In US Presidential Election 2020 There Was/Is More Than One Kind Of Criminal Activity.

It Is NOT Just About “Election Fraud”…

The liberal globalists, in their efforts to destroy Middle Class America, have committed every one of them.  And their ultimate intent is far worse…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

We need to start treating what happened in presidential election 2020 as a major crime – as a violent criminal attempt to overthrow our government.  We need to start thinking in terms of activating the Death Penalty. While we still can.

Let’s start with the media – both television and social.  There is absolutely no question of their organized attempts to subvert American thinking.  They are, quite simply, globalist propaganda machines. They are, without doubt, acting against American interests.

That same media donated, “in kind”, a few trillion dollars to the anti-Trump Biden/Harris presidential campaign  – and THAT ACT, itself, was a major criminal act.  We have specific laws governing this activity.  Why aren’t we calling this fact out?

The US television and social media played a definite part in this destruction.

There is a simple decision for us here – we either run them, or they run us – choose…

We either destroy them, RIGHT NOW, or they will destroy us.  Pick…

“Covid-19” is being used to convert America into an obedient communist state.

10:00PM curfews?  Are you kidding me?

I can’t find that section in the US constitution where my forefathers gave ANYONE the ultimate authority to tell me anything of the sort least of all some sneering, greasy-haired, wild-eyed governor of California.

Gear up, people.  Here comes the globalists.

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


4 thoughts on “In US Presidential Election 2020 There Was/Is More Than One Kind Of Criminal Activity.”

  1. For some months I’ve been advocating the use of writs of Habeas Corpus ( to end the plandemic.
    A few days ago, a court in Portugal ruled on such a writ and declared the Covid quarantines and masks unlawful. Appeal was denied.

    As it is so obvious that Covid-19 DOES NOT EXIST that I cannot understand why there are not millions of such writs being lodged across the Western World.
    Why don’t you do it???

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  2. Rudi G crossed the “Soros” line in that press conference. Sidney Powell crossed the “A0C and Sanders conspiring to commit sabotage” line in that Newsmax interview. And Lin Powell has gone right up to the s@tanic p3dophilia in the White House line in an interview as well. Hang on tight, everybody. There is no going back.

  3. All of the main stream media are members of the CFR and owned/controlled by the six mega-corporations. The corps are owned by the TBTF banks. Is that an illegal Trust ?

    The TBTF banks are alleged to be embezzling from the government using their exclusive control of the auction accounts of Treasury securities which have never been audited.


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