Major British Newspaper Breaks Ranks and Tells the Truth About Covid-19…

Something to be thankful for…

From Britain by Karma Singh:

The Daily Mail, Britain’s #3 daily newspaper, in an article spread over two whole pages of the Saturday edition 21st November 2020 entitled “Covid:What they don’t tell you” revealed that the whole thing is just one giant hoax.

An excerpt from the article:

What they DON’T tell you about Covid: Fewer beds taken up than last year, deaths a fraction of the grim forecasts, 95% of fatalities had underlying causes… and how the facts can be twisted to strike fear in our hearts

          • Despite the fearmongering, the number of Covid-19 deaths is significantly lower than the peak back in April 
          • Latest ONS estimate shows that in the week ending November 14, new infections were already levelling off 
          • GCHQ staff have been embedded in a Cabinet Office team in Downing Street to provide Boris Johnson with real-time updates of Covid-19
          • Analysts will sift through vast amounts of data to ensure Boris Johnson has the most up-to-date information

Now, they’ve not, yet, come full out and said…

…that Covid doesn’t exist or is merely the common cold or mild ‘flu with a “new” name but they have made major inroads into the fairy tale of the “unstoppable killer disease”.

The well-researched article discloses that, apart from the initial shock in April as the first lockdown caused many thousands of deaths by denying patients critical treatments, there is not any evidence of significant increases in either the rate of sickness or the death rate.

The National Health Service is currently operating well below capacity and intensive care bed occupancy is significantly below the average for the last five years.

In short, there is no dangerous disease running around and the only people in any “danger” are those over 80 years old and those with other serious health issues. This is the exact same “at risk” group of people who, every year, die in the annual ‘flu outbreaks of which Covid-19 is undeniably, both biologically and epidemiologically, a variation.

What the Daily Mail has not yet done is to reveal the fraud behind the testing…

The Covid-19 tests do NOT test for Covid-19: How could they? No-one has ever been able to find and to isolate the so called “virus”: If you don’t know what you’re looking for, your chances of finding it by random sampling are indistinguishable from zero.

What can trigger a positive test is the presence of totally harmless quantities of Sars-Cov-2 which is a protein fragment first discovered in Canada in 2013 and subsequently in several European cities thus showing that it had been very widespread for many years. Although it has been widely claimed that this protein fragment is a part of the Covid-19 “virus” (0.123% to be exact) there is precisely zero evidence to support this claim.

The little evidence that we have for the nature and affinity of Sars-Cov-2 is that it does NOT thrive in human tissues but kidney tissues from an unspecified monkey species, according the the American Centers for Disease Control, do foster the growth of this protein – whether positively or deleteriously is not specified in the CDC documents.

A further major reason for a “positive” test is, according to the World Health Organisation, certain common types of human DNA!

The “tests” cannot, therefore, be viewed as anything other than a total irrelevancy imparting no information of use (other than, perhaps, to monkeys). To claim that they indicate illness and contagiousness in fully healthy people who, according to the WHO cannot pass on “Covid”, is malfeasance of the highest order and, considering the enormous harm which has already been caused, should receive severe punishment.

I trust that this initial outburst of veracity is the start of an unstoppable new trend.

This video tells much more of the story going back some 653 years.

You can also watch it in German here:-

Blessed be

Karma Singh

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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

26 thoughts on “Major British Newspaper Breaks Ranks and Tells the Truth About Covid-19…”

  1. The Video from Karma Singh was so amazing, thank you so much Karma Singh, I am sending this video to my many friends. Thank you The Bolen Report, I hope people will wake up soon. It will take so much more work to make people understand that Covid 19 has never been, properly, scientifically, isolated, identified, or verified.

  2. It’s about time! Here in the colonies the Supreme Court has struck a blow for religious freedom. New Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s first decision. Two additional reasons to be enormously thankful and grateful today. A third being Sidney Powell’s masterful brief exposing egregious, widespread criminal fraud in the Georgia election. Everyone should read this document. These are both federal and state crimes, and will end up at the Supreme Court. At least in part, this must be true in the other 29 states which use the Dominion system. Designed for fraud. Trump really did win in a landslide.

  3. Thanks, Karma. And always remember when reading truth in the mainstream press, we heard it elsewhere first.

    For me the punchline comes right at the end:

    “Worse, in a way, were the false positives. Overall, 0.32 per cent of people given the tests were falsely told they had the virus. If the entire population were obliged to take the tests it could mean that 200,000 – a city the size of Portsmouth – would be ordered to self-isolate when they don’t actually have the disease.”

    This is actually the crux of every pandemic in our lifetimes – false positives. And it shows how ignorant our politicians are and how badly trained our doctors are.

  4. Karma: Thanks for the links. I was referring specifically to the filing in the Georgia election lawsuit, which is of paramount importance to those of us in the U.S (and five other states may come into play). A Biden presidency would be a catastrophic disaster for us and for the world. The worst Presidential ticket I can remember; worse than Bush/Cheney; worse than McCain/Palin. As far as I’m concerned, Trump is the first good President since JFK. It is therefore vital the the Supreme Court invalidate the elections in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona, the five states which, according to Patrick Byrne, were chosen to flip the election.

  5. Dominion voting machines need to be fully investigate in regards to the recent elections of our party “leaders” now that how the software works has been exposed.

  6. i kinda liked the insightful game that Elon Musk put on… taking the PCR test FOUR TIMES IN ONE DAY, with DOUBTFUL RESULTS, rotfl… twice positive, twice negative….. He scored a veritable knockout punch.. when he posted it on twitter.

    And Karma, in case you hadn’t seen it yet… the SCOTUS and ACB told that idiot Cuomo to go stuff his anti-church orders because the 1st amendment doesn’t vanish even in a pandemic… whoopee…. ttyl

  7. Thanks for the heads up Gary and MJ.
    You do appreciate,of course, that if the election in all of those states were to be invalidated, then it becomes impossible to select the electoral college and the House of Representatives gets to choose the president: For the third time, I believe.

    Blessed be

  8. As our friend Donald said “It will all be over after the election…”

    Wow, that Joe Biden can solve problems quickly, can’t he? He probably assigned it to Hunter…

    Sarcasm intended…

  9. Terry, it may interest you to know that ALL voting machines in every state had software supplied by Microsoft. That’s according to Roger Stone. While the Trump legal team is challenging the ballot in various states, Sidney Powell acting independently has now filed a CRIMINAL lawsuit alleging major election fraud. Quite likely people are going to gaol, and, as Karma says, there is a good chance the election will be voided and the vote will be put to congress.

  10. Truth59 I wish it were that simple. Unfortunately, some of those will be genuine votes from genuine voters with genuine reasons. It’s a mess. Luckily, however, the steal is so huge, that they can er on the side of caution and it will still be a clear win for Trump without disenfranchising anyone.

  11. Karma, et al… the American founders seem to have thought of everything again.. or Lady Luck likes Trump..?

    1) if the CURRENT practice of the STATE LEGISLATURES to deem the vote of the public as the basis for selecting ELECTORS were to fail due to voting improprieties, then the State legislators would RETURN TO THEIR OWN POWERS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION to do the selecting of electors BY THEIR OWN CHOICE…. ignoring the disgraced election by the public

    2) Curiously, at this point in time, nearly ALL THE SWING STATES WHERE THE MAJOR UPHEAVEL WAS/IS, have REPUBLICAN MAJORITIES IN THEIR SENATE which is where the power resides to select;;

    3)Worst case… if the electoral college were in total turmoil, then, YES, the choice of President would fall to the US House of Representatives…… BUT, and it’s a big ‘but’… the voting in the House is BY STATE, not by individual Rep, and each STATE gets one vote and only one,… so your worry about such an outcome will be resolved likely in the Republican favor, BECAUSE for EACH Swing STATE the balance in the House *for that state* has a majority of Republicans, when last anyone checked…..

    Hoping that will solve some worries and we can get on with the law focusing, which is starting to reap better action.. ttyl

  12. Yes. Donald “Warp Speed” pro=vaccine Trump. Think of how many people will be injured and die from DJT’s supported vaccines, especially the mRNA vaccines which permanently alter your DNA.

    Yes, the entire Plandemic is a massive scam and DJT did not expose it.

    He is not your friend. And the Dems have been brainwashed, too, on Covid.

    We need RFK, Jr.’s lawsuit exposing the ill=used PCR test to collapse this house of cards.

  13. Christensen. you are WAY OUT OF LINE.
    not just you and your wishes.
    He includes the 58% WHO WANT THAT VAX
    He is POTUS and has LED THE WAY TO TREATMENT AS PREFERRED but he still has the obligation as the PRESIDENT OF ALL AMERICANS to ensure ALL AMERICANS HAVE THEIR RIGHTS… including the RIGHT TO BE STUPID..

    DJT is doing his job very credibly…..

    What we need to do is to circulate the idea LOUDLY AMONG THE STUPID DUPES that

    And preferring to protect themselves the prevention and treatment route TIL MORE EVIDENCE IS IN HAND.

    That is what RFK,Jr has posted and that should be a way to make headway on the stupid dupes/

    And btw, the blacks and hispanics [both now favoring they’ve been well cared for by their own DJT AS POTUS]

    Halleluiah AND we want the courts to focus on the ELECTIONS

  14. Thanks MJ.

    If you want to know just how bad vaccination is, download your personal copy of “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” right now.

    If you want to convince friends and family how bad it is, give them the printed edition for Christmas.
    All from – if you have German speaking friends, just change the .com to .de

    These people are (mostly) NOT stupid – they’ve just been deliberately misinformed for all of their life.

    Change the information – change the person.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  15. Karma,
    1) it is libertarian factual that people have the liberty to make stupid mistakes and govt has no right to dictate their choices..

    2) although i’m sure there are wonderful passages of great persuasion in your book, i am certain that READING is way more taxing of people opposed to your point of view
    [whether for reason of corrupted instruction or other disabilities]

    So yes, spread your book around but the knockout, belongs to the straightforward GRAPHIC worth a thousand words and more….. ttyl

  16. There are many graphics in the book, as you can read in the selections online, MJ.
    To which do you refer?

    As to the doctors and nurses, unless their own Dr. told them so, most people will just say, “I don’t believe it” and then walk away.
    You have to lead them gradually into the place where their own innante common sense tells them that the beliefs they’ve been taught are untrue.
    That’s what the book is for.

    Blessed be

  17. MJ, if I read you right, I have to disagree.

    People can do something harmful to themselves out of ignorance, stupidity, hope, self-destruction or any other reason they like, yes, and without having to prove their reasons valid to anybody. That is what liberty means.

    Liberty does not mean that the Government is obligated to develop and distribute the means for them to act on those choices. That is and ought to be left to a free market place.

    And by ‘free market place’ I mean one where mis-selling under false pretences is not tolerated and sellers also have to bear consequences for the performance of their products. That is completely not what we have in healthcare, least of all in vaccines. And holding the government to step up and fill the supposed void in the market place of stupid ways to kill oneself is even further from freedom and even closer towards the nanny state.

    If I read you correctly, you seem to think ‘freedom’ means that if somebody wants to shoot themselves the government has to provide the gun.

  18. MJ, you are correct, Americans have the right to be stupid. But they must have the facts first so they can make their own choices.

    DJT has obscured the facts on Fauci’s off-shoring of “gain of function” research to Wuhan after Obama stopped it at Fort Detrick. He also dropped the ball on hydroxychloroquine/z-pak/zinc treatments and didn’t speak up after the set-up-to-fail false trials. He also didn’t blow the whistle on Gates’s and Big Pharma’s financial lock on vaccine false media narratives. Then he gave massive taxpayer $$$ to Pharma.

    Fortunately, many in the medical field are using the HCQ/z-pak/zinc anyway. But more are not, opting for the Covid payout for diagnosed patients. So people die needlessly and more will die and commit suicide due to job loss and social controls.

  19. K.Christensen, some possibilities:

    1) DT doesn’t appear to understand the issues with vaccines. It’s not his field and his advisors were initially all swamp dwellers, like Fauxi. He entertained RFK for a while but then let that slide. But we don’t know why at this stage. More likely due to pressure from elsewhere than anything RFK did.

    2) I am guessing that the Q-tards would say that Op Warp Speed was all a ploy, vaccines are a euphamism, a cover for some other programme to take down the deep state.

    3) Or, it is possible he simply thinks that if you give pharma enough rope on this, they will hang themselves. And there is some evidence that is true. Vaccine hesitancy is rising and coming out in the open, even here in Australia where normally people keep quiet about it.

    4) And you are saying that DT hovers somewhere between not giving a fig about this issue and active complicity in Fauxi and Gates’ games.

    I wonder what the truth is. And if there are any other possibilities. And I would especially like to know more about what the Q version is and what substance there is to that.

    I would like to think that a year from now people will be so awake to the issues that the vaccine industry collapses, all thanks to DT. But this could instead just be a large blemish on the DT halo.

    One thing is certain, a lot will come clear when they bring this garbage to main street and people start actually taking it. I am imagining the press denying reports of sick people everywhere within days, and how it will all go down when half the frontline health workers in New York get taken out and the other half are on strike not to have it.

  20. Hi K. Niceto “meet” you again.
    Would that what you intimate were so easy but, with the pharma industry having more control over Congress than the American people, Our Donald has to tread a narrow and precarious path. Look what happened to the previous two incumbents who tried to return America to the rule of law (Lincoln, JFK.).

    Donald plays his cards very close to his chest – always has done. He’s had to play along with pharma or he’d never have got anything done. What are his plans for the next 4 years? I don’t know but I do know that he’s well aware of the wrongness of vacccines.

    We’ll have to wait and see.
    Melania doesn’t like pharma either!

    Blessed be

  21. Karma, I am not sure he is playing along with pharma. I see DT as the absolute master of not interfering with the enemy while the enemy is busy destroying himself. Time and time again I see him handing shovels to criminals who then go and use them to dig holes for themselves to fall into. And every time that happens, another few hundred million people wake up to how deep and dirty the swamp has been. This election – which any chess player will tell you Trump seems to be winning royally – is an absolute spectacle of political brilliance and will likely be his finest hour. It is panning out like our generation’s Battle of Britain. Enjoy these few weeks because they will be talked about for thousands of years to come. But I digress. Taking K’s point, why does DT need to expose Bill Gates when Bill Gates has exposed himself? Etcetera. My balance of feeling is that is the approach he is taking with the vaccine issue. The vaccine industry were greedy for his support, they thought they had his ear and were delighted to have won their objective – great pots of public money and governmental support. He gave it to them in such a way as to quite likely destabilise the entire enterprise, and at the very least make a lot of people very very wary of the vaccine. And if he does lose the election, it will be the dead rat under the floorboards at the White House for Biden.

  22. Obama’s game was outsourcing the stuff that was exposed as a serious hazard, after there were SEVERAL incidents of bad handling of biotech research that had DHHS in a bind. Further it was only a ‘pause in NEW projects’ which allowed the outsourcing of existing projects to academic traitors with connections paid by China CCP… it was Trump who literally STOPPED the funding to the outsourced operation in September of 2019. Can you understand corporate games.

    The taxpayer money for vaxxes is the obligation a POTUS OF ALL THE PEOPLE has… and by the year 2020, those who still swallow Pharma lies ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND… and no one is obligated to spoon feed them after tying their hands… and as for the episodes on HCQ, anyone who understands team sports knows the quarterback puts the ball in play but isn’t going to be held accountable for not being the one to cross the finish line..

  23. Thanks Larry and Karma for you kind messages.

    Larry, RFK, Jr. was dropped from doing his vaccine safety investigations by DT after Pfizer gave DT’s inauguration fund a million bucks. 🙁

    Karma, word is Barron was vaccine injured and Melania took him back to Slovenia for clean food and supplementation among other natural health treatments which saved him (Jenny McCarthy did similar for her son).

    MJ, it was Fauci who was in charge of that funding and covered himself after people were asking about the origin. Read Plague of Corruption by Kent and Judy to understand. As for the trope “Blame Obama” –even he makes fun of it and isn’t it getting kind of old?

    We have bigger fish to fry. Read Dr. Mercola’s new articles about the fabulous “Warp Speed” unleashed by DT… The Plan is Unfolding for how Vaccines will be Monitored” and “Spy Agencies Plan to ‘Take Out’ Mercola”

    Watch on Youtube: Meet Bill Gates Corbett Report full 4 parts

    Larry. most people are not on to him, even though he’s being sued by several countries for vaccine injuries/deaths (Mexico, Kenya, India, etc.)

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