Anti-Vaxxers Are Steering the US Health Care Debate…

America Has Had Enough of BIG PHARMA…

And the Anti-Vaccine Movement Intends to Shut Them down Completely…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


A lot of people think, mistakenly, that everything that is happening over US Health Care is happening right out front.  It’s not…

Behind the scenes activity is way more important right now.

The Bobby Kennedy Jr. interview by Tucker Carlson last night should be an eye-opener…

If you haven’t seen it watch the five-minute video just below. Then read what I am saying, here, about what it means, then watch it again.  Why?  Listen, very carefully about what Bobby is saying about “meeting with the heads of federal agencies,” and what he found out…

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: My response to John Oliver

RFK Jr. responds to HBO host John Oliver’s recent critique of vaccine skeptics like himself #Tucker

Tucker Carlson starts out by asking “why is the raising of questions about the safety of vaccines a no-go-zone on the left?”  Kennedy simply re-phrases the question pointing out the inconsistencies including the MASSIVE corruption uncovered at the CDC.

He also points out that the CDC is simply a subsidiary of the vaccine industry selling 4.1 billion dollars worth of vaccines a year.  It spends another 4.6 billion dollars a year, almost half of its ENTIRE budget, promoting vaccines.  But, it only spends twenty million dollars testing those same vaccines.

Then Bobby points out there is very little safety testing of vaccines, certainly compared to normal drugs.

None of this sort of thing HAS EVER been brought up on mainstream media before – NOT EVER…

Kennedy then goes on to explain how that when the US Congress passed a law removing Big Pharma’s legal liability for vaccine damage in 1987, a whole new wave of vaccines were introduced – PAYDIRT for Pharma.  Vaccines went from three (3) per child to seventy four (74) almost overnight.  NO ONE has ever tested what all of those vaccines do together.

Then Kennedy points out that many of the vaccines have not been tested for the illnesses they are associated with.

Kennedy closed by thanking Tucker Carlson for having him on the show, pointing out that most TV hosts would NOT have him on their show fearing retaliation from the fact that seventeen (17) out of twenty-four (24) advertisements are from Big Pharma.  Tucker said Bobby was welcome anytime on his show.

Behind the Scenes?

Yup.  Bobby was able to walk into the offices of those federal agency heads, and get answers to his questions, because he had, and has, the backing of the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  The informaton he gathered FIRST went to the Trump administration, and it was used in the questioning of the candidate for the CDC, Brenda Fitzgerald MD.  Think of the implications.

BIG CHANGES are coming at the CDC.  I am telling you right here, and right now, that the current US CHILDHOOD vaccine program is DEAD MEAT…

Our priorities?

“We the People” of the United States of America are going to make Big Pharma into Little Pharma – and they will never be allowed to recover.

Sell your pharmaceutical company stock…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


10 thoughts on “Anti-Vaxxers Are Steering the US Health Care Debate…”

  1. “Big changes coming at the CDC”? The appointment of Dr Brenda Fitzgerald signals that the status quo is alive and well at the CDC. She says “I’ve heard all the arguments against vaccines, and they’ve all been debunked.”

  2. Tucker Carlson should be commended for reporting real news; this is a rarity these days. Thank you for keeping us informed Tim!

  3. People have a right to an informed choice. At the moment they don’t have so I welcome Bobby Kennedy Jr’s comments. With so much money at stake I really hope it isn’t the prelude to another Kennedy assassination.

  4. Well, it’s funny because they just added three more vaccines to the schedule and the HPV ones start at 9 years old. If the vaccine industry can’t be sued, then can the CDC who is suppose to be unbiased in this and not making money off of vaccines that they recommend to the public from day one of birth and now they just came out with a new vaccine schedule for adults…so not only do they want to poison us while we are kids, they want to poison us as we are adults. I want them to be held accountable for not testing these vaccines and mandating them to children to attend school. I was leary of this lady they appointed and she had such nice videos about the importance of kids and language and so on from an early age, but has she ever met any child that went from talking to zombie right after the 18 month shots? Has she ever talked to the parents that get accused of shaken baby syndrome and all alone it was the vaccines that caused the injury to the brain from the nagalase protein and not just the mercury, the alluminum and other neurotoxins plus the HELA cells, and animal blood products…it’s just hard to believe the power they have and to mandate it for school, and how so many can believe they are safe when they were never tested for it. They just came out with a new vaccine that is suppose to keep a kid from becoming a drug addict! How is that an infectious disease that we all need to be injecting even more crap into our kids. If this isn’t genocide and greed in our faces, I don’t know what is! That lady is the worst person he could have picked, she is more of the same!

  5. Cudos for speaking up! We need more people like you who are unafraid to tell the truth! Lies have short legs- it’s the beginning of the end for the Big Pharma.

  6. Even if they are found liable for the death or injury to anyone due to ‘vaccines’ and they have to pay out millions – it is nothing more than a drop in a bucket because the ‘vaccine program’ is a multi billion dollar business and they do not care who dies or is injured in the process.

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