sure future generations of children are not harmed by vaccines.

It is the sheer numbers of people like you, your family and your friends who will, in the end, make the difference, because your voice joining those millions of others will give Kennedy and Trump the support they must have to move mountains.  The leverage of sheer numbers  will help them force the arrogant, greedy bullies, as Kennedy calls them, out of power.

Consider yourself a citizen warrior and your first job will be to educate friends, relatives, doctors, school officials and your public servants about the problems with vaccines.  Then, with just a little effort now and then, you can make your feelings known and you can encourage others to do so as well.  THAT is how all great changes happen in history.  People power.  Unremitting demands for change, day after day in a myriad of ways, is what it will take to make sure real change happens.

Here are a few quick instructions on how to join the Vaccine Truth Movement

First, sign up to receive the World Mercury Project newsletter every Friday.  There is always something you can use in your arsenal  of information from this website.  Also sign up with the National Vaccine Information Center.  This is the consumer group that Congress and various other official government bodies recognize as an accurate and truthful source of information.  NVIC’s co-founder, Barbara Loe Fisher, frequently testifies in Congress and participates in government meetings regarding vaccine policy and law.  NVIC sends out newsletters and also action alerts, so if any political activity is going on in your state regarding vaccines, NVIC will let you know.  While there are many other fine sources of information, please remember that information from only officially-recognized sources has the full power of truth behind it.

Your Mission

First, consider yourself an educator.  You probably have relatives, friends and other associates who think you are over-reacting to the vaccine issue.  Just know that information you share with them from WMP, in particular, is being gathered by request of the President of the United States.   The four documents listed below  should be primary reference material for everyone you contact.

Revolution for Truth

Hiding Vaccine Deaths

Transcript of statements Mr. Kennedy made regarding the CDC

Unvaccinated Children Have Much Lower Rates of Chronic Illness

Educating Doctors

Keep in mind, doctors get their medical information from sources underwritten by the drug industry and especially the CDC.  They don’t learn much in medical school about vaccines other than to follow the schedule; and if they are pediatricians, the bulk of their income comes from vaccinating children.  Some even get bonuses for having a fully-vaccinated caseload.

If doctors start questioning vaccines, they might get in trouble with their licensing boards, their insurance companies, their hospitals and their colleagues in the practice.  So, your job is to provide them with reliable information and just let them know where you stand on vaccines.  If you do not want your child vaccinated and you live in a state that still allows philosophical or religious exemptions, just say “no” and think about changing doctors.  Never allow yourself to get bullied into having your child vaccinated.

If a lot of patients provided all doctors, not just pediatricians, with packets of information to educate them, this would provide a reason for doctors to talk among themselves and, perhaps, join doctor groups that support medical choice.  You don’t need to get into an argument when you hand them the information.  Just tell them they have been lied to and you thought they might be interested in checking out reliable informationBe sure to have the transcript of Mr. Kennedy’s comments about the CDC on the top of the pile.

Educating And Cultivating Your Elected Officials

The care and feeding of your state and federal officials is an art worthy of developing.  It’s about developing a cordial relationship with each of these folks and being respected by them and their staff.  Once they know you are a reasonable person and you provide them with reliable information, don’t be surprised if they  contact you for info on something of interest to them.   There is a civility about this relationship that you need to master.  Even if your public servant is a jerk and his help isn’t your cup of tea, either, courtesy is expected. In addition, you can find out all kinds of stuff from the aides that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, so this relationship can become very valuable.  They are there to SERVE YOU.  Here’s how to find out who they are and how to contact them:

At the state level, there is usually an aide that answers the phone and keeps things running.  The easiest way to develop a relationship with those people is to call them when the legislature is NOT in session.  You might check the net to find out what committees your legislator is on before you make that first call.  You might get lucky and find he or she is on a committee dealing with health.  Once you have the aide on the phone (get the person’s name and use it when you talk with them), tell them you have concerns about vaccination policy and law and you want to know where your legislator stands on the issue.  Let the person know that you will be sending them some information via e-mail (or snail mail) which you would like them to pass along to their boss.  In the e-mail or letter be sure to remind them of the conversation you had so they can start remembering who you are.

At the federal level, contact the local office of your Senator and House Member.  Find out who the legislative aide is who handles health issues.   Your call can be patched through to the DC office.  Get that aide’s name and contact info (esp. e-mail address and phone #) and proceed as above.

While it’s great to have a personal relationship with the elected official, it is the aides who keep on top of things so they should be your main target.

Keep in mind, this is a numbers game.  Every time a constituent contacts a legislator, that contact is calculated as representing several thousand constituents with the same opinion.  Even if your public servant takes lots of money from Big Pharma, at some point, if that official has tons of people like you contacting him or her on the vaccination issue, that official can turn to the lobbyists who gave them all that money and tell them their constituents will vote them out of office if they don’t vote the way they have directed.  THAT IS HOW REAL POWER WORKS IN POLITICS.  PEOPLE WHO SPEAK UP IN BIG NUMBERS.

And, don’t forget….

Your State Governor… Under the U.S. Constitution,  “health, safety, and welfare” of citizens is not a power delegated to the Federal government. It is the States that have the power “to enact measures to preserve and protect the safety, health, welfare, and morals of  the community.”   This means your governor has the power to order the state health department brass to officially track the scandals unfolding at the CDC.  In practice, when the CDC sends out directives to all state health departments, the departments normally just follow orders.  In the case of vaccines, the health department does not question the value of mandating vaccines.  They merely recommend the legislature follow the directions of the CDC.

Now that the CDC has been exposed as a thoroughly corrupt federal agency, it is the responsibility of state officials to protect citizens from the malfeasance of the CDC.  Your governor should expect regular reports from state health officials on what is going on regarding what Mr. Kennedy is providing to President Trump and members of his administration regarding the vaccine issue.  Be sure to let your state and federal elected officials you contacted the governor and encourage your friends to do also.

Contact local radio, TV and newspapers using one of your power letters with the four documents to show them you have contacted your public servants.  Believe it or not, these smaller news outlets are more likely to cover the story than the big boys and in the process you have shown them reliable sources outside the control of the CDC.  If you have written a letter to your governor, provide him/her with a copy. That is particularly big news as it is what is going on at the state level.  Keep in mind that if several local reporters from these smaller news outlets call the governor’s office with a fist full of the evidence you sent them, you’ve just created a big story Big Pharma can’t buy off.  🙂

How to write a POWER letter

Written letters or personal e-mail messages are your strongest weapon.  When you contact your public official, he or she needs to know WHY you have concerns about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.  You need to mention if someone in your family has been injured, or you watched friends whose child sank into autism after a vaccine, or you have been bullied by your doctor or whatever that has actually happened to you that prompts your concern.  In short, if they know you have a personal stake in cleaning up the crooked vaccine policies and laws, they will take your letter seriously.  The titles of the four suggested documents you need to link to in your e-mail letter should clearly identify the key issues you have concerns about.

Revolution for Truth

Hiding Vaccine Deaths

Transcript of statements Mr. Kennedy made regarding the CDC

Unvaccinated Children Have Much Lower Rates of Chronic Illness

Using the U.S. mail.  If you want to make a real big impression, you might want to consider printing out all the documents and including them with your letter.  If it’s going to Washington, ask the local office folks how best to handle this situation.  They may suggest sending it to the local office so it can be sent with other office mail.  Stuff sent directly to DC goes through a security inspection and delays delivery of mail.

Educating Others In Your Circle of Acquaintances

We all have friends, relatives, co-workers and other acquaintances who might be open to receiving useful information for their consideration such as the info highlighted above.  The documents suggested above cover the key issues.  The failure of collecting data on death and injury from vaccines is a headliner to me.  That’s part of the official documents on Mr. Kennedy’s website.  Then there is the major overview of the whole issue from the NVIC website put together by a trusted expert who’s been in the field since 1986.

Kennedy’s condemnation of the CDC is also major!  And let’s not forget that a peer-reviewed published scientific study has shown that unvaccinated kids are now known to be way healthier.  How much more obvious can it get!?!

People with daughters might be particularly interested in two documents on Kennedy’s website about the HPV vaccine  including  High-Risk HPV Type Replacement Follows HPV Vaccination and New study: Vaccine Manufacturers and FDA Regulators Used Statistical Gimmicks to Hide Risks of HPV Vaccines

Also, everyone you contact should be encouraged to go to both the WMP and the NVIC websites to rummage around for themselves.

AGAIN the name of this game is NUMBERS The more often public officials hear from you with good information the better.  If you can get a whole bunch of other people doing the same thing, what you are doing is building an army of supporters backing Kennedy, Trump and others like Dr. Price and Dr. Fitzgerald, who are risking everything to make real change in vaccination policy and law!  This is about that moral courage  I was talking about at the beginning of this article.  These are turbulent times.  There are any number of people who would like to hand you your head should you jump into the fray and support Kennedy’s and Trump’s efforts.  Well…when you look back upon these years, what will you say to yourself about what you did or did not do?


The basic mantra for Mr. Kennedy’s project is that he’s working to make vaccines safe.  He wants “the science to speak” and many people expect that once the dust settles, vaccines will be safe.

Others believe that no vaccine will ever be safe.  Some people want a moratorium to see just happens to unvaccinated kids.  Several studies already show children are actually healthier when left unvaccinated.  Some people promote dietary supplements and  healthy lifestyles to help keep people healthy so when germs come around, the person stays healthy because of a naturally strong immune system.  This healthy body idea is based on a medical belief that goes back to before vaccines were ever invented.  Healthy people don’t get sick during epidemics and there are examples of people who literally ingested germs to prove they were harmless….and lived to tell the tale.

As a historian, I am aware that homeopathy has been extremely successful in dealing with epidemic diseases since 1799, even before vaccines were invented.  In the last decade, after an exhaustive study in Cuba testing homeopathy, Cuba no longer uses vaccines at all in favor of homeopathic strategies that have already eradicated several serious diseases.   Homeopathy costs pennies and has never had toxic side effects.

Interestingly, the chiropractic profession also has a very interesting track record of success in both the Spanish flu epidemic after WWI and the polio epidemic after WWII.  In fact, several of the chiropractors who treated me years ago told me their personal success in treating polio confirmed by people who were patients of chiros during that time.  Bottom line, chiro treatment made it possible to either avoid or quickly get rid of the major paralysis symptoms that MDs were so afraid of.  I’m old enough to remember those days and I’m also old enough to remember when the world didn’t think measles was anything more than an excuse to stay home from school.  The CDC and others have been on a campaign to scare us half to death if we didn’t get our shots, so for those who have concerns about dying of ordinary childhood diseases, don’t be.   Ask your grandparents what they did before vaccines.


(1)  Mr. Kennedy’s Virtual Senate Hearing

(2)  White House Petition (ends August 31)  and FDA Petition (ends October 26)

(3)  Post this article on your Facebook page.

(4) Direct people to this article via Twitter, et al.

(4)  Print out copies to hand out at meetings.


The most time consuming part of becoming active in the Vaccine Truth Movement is writing your basic POWER LETTER.  Once you’ve got that done, you can see how you can adapt it for other purposes.  The four documents suggested to go with it cover the four basic issues that explain the vaccine mess.  Once the letter is done and you’ve got your initial contacts nailed down, then all you need to do is to stir the pot from time to time with something useful to circulate to keep people on top of the latest news.

You don’t want to overburden people with an endless stream of e-mails and a million articles, but it doesn’t hurt to jot down a line or two in an e-mail with a link to something.  In that case, be sure to explain what the topic is so they want to take the time to open the link.  Legislative aides are very busy so you want to make life easy for them.

The ultimate goal of this people-driven Vaccine Truth Movement

is to help bring sanity to American infectious disease policy as well as clean out the corruption of federal agencies whose employees have not only lied to us but have repeatedly committed federal crimes.

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst


4 thoughts on “MORAL COURAGE – Are You Ready To Join the Vaccine Truth Movement?”

  1. A couple of things, Cape Town is actually spelled as two words, not one.

    Pointing to South Africa as a great example of moral courage is at best naïve, leaving out the brutal terrorist attacks by the ANC resulting in the deaths of men, women and children of all races.

    Today it is hardly heaven on earth. Millions have left due to shocking violent crime including the torture and murder of thousands of farmers.

  2. Firstly, Elissa, “moral” and “courage” are mutually exclusive.
    You can either live morally or courageously.

    Moral means to live your life according to the dictates of others. Its origin is the priests who took to themselves the “authority” to speak for God and said “God has told me that he wants you to live by these rules”; rules which, not surprisingly, created and maintained the 1000 year papal empire.

    Although we are taught, quite deliberately, in school that moral and ethical are more or less two words for the same thing they are, in fact, total opposites.
    Moral means being an ignorant sheep blindly following orders, no matter how stupid. Ethics is to make your own decisions and to take full responsibility for your own acts. Ethics is one of the ways to power which is why so much effort is placed in subverting knowledge about it.

    Once you start living courageously, you move automatically from moral to ethical.

    Living ethically, no-one could ever support vaccination and this not merely because it doesn’t work but, taking full responsibility for your actions, no ethical doctor would ever administer a vaccine. Living morally, i.e. where those speaking “ex-cathedra” are giving the orders, you have no personal responsibility and so it’s OK to give someone a vaccine even ‘though you know that it can do no good and may well do a lot of harm. Living ethically, you are quite prepared to go to the gallows to maintain your refusal to poison another human being.

    When all people live ethically, the present system will have disappeared from the Earth.

    I am neither pro- nor anti- vaccine; both stances give your power to vaccines.
    I am an empiricist, i.e. when treating my patients I use that which I know from experience will work and I junk anything which has proven to be useless.
    I don’t fight against vaccines, I disempower them by giving them no space in my life.

    The way to get out of this morass of conflict is to offer something much, much better and to thus, remove the market for vaccines. This is what I do and, for some reason which I cannot fathom, you and Tim and Kent and others simply ignore what I am saying and doing.

    Remove yourself from your “moral” war against vaccines; stop giving them your power to use freely against your fellow man and begin living courageously: Look closely at what does work and promote that fully without once mentioning vaccines. THEN and only then can you disempower this voracious Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus!

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  3. Tremendous !

    And the cooperation between Trump and Kennedy, despite their obvious political difference, foretells the possibility of real democrats joining with real republicans to end the congressional/lobbyist stalemate that blocks every reform.

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