Liberal Democrat “Globalists” have created thirty-seven (37) genders in an attempt to NORMALIZE the craziness of what those CHILDHOOD VACCINE PROGRAMS are doing to America’s future…

Although Massive Damage Has Been Done To America’s Children – “Anti-Vaxxers” Are Winning The War…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Those of us who have been around the health care world a while know that every now and then there is a new pandemic, epidemic, or “you-name-it,” always seeming to come out of China.

It is hard to remember all of them – Asian Flu, Bird Flu, H1N1, Swine Flu, SARS, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,,,

And every one of them is going to “end the world,” blah, blah, blah…

The one commonality in all of them is the emergency cry we always hear: We need a new vaccine!!!”  Or worse “we need to make all vaccines mandatory.”

Yup, another vaccine promotion.  A vicious, pre-planned, attack to sell more drugs, drugs, and more drugs.

Along comes the CoronaVirus (yawn)…

Or what did they change the name to?  Covid-19? 

Let’s put all this into perspective.

I know some of our younger readers are going to have to read what I say in some form of disbelief – but…  There was a time, not all that long ago (42 years ago, in fact), when our TV Media was actually reporting real news.  Many went so far as to do exposé type stories like the short video I am about to show you just below.   It is called “The Swine Flu Fraud.”  It was on “60 Minutes.”

You won’t see our liberal media broadcasting this sort of thing any more.  Ever. Why?  Big Pharma accounts for 80% of their income.

Wasn’t THAT interesting?  See the similarity between today’s CoronaVirus and 1976’s project.  Of course it is the same.  It is out of the same playbook.

Let’s put a stop to it.

It gets WAY WORSE…

I have no doubt that there really is a very deadly Virus out there with the name “CoronaVirus.”  Of course there is.  That’s what all of those Level 4 Bio-Weapons laboratories actually do.  They make deadly stuff.  I just find it a little too convenient that every now and then those deadly laboratory toys seem to “accidently” escape from a Level 4 lab.

The so-called “Swine Flu” was a laboratory made concoction also.  So was SARS, etc.

Are we to believe that Level 4 laboratories are that insecure?

Of course they are not.  This is all another Big Pharma marketing hoax – release a virus to the public, and cash in on the results.

It is time to put a stop to it, people.

Think “Firing Squads…”

Our friend Donald is on to these people.  It is time to openly recognize this “CoronaVirus” situation as an outright attack on Western Civilization.  We have the NDAA’s  components we can activate here.

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen




15 thoughts on “Liberal Democrat “Globalists” have created thirty-seven (37) genders in an attempt to NORMALIZE the craziness of what those CHILDHOOD VACCINE PROGRAMS are doing to America’s future…”

  1. Thanks Tim. When are we going to get tired of the boys in the medical industrial complex calling Wolf ? I do wonder if this is a real virus at all- having seen what a total hoax and joke the Zika virus was. but still, Im happy to see people’s opinions . There is usually something interesting when people actually use their minds.

  2. I think it is the toxic soup of endocrine disruptors that we live in that is more likely the cause of all the gender bending we are seeing. Its affecting fish & amphibians that are not getting vaccinated. But lets not blame the victims, lets focus on who is dumping this crap in the environment, and who is not doing their supposed job to force a cleanup (Trump’s EPA, which he is eviscerating even more).

  3. Tim, why would they go to the trouble of developing a deadly virus? It’s pretty hard to do, I mean, there haven’t been any natural viruses that are inherently deadly and sweep through populations.

    There has only been one so-called deadly viral pandemic in history and the narrative for that is highly questionable.

    In other words, if you want develop the means to kill millions of people, viruses are a pretty poor place to start. On the other hand, you don’t need actually need a deadly bioweapon: people’s stupidity can be weaponised against them much more easily. Think Chinese authorities turning whole regions into ‘Escape from New York’, Australians fighting over toilet paper etc. Once they start quarantining whole cities worldwide the humanitarian crisis will be unprecedented, and refugees will be disappeared without trial. People everywhere will die of treatable illness because they are afraid to present to hospitals – in China, if you go to the doctor now with a head cold your life is effectively over.

    To kill millions of people, all you have to do is announce that there is a deadly virus, and that it is spreading, and let the ensuing mayhem do the rest.

  4. Cherry Misra absolutely, the media should be taken to task big time over their failure every single time. And people should give themselves a talking to for giving it any credence whatsoever. It doesn’t help that now the alt media has bought it hook line and sinker, and taken it up a notch.

    When the MSM cries wolf, the Alt media used to say ‘yeah right’. Now the Alt media say ‘it isn’t a wolf, it’s a whole herd of veloceraptors. (ps. prep for the worst, buy our sh1t)’.

  5. Thanks Tim, I would share this, but the Americanism is just too much. Vaccines are destroying AMERICA< vaccines this and that. THEY ARE DESTROYING THE WORLD. I am sorry, but have to say it, why is it Americans just dont care, or give a damn about the big world out there? Or is it just the writing manner. Its like the only important ones in the world are yes AMERICANS.

  6. Donald is indeed onto these people. He sees business opportunity.

    So rather than calling for an active cure (or investigating homeopathy, which despite the pseudo-skeptics has had great results in epidemics), astoundingly he joined the sheeple clamour for a vaccine to save us all, at highest priority.

    Good populist move?

    And to help this scheme along he shifted his position from offering a meagre $2bn ‘government money’ to those nice vaccine chaps, to offering $8bn.

    That will put them in their place.

    Yeah, right.

    All rather disappointing.

  7. Angela, I think the non-caring thing is a global problem. Seeing Australians fight their neighbours over toilet paper is in a way a relief, because at least it means they are willing to stand up for something. I was beginning to wonder (present company obviously excepted). Perhaps if we leave a bog roll at the finish line in Tokyo Aussie sprinters will win all the events? But, oh boy, what a lot of work we have ahead of us. On the one hand there are a lot of people with self-service short-term syndrome, on the other hand the caring circuits of most everyone else are overloaded to breaking point. There is another faction that says ‘if the world is going down the tubes I’m going to live for me’. No doubt the toxicity of the modern world affects us, throwing people into cortisol overdrive is one sure way to make sure they care more about shit-tickets than geopolitics.

  8. Hi Angela, I am American and I care. That is what brings me to this site. Greed knows no boundaries. We don’t hold the patent on greed.
    Europe is mandating vaccines also. Yes, I think that we are deeper into this profitable malevolence than many other countries with our Pharma companies. They own our congress, media, medical schools, etc. It is evil incarnate. It is the propaganda that we are all swimming in that gives most of earth’s inhabitants the belief in the goodness of vaccines. Secret combinations of evil push this agenda. I am sorry for the damage and distress we have caused. Most of us are just sheep trying to do the best for our children and humankind in general thinking that we are doing good. So, being aware of our part in all this I offer you a sincere apology and I am on your team. Let’s fight this evil together. Best regards, ~brad

  9. Big Pharma is NOT going to come out of this well…

    Trump has given them two months to move their manufacturing back to the US. Big Pharma is HEAVILY INVESTED IN CHINA.

    Senator Tom Cotton made it very clear that the administration is carefully looking at this situation as the intentional release of a bio-weapon. I believe it was – and it was NOT the first time.

    Trump has that handy little tool called the NDAA (which Obama put in place) – which says:

    ” includes the power to detain, via the Armed Forces, any person “who was part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners”, and anyone who commits a “belligerent act” against the U.S. or its coalition allies in aid of such enemy forces, under the law of war, “without trial, until the end of the hostilities authorized by the [AUMF]”.

    Note that Trump told Big Pharma that “any vaccine has to be safe?” That means that the entire vaccine program is over…

    When has there EVER been a safe vaccine…

  10. Honestly Tim, it’s about time that thorny issue was raised, that vaccines themselves are a weapon that has been used against the US and its personnel during war time. The fact that its problems have been well reported, and it has very effectively ‘taken out’ many personnel while on and off active duty, and that there are individuals within the services and support industries who authorised or participated in its delivery in full knowledge of the problems, makes this not only a highly effective act of war, but also an act of treachery against the US by those on its own side. Whether the motivation was simply self-interest (money) or intentionally aiding and abetting the enemy is the question. If somebody had hurt that many personnel by, say, poisoning the water supply to a camp, or releasing poison gas in a barracks, the charges would be capital. So what is the difference?

  11. Coronavirus and Covid-19 are definitely not synonyms. There a number of coronaviruses, but only one Covid-19. Is the coronavirus test kit specific to Covid-19, or will another coronavirus make it test positive? I suspect that confusion between Covid-19 and generic coronavirus is adding to the fear.

  12. Einar Dale, indeed. Viral tests no matter how specific are not necessarily in any way accurate. There is no way to prove the reliability of the test or any result they give, all that can be confirmed is the level of agreement with another test, if one exists.

    The thing is, it’s a circular argument. You can only prove the reliability of the test by seeing how well it picks up cases. And you can only know that those are genuine cases by using a viral test.

    It’s like calibrating a set of scales without being certain the lump of material you have weighs exactly 1kg – then using those same scales to check that your sample weight was indeed 1kg.

    This is one of the major holes in virology, one that has condemned countless healthy people to treatment with dangerous ‘prophylactic’ therapy for supposed HIV infection, with drugs that themselves cause the symptoms of AIDS.

    And thus superstition comes to dominate, moreover viral outbreaks are self-fulfilling prophecies. It makes anything else we can argue about with viral disease absolutely pointless.

    It’s important to understand how this problem can create the pandemic it is there to prevent.

    Get this: if you test positive with a less than perfect test for a disease that is not all that common, the chances are that you do not have the disease, but that you have a false positive.

    For instance, a 95% reliable test gives 500 false positives for every 10,000 people tested. But suppose that only one person in 10,000 has the disease so far? That means the ‘outbreak’ looks 500 times worse than it really is.

    Who do you think really gets this? The administrators in the hospital? The politicians handling the ‘crisis’? The average person on the street? The ‘hero doctor’ sweating inside a noddy suit? The drug company wanting to sell you expensive and dangerous therapy? Probably only the last of those, if any.

    The 499 perfectly healthy persons with the false pre-emptive diagnosis almost certainly don’t understand it. Moreover, everyone whom THEY have had contact with must now be tested, and so on, and suddenly the numbers of positive test results goes through the roof.

    It is quite likely MOST epidemics are nothing more than a game of numbers, that the spread is entirely illusory, and that most of the ‘victims’ are badly managed cases, persons with other health problems or collateral damage of the containment process.

  13. Angela, I may be wrong about the scientific details, but am I right about this? I have tried to explain this process to doctors, nurses, scientists, lay people for years, and invariably I get the sideways stare that says ‘whatever’.

  14. Google and search engines no longer censoring. Why a rat appeared only yesterday when one googled Democrat Party. Was very entertaining I must say. Yes, you can look up much now of their disgusting behaviour, child trafficking and all there to see. Glorious. The vaccine pigs’ days are numbered.

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